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Sunday, May 31, 2009

surveyin tru the last day of holsss

10 years ago (1999)

1. I was 8 goin2b 9 in sum gombak schuul...

2. I had been sumwht a naughty girl,never did my homework..

3. I hated BM n my class teacher

5 years ago (2004)

1. I sat w eshie,behind lakshmy, always tryin to hide things in her bushy hair :P

2. Was on good behaviour in school since i was surrounded w prefects...

3. I bought my first CD,meteora...

2 years ago (2007)

1. I started improving in my studies n sat fr SPM...

2. My time was spent mostly in tuition centres running frm one centre to another...

3. I had a crazy sleepover to study...with 2 ppl on2 separate occasions...and one was the weekend b4 spm,so i and shana had barely 3 hrs of sleep in eachnight... lolsz...

1 year ago (2008)

1. in the early part, i was an idle pumpkin...surfing the net socialising...

2. then i started foundation in iiu pj..

3. i accidentally fell fr someone...hahaha..

Yesterday (30th May '09)

1. was saturday

2. i was in bangsar

3. then i went bck to my college to c all the freshies...

Today (31st may '09), I...

1. woke up early despite sleepin at 2am watching madagascar2

2. ate breakfast while i drove to main campus uia

3.am supposed to go out w eka...but im having 2nd tots...maybe no rezki?

Tomorrow, I will...

1. b a senior,startin sem1 09/10 uia..

2.b sumwht torn btwn 2 besties hum i love... :)

3. b running ard lik a mad woman gettin my stay off campus permission... *bluek*

Three snacks I enjoy

1. cherry tomatoes

2. jacobs...heheh...

3. twisters..those green ones..

Three things I can't live without

1. my mom

2. mr green

3. education....lols..seriously..

Three things I wanna buy with RM 1K

1. a cybershot phone

2. SHOES!!!!

3. clothes!!!!!

Three shows I like:

1. mythbusters...thz to uncle sunny hu used to show em in the school canteen...hahaha

2. gossip girl..of which im really left out with..

3. house...

Three places I've lived in

1. gombak..

2. walsall,uk

3.petaling jaya...

Friday, May 29, 2009

.the way i r.

katakan dengan indah

Ku katakan dengan indah,dengan terluka hatiku hampa...
Sepertinya luka menghampirinya
Kau beri rasa yang berbeda mungkin ku salah…
Mengartikannya yang ku rasa cinta

Tetapi hatiku selalu meninggikanmu
Terlalu meninggikanmu, selalukan meninggikanmu

Kau hancurkan hatiku,
hancurkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu,
Kau terangi jiwaku,
kau redupkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu

Tetapi hatiku selalu meninggikanmu
Terlalu meninggikanmu, selalukan meninggikanmu
Tetapi hatiku selalu meninggikanmu
Terlalu meninggikanmu, selalukan meninggikanmu

Membuatku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi
Membuatku merasakan yang t’lah terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri
Kau buatku terjatuh dan terjatuh lagi

Kau buatku merasakan yang t’lah terjadi
Semua yang terbaik dan yang terlewati
Semua yang terhenti tanpa ku akhiri

Kau hancurkan hatiku,
Hancurkan lagi,
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu
Kau terangi jiwaku kau redupkan lagi
Kau hancurkan hatiku tuk melihatmu

Sunday, May 24, 2009


or short,BLOg
from wht i noe of it,i should be having a log of wht i do, on the web.
and honestly,i havent done tht a lot nowadays..
(nt i eve have~~~)
especially ever since i lost my cybershot...(but hey,at least im gettin another one~~in bound time)

so to all those of you who so happened came across this blog,
and noe me, Suria,
but rather vaguely,
you knoe,noe-in me by,
'ohya,suria,that classmate of mine in high school,'
'oh,suria,the talktative anak cikgu'
'erm,suria?yeah,i think she's that loud one in one of my classes,'

wtv ur description of me,
wtv memory you may have of me,
and if u wanted to noe jz a lil more on how im gettin on now,

you may as well read this.


it'd be good start to knoe me.

