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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cutting edge

Finally, after the years of learning biology,
we had the chance to cut up something,
i mean,
as a biological student, you are evidently goin to cut up sopmething somehow n somewhen or rather....
and so we did....

i have to say,
mine was hideously a MESS!!!
and ppl just had to take photos of it...

it all started by shaving the poor fellow...
u had to take the rat first la...
we had a dustbin full of rats...a collection of erm i'd say...
fathi was the first to open the dustbin,
ans u shud have seen how he reacted..
he went dizzy.`~~~
the whole class had a laugh...
i was unfortunately late but was j in time to see he dizzy...

so there they were,
the white rats...
poor fellows i'd say...
they had some faeces at the ends of their butts...
they must have been terrified o death...
they were still warm when we took them out frm the dustbin...
yana's rat still had a beating heart for heavens sake!!!proving how recent they were killed
it was first a lil scary esp the part we had to bath them,
since we wanted the 'hair' to not fly abt n nt make the job even messier
my lecturer made it look like she's marrinating a chicken...
but i n my friends whispered to our rats,
"dont worry lil fellow, u'r goin to heaven since ur serving us ~~relating to BTQ lessons here~~~"

after saying the beautiful name of Allah,
i cut my rat up..
and we started with its alimentary canal...
there it was,
the stomach,
the liver...
the long small intestine...
we had trouble gettin the intestine out..
but we soon managed..
we had even identified our rats...
either a male or female...
but i think most of us got females...

so slowly we went up,
to its diaphragm n cut its rib cage apart...
i think i made it bleed...
not as much mimi did...
her bleeding caused the rat's fur to b soaked w its own blood...
poor fellow...

after identifying the trachea n oesophagus,
we tried to c the movement of the lungs by pumping in air with the tube n pump,
but we only had a few,
and heck,
i dint noe how to use it...

kiwar joked,since it was so hard to blow into the lungs,
y dont we just give it CPR??
my reply was,
ok,why dont u do it, n demonstrate that to us,and we'll just,.....look

my friend hu succeeded in this had a few trials before succedding...
and the rials before succession had led to her rat's expansion of the small intestine...
the small intestine was bloated..
so was my rats...
i think my rat had a tummy ache...
n i said to nabila,
poor fellow,it must been so terrified of death it had a tummy ache, we shud have given him (correstion, her) sum thing for gassy tummy,
nabila replied,
wel,its goin to die anyway, doesnt matter


i think the worst part of this experiment was the part where,(besides the stinking smell it left us)
we had to break its head off..
it wasnt easy cuttin its head off..
there were bones...

i freaking broke mimi's rat's head off
since she didnt du it...
n seh was asking how to do it..

the last thing on the itinerary of the day...i mean,experiment,
the cracking n chippin of the cranium to UNLEASH the BRAIN..

so there we were...
nearly finishing the experiment
my lecturer had shown me how to crack the cranium..
unfortunately my good friend mimi wasnt ther..
aiyoh u marjani ah...
always not ard when i m taught by the lecturer..

since marj wasnt there,
i wanted to show her how to do it,
scalpel red with the blood of my rat in the posession of my right hand,
the beheaded rat in between my thumb and index finger,
mimi looking at me as i was to do it
forgetting to say out Allah's name,
i POKED it!!!
but the IT in this story
the 'it' here was,
MY THUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i jumped!!!
jumped some more
felt like crying
pressing my thumb,
as it dripped w blood...
i started walking ard..
farhana notced...
then i was like
"mimi~!!!!its bleedin!!!"

i marched to the front,
by then gaining a lot of attention frm my mates...

then my lecturer looked up frm her desk and i showed her my drippin red thumb...

i continued to bounce..
and finally it just hurt that i rested my head on mimi's shoulders...
while my lecturer looked t my thumb closer....

n tht was the story of the cutting edge day....

cam whorin w mimi after the dissection while nabila waits on us....

me happily taking pictures w the rat's intestine w mimi's fon w/out her info~~
thnk u hunney~~~

