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Thursday, December 24, 2009

When your best friend talks to her crush.

I guess there was a silver lining to yesterday's crazy and hectic day. Tiring I would have to say, that we yawned our way through computer class at 8pm. RIght in front of our lecturer that is. Aisyh.for goodness sake, I couldnt sit still. Not to say that I cud ever sit still in class. But still, My back ached in pain so bad!

But our lecturer had mercy. He knew we were exhausted. But we still had do other stuff even after computer ended at ard 10. Mimi n Nabilah had to print their chemistry lab graph. Which unfortunately did not look that lawa...hehehe...mine was....
thru all the pain n drain n dunggu errors.aisyh.but chemistry was a whole other story. X_X

So as we ran our errands at the "late" whee hours of the night,
while my parents waited fr me infront of KC to go back.

My best friend's crush fell down from the sky.RIGHT in front of us as we descended from the steps in front of the architecture department!
We were taken aback.
Mimi and I sandwiched Nabilah together in a tight hurdle,having slight tremor and shocks.

It was hilarious. He fell flat on his buttock. and he got up with his butt up.
we giggled to ourselves, COVERING our mouths, for fear that our laughs would echo all around uia pj. He eventually turned around in his faded jeans and dark blue patterned tshirt. He slowly eeked a small smile, scratched his head, and looked straight at my best friend. I could have sworn that his eyes twinkled as he looked at my best friend. Thankfully she had gained her composure, and managed to gather her act together as he asked her for her hand to guide him back to his dorms. We were in shock. But, hey, he did have a huge thump. Well, i smiled happily as Nabilah's jaw dropped. Without hesitation, she walked off with him, leaving us along the haunted corridors of central spine.

*music scratches*


just kidding.

not literally.


i just felt like testin my very bad imaginative writing. enough said.

well,after one whole day of seeing my ex,my complicated ones and finally my others,
and nabilah gettin her required dose of cheer-up too....

God shed light to the MAR of the MARNARIA... :)

That was the best moment for her. When we did descend down from Computer class. The whole world must have seen to have been in a better light than the other moments of the day for my bestie.

That's what happened to my best friend. Yesterday night. I was happy for her.

the only thing, I as a best friend could do was be there for her. She jumped up with joy as we were far from earshot from him. I laughed. She had a huge grin on her face.

And that was when I met my best friend's crush.

Flirty at tenthirty.

Flirty @ 1030 surely must be one of the most hilarious shows Ive ever heard on radio.

Well of course, its objective has no humour coded anywhere, but the way those participants go on and respond, it seems funny.

And at times, it just gets creepy like that one time when this one guy acted all cool to the DJs and soon did they found out that that guy supposedly is somewhat stalking that girl even after that girl had told him off that she has a boyfriend already and doesnt want him.

But at most times, its totally sweet and plasters one big fat smile on my face. It ligthens my mood after a whole day of hu-ha-in in college.
Another example was,
this one time, when there was a girl, whom i evidently cant remember her name of, sent a flirty at tenthirty to this guy.
And when hafiz n bazel actly carried out the cupid's task, they were both together, in the same car.

The guy she liked thankfully got out of the car or something, and when Hafiz and Bazel actly introduced them to each other, they went quiet. As they both were looking at each other across the window screens. How sweet.

Gosh, I tell you, there were just too many other episodes that were really funny.I cant exctly recall them. BUt everytime I tune in to fly and listen to the slot.
I just feel like bloggin abt it.

And finally,
when i get ard to actly blogging it out. I just cant rmmber wat i wanted to talk abt.

But hey, wtv it is. At least now u noe my fav radio program tht i tune into.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy meal :)

As 930 pm struck the clock in the AMF hall.
I thought the Computer II exam was gona end. But to my utter disappointment, the exam ONLY ended at 940pm.

I was overjoyed. Somewhat anyways...

But then, come to think of it, I still have FIM1113 Understanding ISlam this saturday.!!!!