and i TRY MY BEST to keep it short n simple [KISS]~~~bt,tht,wud b miracle, but surely i can,
here it goes,
  • im now on a holiday,2 weeks till uni starts again n id b a senior citizen (2nd yr)
  • im into reading books surprisingly..n happy w this activity...(i feel weird,nt very me)~~shakes head
  • ive been crying alot as i read nicholas sparks(w the influence of tyra evidently)
  • i dont mind eating alone anymore,(fyi,this time last yr,i was terrified eating alone...hated it)
  • i don mind shoppin alone either...or anything ALONE anymore actually..i feel more at peace alone..though
  • i do miss my old fon...n the songs tht kept me company..
  • ive actually eaten a chili api...which i normally dont do(NEVER DID..on the account of on purpose ie)..but no thnk u,nt tryin tht again.
  • i m sum wht a vegetarian... :P ~~no explanation needed
  • ive chgd lanes...frm inline to online shoppin..n i m actually rather thrilled..hehehe..
  • i was jz the other day forced by my mom to go shoppin...sumtin she NEVER does....
  • i have been, in these recent times, more adventurous,,n daring...very bold id call it...but i wont state wht ive done...its too dangerous...but lets say...the rebel in me actually woke up n got in to action...so ppl,pls,dont try to dare me...

this is the essay part...
for those who care less abt zemua,
take ur eyes away frm the following passage(s)
for there will b a huge tidal flow flooding tru these screens of urs...
so i suggest u click sumwhe else...
for those who actually cared more..
or teramat la sangat bored during ur hols..
u may read it tru..
for maybe,just maybe,u have been mentioned here...

in 2 weeks (actually less) i'd b a senior in CFS IIU~~~gone r my jr days...
as eka said..ppl of the lower age group will now b lookin up to us..n looking for answers n guidance..
well,wowh,never exctly tot deeply bout tht...
so she said, we had to be more matured,since tht was expected frm us..
though i highly doubt tht frm me...little of me will chg i bet...me,when this new semester starts,
will still be,

3 things are in my list of waits...
my results in cfs...lab n btq~~~(real fun subjects if u ask me)
seriously..i loved the lecturers..alot...(no bodeling ppl,i dont think they'd stumble across my blog)
my muet results...too many nightmares on those 'dy
seriously...i had a bad fever n an allergic reaction the nite b4 muet..N i freaking embarassed
myself in the morning...in front of the most hated guy on campus(by me n ty)(wel,he's nt most hated,
there is anothe guy actually~~hehehe)
my anticipation of goin out n about...n not jz sittin down w a book frm day to day...

no,im not goin to say,single n lookin,
im actually looking for dresses,
to b exact,tubes or even spagetthi...
DON WORRY!ill b wearing shirts n cardigans over them PPL!i noe la aurat..isy...
CRAZY..yes...i have this bizzarre thingy abt lookin abt fr dresses..n i saw sum cheap bargains at DP!!!
tht day wen i went out w nabila n mimi..but i hadnt taken out the cash..as i didnt expect to c anything
nice...wel,i regret not buyin them!!!huhuhuh!!!!
but thinkin of it,im NOT even goin anywhe...
ill only b goin to college,at which,i have to Wear KURUNGS!!!n i don think i'd dare to wear
scarfs nemore next sem...don want to get caught (yes,i m very prone to those)
lik how i was back in sem 2...but nevertheless,ntn is stoppin me frm buyin more stuff...

shoppin was wat i meant,
since my parents are jz too bz to bring me out on a shopping spree...and they're too protective to let me
out on my own...
but im still in a crazy mode of shoppin...im feelin pretty much like jamie sullivan in a wlk to remember..
you noe,her wearing the cardigan day in day out..well i wont be exctly like tht but somewht...
aND so far i havent bought anything yet!!!
most prolly cos either i was too late, or it got sold out or too short or sumtin...
so sad...
but dont worry,im NOT giving up...no way...even though the internet connection at my mom's place is like
HORRENDOUS!!!!it keeps breaking..but i am patient..huahuahua

wel,i still cant believe it,i have now moved from shopinshopin to online shopin..
i tot of it as impossible.
u noe,jz surfing the web n stumblin sumtin n purchasin it tru email...
but im tryin to keep my head up, n tryin to get stuff tht i can actually wear to college...like bags n all
cant wait..
although,i can imagine my moms face now,
yeah,she doesnt like me buying things...
she likes me to save my money like ALL my good friends...but i have proved otherwise...hehe..
and i have to admit ALL my besties do noe how to save money...
even tyra,the SHOPAHOLIC...

