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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last Semester

i start w the best picture first
~me n tyra~
BFFs but NEVE clssmates
this wud b the first rant ill b posting up in this blog...

its my rant n preview abt my last semester

wud hv been the first description i'd use to describe my last semester...
bcos i feel as if for all the naughty things i used to do bck in high school came hauntin on me..
all the wrong sox,NO sox,wrong tudung,no blue tag,LAMBATness n wht nt had came runnin bck towards me...tryin to grasp its itchy hands on my 'new' uni life...

it was annoyin.SUPERannoyin.
but i'd overcome it...frm the tudung lilit i cudnt wear,i strted waering handsox...*which i fell in love w*

wud b the second adjective fr the second sem...
frm the clackin of my heels..to me gettin locked out of the library,...to screaming NO in the library...
yes, mostly happened wen i was at the library...
n one happend when i was in the cafeteria...gosh...i feel sick tht i did wt i did...wht did i du? i cried!hahaha~~~
bt tht wasnt exctly embarassin..cos the only ppl hu saw me cryin were ty n tqa...
bt wht made me cry was ttly embarassing...
n i tell u,
i stil hv nt forgiven him!~~~OK suria.erase.erase.erase.rmmberyday.rmmberyday,rmmberyday,~~~

n wht was my ptr???still x enuf to go anywhe...huaaaa =( sedihsedih
bt i was serously always in the library...my moms says i have to b accustomed to tht life...n i didnt exctly mind..excpt for the embarassments tht had always downfall-ed on me~!!!!gheesh..

was the feelin i felt for ALL My lecturers...
i liked all my lecturers...frm my chemistry lecturer hum evryone said lookd lik chemistry(we stil love u mdm!) to our motherly math lecturer! to our energetic sweet bio lecturer!!!

my sweet bio lecturer...
no,i m NOT bodeking...bcos results r alreadi out

chemistry class...
dn ask bt the guys...

n even better,
all the lecturers fr my requirement subjects were way beyond awesome!
mdm halnisah was a rocker!
she reminded me so much of aunty maznah!!!
she always told stories...while sum ppl doodled!naughty.naughty.naughty.i sucked at arab.i hv to say...bt gosh.i passed...im ehaltedly happy :P n i now du noe the most basic arabic words anyways...u noe.kaifahaluka.kaifahaluki.analaarif.aroftu.akala.uhibbu.
but the most used word n most beneficial arabic word/phrase to me is none other but,
i shud seriously adopt araoftu instead!!!!~~~losz =))

too bd my good fren tqa wasnt in it

n my pafa lecturer!gosh shes even more awesome..she has fb..well. byk je lecturer yg ade fb actually.bt i wont add all of em..i mean,come on.

was how some ppl treated the others...n i saw this all along the semester...
n it was absurd...the cruelity of ppl is way beyond words.i jz did not understnd.but i hd been a mirror.a neutral mirror.if u r bad,u'd jz lok BAD...n if u were nice, u'd look NICE...it is onli fair if u ask me.but to those hu acted wayy beyond the recognition of human standards,i think it is only wrong for you to treat others like that. for karma happens. whta ges ard comes ard hunney.

i felt as if the semester ended too soon.imagine how soon this sem wud go.i nearly cried at the end of the last semester.terharu la katekan.n another aspect of fast wud b the fact tht i actually fasted evry thursday n monday.well nearly.

believe it or not.
i at one pt of last sem,i tried to match everysingle thing of mine.frm the bag to the shoe.lolsz.bt it didn go on for long.due to my warbrobe size which is teeny wheeny in size.unfortunately.i m working on it.don worry.

n lastly
the adjective
tht i feel also perfect fr last semester

don LAUGh!
it was kinda true la.bcos.ididnt actually took tht much effort.but i hope to reverse tht bck.i will definitely take care of myself more this sem.i plan to anyhow.i even plan to b more alim.gosh.bites nails.

told u make upless...
~~faizaah,mimi n i...~~

The Silver Lining on the cloud of doubt

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road your trudging, seems all up hill,
When funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a abit,
rest if you must,
but dont ever quit