I knew mimi was gona ajak me go makan icecream....
and HONESTLY,i love the lepakin routin w mimi after tedious exam...hn jz chattin under the cools shades of trees in front of kc...uahuahua.....

but to no avail...my mum hadnt ad her dinner...n we had to fetch my dad frm god noes whe~~~huaaaa.....

since ss2 mcD's were on the way to my dad's place..
gues wht my mom n i ordered???

we both ordered a happy meal each!

too bad the toys were avatar!
sth I DINT look for ward to!!!

i rmmber back in yr2000.
before i went to the uk....
i actly bought like how many sets of Happy meals because I thought id miss the halal fast food...
AND i like the rollercoaster they gave out

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bck to my last

After a week of hols...
i finally am back to my fav place....
i will miss uia...
the wole works....
cfs n main campus as my mom wud b finishing her masters...
n i wud b officially graduatin frm uia...
NOT continuin to kuantan..
due to circumstances....

oh god..
here's comes my reminisce of the first part of sem....

Ronggengan Club Exposed d UIA!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mummy Dearest

9th of December was rather tiring.
and well,
stressing la.

But it was also my beloved mummy's bday.

No pictures were taken on the 9th tho.

Neverthe less,
here's a collage of the good times we had together!

I dedicate this post to Mummy DearesT!!!!


Happy Birthday December Babies...


I tell you,
if the Malaysian Year End Sale Has started,
so has the Year End Birthday Spree.
My closest seem to be saving the best for last.

and there goes all my pocket money!

It kicked off with Mimi's...
on the 11th of Nov

Followed by Eka on the 18th November

First up for December,
Kak Lynet,
my cousin sister on the 4th...

On the 8th Dec,

On the 9th,
My beloved mother...

on the 10th,
my 2nd cousin.

And i think lastly,
on the 19th,
my cousin sister,

happy birthday everyone.
i hope u guys have a great yr ahead!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

PLease Note

I am going to be off from blogging for a while.
well at least i hope so. cause I have my Mathematics 2 SCM 1134 mid semester exams
on my mom's bday... the 9th of Dec. A wednesday that is...
so catch me this day next week people!! :P

Gettin things straight

Please note : This was a piece I had written a few days....

Things may never be the same,
But lets not waste what was once.

was written with a special dedication to Eka Irina.
This is all i can say. and most of all, all i can do.

Like a line that draws the wrong and right, like the ayats of the Holy Quran that depicted the message to human beings and jinn the right path and the haram,
I need to get some facts straight too.

It is dubbed as my least favourite day.
Or maybe not.
whatever it is.
It is one of the most hectic days of the week.
Having Chemistry Lab from 11 to Lunch.
But Chemistry,being a lab subject lingers on through half of lunchtime.
Not sparring us time for lunch.
Continued with Math n UNderstanding Islam from 2 to 6(odd)

there is the 3 hour gap in the morning considering that I reach campus by 8am.
But i spend my time firstly in the surau.
Then the rest in library.

For some reason or other,
my good friends' birthday seem to befall on this very hectic day.
First off,
Nabilah back in August,
then follwed by Mimi on the 11th
and finally,
eka's on the 18th of november tht is...

Thankfully Tyra's in February, but a sunday!
ohgosh,have to come up with something...

never mind,
popo is there...i noe i can count on him!

I had some rough days a couple of weeks back.
Oh boy, this roughness was horrendously rough.
Im not kidding.
it was hard.
That it drove me to tears.

i mean,there was a day, I just hadnt enuf to 'lapik perut' and my scholarmoney wasnt out

So i kept my distance.from everyone.i may have looked fine, but i wasnt.
It wasnt PMS.
because at that period of time, I had just gotten off from menstruating.
I at times felt abandoned, of course, it was partially caused by myself, since i just kept my distance from people,
but I was out credit,
my phone was nearly always out of battery,
i sometimes forgot to bring my goddamit handphone.

