♥ Drama Queen ♥

Friday, January 29, 2010

♥ trusted upon me is thy heart. ♥

This ♥ heart ♥ of mine sits here still.
As it lays in my arms,
i ponder upon the wide blue seas that reflect wonderfully in the lonely praire.

Letting it slip into the deep blue ocean is one event,
I would never let.

I shall keep it here.
♥ With me. ♥

Somewhere here.
Where i know.

For my heart is not mine.
It's Allah's.

What rights do I have upon it?

Yours Truly.
Suria Afifah.

When girls make that move.

It was another session of flirty at ten thirty on flyfm.
It was a wednesday.
the 27th january 2010,
2 more months till eshie's adult 20...

as i switched on my baby lappie as i reached my home,
i had flyfm stuck in my ears as part 2 flyfm played.

sum girl,J, called up n sent in a flirty to a guy, andy i think.

so bazel n hafiz calls up,
b&h:hey andy, there's this girl hu likes u
andy:oh no, im already engaged
b&h:oh is tht so?
andy:yup, she's in bandar tun razak
b&H:owh...wats her name?
andy:owh,i cant say tht, but im a very loyal guy u noe. so hus this girl?
b&H:i think we shud just tell him,
its someone u havent met before.
but she wants to c u soon...
uve only talked to her on the phone n friendster.
but u have proposed to her last march?
hus this?
b&h:y dont u talk to her?its j...
andy:ha??i cant hear u...
andy:ha???i cant hear u....i hear a girl hum i dono's voice.
b&H:j?y dont u just talk?
j: *chocked up* erm..never mind. forget abt it
andy:...ha??? i cant hear u???very low reception la...
*line dies*
j: ?
b&H: r u ok?
j:*chocked up* oh,im happy for him


how sad was tht?
poor thing..
tht was the second time, i personally have heard a girl hu 'asked' a guy to marry them even if in fact, they were actually finally gona b responding to the guys' ultimate question on air get REJECTED.

i guess thats the reality of life.

life is no february 29th.
where girls can propose to guys.

and whats more to be a rule of thumb to girls,

if u dont give an answer to the guy,
when they finally ask u 'the' question,

well, to them,
its over.
even if its heart breaking to them.

but hey,
guess what,
if they cudnt wait,
they were never worth the time either.

i mean, r u sure their hearts were broken?
especially if they cud move on?
like in these two cases whe the guys were already engaged???

how cud a heart break if it was never given?
and unfortunately,
feelings which arent tht strong enough,
just dies.

is that really wat u want?
a guy hu can easily fade his feelings away frm u?
better not have one at all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

viva la vida

the picture above is one of the memorable pictures from chemlab.
~farahin, fatin nabilah, me, amalina~
yeah... so much fr viva la vida.... wat i mean from viva is, my chemistry lab's exam. honestly, i wud say, utterly unamazing!
i felt as if i never touched a pippette in my whole life!

and that was,
evidently untrue!!!!

i wudn say our test was hard.
it was confusing. or m i the confused one

wateve it is....

thank god i dint get tht garang mdm
i nearly got her though.
i was so scared.

and atm,
in this u cafe of mine
my 2 angels who are nervous.sad.n cracked up.

n now, they have infected me with the virus of post-viva-ketakutan!
gheesh korang!!!

a few minutes after they infected me with tht virulent virus,

the most feard viva lectrer walks in.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ada orang convo ke?

On the 3rd weekend of 2010,
my mom's college had their 7th covocation in putrajaya convention centre.
Me, being the jakun who has not been into PICC,
i saw this huge opportunity,
and was rather sedih when it fell on a saturday, my LC day.

But i guess Allah pitied my ke-jakunan. Hence, I receieved a text stating that The kids had extra classes in school on saturday, and my classes this week had been postponed to sunday. i was happy. of course. Little that was planned abit before that, my PRESSS family day.

Mimi and i had looked forward to it, especially after farAhin had briefed us about the events of the day! it was out of this world fun! and only for rm3! my angels had already paid up, but i guess i cudnt make it.

it didnt matter la, nothinng in life comes without a little sacrifice right? and to soothe my 'achin' n 'sad' heart, you knoe, noe-in tht my angels wud b goin to the family day n i wudnt Allah seemed to enlighten to me the knowledge tht even mimi cudnt make it. well, of course she wasnt the happiest person, but hey, at least i have a 'gang' hu cant go :P
so then there was one...


back to saturday, 23rd of january 2010,
as i sat in the enormous hall of picc,
i heard the echos of names, and lines and lines of graduates wearing hogwarts kind of robes of different stripe colours.