i am right now engaged in the world of bookville,
not dt i have never,
so guys,
if you think you;ve come across any interesting or wonderful readings,
could you pls send me those title's..
(u don mind me borrowing ur booklist now do you?!?!?)
hehehe....cos im on the fourth and final book tht i have borrowed frm the library...
i shud have met tyra b4 the hols n borrowed afew more books...esp thx fr the memories!!!!
(i mean evryone has read tht book i bet)
i might jz read harry potter again,since the movie;s coming out again...
but come to think of it,better not,
*flashback to form3*
it is the holidays...
i had already booked for the first show to catch hp the 3rd...
n i decided,since im all in the reading mood,
y not jz reread the third book,
as i walked towards the cinema w full of excitement,w fresh memory of the book's story,
i left the cinema rather heartbroken..n most of all,heart broken..huhuh..

NOW,thts nt gona happen again is it? no...

OFFLINING on myspace n facebook and friendster(i somewht hate fs...hehehe its jz tad a lil boring)
due to reasons,like the connection (whereeve ive been goin) is horrendously terrible!!!
my laptop's not feeling tht well,
so i shall give it a break at times...i love it dearly.. :P
whts there on the internet anyways? i never ever c my friends online...
wel,there are,but not my close friends...no one i can actually hold a decent convesation with...
(very rare anyways)

i now, confess,i have a fetish for shoes. like my old bio teacher.
its true.everytime i walk anywhe,i jz cant lift my eyes off frm ppls feet...
(yeah,yeah, i hear my friends saying,"Suria,looking down???riiiiite")
well u may not notice at times,but i like to observe shoes..
n currently my shoes collection is in a bad shape.i need to have a revamp.
onli wen my scholarship comes in.
gheesh...SCHOLARSHIP...i tell you,this new sem, i have a lot of things on that little budget onf mine.
fisrt up,a cybershot.no matter by hook or by crook,im gettin one...and so there goes a MAJOR portion of my
then followed by this new fetish of mine, shoes...ive somewhat vowed to myself to get 2 pairs of shoes from
do you noe how much they cost???
by buyin 2 pairs of nose shoes,i can get like 5 pairs from jusco (since they were having sale the other day)
u must b thinking tht im so cheap...well,lets j say,i wanna try out a new brand this semester,
and i don trust pricetags nemore...
i mean,they can cost u RM5 for all i care,but if its cool n it lasts,im fine..
cos ive had a variety of shoes of different prices ranges..
n oh boy,sure was i proved,expensive didnt mean great..
wel,they were branded, n they were rather pretty...
but they made my feet hurt tht i i walk funny..
hahaha...anyways, there goes an even moe considerably larger amount of money,by the end of the first week
of receiving my scholarship,
i bet,my money wud have been down to nearly 100..
like tht hasnt happened..
i have to work,
so here i take a lil time out, and promote myself,
ok,done with that...ohya,wait,i forgot,ANYBODY WANTS TRANSCRIPTION EITHER?
hehehe....felt like 'mencapub-in' wel, at least i got the word out...and if oyu guys by any chance need
help in English,im just an email away.. :P

the other,17th may, i was out n about w my college friends in the most common shopping complex in PJ/KL...
aka midvalley..im sry to call it common,but its true, tht place seems so normal to me,
in addition,everyone of my friends since form 2 have been talking abt it..
i had a dream (the night b4 i went there) tht i'd meet my jr n eka' lil sis...
tht dream claimed to b sumwht tru,
as eka was the one hu gave me the alarm call in the morning...
n i did meet my jr..n she was happily selling popcorn..n i tell u,she's awfully pretty now..
not tht she wasnt in school..but she's even more la anyhow..
too bad we didnt capture any pictures...
nt tht i lookin frward to it..since i didn look all tht gud..
(i neve m anemore)
ive got to say,marjani n nabilah are by far much mre prettier thn me..
we three,just have some sort of weird (in a gud way) kind of speciality..
marjani was certain tht we turned heads..
but nabilah n i tot otherwise..
yeah,i wud agree on the fact we are UNIQUE...
i mean,tall and thin.
thin and petite,
and most of all,
the round and cute...hehehe..