Life is queer with its twist and turns
as everyone of us learns'
and many a fellow turns about
when he might have won he had sucked it out
dont give up though the pace seems slow
you may succeed with another blow.

often the goal is nearer than,
it seems to a faint and faltering man
often the struggler has given up
when he might have captures the victory cup,
and he learned too late when the night came down
how close he was to the golden crown

success is failure turned inside out
the silver tint of the clouds of doubt
and you never can tell how close you are
it may be near when it seems a far
so stick to the fight when you are hardest hit
its when things go wrong that you musnt quit.

n tots drool

miskin harta tidak mengapa
tapi jangan miskin idea dan jiwa
Miskin idea buntu di dalam kehidupan
Miskin jiwa mudah kecewa dan derita
akhirnya putus asa yang sangat berdosa

berseihdlah dengan dosa di dunia ini
agar di akhirat bergembira
mangangislah di dunia ini
agar di akhirat kita ria dan ceria
bersusah-susahlah kita dengan hak allah di dunia ini
agar di akhirat kelak kita dipermudah

No great man ever complains of want of opportunity

To escape criticism,
do nothing,
say nothing,
be nothing.
elbert hubbard

Good is not good,
when better is expected

in the midst of difficulties,
lie Opportunities
Never give up


Alif, ba, ta,
pak haji mata buta,
nak cium anak dara,
tercium buntut kuda.

i am so sorry for this absurd song..
but i was doing transcription (yes, i do transcription! cheap only!!! if u want i can do for yah!!70 cents per minute!!!)(PROMOTION)
and then it kinda reminded me about tht song i mentioned earlier which i used to sing back in sekolah rendah..
where i actually got into a fight with a guy!!!
i have actually gotten a fight w a guy..
my kakak was there,
and she stopped it from gettin worst..
seriously, i do not know whts tht guys problem..
ok la, his name might be alif,
but seroiusly, i dint even noe he was walking in front of me at tht time..
i hate tht guy..
never likd him anyways..

i wonder wht hppend to tht guy...

anyhow, he sooo wayyy besides the pt i wrote this entry,
is the language of the Holy qURAN
and IIU had taken the liberty of its mission of 'Islamisation' by making a compulsory subject to all students of the IIU...
some may sigh
some may cry w joy and some,
may curse in disbelief.
for me?
a vague line between a cry of joy and a loud sigh..
N GUESS WHT???? i freaking PASSED my arabic....~~~syukran jazilan ya ustzh
!!!ana uhibbu ya ustzh~~~n all other tulabs in my class!!!!!

bck to my supposedly pt,
i wanted to 'boast' to the whole world,
that i,
suria afifah,
had taught my old best friend,Eshrina,
the jawi alphabet..
OMG(i hear sum exclaim~~~how can this Suria,hu suck in jawi, teach???)
well i did,
n i bet you,
she still can rmmber her alif ba ta...
oh i love her cuteness at times..(eshrina? cute? ehmmmm....in her own kinda wayyy)
alif bata sa jim ha ho dal dzal sin shin sot dot....etcetcetc...
i tot her till there...
n she still has yet to teach me punjabi...
too many language alreadi..
but come to think of it,
the more the merrier hunney...


As Short as it may go

It had been the first day of classes for me on monday...
and my mom had droppe me wayyy far frm the university...
i had to walk..
all by myself..
thnkfully my great frends mimi n tyra were accompanying tru sms...
"u hv to stop ur bad habit of msgin while driving"
mimi txtd me...
wel,its MY bad Habit...
n well......i LOVE it..hehehe..cant resist it....

i had to take the long way down the hill n up again bck to the mahallah to hv my bfast n meet up w my bestie....
N,as i walkd down hill, i saw the tall strong building of khadijah...
oh, how i felt a jolt of glee n happiness running tru my veins...
the sides of my lips instantaneously curled up, n my teeth were flashing radiantly as i hummed alone towards the guard post.
it was the garang pak guard*heart beats faster* but my smile jz cudnt fade...for some reason,i felt so xcited to b bck on campus!!!~~~~n guess wht~~~the pak guard SMILED at me! n freaking WAVED at me~~~welcomin me back to campus~~~~tht was SHOCKER BT A GOOD ONE....

wtv it is,
i can summarise the first day of this short sme of mine in 4 digits....