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Words have the most impact in our lives,
quoted in the Quran,
chapter 55, surah ar-rahman, my favourite surah, verse 4,
He has taught him speech (and Intelligence)

thus, it is our duty to preserve it,
the problem is,
words can go into two very different directions...

the upside, where words bring the best out of you.,..
and sometimes, the worst.
it is only just,
as we, humans,
have the intellect,
we know what is right,
and we know what is wrong,
evidently as prescribed by the Almighty Allah,
i mean, without revelation, how ever cud we ever want to differentiate what is right and what is wrong,
when we cant even define the simple word of knowledge accurately,

Life is to some, ruthless,
dont you think so?
i dont think so,
i know it is not.
of course, there are the twists and turns in life that turn our smiles all upside down,
and sometimes turn our life all full of frowns,
but that doesnt mean we have to give up.

expect the unexpected,
my dad actually said that to me,
what so surprising abt my dad telling me?
well, because that's my ultimate motto right now

and its so dejavu that my dad uses it to me.

lets turn the evr so formal mood into a story,
a part of my life,
that occurred last weekend,
6 months before my last 9teen...

it was friday, the 17th of april,
i went over to my favourite uncle's place to stay over for a night,
not to mention,
that i have an exam the very next day, and i freaking left my chapter one notes at home!

i woke up rather early,
and after my breakfast, i was out of my uncle's place to get my car,
as i stopped in front of my uncle's place,
there was some commotion from my uncle,
i brought the windows down,
and i heard my uncle,
rather 'furious' and calling the neighbours out of their house,
i was puzled,
until i heard my mom saying,
"out tyre punctured"
and i was like, "what?"
shocked, and well, shocked,
i stepped out of the car,
and i saw the front passenger seat tyre punctured (wel, flat anyways)
much to my dismay,
my uncle then called me out and pointed to the rear tyre near on the driver's side
it was ALSO flat..
by then,
i was beyond shock..
it was 730 am then,
my exam was at 9am..
i wasnt dressed
n chapter one BTQ still was not covered.

i repositioned my car,
and i was near hysterical...
i started bting my selendang and all my uncle's neighbours crowded us,
it seems,
it wasnt only my car that was flat,
there were 2 MPVs who parked next to my car
who also had flat tyres,
worst part,
all 4 tyres were FLAT!!!
i was left speechless.
because i not only had an exam,
i also had a 'fun' date with my out station friends...
thankfully my aunty gave us my uncle's car to be used.
i was saved.

and that was the situation 6 months before my 19th...
nt tht its my 9teenth already...
so my day kicked off,
the first destination of our fun trip was the bus station..
it was ages there...
with the crowd going to the book fair...

we proceeded to main campus UIA gombak...
i was the tour guide to 4 lasses,
2 kelantanese, farah n shuhada,
1 terenganu-ite, solehan
and 1 kedah-an, shadina

my mom was there of course,
due to my incompetence on navigation...
darn i need a navigator *anyone wants to get me a gPRS fon*
due to the lack of photos i will only brief u on wht i did as a tour guide
n the places i brought them
i only brought them to visit 3 significant places,
UIA main campus gombak...
n on sunday,
the curve/ikano....

2 days with the girls...
they had a sleep over in my room...wowh,i was shocked,
my room was actually able to fit them...
but i was so freaking embarassed when they came over to stay unannounced as i HADNT cleaned up my rum..
n jz imagine how a person's room looks lik during the exam time?!?!!
but i liked having them over...
it has been ages since :P

ann, sha, rda, me

ara,ann, sha, me

Sunday, April 26, 2009

3rd week of April

Clad in green,
my uncle and i set out into his blue sedan wira
venturing to section 10,
celebrating earth day-Malaysia in Kota Damansara.
he was ready for the jungle trekking in his trekking shoes,
while, i, in pink,
i hadnt known for today's arrangement.
thnk goodness i didnt wear my favourite wedges...

