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Thursday, May 20, 2010

MSU here I come!!!!


i got thru.

as of yday,
at 603pm on the 189th of may.

i had gotten the call...


the best news ive ever received in my whole life!


kak norihan: bos saya baru kelua meeting, dan saya ada berita gembira untuk suria
me: huh???? *thumpingly heart*
kak norihan: congrats, suria telah diterima masuk untuk programme mbbs di mSU!!!!


i literally jumped up n down in my aunty's hse...
demam-demam pun i jump la...


off all the 4 callengs for medic in my life,
this puts a big hude smile on my face :))

thank you allah.

glimpsing suria

as of the 16th of may,
it was the national teacher's day :P
and little did i notice tht i myself was a teacher....
i had pleasently been reminded anyways...

by an array of presies and cards from my little bunch of students ~~~


to all teachers out there,

a great and harmonious


for all tht u have spent and done for us...ur blood tears, care, love and tension~~~
i love all of u... :)

from my very first teacher back in kindi mdm syarifah i think~~~to puan ton akma my standard one class teacher..to encik jamil in std 3 in sk gombak 2...to mrs bradshaw in blue coat junior school, walsall, uk...to my favourtite physics teachers, puan salina in assunta and mdm halizawati in uia....to puan rose, my biology teacher,my first chemistry teacher, puan tan ling ling...(as much as i realy realyrealy not like chem,i realy realy realy lik my chem teacher :) ) to puan manor, my form 3 math teacher, (hu is also my junior's mom), to encik mustaffa, my bm teacher (thank u cikgu! suria afifah boleh! hehehe), puan rosnah, my form 2 bm teacher...lolsz...if i were to write down all my teachers names..itd b too numerous to count...ohya, to puan aisyah, my form 3 arts teacher (hu realised my uninspiration for arts...my very high repellation ~~is there sucha word??~~~ to arts...yet, i have great converstaions with her ~~)
to aspiring teachers as well, lik my cuzzie, shazana daud :)
to current temporary teachers...lik mrs pops...aka en pojan :)

and to greatest teachers of my life,
my mummy and daddy :)

to my kindi teachers :

my presies in kindi....

me n my kiddies in living classrooms on teachers' day~~~