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Monday, February 28, 2011

ripped off

i tell u,
i think no one in the world has a ecord of broken shoes compared to me.
no pictures sorry.
too ripped off to show them

but seriously,
idk how many times iv worn the surau slippers to class or around campus..be it in uia,,.or in msu...gee

its a week exctly till my 3rd ia.
n iv decided,
im goin to log off fb fr now,
i wana c hw long i can last.
but iv not cut off my blogspot of course...
for its the only place i can let out my feelings~~~

so before i finally log off my fb,
i had to evidently cek out all 'important' ppl's fb pages..

n i need a good last status...

i think i found one..
anis's status.. :P

which says...

“Jika engkau ingin bersahabat dengan seseorang, buatlah dia marah. Maka, jika dia tetap berlaku adil kepadamu dalam kemarahannya, jadikanlah ia sahabatmu. Tetapi jika tidak demikian tinggalkanlah dia”
-Saidina Ali-

pressure is on

Sunday, February 27, 2011

let the war begin

drastic aint it?


i think i lost sum of my friends already

its a drastic battle.
thank god onlu 4teenof us!

just wanted to state tht...
n yeah,
sumtin iv started believin in!

statuses on fb are only words, but the reader can easily be affected by it. So don't bother to decipher what your friends are coding when you're mad. Avoid reading friends' statuses when you are emotionally down because the way you feel might shape the way you perceive what you read.

7 n less~~~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

my white horse.

segala Puji-Pujian kepada Allat swt,
yang Maha Kaya, lagi Maha Pemurah.

Thank you ALLAH,
the 26th feb 2011,
i was gifted a white horse.
my dream wish,
one tht i have dreamed of ever since the family car has been passed to me for daily use.as my parents are too old to drive nemore...
but i hadnt dreamed of it,
it seemed so impossible,
but Allah knew better,
thank you Allah,
I am so grateful for it,.
it may not hav a USB port...
or a spoiler...
but hey,
to get a white horse,is good enuf.
i noe whe my scholarship money is goin nxt month alright.
not tht i normally dont pun.


my white horse lapar..
its first feeding...

byebye my green wira...

frm wjy to wuy....

vrroooooooom vrrrooooommm!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

its a week end

friday i noe
tht wraps up year one medical for me
4 more years.
there goes the last OFFICIAL classes with my fav lecturers

lik it a SAD thing onli...
its actly a stressing thing
because as my fav bchem lecturer says,
ur gona hav an exm,for 3 hours onli, and they're gona ask u to write wat u noe frm the whole one entire year u hav studied. n tht'll determine if ur the winner.
very nice dr.
very nice!

oh ill miss u dr's!!! will not mention their names...
for i do no wan them to track ths blog down
lik they cant find this? haha
there goes my favourite moments in class conteng-ing pieces of paper
got meh
i think wat i mean is,
writing the date,etc,
then filling it up with nothing...
or contengang with mimi

there goes the passing of notes between me n mimi
the small writing in pencil at the corners of our class notes.

there goes the 3 hours block of classes in the morning follwed by 2 hours lab..
oh the fixed schedule! :P

there goes the hectic timetable arrangement
for this one, i soooooo dgn relanya lepaskan.
xde dh jd ketua tahun depan
tired sangat arrange clzs lepastu dapat pandangan yg pelek2 dr org...
xnk dah...
u try la
xpe la. ill pass

walawei...i talk ah, lik im not gona sit with mimi anymore.. lik i wont be doin all these things in my 2nd year...hahah...n lik im leaving my lecturers...well they wont teach me la...but i ll still get to c them! hehehe....

but there is one thing im sad about today
takde gambar pun.

u noe me,
crazy w pics n stuff.

maybe got
but only one,

well,only one is pass board certification.
the other 2,
ehem2 cikit...hahaha

its a week end this weekend is tht,
im still recovering frm 'shock'
nape la dekat2 nk exm ni kene emo ah?
sedeh la.


