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Saturday, March 20, 2010

if my students were....

ouch? twilighters

a sudden trip

on saturday.
as in today.
i went to uia pj.
since after my moms tuition in th mosque,we decided to continnue my mom's thesis...
n whe better with great cheap food?
cfs la...

we hung out at kc;s spacious surau with no one but us...
and my wifi la..

while my 5 mins break, i decided to go up n use one of the kc toilets...
n i chose level 3...
the level tht i have bcome so used to.
the wing my old friend bilah's room was once n my klantanese friends too..
as i reached the wing frm the lift...
i cud clearly c bilah's room door.
i wondered if tere were any occupants..
then wen i passed it,
there werent any.
no shoes.
as i walked abit more further up,
i saw my klantanese's friends' room.
their poster was stil outseid pasted on their board.

but as i looked down on to the floor.
the shoes n slippers were all different,
n then i knew.
they were no more there.

so being a little nostalgic.
i went tru my old cfs pics.
n c wat i caught a glimpse of?

thru the internet

Thursday, March 11, 2010

as i typed my work out at my desktop

a guy came into the room.
he was all smiles as he grabbed hisbaseball cap and bagpack frm the chair behind me.
clad all in blue,
he did not even turn to look at me.
not even a greet.

later i foundabout a's and a minus's of the grading system of spm.
it was nearly 4.
not yt 5.
for the hour til my final cgpa somes out ticks on the click among the many tht showed the many timezones ard the world.
a teardropped.
as i felt something move within me.

and finally when the hour arrived.
after i packed my desktop about to leave.
i was given the computer to check my results.
but the site was slow.

i went ard to the mamaks to get my free wifi.
and surfed on it to check the bookmared page on my lappie.

and ther it was.
my results.

work ur heart out.

as on last monday.
the 1st of march 2010.
i was a fulltime teacher.
i noe.
i was already tachin a couple of months at lc.
but now i took one step forward.
or maybe ke belakang.~~lolsz...
as i became a kindi teacher.

here's a few glimpses of my life.
(ok one glimpse)

shes a ballerina...
n loves to split.
named syafiqa but called iqa :P
reminding me ever more off my bestie eka :)

click to enlarge

the picture above is not a girl from my kinidi unlike the one above this.
the above is my bnestie hu is also working her butt off...
doesnt sound right..

her nasi tomato sedap! takpedas la!
unless it was bcos i dindt take the kuah...


ps-mimi!!! ur sister has to join LC! for the cooks world!