we dint trek.
as we missed the convoy.
we jz sat by the 'lake'
its inverted because i think its jz a swamp...
but it was a fun swamp...
they had a canoe-ing fair there..
u jz needed to donate sum money for the saving of the Kota damansara community forest and off u go...
there was this two young lads who went out twice..
they were heck good..
but the cutest seen there was the ones where mommies n daddies went out with their lil ones..
the lil ones. only alittle bigger than the life saving jackets..
evidently did not do any paddling...
they just sat in front and enjoyed the ride..
sum got stuck in the weeds..
sum sped off the limit...
too bad i didnt go in..
i didn have money...
n i dont think my uncle wud want to go in...
he broke his back the other day...
i wish i had my cam phone..
i tell u,
as soon as my scholarship money comes in,
ill b off on my fon shoppin trip...
who wants to join me??

there was a showcase,
a video on earth day..
but i didnt go in..
my uncle was waiting for a friend..
but the girl guides kept approaching us and persuading us to go in and have a look.
they were cute.
they reminded me of,.....
they were so perky..
so hyper...
so young
so carefree...
i was once them...

my uncle asked them,"which school are you girls from?"
they all said in union,"sri aman,"
n i just curled a smile,
and eeked out a small voice (since i kinda have a sore throat n don exctly sound myself nowadays)
"i guess you guys are my enemies"
i made bunny ears
and the girls looked at me with a face full of curiosity and somewht anxiety
"im an ex assuntarian la..that's why,"
"ohhh" sum said...
then one said out,"no, we're not enemies,"
her face depicting alot of things going thru her mind,
and i responded by saying,"well that's good, a new friendly genereation,thumbs up girls,"
giving them 2 thumbs up as i walked on...
oh i miss my schooling days~~~~
i mean hu doesnt...
how much i missed during the last days of school...

wel, im having a blast now,
it may be an Islamic university, but tht doesnt mean its lame or ttly conservative.
i think its cool
(ohgosh,i sound lik a teen saying -cool)
but the fusion between secular and Godly...
its good.
its fantastic..
i mean,in the beginning, some may think that the the anti-coupling campaign is lame and so old fashionedly
but come on,
think of it this way,
think of it from the point of rationality,
would you like to go, even more live in,an environment where ur supposed to study, and filled with couples
holding hands,
n dating in every corner of the university not respecting others right to study without distraction.
i understand,
the points given from the couples wud say,
"we're not disturbing you, we're not asking you to couple, and what have we done to insult you? mind
your own business,"
but the thing is,
undirectly, or even directly,
the 'peer-pressure' of getting a 'couple' might jz seep in,
i remember my english teacher once said,
"at the age of you girls of 18,19 to 21, u girls wud be blossoming in college, with all the guys eyeing
on ur beauty,and that's when all the smart pretty girls go down in their studies, so watch out girls..."
bear in my mind,im nt quoting frm an ugly religious teacher, but im quoting frm a teacher hu i believe
must have had experience in this field.
SO RULE on ANTI COUPLIN campaign...
and lets protect our generation from mungkar!!!

i havent been active the first few semesters,but i plan to be soon.
my mum has given her nod,
though i may not hold any post
since ive missd out tht opportunity,
i don mind being the minion down under helping out a hand or two,
what is a tree without its strong faithful roots?

i am sorry to burden you guys with continous flow of words,
and no picture depicting my colourful (i noe it is) life...
but i find comfort in my NO.MORE.HIATUS mode!

Theres so many things i cud write...
like for instance,
the third weekend in the row,
i was given the chance to drive yet another type of vehicle!!!
yeay me!!!
my uncle had asked me to repark my aunty's myvi!!
i noe,
i noe,
but hey,
noe i noe how the ride goes in a myvi...

but i think thats the most i'd go...
who else's car wud i ever drive?
my aunt's kembara??
one day...

animal testing.

ask me,
"is animal testing cruel?"
my answer?

ask me,
"doesnt it pain the animal during testings?"
my answer?

ask me,
"then why do you agree to animal testing?"
my answer?
"because Allah allows it, it is interpreted from the Quran that, animals (and even other creatures)
serve Allah by serving us,"

So any one wants to oppose me?