~its a week end this weekend~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sepuluh bahagi dua

before i take my nap
lets play with the answer of the title above.
ull find out y....or maybe not...

the time i finished class tday

the second number on my car number plate...oh man,ill miss my car...
~~takkesahla busuk or wat...but i think to camwhore the car before i give it up this saturday...ts my P car...~~

the number of groups tht presented today in my class

the estimated number of times i was actly laughin tday
~~~yes i counted~~~thts how depressing today was~~~

half the number of days till my last internal assessment..more or less

the list of ppl i tag as besties on my fb account

times a hundred, the number of friends i hav on facebook

the number of notifications i had received wen i went online

the approximate number of times the undertaker made his undertaker eyes towards me....hahah

the number of unpaired venous drainage there are in the human skull...
~~~if im not mistaken~~~

the number of carbons in a pentose ring group,where pentosuria is concerned,
for the conversion of sth to sth using a gunolactenate acid or sth...neve heard of it. n prof wants us to read on tht.

the number of minutes i have left online,till i shut my eye,

the number of minutes tht i think meant a lot.


perbicaraan besties

i felt blue.

i : bestie, bestie...i sayang u tau....i xnk jealous2...huhuh
bestie : eyh...manje nyer budak nie...

i : ok! i merajuk! u takpernah nampak i merajuk ag.... u watchout!
bestie : *smirks n thinks to self: aish....best friend aku nie...comelnyer*

to my bestie eka,
jgnla jealous...kte kan 'in a relationship' kt facebook??? takde org ade privilage tu oh! hahaha.. :P

to my bestie mimi,
saya tgh jealous ni.

to my bestie tyra,
wah...u standing record la...takpernah jealous2...hehehe...very understanding oh! :*

**penggunaan bahasa adalah untuk memberi impak maksima dalam penyampaian blog ini**

impak maksima tu!


...habes physiopresentation...


its abt 3am in the morning
the best time to get my undone job done
and i left fb at 9pm yday
banyak oh i got left out on
onli abt an hour ago
semuaorg bru tertido la maksudnyer
mmg i cepat dileft out.


tgh mode jealous.
(finally meh?)


don wana talk lik a 5 year old in a language i deem to sound lik a foreigner.

physio waiting.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

about ten

as i mentioned in the previous post,
i have lost the number of days till my 3rd exams
all i noe is tht i have a very short n limited time left.

today,was a good n fruitful day
i think.
boleh la.
we were suppsed to hv 4 hours of bck2bck claszs but thnkfully we dint.
we only had our usual 3.

we ate at bawang kechik after ages.
whe mimi n ina dint even enjoy the food tht much due to their kesakitan perut..very infectious la they both. thnk god i xsakit. huhuh... nauzubillah,i mean,if i was sick,id still hav to go to my moms college o sth. =.= not lyk i get to stay at home ever. ohyeah,now i hav kittens,which i hardly see.i supposedly have named them
o sth lyk tht,
but as i said,i do not hv time fr them.
after abt nearly a week gettin a SURPRISE MAIL from a certain bestie in gombak,only had i managed to call her just now...i spent a whoopin rm8 on the call! ahaha...lolsz...but ntn is compared to the fact of her surprise. i love surprises. good ones of course.

the girls n i nearly went to watch stepup3 tday. as they had this showcase in our uni fr only rm5 n we wud get entrance food n snacks! not bad right? hahah...
but we dint go.
sooo many things to do..especially the procrastinator me.
cant regret. i mean no use regrettin neways.
ohyeah,they had this big festival in msu tday.i tell u,theres an activity nearly evryday in my uni. i love my uni. im just sad tht i cant participate. my exms are around the corner( i feel tht they ALWAyssssssssss hav stuff ard my exm time! grrrrr)...so wtv, ther was this stall selling pre loved items...n gues wht i bought? i bought a pair of preloved nose turqoise blue wedges. n guess hw much they cost? rm 10! hahaha..i dint even wana try,it was freaking my size.
mimi was lyk,"ina,tau tak tadi,fi, dye tak nk try pun kasut tu,dye just beli je!," hahahah...n finally she has realised my affinity to those kinds of colors.
good good...
i hugged mimi alot of times today...hahaha...

kteorg mmg takle blah.

but idontcare.
our last week of year one!
n alhamdulillah
we hav pulled it thru!