Nothing was exciting. my mom was waiting for the big speech.
not by some big minister,
from the valedectorian.

after being to a couple of convocations, i think the valedectorian's speech is DEFINITELY the highlight of the event. Its when the start student actually have his/her say heard by the audience.

i was not very happy with the last couple of valedectorian speeches.
I felt tht there was something missing from those speeches.
there wasnt anything special, no spark.
to me,
those last speeches were merely,
no umph u noe!


but this year's one,
a bomb.

like literally.

as i sat there,
on the edge of the topmost level of seats in the planery hall,
i looked up for the sound recorder tool in my laptop to record this speech.

i knew it was a different kind of speech.

this student was a special one,
one of my mother's first off,
and she had gone thru alot to stand there and receive it.

truely she deserved it.

I hoped to god tht she wudnt deliver a boring and 'stagnent' speech, an thankfully she dint.

She brought us, the listeners onto a journey of her life.
She was orphaned without a father more than 10 years ago, and hence forth, she looked up to her mother with utmost love and gratitude, that she called her mother and sister up on to the stage.

Friday, January 22, 2010

fine friday

friday nights in the mosque!

Oh how un-exciting to some of you it may sound!
But surely it is to me! I remember back in form3, friday nights were my malaysian idol nights on 8tv, at which i normally fall deep asleep after about half an hour of the show. :) since i sty back daily in school.

that was year 2005.

5 years later, i occupy myself by teaching a bunch of kids english. hehe. A loud bunch of 16 kids for various age groups. well, im more of an assistant teacher, with teacher alma around .:P
She's an amazingly incredible teacher full of energy at 8 pm at night. :)

she makes me laugh with her way of entertaining the kids, and surely, the kids love her to bits! :) As much as i am exceedingly hilarious amongst my peers and loud and bubbly, i hands down think she's so much better! i surely can learn a thing or two from her alright!

Though i was down with a throbbing headache and slight fever that afternoon, i felt the 2 hours with the kids slip by effortlessly. and as i reached home, that smile on my face was still there. There's this thing with kids, they seem to automatically put a smile on my face, how ever naughty, loud or hu-ha they are. Or maybe its because its my first few classes of teaching. I have enjoyed teaching so far. and i plan to for a long time.

No, i have not given up my dreams of becoming a doctor, far further from than that actually.
instead, i have a new plan,
which is to practise medicine while teaching the field to students. :)
how exciting!

ok,surely teaching 20 yr olds will be so different from these young agile kids...but hey, i would use this teaching benefit to my advantage, and hopefully, i would want to make a twist in my teaching methodology one day. :)

Teacher & Doctor Suria Afifah. <3


Besties day out~~~

Festiven, short for festival of engineering, is an annual event.

And this year,
they held this huge downtown fest. Supposedly for the Rafest, short for raudah festival. Its this really long stretch of tents infront of khadijah college and halfway across the umar al khattab college too.

I tell you, that is one long stretch.

So many shops, so much drama.

i think yana should talk abt the drama at eye of me blogspot of hers...

daily, my friends and i would usha, aka check out, the heaps and heaps of clothes, hand socks, and shoes. Choosing, checking it's prices out, and tryin it on and off. Although it was kinda uncomfortable trying on the clothes in the stalls in front of ukc, but the clothes there -and the shoes- were just too irresistable.

Thankfully, I kept my calm and cool. Well, I dont exactly know how and why I did. But i guess I did. After the 3 consecutive days of walking up and down, bargaining and well, more checking things out and commenting.
We finally withdrew our money, and what else?!

Shoppin was not the best part I would say.

that thursday.the eve of a friday was the day, i and my college besties went out -well not literally out as we didnt even step out the boundaries of uia- shoppin at the festiven downtown tents~~~

I guess that the best things are, and had always been closest to the heart. and ar always at an arms reach.

Friday, January 15, 2010

raising hypocrites

I am no preacher for dakwah, neither do i like to be preached. Although i know it is the responsibility of each muslim to carry out the intents of dakwah to all mankind be they be muslims or not.

The question lies at, how?

and for me, to what circumstance? and to whom?

Honestly, i am at no position to debate or write a piece about this noble act. I thoroughly respect all my friends, family and colleagues who carry this responsibility dutifully to those around us. At times, maybe, i do not potray the best mask as a muslim, even though i have done my last duty as a muslim as i carried out the last pillar of our pillars of islam by journeyin to the holy land of mekkah back in yr 2005/2006 to carry out the pilgrimage.

the thing is, i believe that the key of this act is to not over do it, and most important of all, to not step over lines by being gentle and sincerely caring.