Debate as much as you want,
go around the bush,
tell me how the animals suffer,
i will still say that it is not wrong and it should be carried out.

there is a limit,
there are conditions,
come on,
we are humans,
we are given the gift of the aql, intellect,
something no other creature (witht the visible eye) has.
use it,

Dont leave the animals starving,
dont leave the animals thirsty,
dont leave the animals in the lurch of dirt and exposed to diseases.

give them comfortable shelter,
give them proper food,
give them clean water,
treat them as how u'd like to be treated wif you were animals serving us, humans.

face it,
it is stated already that they were for us,
but dont misuse them,
dont ill treat them.
insyaAllah,God willing, they might just be praying us to enter heaven.

and that is,
a piece of my mind.
thank you,
from the dots of urs truly,
but happily shared to others :)

Blonde moment

I remember back in form3, or was it form4,
joey G came to my school's
INteract Club's IU day...
he walked in tru the main gates..
n i n eshie were taking care of the jumbo sale booth
near the gates evidently...
i saw him walking in..
and i tugged eshie's sleeve
and pointed to joey G.
both of us screamed,"Joey G"
as if on cue

he turned evidently,
as he stopped in his tracks
and looked at us,
both of us,
grinning one kind,
just looked at him,
star struck i guess,
ans he cooly waved at us,
we waved back,
and just looked at him as he continued walking towards the pavillion of our school field.

"what did we just do," eshie asked me as she got out of her trance,
"i have no freaking idea,"i said shruggin my shoulders
"we totally embarassed ourselves didnt we,"

that was a blonde moment i'd never forget,
and blonde.
we got his autograph later part of the day,
after not to mention queing up like forever among all the 'gedik' people
who were gloathing like crap!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hampehh tul~~~

I got this off frm my friends bulletine..
i will nt mention his name...
but he is ttly correct arent u???

Mase kecik2 dulu, sbelum tido, ustaz/ustazah/mak/abah slalu pesan..

Letak Yaasin tepi bantal,bca surah al-Mulk & doa tido sblum masuk tido,bangun bila azan subuh pastu solat subuh, kalau boleh berjemaah, dan baca al-Mathurat..

Tapi aper yang korang bwat sekarang??

Letak henpon tepi bantal, bce mesej sbelum tido, bangun bila henpon brdering, check mesej, kalo ader bacer, kalo sempat balas, pastu korang tido balik smula..

Kalau gitu la perangai korang, korang memang HAMPEHH!!!

English-ed Malay food

Back in my old blog~~~
i had this diction check for coconuts...
u noe hu u guys r!!!
i came across this~~~
















Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sesungguhnya jika Allah S.W.T mencintai hambaNya maka Dia akn tenggelamkn hambanya itu dalam dugaan dan ujian..barangsiapa yg tidak pernah mengalami musibah maka ia jauh drpd kasih sayang dan rahmatnya..mana tahu yg diam itu krn zikir kpd Allah,mana tahu yg senyum itu krn sedeqah,mana tahu yg sedih itu krn mengenangkan dosa dan mana tahu yg ceria itu krn bersih hati dan mindanya. Pahit manis dlm memikul tanggungjawab dan amanah Allah ini terkadang memberi jalan untuk mendapat kemanisan yg tiada terhingga..walaupun yg dtg..air mata sering bertandang...

Friday, April 10, 2009

chasing the pink zebra.

Wednesdays are definitely our free days...
the lazy white tudung free day...
I mean, come on, claszs only start at 10!
n its a 2 hr class...