i took some pics with mimi today.
but semua dye tak senyum
sedeh tau.
satu je dye senyum

tu pun as u can c,
senyum kat manual spirometer
asl senyum xpe
td dye karate ngn i dlm dlam physio plaktu
mimi kate
i xle jd actres!
i xpandai nk respond to her karate-ing..hahahaha
manade! i xkarate bcos i dont du stunt jobs mi...i only do dainty acting...u noe,the ones tht ask me to catwalk n talk lik im on top of the world.
just kidding
but yea,
mimi also said,
*after viewin a 30 minute length video of us both prepping our mc scripts fr the dinner*
tht she felt tht she n me looked lik a scene in hannah montana.
not bad ah?
very dramatic huh?
yeah thts us


i wana say thank u to me lecturers
for waking me up

im awake now.
i think i got to go.

anther thing,
thought of the day,

thnk u.

.asgnment/presentation heap.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

how many ah?

i lost count.
i told u,im bad with numbers...especially counting...thts why la i took medicine...no maths la...hahahah.... nonsentical i noe...
jokin neways...

i think its exctly 2 weeks till my exms...
the exm mood has started...my classmates have started skippin clas-nitrous oxides-..coming to clss lookin lik zombies-shaki-...loosing their moods-mar at times-...flying away in class-me-...craving fr foood n eating nonstop-ina-...hahaha...there mite b 4teen of us...ohmigod...4teen days...4teen people...bagusbagus..hahahah...

my bestie sakit.
sedeh tau
sian dye

so sad
tht she balek awal
onli me n ina went fr this talk we had today
i tell u ah
today was sucha bz day...
always lik tht
dekat nak exam onli busy la keje.
with the timetables n evrything...

we had this talk today:


it was rowdy
actly,the ppl hu attended it was rowdy..

but i learnt a few things...

the hormones involved in LOVE..it varies according to the stages of love....
1st stage: attraction...
2nd stage: romantic love -mcm la got love thts not romantis T.T
3rd stage: long term relationship

so now let me explain n put int in my perspective...
1st stage
men easily get attracted bcos as the speaker said "their body cells are drowned with testosterone"....so women DONT play hard to get...they are just GENUINEly NOT attracted easily...hahaha
2nd stage...
it is a mutual feeling...all couples go thru this...bcos both males n females hv this equally...
3rd stage....
this is y WOMEN looooooooooove n last in looooooooooong relationships...
because,we generally hv MORE oqytocin thn men...n men,in general,i think hav less ADH compared to women... =.=
i seriously onder how couples go thru for longggggggg periods of time...

the speaker, our second year lecturer kept asking as about love,the thing is,honestly,we (ina n i) hv no clue about love...geeeee.... besides,if we already experience love now...wats there left after marriage right? hmmmm...he (the speaker) kept shoing us sooo many pictures...of beautiful women...u noe y? because he says,

men fall in love with their eyes...
women fall in love with their ears n thoughts...

he has a point...
so i gave my exmple to ina:

"yeah la ina...its lyk this,i dont reallly lyk _____*dash*_______ but then, wen im interested in him, i tell u guys, n u guys keep giving me positive feedback...then wen im alone (tht guy said omen tend to fall in love wen their alone) i start thinking....then finally i deduce tht ________*dash*___________ n i were made in heaven"

gee..i sound lyk a 5 year old in kindergarden deducing whe marshmallows come from...hahahah...but its true...i noe mimi agrees...hahaha :P and the looong dashes are to accomodate my fickle mindedness to hum i supposedly hv crushes fr....n no. i will not stop talking abt crushes. i will continue until i dah muak. because if marjani n ina can want to eat chicken rice till they muak and can talk about topics tht lullaby me to sleep...i cant blab abt this until my 'prince' charming comes over n smacks me on the head after i beat him at drifin to baskin robbins in my sleek new car~~~ ehem2...ok..lari topik. nampak sgt i fail to write essays (LAME! i got an A1 fr all my languages ok! even fr GCSE) hahaha... :P

i forgot anther hormone!


u noe tht rushing hormone!
its the fight or flight one!

the speaker said,
if we want to hv tht hormonal adrenaline rush,
we have to
go for candle light dinners!

not into it
the topic bores me

fr instance,
as we walked to tht big white blue shop infrnt of my uni,
mar n ina started on

my reaction




not my thing la
terus i lost my mood
sry girls
but u noe bette of me.
im just bored at this stage of life atm...

