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Thursday, April 29, 2010

★a toast to all★

there were definitely the sadder cloudy days...

Those days i just tossed myself into my besties arms.and poured all my feelings.tears.mucus.and sobs.

and those sad passings when i felt so sisih-fied back in first year. but all those are just water under the bridge.
cos wht is summer without the rain?

so lastly,
a couple things ive learnt from dorm life.
people that stay in hostel areas, are majorly, rather friendly.
they invite u to their place at every possible time.

the spirit of sharing always lives in them. sharing tudung. sharing sabon. sharing biscuits. sharing food. sharing everything la. (yes, tht includes sharing crushes...not boyf's la tho :P)
and thirdly.
business number 2.
u noe what i mean.
is something to be..
always discussed.
always announced
always shared
and always be experienced together.
so i thank those who always accomodated the stay-off-campus chic aka susu :P
especially my friends ruumates of kc room 323(sem1yr1),aka my exruumies...
kc room 314(yr2),nabilah, anis ju, su and ain
kc room 404(yr2),mimi my besties,anis my exruumie,shiba!
kc room 316(yr2),ann, rda, and ara my east coasters...
zc room 2**(yr1-2),tyra my bestie n farahin :P

so heres cheers to u.
yes u.
those who went thru all this with me.
the thicks.the thins.the bigs.the smalls.the smiles.the laughs.the smirks.the jelings.the texts.the presentations.the actings of mine.

and to my besties.
a handful bunch who were surely a soulful bunch.
there is no one like u.
u guys are incomparable.
u guys were the hydrogen tht reacted in my sunshine.

salams ukhwah fillah.

♥tempatku tempatmu♥

u cafe
and all the birthday 'parties' we had there....

how cud we forget the bday surprise for bilah...
and the surprise bfast bday cake fr mimi...
onli tyra n i didnt have any bday celebrations there! :(

e cafe
the fear that it was a 'guy' thing n place..but FINALLY we overcomed it in our last semester...haha..
the food wasnt all tht bad neither was it marginally cheap.
though we enjoyed the place while we could as a change of air from the other places...

finally,how wud i ever forget my favourite-est place on campus.
the library la lik duh...

(i mean, as all my friends go back home for their holidays...i had actually went to the library to borrow a whole pile of 6 chic lits....)
so,to My favourite cooloest place on campus that would suffocate me halfway thru my studies for bein soo cold..
i will miss u....

i had so much good times...and stressful times...n just tv times...(i swear, i watch more tv in the library than i do at home!)

and sth i wud remember frm amf
the wrong spellings(n grammar mistakes) ard campus (sum at which i actually tegured)
flashes bck to amf. a time they had sum jualan.
"one drup"
nabilah:look at tht
me:pls la..dont tell me they dont know tht's wrong?!! its freakin written on the box as 'one drop'

as weeks(ok maybe days) pass by..
the spelling never chgd..

abg kedai no1:ye adik?
me:erm....bang.. *i point at the sign*
abg kedai no1:ye? *lookin at it then back to me*
abd kedai no2: *comes and sees wats going on*
nabilah: *scoots away*
me:erm..tu one DROP perfume kan?
abg kedai no1:aah...*looks at abg kedai no2*
me:xnk tukar ke?? spelling dye kan salah?
abg kedai no1:ah? *just looks at me like i just said sth stupid* aah...
abd kedai no2:*just smiles mockingly at me lik im the crazy one*
me:well, sje je la...but its salah spelling...xnk tukar ker?
abg kedai no1:*just lifts the signage tht waz written on a small piece of cardbod and looks at me balek*
me: xpela...assalamualaikum... *scoots away to a hiding nabilah*
bilah:suria! wat did u du?
me:wel...jz correcting je...it looked so unprofessional...

the cafe
is spelt wrongly!!!

was i a blonde?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Love is handling someone a gun and letting it point to your head believing that he won't pull the trigger. - Spongebob

Transcripted from CFS~~~

The university dresscode should be practised by all fellow university students and staff
to my fellow peers in cfs,
i think one of the most things that had made an impact towards all the cfs students must have been THE DRESSCODE.
and for heavens sake.they even had tht as our ept (eng placement test) wen we entered uia...
well, wtv it is, thru those pak guards hu had moustaches(will not mention names..but surely we all disliked him), to those ever friendly ones like pakcik pian hu used to tease me saying i went out for lunch dates with my boyfriend wen i went out btwn classes :P
finally,we now are 'released' from no selendangs n no baju 'berlapis' anymore....but to my dear friends (n myself) the most important thing is actually tht we shud always cover our aurah....tht is all. bcos tru it all, Allah is the one ht will judge and reward (or punish) us at the end of it....