1-the number of Ugly Betty episodes me n tyra watched i noe ckit..bt we didnt exctly hd the time u noe.....
2-the number of subjects im taking....~~~~bio Lab n FIM(NT my fav subject....n IM TERIFIED!!!!!!!!!*bites nails*)
3-the number of sucjects I WANTO take!!!!!!~~~~~bt i gt REJECTED 3 times!!!!huhuhuhuhuhuh!!!!
4-the number of glasses of BANDUNG i drank!!!!!!!~~~~~~which turned my tongue solid PINK!!!!!!n s much s i brushed it,.....it wudnt go off!!!!!!!!!

Pesanan Untuk Si Dia

I normally DONT blog in my mother language...
but this,
this poem below,
had been so touching....it kinda moved me...
n i feel lik spreadin the 'love' to evryone hu reads this on my blog...
to those hu are reading this blog now, n u HVE ur own blog,
i TAG u....n it is COMPULSORY for u to repost this up..
FOs InsyaAllah, Allah will find U the best of partner in this world.... :)

Tolong beritahu si dia aku ada pesanan buatnya..
Tolong beritahu si dia, cinta agung adalah cintaNya..
Tolong beritahu si dia, cinta manusia bakal membuatnya alpa..

Tolong nasihati sia dia, jangan menyintaiku lebih dari dia menyintai Yang Maha Esa..
Tolong nasihati si dia,jangan mengingatiku lebih dari dia mengingati Yang Maha Kuasa..
Tolong nasihati si dia, jangan mendoakanku lebih dari dia mendoakan ibu bapanya..

Tolong katakan pada si dia, dahulukan Allah kerana di situ ada syurga..
Tolong katakan pada si dia, dahulukan ibu bapanya kerana di telapak itu syurganya..

Tolong ingatkan si dia. Aku terpikat kerana imannya bukan rupa..
Tolong ingatkan si dia. Aku lebih cintakan zuhudnya bukan harta..
Tolong ingatkan si dia aku kasihinya kerana santunnya..

Tolong tegur si dia, bila dia mula mengagungkan cinta manusia..
Tolong tegur si dia, bila dia tenggelam dalam angan-angannya..
Tolong tegur si dia, andai nafsu mengawal fikirannya..

Tolong sedarkan si dia. Aku milik Yang Maha Esa..
Tolong sedarkan si dia. Aku masih milik keluarga..
Tolong sedarkan si dia, tanggungjawabnya besar kepada keluarganya..

Tolong sabarkan si dia, usah ucap cinta di kala cita-cita belum terlaksana..
Tolong sabarkan si dia, andai diri ini enggan dirapati kerana menjaga batasan cinta..
Tolong sabarkan si dia, bila jarak mejadi penyebab bertambah rindunya..

Tolong pesan padanya. Aku tidak mahu menjadi fitnah besar kepadanya..
Tolong pesan padanya. Aku tak mahu menjadi punca kegagalannya..
Tolong pesan padanya aku membiarkan Yang Esa menjaga dirinya..

Tolong khabarkan pada si dia. Aku tidak mahu melekakan dia..
Tolong khabarkan pada si dia. Aku mahu dia berjaya dalam impian dan cita-citanya..
Tolong khabarkan pada si dia, jadilah penyokong dalam kejayaanku..

Tolong sampaikan pada si dia. Aku mendambakan cinta suci yang terjaga..
Tolong sampaikan pada si dia,cinta kerana Allah tidak ternilai harganya..
Tolong sampaikan pada si dia, hubungan ini terjaga selagi dia menjaga hubungan dengan Yang Maha Kuasa..
Tolong sampaikan kepada si dia kerana aku tidak mampu memberitahunya sendiri...