another thing!
forgot to say,
tht guy kate kan,

science hv found,
we actly fall for our partner's smell!!!!

percaya tak???


so lets sniff away.
bcos i noe my mr baskin robbin's scent.
i din js say tht...but its true..his cologne is soooooooooooooooo common. i keep smelling it around campus..n i start hving this butterflies n go nuts...
talking abt nuts.
i did a majorly nutty thing today,
actly many
-ok,i seem to hav a lot to blog today-
i dances my booty off in the toilet,actly at the foot of the toilet,whe my seniors passed me. malunyer. =.= lik damn, malu. hahah..but they're my age..n i noe they're supporting...hahah imagine,me, in a dress,shaking my booty. thnk god,they saw me upfront n nt frm up back. tht wud have double sucked. hahah.
imagine,mimi said,weneve im ard my crush,im bimboishly dumber n du bimboishly stupid actions. i cant wait to find out wht.im thrillingly scared out of my wits. :O


i was told today by the girl wearing brown in the pict below tht i look lik a certain sumone in black tudung frm the picture below this picture below...

so any resemblances tak?

i heart korang la
n korang dua cant replace each other.
its lyk my left n right hand
wat can i do without either?
cant function tau...


but last n not least,
this post is dedicated to tht bestie of mine hu i missed,
even for the shortest period of time,
as she went back at 3pm.

this balloon is for u.
but then i dont think it is safe fr me to bring it to msu..
nnt meletop how?
malu la


love u mimi,
get better soon
-ur my cardio in class-

Monday, February 21, 2011


in my uni.
the last day of our official week
of my LAST week of year one mbbs!

they had the CNY celebrations!
it was awesome!

awe-some i tell u!!

so comel

there were 2 dragons...
they were so cute!!!

n then they even bowed to us the students!

picture sequence:
from left:
the 2 dragons dancing up n down! very hyper one....
then the dragon got so sleepy n tired...so he went to sleep! so comel~~~
in the 3rd picture,en syed~~the student career development director givng the dragons sum oranges~~~~we got back sum oranges too ok! how generous the dragons were! hehehe....
lastly,the girls n i approaching the huhaa scene of the lion dance....but ina never went near to the dragon...ina neve actly ent near the dragon...but u noe me la...i waas soooo jakun...i loved the drums n the gong...n the dragon! i felt luk hugging them! i wish i cud..but the abangs inside the lion dance tu buchuk la~~~ hahaha.... :P



Sunday, February 20, 2011


this is for me.
solely for me
shared with the rest of the world
i had forgotten my roots
i miss the uia environment at times.
the batasan-batasan tht they put
the restrictions tht many talked bitter about
but without them
even worst things wud hav happened.

i miss those days.

apakah yang kamu sering idami?

ini jawapanku yang sering kucari-cari.

Yang dicari walau bukan putera raja, biarlah putera Agama.
Yang diimpi, biarlah tak punya rupa, asal sedap dipandang mata.
Yang dinilai, bukan sempurna sifat jasmani, asalkan sihat rohani dan hati.
Yang diharap, bukan jihad pada semangat, asal perjuangannya ada matlamat.
Yang datang, tak perlu rijal yang gemilang, kerana diri ini serikandi dengan silam yang kelam.
Yang dinanti, bukan lamaran dengan permata, cukuplah akad dan janji setia.
Dan yg akan terjadi, andai tak sama dgn kehendak hati, insyaAllah ku redha ketetapan Illahi..

saya mungkin telah terlajak satu langkah,
tidak bermaksud saya tidak ingin membuat pusingan U di sini.

!pulled back to earth!