The thing that drive me n my friends up the wall last wednesday was tht BTQ was extended...
we dont hate BTQ..
we love it...
the thing is,
we jz gt restless....
n the gastric juices in out stomach started churning like a ferris wheel...round
n round n round...
i was on the edge of my seat.
i cud have sworn tht my lecturer gt fed up of me at the end~~~as i jz cudnt sit still...

we ate at U cafe tday... the second time after a long time at pak lang's...
n it has never failed...
everytime the 3 of us get ourselves into the cafe we are 'sprayed' w laughin gas!!
its lik jokes flow out of us...continuously...
n there we are gigglin our heads off intoxicated...

n guess wht,
we noticed tht we were actually the only students ard..
all the rest were adults...staff i mean,....

n then

there was an entrance...
omg~~~i like tht guy mimi said the one eating
no, this one better!! *referin to the one smoothly walkin in...* so tall!!! nabila said
i turned ard
oh, anak mdm M*****n
wht? both lookd at me...
yeah..i knew him...i knew tht evryone fell fr him...
he looks so much lik the president of interact club of samad la wei!!!
mr irshad... *im so tempted to write his full name down....so 'sexy' is wht we used to say*

i slowly turned to look at tht pink zebra eating..
i didnt tell u y i call him pink zebra...
he was wearing this pink/white striped shirt of course...
nabila had the purrrfect view... n mimi...evidently was JEALOUS~~~
those two ah!!!
cudnt stop starrin at tht poor fellow...
evidently he 'jual mahal'
i mean,
all lecturers' children always act stuck up wen they go to their parents workplace...
its jz normal...
n im one of them~~~hehehe...wel at least i aint go cuttin no marks~~~sape makan cili dye lah
rase pedas ye?!?!

we were actually done w our food...
jz chit chattin since we don hv anything else to do fr the rest of the day..
n come to think of it...
we didnt even have any other work to do either...
wht a great semester this is...

so finally this guy n his friend had finished up their makan...
n they did their stride..
i wasn interested...
i mean,
he's jz too tall...too skinny... too fair?...too sharp of a nose???
wht la me...
wht the heck AM i lookin fr then?!?!?haishhhh

as he, i mean, they walked out of the cafe,
marjani crushed her bottle! thnk god they didnt hear it crushing!
me n nabila looked at the bottle, bewildered
dude calm down i said
lets chase him one of them said...
so we got off our butts...n moved...
but then they were already far..
n i wasnt actually sure whether these 2 were really gona chase after those fellas,...
so i was like
guys, hold my quran *frm my BTQ class mahh~~* for a while, i need to-
so i went to 'check myself out'
n wen i came out
mimi n nabila jz cudNOT stop talkin bt him...the pink zebra...

so the chase began....

think ppl! think...
whe wud a lecturer's son wnt to go?
CS of course!
so we went n climbed up the steps to the lecturers room...
but to no luck...

NOw think ppl!
think mimi said!
i wish i knew whe guys wud go
mimi looked at her watch
maybe, he's waiting for his mom to finish her class?
n then, i butt in saying, if i was a boy, a boy having a legal license to drive, and a car in my posession
wud i really wait for my mommy?
but i had lost my two girls...
they were too bz thinkin n wondering off...
i was practically alone...walkin with them...

nabila: wht bout the parking lot?!
mimi: ok lets go...
me:*drags feet tht had hurt the day b4 due to over walkin n standing*
look!look!look!search for him!!!
he' so tall tht i dun really think u hv to look u noe~~
he must have gone by now!
all suria's fault!
*narrows eyes on poor innocent me*
hey! wht u lookin at me for! i needed to go...so i went la...,ok, if i were guy,i wud definitely want
to go onlin! wht bout alil al~~~since we were already so near

yes! mimi said excitedly
he was wearing black formal shoes
n there goes those two...
n then as they nearly wen down the steep stairs,
i was lik,
no way im goin! u crazy! the boys can c us frm the inside~~~
so we chgd our minds,...
ok, maybe, maybe he went to pray
does he pray?

i noe, he doesnt look the masjid type
isy! we're so mean! we never NOE!
so we were off...to the mosque
we shall camp in front of the mosque...
how bout i stand in front of the library? its the best view?

tht was abt the adventure...
nt much i noe..
but it seemed ages...

we didnt camp outside the mosque in front of abc...
we jz walkd there to aisyah...
takin a break in the cafe after the long tiring walk.
it was 3 by then.
so imagine how long we walked!
an hour of zebra hunting!

fun i'd say...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Merely, I am tested.