as in short.
there were loadsz of firsts for me.
and for me to blog out,it would be endless.how saddend.as i m sure. after all and all, i m rather sure. i might forget abt all these passings. :(

no matter wat,here's a glimpse of my whole 2 yrs:
the kecekz i learnt fr the first time in my whole life.
  • kawe dk pehe
  • mu gapo diyo?
  • mu kelek mane?
  • cuwak (i dint noe this dulu)
  • capub
  • usha

My first sleepover away from home in kc with my ruumies ok kc 323

the lab sessions when my bi pengsan-ed...twice not to mention ;P

The pasar malam evenings

The jayaone outings (alone n w friends)

The morning walks (alone n once w mimi)

The wrong dresscodes (at which i kene tegur like a gazillion tmes)

And contrary, the days we got stuff for wearing the right color

The broken heel events...twice not to mention...both in semester one in each year.

the roti canai abgs tht chgd ever so always

the fliers n banners up n abt campus

anak ustaz tht is proclaimed to be yana's boyf number-idkla...

The names we(ty,mi,bi n me) gave to people...

  • brown monkey,
  • green monkey,
  • fafa
  • hahha
  • and lala
  • y, bukan nama sebenar
  • sharon
  • popo..
  • zaza

owh how id miss my 'hots' for sufan... d;


finally,the juniors tht we wished were actually seniors..because of their kecomelan...haha..
frm the chinese guy to whts-his-name-afif to those-we-just-dont-name-but-like-to-talk-abt-seeing-ard-campus
they made us show
Our giddiness. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

testing 1,2,3..

omg. im at a lost of words. i mean, literally. taking a day off from my admin work in LC, i headed straight to my mum's office to fetch her to accompany me to MSU to get my offer letter for the entry exm n interview. after gettin all needed materials, i jumped into the car sending my mom back to work. as soon as i jumped in, locked all the doors, i screamed! with glee n excitement!!
actually, dream is not the exact word. for i leave my dreams all in my bed, and let it stay there n go no where. but MEDICINE.... it has been more of a goal i had set my mind to. so many obstacles had been put up.. and surely manymany more... :P especially with this Medical Entry Test (MET) at first, I thought of it rather absurd.. i mean, i have my results...wat else cud u possibly want frm me besides the normal interview which im looking forward to veryvery much!!! :)

but after asking around and finding out that many other institutions also have the same procedure...i guess,i have succumbed to it :P
and i dont really mind! :)

i went to the bookshop just now and used my masjid paycheck to get my additional revision books and my note books for me to make my notes :P

i was thrilled!
i m thrilled actually!


im overjoyyed...

but hey,
i shudnt be too elated la...
since i havent actly gotten the letter of ACCEPTANCE YET....its only partial acceptance...
and i havent even sat for anything yet...
i wonder if there is an essay writing like back in cybermed n my mara interview :P

oh ya,btw...
did i mention? my bestie marjani will be ther with me too!!!
OMG i noe!!

its double happiness...coming to think tht i wont b all tht freshie in the new MSU campus!! But id actly be continuin it with my bestie!!!


and not far frm my campus, eka is also ard fr my first 2 months in sect17!!! :P
EKA! u will b c-in me insyaallah!!!

but on a sadder note...
i wud have to resign frm my work.

yeah. i havent actly blogged a single thing abt work have i???
i currently have 4 jobs.

monday - friday
830am-2pm in a kindergarten as a teacher :)
2pm-5pm as an admin assistant in my LC....

friday nights
in a masjid in pj
teaching upsr english :P

9am-1pm english teacher also.... :)

i definitely m not gona give up my saturday classes in LC!!!! :(
i love my kids to bits!!!

and even those kids in the kindergarden...
i dono how im goin to part with them!
i love them to their tiniest little atoms and protoons!!

i love them so much!!!
but i guess, i have a goal to chase,and a whole life path laid out for me to run out....
but those kids are still the apple of my eyes!!!
and i will always remember them!! n all their cheeky ways!!!

especially zafry!!! he's so comel!!! guess wht he said to me today before balek??

"cikgu suria lawa la"

man...i asked him to repeat tht like 5 times later before his mum came to pick him up in front f all the other teachers!! :P
here he is...the one on the right!!!
in his favourite ben10 cap :P

Monday, April 5, 2010

ask mummy ask daddy

When I ask Daddy,
Daddy says ask Mummy

When I ask Mummy,
Mummy says ask Daddy,
I dont know where to go

Better ask my Teddy,
He never says no.