Titipan Buat Wanita | iluvislam.com + discover the beauty of islam

Titipan Buat Wanita | iluvislam.com + discover the beauty of islam

hu knew...

i had fallen in love.
at first,
i tot,i had fallen in love with the idea of love...but later on...aft reading my frend's note..i finally found myself sumwht in the waters...
thnk god not deep,
got ah such thing?
not deep?


well the other day,
a few days before my big mbbs farewell dinner
i was bored to death at home studying..
n wht du i du best wen im bored n felt a little 'pretty'?
i dress up
make up!

laugh as much as u want.
but little du u noe how many other girls out there du the same thing.
i learnt it frm my cousins.
my cousins (when they were younger----ard my age?)
can b erranously studying,
then suddenly,
takes out the eye shadow,eyeliner n wat not wat not frm their drawer,
n start make up-in..
trust me,
iv seen this many2 times..
i used to just sit n watch..
not intrigued at all by this.
i m a girl and all.
but i mmg slo abit~~~

so anyways
when i had prepped up myself to nine

my mom saw me as she wanted to go out with my dad,
and u noe wht my mom said?
"ni pakai makeup practice for ur wedding ke?"

very funny ma.
wish ther was a groom who sanggup stand in la..

even more after just finding out tht my 'crush' has already gotten someone.
very good
sangat baek



sempena tema 'wedding'

as i surfed thru facebook a couple of days ago..
a note popped up on my notifications...
one of my old school frends had posted this note.

and i had decided to read it.
only today
i left tht tab open fr days
i left it untouched n unread...
but i knew id read it sometime.
n so i did,this morning,
s i waited my mom to prep up to go out fr our weekly sunday bfast!

i think u guys ought to read it.
its kinda nice.
but to me,
those 20 or so things listed on the note is more suitable when we r married.
idk la...but to me,if these 20 or so things were to b carried out by us,b4 the bid wedding...then wat is left once ur married? then wat will happen if these 2o or s things were to lead to other unnecessary n unwilling things tht are not prescribed by our religion? i guess, this is whe all those ustazs n ustazahs bring in the terms lyk 'zina hati,mata' n so on so forth...

by reading this only hv i realised,
i myself hv sum of their characteristics listed below.
i guess thts y its not rong reading
bcos by readin,thats wen we expand our knowledge n realise alotlot of things we never hav actly tot abt.

so i bring to u


1] Orang yang mencintai kamu tidak pernah mampu memberikan alasan kenapa dia mencintai kamu. Yang dia tahu di hati dan matanya
hanya ada kamu satu-satunya.

2] Walaupun kamu sudah memiliki teman istimewa atau kekasih, dia tidak peduli! Baginya yang penting kamu bahagia dan kamu tetap
menjadi impiannya.

3] Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu menerima kamu apa adanya, di hati dan matanya kamu selalu yang tercantik walaupun mungkin kamu
merasa berat badan kamu sudah bertambah.

4] Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu ingin tahu tentang apa saja yang kamu lalui sepanjang hari ini, dia ingin tahu kegiatan kamu.

5] Orang yang mencintai kamu akan mengirimkan SMS seperti ‘Selamat Pagi’,'Selamat Hari Minggu’, ‘Selamat Tidur’, ‘Take Care’, dan lain-lain
lagi, walaupun kamu tidak membalas SMS-nya, kerana dengan kiriman SMS itulah dia menyatakan cintanya, menyatakan dalam cara yang
berbeza,bukan “aku CINTA padamu”, tapi berselindung ayat selain kata cinta itu.

6] Jika kamu menyambut hari tahun dan kamu tidak mengundangnya ke majlis yang kamu adakan, setidak-tidaknya dia akan menelefon
untuk mengucapkan selamat atau mengirim SMS.

7] Orang yang mencintai kamu akan selalu mengingat setiap kejadian yang dia lalui bersama kamu, bahkan mungkin kejadian yang kamu
sendiri sudah melupakannya, kerana saat itu ialah sesuatu yang berharga untuknya.Dan saat itu, matanya pasti berkaca. kerana saat
bersamamu itu tidak bisa berulang selalu.

8] Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu mengingati setiap kata-kata yang kamu ucapkan, bahkan mungkin kata-kata yang kamu sendiri lupa
pernah mengungkapkannya. kerana dia menyematkan kata-kata mu di hatinya,berapa banyak kata-kata penuh harapan yang kau
tuturkan padanya, dan akhirnya kau musnahkan? pasti kau lupa, tetapi bukan orang yang mencintai kamu.

9] Orang yang mencintai kamu akan belajar menggemari lagu-lagu kegemaran kamu, bahkan mungkin meminjam CD milik kamu, kerana dia
ingin tahu apa kegemaran kamu - kesukaan kamu kesukaannya juga, walaupun sukar meminati kesukaan kamu, tapi akhirnya da berjaya.