To me,
life is like a balance,
Like a chemical Equation.
2H2O -> 2H2O + O2
Speeded up by enzymes,(whe catalase is the lock in this equation above.)

Chemicals are our actions.
Our Doa's n Prayers as the enzymes.
in an environment,set up by Allah, chosen by us.

It is like a see-saw, like a balance.
That is how i perceive it.

For Allah is Ever Knowing. And i strongly believe that Allah never leaves
His creatures to be oppressed/suppressed/left harmed.

As Quoted in Chapter 2, Surah Al Baqarah, Verse 286.
On no soul does Allah place a greater burden greater than it can bear,
It gets every good that it earns.

And Allah mentions again in Chapter 7, Surah Al A'raf, Verse 42.
but those who believe
And work righteousness,-
No burden do We place
On any soul, but that
Which it can bear,-
They will be Companions
Of the garden, therein
To dwell (For ever)

Lastly,Allah reassures us in surah al Mukminun Chapter 23, Verse 62.
On no soul do We
Place a burden greater
Than it can Bear...

There is a hikmah. Surely there is.

Be redha.

Rezki is in the hands of Allah. Janganlah kempunan kawanku,for Allah knows best my dearest.
Allah Knows best.

Even if the thought of my phone missing is one too painful that it never fails to leave tears
wet on a trail down my scarred cheeks.

i have derived tht:
I comprehend death Better than Loss

I have been vain
I have been a tad too snobbish.
I am mere human, as i always say.
BUt seekin for perfection is a must.
for Ehsan (act of beauification or bringing perfection to one's Ibadah or worship) is one of the
prerequisites of guidance.
Do i want to turn my back on Guidance?
Be it Ammah or even Khassah?!

For Allah has already fore-warned Us humans in Chapter 25, Surah Al Furqan, Verse 77.
Say (to the rejecters)
"My Lord would not concern Himself with you but for your call on Him
But ye have indeed rejected (Him),
and soon will come the inevitable (punishment)!"

The meaning of this ayat was then further explained as:
Let not the wicked think that it causes Allah any annoyance or uneasiness if they do not serve
or worship Him.
He is high above all needs.
But He turns in His Mercy to all who call on Him.
For those who arrogantly reject Him, the evil.
consequences of their rejection are inevitable,
and must soon come to pass.

My enrolment in IIUM has definitely had an impact on my life.
It definitely had inflicted at least some changes in me.
Due to amany reasons, peer influence, Islamic Environment and must i also say, strict rules.
BUt these are surely the way people are molded into shape.

Back when i was in my lower forms, it had never come across my mind that i'd ever get
into this university, but surely, The Exhalted Allah has made it as my taqdir.
thnks be to Allah.
Ana Uhhibbu Allah.
And Surely it is a test.

I feel that life is a cycle.
As the Indians call it karma,
Life doesnt really change.
Its more or less.
And i am a Libran~the balance.


This is a test.
And i Shall Pass with flyin colors.

Friday, April 3, 2009

KesedihanKu Diubati

miskin harta tidak mengapa
tapi jangan miskin idea dan jiwa
Miskin idea buntu di dalam kehidupan
Miskin jiwa mudah kecewa dan derita
akhirnya putus asa yang sangat berdosa

bersedihlah dengan dosa di dunia ini
agar di akhirat bergembira
mengangislah di dunia ini
agar di akhirat kita ria dan ceria
bersusah-susahlah kita dengan hak allah di dunia ini
agar di akhirat kelak kita dipermudah

I heart Islam so lets pass dz exam~~~

ISLAM is the University,
EARTH is the Class Room,
QURAN is the Syllabus,
MOHAMMAD (S.A.W) is the Teacher,
ALLAH is the Examiner,
sO Let pasS thE eXam tOgEthEr inSyaLLAh..amin

the journey of the rain, is til it reaches the sand,
the journey of a boat,is til it reaches the river bank,
the journey of a human...is til his life ends on this earth...

