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Friday, February 5, 2010

pepatah melayu memang begitu.

Bertepuk sebelah tangan tak berbunyi.

or so thats how the malays say.
of course, they use that when it comes to love and things associated to people's feelings.
here i want to use it in the context that, in friendship for instance, where friends dont pop out from the blues. it takes two or more to actually spark a relationship.

it takes more than one party to make the effort to any kind relationship a go.

example of tepukan sebelah tangan:
friend 1: hey, i want to be your friend
friend 2: oh yeah? ok.
friend 1: im friend 1
friend 2: oh, im friend 2.
friend 1: im from mars
friend 2: *pause n thinks* oh, erm, im from pluto.
friend 1: *thinks to self= how come im doin all the talkin? :(*
friend 2: *ntn*
*cricket sound*

And the melt down of any relationship doesnt just happen. there are causes too.

*after the crickets were finally chased away~~~*
friend 2: eh, arent we friends?
friend 1: we were?
friend 2: *just looks*
friend 1: *walks away n thinks,"wat a question? it takes two to work"*

manakan daun berkencang jika tiada angin

or so something like that.
whereby things dont just happen like that if there werent a major cause. and referin back to the first line of malay quote, i would like to reinstate how important it is that, in any kind of relationship, it takes MORE than one party to actually make the cut for an actual relationship.


thats something many people think is very important in a relationship.
its like friction u noe,
as much as friction makes ur shoes go all worn out, and makes ur eraser shorter by every rub. we still love friction at its optimal in order to get to places, and erase those flaws.

friend a: ooooooo
friend b: lalalalala
friend a: omg-
friend b: we're like a harmony
*cricket sounds*

*crickets run into each other = sparkspark!*

friend a: i like u
friend b: me too!
friend a: ohmygod :)
friend b: we have chemistry.
friend a: like totally
*chummily friend 1 n friend b walk away in the w quietness, hand in hand*


to my dearest eka, tyra and mimi,

friendship like ours is like hammering a jello to a tree

and thats exact reason y i love u guys to bits!


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