I guess i had some pretty rough times lately.
Never have i ever seen in my whole life.
there was even once,
I was sparred from food.
And all i had was 3 slices of bread.
I was only shed light when my outstation friend invited me to her room to take the ever tasty rendang i ordered the holiday before.
I felt saved at that moment,
Happy for a brief after a long while of misery.
But only to be broken hearted again,
as when i reached her room,
no one was there,
i knocked,
i called,
and i texted,
but no one answered.
I left my friend's room hungry, sad, broken hearted and most of all, poor.

I felt so low,
like never before,
trust me,
Nver in my life have I felt that way,
I then learnt my lesson.
After all these years of me,
as a muslim fasting due to my obligation to Allah swt,
have i only actually understood the true meaning of fasting.
the true meaning of breaking it hard.

I shed tears later on that day,
as i walked down from my friend's room back to the musolla.

I never had disclosed this to anyone.

But At this point,

I feel that blogging may be one the most helpful medium for me.

As i quote from this greetin card i bought for my old primary school friend,

"Friendship is a gift that keeps on giving"

I have always stood by these amazing words daily.
BUt then,
one day,
A big huge bell rung, and chimed right in front of my face.

It was an adjective I never knew I would ever feel from my closest, what more, my bestest.
It was,

As i felt a pang of betrayal from a good friend of mine,
there was no guy in this picture, as some may have predicated.
there was no money problem here,
there was no backstabbing of the mouth here either.

All there was,
was me,
poor me,
feeling betrayed when a good friend misused my feelings,
misused my loyalty,
and took all my qualities to send me her fantastically good news,
not that i hated to hear it,
but the delivery of the news was a twist of loyalty towards my best friends.
Even if this was a while back,
this was the exact point all things went downhill.

among all the things in life which I love dearly,
my best friends are there above all (besides Allah,the prophet,& Family)
I love them,
I cherish them
For which teenager doesnt?
I was a teenager,
and i still am.

I feel for them.
I listen for them.
I spend my time for them.
I give my all for them.

I am mere human,
and the only thing i want in return is that they treat me exactly the way they would like to be treated.

For instance,
Wishing best of luck for exams, and noe-in all each other exam dates.
Asking the condition of health, and gettin the necessary meds or bringing them to the doctors if possible.
Accompanying one another at times of doubt or low self esteem.
Understanding, or at least, giving an ear to each other.
and finally,
keeping in touch.

Of course,
as mere humans,
at times,
conflict arises.

But as true friends,
we overcome it.

"Persist for betterment.
Persist not for more misery."

I had always applied this principle in my life:

BE that mirror on that wall.

You know, simply just reflect all actions of those in front of you.
Hence, if they are nice to you, you be nice to them and so on so forth.

But that principle was just too bogus.
too shallow.
My mom & dad had always told me to be nice to everyone.
my mom adds,it doesnt matter if people treat us good or not, but our moral standards will never detor.
for we know what is right and what is wrong.
Hence, we follow the path of the knowledgable and right.

I then discovered my mistake.
My mirror act wasnt such a good thing.
But some things had passed.
Some things had already occured and had due results.

Even with apologies being issued,
at times,
things change,
and never to go back to the way they were once before.
How heart breaking to think so.
How heart breaking to know so.

this is no love story.
This is no boy-girl relationship,
but life is one big spindle,
full of relationships,
especially as the Khalifah of the earth.

I just want to make my stand,
As a person, we perceive,
As a friend, we sympathize,
As someone close, we try our best to understand,
But as a Khalifah of Allah,
we perceive,
sympathise if necessary,
understand if could,
but above all,
we analyse, act and decide with the guidance of the Holy Quran and the use of the Aql.

Dear readers of mine,
I would like you,
my reader,
to take a moment to ponder.

"All that happens is in the hands of the Almighty and Omnipresent Allah.
So who are we to go against qada' and qadar?"

faithfully and sincerely by,

Suria Afifah