I accept it with an open heart

Ya Allah,
i have sinned,
for i m merely human...
but i seek for ur guidance of khassah

i have lost my favourtie piece of belonging...
i have to say,
something that i have bought with my own desired money...
something i hve longed since i was old enough to differentiate the right and the wrong...
my Cybershot k550i
i m nt gona sound pathetic
but the situation is jz rather pathetic
i freakin lost my favourtive piece of blongin for heavens sake!
n i CRIED....
nt very me...
i noe...
n seriousl.y
i hv never cried lik tht b4..
nt even fr my 'poor' results hv i cried lik tht...

i j hope tht fella wud give me bck my fon...
its nt exctly the fon...
its the memories...
the msgs..
n my contacts...

31st march09

Spilled, Confessed n Chipped

tudung lilit or wud it b this 'mije' tudung???
nah...lilit is too controversial...

as i walked up the slope towards the dorms of Zainab's college,
my good friend txtd me...n minutes later,there we were,a gang of us,
eating our breakfast..

that was how my day started,
with me geared evrything in blue...
*didnt noe i cud b feelin blu*

the first class of the day was too distracting...
one minute on the board, the nxt i wud b chattin w my friend,n consecutively i wud b religiously
listening to my lecturer givin her ever slow lectures~~nt th i hv netin against it...

lab was incrediblingly OK
i was happy with my marks.. of course my report cud hvae been better...but hey, it was my first report...n i was freakin nervous fr the first experiment~~don even laugh at me!!!
cud hv done better i'd say,but it was good for a first timer's shot.
mimi's nabila's n i did 2 experiments...
nt bad ah...
the protein test n the lignin test..
i likd the lignin,
but the DUMB HCL concentrate CORRODED my RING!!!!!!!!!!!!or was it phloroglucinol????~~~haiszzz~~~~
i dint notice only till later whn i need to pray...
*nononono one gv it to me.no,it didnt cost me a fortune.its jsz saddening*

s i sit here typing,
words begin to slip from my mind...
hoping tht it'd jump back right in to my brain...

FRIED ICE CREAM~~~~ice cream goreng is wht we call it
it was delicious!!!
i tasted one last week..
n fell in love w it instatenously!
this week i tried a new flavour~vanilla/straberry!
EVEN more delicious!
i was the first to finish it!
we all had one...ty,mimi n i...
n we were swingin at the swings
it was fun
though i had a feeling tht thing might jz break..
so i swung very slowly..
but it was still fun!!!
tyra's ice cream SPILLED...
n one of us actually accidentally ate the tissue!!!
it was delicious..
i noe,i said tht ealier..
but the warm crunchy fried bread outside
with the solid frozen ice cream was the best combination a person'd ever want!
it's like currypuff...
it was someting tht is a splendour
*n i think i shud seriously STOP talkin bout it!!!*
i cant..
too bad i hadnt taken a picture of it....
wel,there;s always a next week but gues wht? i LOST my cybershot fon on d 3rd of april...so wth....

mim's having her bio2 exm tmr!~~~1st of april
tht girl...
the only one sitting fr the sp test...
she kept on sayin tht she is stuck in the past..
lets wait for her to come back to the future....

i was at BTQ clas in the morning...and as i was listening to my lecturer,
i was licking my teeth...
or wtv u call it...
but then i suddenly felt as if there was an uneven surface on my bugs bunny front teeth!
how shocking...
n i asked mimi if i chipped my teeth..
she denied
"its perfectly fine suria!"
she kept on chiming
"ur teeth is NOT chipped"
she told me off evrytime i seemed to wonder off n lookin at my teeth...
so sedih...

i ccekd it out in the evenin...
n yes,
there is a very slight chip
she was right,
u can hardly see it..
but wth
i can feel it!!!
so saddening!!
i don even understnd how the heck tht cud hv possibly happened!
idk la...
the last thing i ate b4 i noticed the chip was popia...aka spring rolls.
lik tht breaks anything but my diet...

one of my friends helped me in seekin the truth
though it did come out SPILLING tht i was somewht stunted when she 'CONFESSED' to the truth
i am glad she did it...
i thnk her...for now i noe whe i personally stand...