♥ Drama Queen ♥

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


No, this is no song by Jmac. Neither is it about me breaking up with my boyfriend..

This is a tale about me, being left by my loved ones.
Maybe, even more, for as I consider the Late Yasmin Ahmad and Michael Jackson as to figures who have left me dearly. (Although I was not close to them.) And of course, the Late Prof Ismail, who was such a kind man to my parents and I.(How I respected him so dearly, and was moved thoroughly by his passing away)

How challenging life is, when God takes the good ones first.

So, before I begin this short entry, shall we all recite a short prayer of Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad, Michael Jackson and also Prof Ismail.
May Allah bless their souls. Ameen.

Now, the two things that would be leaving me in this very short due time would be, firstly, Eshrina,
as her plane leaves our homeland at about midnight. Leaving to pursue her dreams in the UK.
I pray the best for her. How sad I feel that I do not get to bid goodbye to her. I tell you, it has been AGES since I saw her!lolsz... I'll miss ya Eshie!! heheheh~~~~
And how sad that she DINT get to hear the TWO songs i requested for her LAST NIGHT!!!

And secondly,
and most importantly,
the beloved month of Ramdhan.
How fast time flies.
I would seriously consider this year's ramdhan to be by far my worst, as I had a rocky start at the beginning, with me being unstably sick. Huhuh.
Oh Ramdhan, please come back again next year, for I will miss you.