NOT by being a big fat prefect who wants to order people around like they're the biggest bulliest around town.

I am writin this piece after my more or less 2 years stay in uia pj. Honestly, i love uia. to the last bit, although it has a variety of strict rules that some, or maybe a majority, actually feel rather unfair and at times absurd. I, personally just abide by them and well, have succumbed to understanding them. There's no use fighting the system where we'd just get ourselves into trouble, especially when we are here to study. plus, main campus is nothing like uia pj. not many know that i presume.

When some people act as if they are always above the rule, i personally just dont mind, for i think that it is strictly up to them, and them only. But when they cross the line and act like bigshots tryin to boss others around like they're little minions who are not exactly making any clear mistakes, -what more huge mistakes-, i think, id take that personally, and i clearly do not like them for that.

Personally, I hate making a big scene, -though honestly, my life is one big fat drama nevertheless.- but come on. Picking on me?

There must be some dent in your head.

Because clearly, i have definitely started a bit of a change cum this new year. Of course, i dont expect anyone to notice it. And i will not even mention what part of me i have tried to redefine and try to enhance, but surely, i have tried.

Am i asking fr credit?
not exactly.

but what do i expect is for people to consider all parts of me before picking on me.
Maybe it wasnt my luck that i got picked. For i bet there were numerous of times i 'escaped' frm being caught.

but today, after me having a bit of a bad day before i reached uia pj, it just turned me off.


my last honest thing to say is, -before i leave this blogsphere to go to stad n do my work- be courteous in all your actions.

Allah is always watching over us.
And being good and faithful to Allah alone is never enough.
IT is also our duty to treat Allah's creations with a sense of respect .

isnt that what a khalifah is supposed to be??
Not by hurting their feelings.

unfortunately, i cant quote the verse from the quran that asks us to maintain healthy relationships with our peers,
but i am sure i will find it soon.

For surely, i am of the broken hearted when you preach me that way.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its like how the rain trickles on my window.
Slowly it makes its way down to the seal.

Where i sit silently looking out into the meadow field,
of greens and yellow.
All hazed by the soft gaze of the droplets of water.

It is peaceful.
Not like before.
I sit here waiting.
for nothing like before.

Because I am here.
and no where like here.

~Suria Afifah~

coupling in uia~~~~~

As we may all noe,
well fr the uia-ans la...
there is the vast anti-coupling rule all ard iiu campuses~~~

but i tell u,
hands down,
this couple,
they just grab the couple of the century award la!!!
can couple in the lab somemore!!!

guess hus the male...
n hus the femalE~~~~~


One tht pivotted the rest

Some traumas leave scars.
While others give way to the regeneration of the new upcoming.

But when hope is lost, All seems gone.


nature calls to our reminder.

For even the rain falls on an ever sunshiny day,
For even the young tragically die,

For even the beautiful fade to washes of grey,
For even the great, fall to the Almighty.

All in all...

to give way to qada and qadar set by the Almighty Allah.

Allahu Akhbar.

Monday, January 11, 2010

HI! Im teacher Suria :)

My nickname is Sunshine. I was born on the 18th of October 1990. my favourite food is lamb chops. My hobby is reading books.
so much for my hobby being reading books...!!!puhlease...i just didnt want to spoil the kids' minds by saying my hobby is hanging out with my besties and shopping~~~imagine how twisted they'd be...hahaha

That was what was written on my heart shaped piece of paper.
On the second saturday of the 2nd decade of 2010, I became teacher suria in a place called living classrooms with kids of age 9 (to be).

In my whole 9teen years of life, I have never admitted it,
but for the first time in my life,

I, am finally going to admit it.

I think kids are cute.

and guess what?

I like kids.


Some of my friends are gona go all like,
"oh,i love kids..." and so on so forth


My first class consisted of 8 little kids, one being absent.
a class of 4 boys and 5 girls. The girls are mainly on the quiet side, while the boys, being the normal loud and chatty ones.

The first class was basically icebreaking. And them learning how to make a book report.

me: ok kids, break time's over, its now time for reading time! :) Let's take out the reading box,

kids: Ohhhh... *grunts*
me:come on...whats wrong?

kids: we've read those books before!
me: ok then,that's good, because there's a new twist this time around.
me:who knows what a book report is?
kids: ohh!!! *Lina slaps her forehead* yeahhhh...

me: *bubbly* GREAT! :) its what most grown ups do! Isnt it fun doing what adults are doing?
Luke: Noooo....
kids: *shakes head* nooo....

me: why?
luke: Because kene kerja
me: and how do you say tht in english?'
luke: because adults have to work!!
me:well, being a student is still work you know!


all in all...

it was an experience i wud never forget.... :)

one that wud put a smile on my face. My first class as teacher suria....