Hanya engkau Ya Allah mengetahui siapa si dia.. Moga pesananku sampai padanya walau aku sendiri tidak mengetahui siapa dan dimana si dia.. Moga dia seekor lebah yang sentiasa memuji keagungan Yang Maha Kuasa memasuki taman larangan dengan sopan santunnya dan bertemu mawar berduri yang terjaga oleh tuannya.. Simpanlah pesanan ku ini sehingga engkau bertemu diriku suatu hari nanti...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life is a Climb...

the song on my page,
the first one
'the climb'
miley cirrus,
its a good one.
even if,
the singer of the song is one hum i don adore,
the singer of the song is of no one i even noe much of,
i dont know the producer
n im not really sure about the person hu truly wrote its lyrics...
i can relate
i can understand
it dives deep into my feelings.
feelings that have been gifted.
feelings that play a role
it is not PMS, it is not nonsense
i don post up jz abt anything in my blog.
thiz blog anyways

I can almost see it. that dream I'm dreaming, but there's a voice inside of my head, tellin' you'll never reach it every step I'm takin' every move I make feels lost in no direction, my faith is shakin' but I gotta keep tryin' gotta keep my head held high
There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes I'm gonna have to lose ain't about how fast I get there ain't about what's waitin' on the other side it's a climb
The struggles I'm facing the changes I'm taking sometimes they knock me down, but no I'm not breaking I may not know where, but these are the moments that I'm gonna remember most I've just gotta keep goin', and I gotta be strong just keep pushing on, but
There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes I'm gonna have to lose ain't about how fast I get there ain't about what's waitin' on the other side it's a climb
There's always gonna be another mountain I'm always gonna wanna make it move always gonna be an uphill battle sometimes I'm gonna have to lose ain't about how fast I get there ain't about what's waitin' on the other side it's a climb
Keep on movin' keep climbin' keep faith baby It's all about, it's all about the climb keep the faith, keep your faith, woah

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

beating of hearts

"Love me now, love me never, but if you love me, love me forever."


"My mind tells me to give up, but my heart won't let me."
Jennifer Tyler

"You are beautiful...when you let friends have their space, when you believe, when you laugh, or are moved to tears, when you let it just roll right off your back, when you talk about your dreams, when you help a turtle across the road, when you try to do the right thing even when it comes out wrong, when you love."

"Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of growths".
Mark Twain

"Love has the power to break all chains - Swim the deepest seas - Endure the strongest pains - Love is the glow in the darkest night leading you on until you have sight."

"Love not what you are, but what you may become".
Miguel de Cervantes

and finally,
something to ponder upon,

"Love is good in feeling, even if you are always being hurt. It is better to be hurt by love than not loving at all".

Monday, March 16, 2009

PBL was.

let pictures, which hold thousands of words speak for itself....
these were the few pictures that i managed to capture in my award winning problem based learning (PBL) presentation..the makin...

proudly,one of my close friends in college, nabilah...acting as the doctor...

the above picture is me n yana..acting as the patient n patient's mom respectively...

me...after a tiring afternoon of discussion..

what if...

What if Allah couldnt take time to blass us today because we couldnt take time to thank Him yday?

What if Allah decided to stop leading us tomorrow bcos we didnt follow Him today?

What if we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled whenever Allah sent the rain?

What if Allah didnt walk with us today because we failed to recognise it as His day?

What if Allah took away His message bcos we failed to listen to the messanger?

what if the door of the mosque was closed because we didnt open the door to our heart?

what if Allah stopped loving and caring for us bcos we failed to love and care for others?

What if Allah would not hear us today bcos we would not listen to Him?

What if Allah answered our prayers the way we answer His call?

What if Allah met our needs the way we give our lives?

What if we failed to understand this?


when the checkup came back positive.
as syamsul was a healthy yound lad.
the speacialist carried on with w few special,
more detailed tests...
and here,
kiwa, xplaining...



bottom line is
a standing ovation for kiwa's group..
you guys did a great job lads!!!


check up

being a good dr,
did the normal check up on to mr syamsul...

meetin the speacialist...

after meetin up w dr hanif,
the patient,
was then referrd to the speacialist..
our beloved n quirky dr wan mohd izwar...
aka the master mind/genious of the group's work

he was acting as the neuro/psychologist....
which then he consulted the patient...


meetin the dr....

continuing frm the previous entry,
you could see, that syamsul was hearing voices...
he thought people were watching him.
poor guy.
n then, he showed really negative symptoms,
and was hospitalised many many times...
his ruumate brought him to the doctor,.
so here i present you,
Dr Hanif...

bcos hanif does have a funny way of being a dr...


the beginnin


this is the beginnin of the amazing presentation by izwar n gang....
i noe, i shud be publishin my own oresentation..
but it hasnt come in frm yana yet..
so i shall wait...

n here,
i present,
the schiophreniac...