we surely were dressed to go out..
and one glance at us, we werent exctly fit to go to iiu clases..u noe wht i mean...'
n guess hu we met as we had lunch at the food court???
my bio2 lecturer..
how great..
no,we dont hate her..we love her to bits...
i didnt exctly have a problem c-in her..marj n nabilah did though..but it wasn all tht bad..
the outing on the whole wasn bad at al..
marj actually bought herself a hooded top..
n even nabilah wanted to buy sumtin..but we had to solat..
how did we end our day then u may ask??
well surprisingly after all tht,we went bck to pj's iiu
n i helped nabilah transfer her stuf to kc..
golly,there were loads..
i didnt expect tht much..
but i dint mind..
sum exercise helped..
n i cant imagine her doin it all by herself..
esp at night alone in kc..
it was awfully creepy i tell u..
we went up to the 6th floor to meet sumone..
n for wtv's sake,
the corridor lights jz had to b faulty..
so we were in pitch darkness...n i hadnt brought my torchlight fon...
we were scared,
n held each other close,
even though we were stinking with sweat(by carryin all those stuff)
thnkfully we found tht fellas ruum..
neve knew kc cud b tht frightening though..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ultraman from ultraviolet poems

Pulau Hokkaido jauh ketengah
Gunung Fuji bercabang tiga
Hancur Raksaser dikandung tanah
Ultraman yg baik dikenang jua.

Dua tiga Raksaser berlari
Maner nak samer Raksaser Kero
Dua tiga Ultraman boleh kucari
Maner nak samer Ultraman Taro.

Kalau roboh Kota Narita
Papan di Tokyo Ultraman dirikan
Kalau sungguh itu keje Raksasa
Badan dan kepaler dier Ultraman 'fire'kan.

Kajang Ultraman kajang berlipat
Kajang Raksaser mengkuang layu
Kalau Ultraman Ace tak cukup kuat
Ultraman Neos datang membantu.

Buai laju-laju
Sampai Pokok Sena
Apa dalam baju?
Lampu Ultraman nyaler.

Mengata dulang paku serpih
Mengata Raksaser
Ultraman pulak yang lebih-lebih.

Sudah gaharu cendana pula
Sudahlah kalah di'fire' pula.

Orang berbudi kiter berbahaser
'Fire' diberi pada raksaser.
ehemm... camne rasa
membazir tak masa?

Friday, May 8, 2009



u have to tag 3 of ur friends!!!
and repost this as: Back to school

I, suria, tag my bestest friends!!! :P
1. Tyra!!
2. Mimi!!!
3. Eka!!!

Question 1:
Paste up UR favourite HIGH school picture
Question 2:
Where was this taken?
SM assunta...5sc1 to b specific~~~~
in front of the class...in front of bekkah's place...

Question 3:
Who is in the picture?
ME!!! n kay!!! :P

Question 4:
What were you wearing?!
Aisyh....school uniforms...wht a question..kay shuen was wearing her blue pinafore,i was wearing my prefect's kurung.

Question 5:
How many people are there inside this picture?
As if you couldnt count....2...just us...unless u count tht picture i conteng-ed the whitebod...being beautified by kay...

Question 6:
Who's camera was it?
mine...my disposable camera...
i was really into disposable cameras back in high school..~~~i even fought w the camera shop guy fr tht camera if im nt mistaken~~~

Question 7:
Last, and final question,
making it lucky 7....
Why did you pick this picture???
hmmmm.....i noe....i shud b pickin sumtin w my besti o sumtin...but i guess, i think i look cute here (wen du i not?!?!?!)~~~lolsz!!!!
and we just look so chillex...i mean, we surely were, it was a rather candid...god noes hu took it...
seriously,our cacat mouth really looked cute la...and i still rmmber,evryone was crazily talkin bout results...i wrote, "Suria says I love me, and hopefully a C for physics..." all started with eshi i think

Question 8:
Sorry, another thing,
tribute to the cameraman/woman
Who took the picture?
OMG!!!!i was jz saying abt it jz now...i cant rmmber...
but surely,it was a camerawoman...to anyone out there hu thinks their the one hu took this picture, please raise up ur hand n claim the tribute hunney!!!~~~~i much appreciate u for capturing this moment...howw i loved it... was it u eshie???