Monday, January 4, 2010

so much for reunions...

Twas the season of cancelled reunions.

Honestly speaking, I am somewhat a social shopperholic who cant exctly resist an outing. Well normally anyways.

It was the year of twozeroonezero.The second day of the new year.
Its been about 2 years since ive last met my class as a whole. And 4/5science1 of 06/07 had decided to host a reunion in chillis. A place i personally love. Despite the one chosen by my class monitor was in midv, a place i absolutely loathe, i was excited for the reunion.
I was dressed to the nine , the assuntarian way, to meet my friends, although my good friend/partner eshie wasnt even gona b there. I was excited enough, that I texted mimi to tell her how excited i was. imagine how excited i was for jz one reunion.

It was ard 12pm when i reached midv.thankfully my fav place was not upto the brim. and midv was not congested as it normally is. I parked wth ease, as my old classmate hudah called me up telling me that she was gona be running late as she didnt have transport. She cud have told me earlier, as her house was on the way to midv for me in pjs1...

I promised her tht ill book her a seat. So as i descended down frm my carpark, i went to look for an atm, as i was dry. LOLS.
I was with my mom, as she wanted to tag along to midv and do her research at one of those quaint little high end coffee shops while i go giggle out in chillis. i had no clue where chillis was in midv. Being that i rarely go to midv, and would often try to NOT go to tht crazy n overcrowded place, as i HATE overcrowded places. Yeah,i, suria, hate overcrowded places. hahahaha...

As i texted balqis asking her where she was, she didnt reply. I asked my ex-partner (aka vp of the gg club) sam, she also didnt reply. I asked tyra too, and she also didnt noe where it was. I was there, in front of carrefour, starving, not gettin much network on my maxis, till i got a text frm sam, "jean told me yday night tht the reunion was cancelled"

i was so p*ssed off.
Hungry, and broken hearted.
I was kinda sad.
I mean, i came out all this far (ok not tht far, midv n my hse was lik 15mins)
and they say its canclled.
it seems they had posted it on fb.
that wat they said later on.
I was on fb the day b4, at 8pm last tht is.and ntn tht i saw unusual.there wasnt anything on my inbox or wall.

I was so lucky my mom was with me. i nearly went to midv alone. What wud i have done if i was alone tell me?!!!starving!???!
Well, tyra was in mid also...and if my mom wasnt ard, id go tag along w them..hehehe...popo xmarah kan? :P

anyhu,I was so disoriented feeling hungry, i stormed off kinda cursing with my mom looking for an outlet to makan,
we stumbled upon popeyes.
it wasnt all tht nice. as i had a mind set of eating chillis for lunch.
after wwards, my mm coaxed me by ajak-in me to watch a movie. I was kinda pleased. as i wanted to catch alvin and the chipmunks. :P

BUt u shud have seen the line in midv's theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was monstrous! it was snaking till past the popcorn stand!!!
we followed the line half way till we got dizz and changed our minds. !!

We went to mph later.Researching for books, but my mom's genre wasnt available in tht absolutely huge bookstore. She was delirious. or maybe not.

as we stepped out of mph, my mom n i were both disoriented, partially as we saw a huge amount of crowd swooping on both aisles of the shoppin complex. I kinda felt dizzy as i hung on my mom. I wa so dizzy that i didnt notice my exclassmate standing behind me right then. Well, i hate midv. I have NO clue how my fellow college mates, amongst those, whom i had met then, could even think of going to an absurd shoppin complex?

DONT u guysz get dizzy or something???

i even kinda went in circles in search to the entrance to the lift that wud bring me to my carpark!
i hope tht guy didnt see me! haha...

and tht was the story of the crazy cancelled clasz reunion tht made my blood boil...

but wht the heck..
i went to klcc later to catch alvin n the chipmunks!
n im goin bck to the cinmeas nxt week to catch sherlock holmes!
yeay me!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

year twozeroonezero

Since i thought pictures have a better impact than words,
i decided to paste up my resolution suria style!!!

n since i tot resolutions NEVER work...
i decided to write the exact opposite of what i meant.
so that f i were to let say not get it right...
i still get it right!
ok m not making sense...but watev~~~