As long as you want Him to

Allah did not promise that the way would be easy
but He did promise that,
He would be with you in
every single step of your life,
as long as you want Him to

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

By hook, n by crook, i dont exctly believe friday the 13th..
8yrs back
friday the 13th in july,
~i performd babay hit me one more time on stage~
n the best ting happend to me
my crush asked me out
~guess wht i said?NO.thnks to sabrina!!!!Sucha a dalang!~
**i shudnt hv listend to her!**
its kAy Shuen's bday..
last 19th..
she's been talkin bt her friday 13th bday since as long as i can rmmber bck to form 1...
lets c wht creepy pictures i can serv up to yall...

Ion dipole...dipole-dipole..
get in the mind of chemistry...ur self...i H8 chem..due to sum circumstances tht i jz cant xplain

.the crime scene.
.the torture room.
.the library.

.the xray results.
.frm the brain.
.my brain.

.tru the eyes.
.the calculator.
.sumtin complicating.

.the electron affinity.
.btwn i n chemistry.

Its Over.

Don't ask me how n why,
Because it doesnt matter.

Don't ask me what or not,
Because it doesnt matter.

Don't ask me where and where,
Because it doesn't matter.

Don't ask me why all this is happening,
As its all fated,
Just live with it,
And quit pointing fingers,
Finding the blame.

It has happened,
And its done,
Its Over.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Behind evrything...

In beauty, there is a scratch of ugly
In wealth, there is a grain of poverty,
In the new, there is the regeneration of the old,
In happiness, there is a tear of sadness,
But in Allah, there is ONLY perfection,

As perfection is in the hands of the Almighty..


Hope evryone had a great Maulidur Rasul yday...


A lil jealousy in my mind...
alil curiosity peeps up behind...
a lil bit of worry twitched that smile...
All in all provin none other but,
the feelings kept inside

ring of life,...

jokes for the single....

engagement ring....

wedding ring...



*this does nt mean i don believe in marriages..

its jz funni..


Friday, March 6, 2009

lets try to b Smart...

>>> I was born intelligent
> education ruined me.

>>>> Practice makes perfect.....
> But nobody's perfect......
> so why practice?

>>>> Since light travels faster than sound,
> people appear bright until you hear them speak.

>>>> Money is not everything
> There's Mastercard & Visa

>>>> One should love animals.
> They are so tasty.

>>>> 'Work fascinates me'
> I can look at it for hours

>>>> 'Your future depends on your dreams'
> So go to sleep

>>>> Success is a relative term.
> It brings so many relatives.

>>>> God made relatives;
> Thank God we can choose our friends.

(my great friends...eka bein the best of course...)

(fyi,we freakin skippd addmath fr this phtoshoot outside our class...ahahaha..sry pn noraziah..)

>>>> The more you learn, the more you know
> The more you know, the more you forget
> The more you forget, the less you know
> So.. why learn

>>>> 'Hard work never killed anybody'
> But why take the risk

>>> A bus station is where a bus stops.
>> A train station is where a train stops.
>> On my desk, I have a work station....
> what more can I say...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sumtin to laugh abt...

my FINAls are FINALLY over!! n im freakin glad!!i feel as if SPM is over.... *ya,i noe,it is...* i swear to u,if i was bck in Assunta... i wud hv left my exm hall SKIPP,JUMPIN N SINGIN w EXTRME JOY!!! i mean..seriously.. i did ht for SPM..n ppl seriously tot i was sakai? bt im lik wht the heck!! i workd for my SPM... MY spm.. lolsz.. :P so heres sum mood lighters for yall... :P