10] Kalau kali terakhir kalian bertemu kamu mungkin sedang selesema, atau batuk-batuk, dia akan sentiasa mengirim SMS atau menelefon
untuk bertanya keadaan kamu - kerana dia bimbangkan tentang kamu, peduli tentang kamu.

11] Jika kamu mengatakan akan menghadapi ujian, dia akan tanyakan bila ujian itu berlangsung, dan saat harinya tiba dia akan
mengirimkan SMS ‘good luck’ untuk memberi semangat kepada kamu.

12] Orang yang mencintai kamu akan memberikan suatu barang miliknya yang mungkin buat kamu itu ialah sesuatu yang biasa, tetapi
baginya barang itu sangat istimewa.

13] Orang yang mencintai kamu akan terdiam sesaat, ketika sedang bercakap di telefon dengan kamu, sehingga kamu menjadi bingung.
Sebenarnya saat itu dia merasa sangat gugup kerana kamu telah menggegarkan dunianya.

14] Orang yang mencintai kamu selalu ingin berada dekat dengan kamu dan ingin menghabiskan hari-harinya hanya dengan kamu.

15] Jika suatu saat kamu harus pindah ke daerah lain, dia akan sentiasa memberikan nasihat agar kamu waspada dengan persekitaran
yang boleh membawa pengaruh buruk kepada kamu. dan jauh dihatinya dia benar-benar takut kehilangan kamu, pernah dengar ‘jauh
di mata, jauh di hati?’

16] Orang yang mencintai kamu bertindak lebih seperti saudara daripada seperti seorang kekasih.

17] Orang yang mencintai kamu sering melakukan hal-hal yang SENGAL seperti menelefon kamu 100 kali dalam masa sehari. Atau
mengejutkan kamu di tengah malam dengan mengirim SMS. Sebenarnya ketika itu dia sedang memikirkan kamu.

18] Orang yang mencintai kamu kadang-kadang merindukan kamu dan melakukan hal-hal yang membuat kamu pening kepala. Namun ketika
kamu mengatakan tindakannya itu membuat kamu terganggu dia akan minta maaf dan tak akan melakukannya lagi.

19] Jika kamu memintanya untuk mengajarimu sesuatu maka ia akan dgn sabar walaupun kamu mungkin orang yang terbodoh di dunia!.
bahkan dia begitu gembira kerana dapat membantu kamu. dia tidak pernah mengelak dari menunaikan permintaan kamu walau sesukar
mana permintaan mu.

20].Kalau kamu melihat handphone-nya maka nama kamu akan menghiasi sebahagian besar INBOX-nya. Dia masih menyimpan SMS-SMS
dari kamu walaupun ia kamu kirim berbulan-bulan atau bertahun-tahun yang lalu. Dia juga menyimpan surat-surat kamu di tempat khas
dan segala pemberian kamu menjadi benda-benda berharga buatnya.

21] Dan jika kamu cuba menjauhkan diri daripadanya atau memberi reaksi menolaknya, dia akan menyedarinya dan menghilang dari
kehidupan kamu, walaupun hal itu membunuh hatinya.

22] Jika suatu saat kamu merindukannya dan ingin memberinya kesempatan dia akan ada menunggu kamu kerana sebenarnya dia tak
pernah mencari orang lain. Dia sentiasa menunggu kamu.

23] Orang yang begitu mencintaimu, tidak pernah memaksa kamu memberinya sebab dan alasan, walaupun hatinya meronta ingin
mengetahui, kerana dia tidak mahu kamu terbeban dengan karenahnya. saat kau pinta dia berlalu,dia pergi tanpa menyalahkan kamu,
kerana dia benar-benar mengerti apa itu cinta.

Friday, February 18, 2011

tickin it off!



im bck home,
its 452pm on my lappie!
i need to b in selangor club by 6...
i mite b later.
i have not rehearsed the script w my coemcee mimi yet.

off to my nap!
its 540pm oreadi!
n i need to b ther at 6?? hahaha

Thursday, February 17, 2011


lets play with numbers today shall we?

in descending order aytes?

startin w the largest
tht is my present car's number.oh boy,ill miss my wira. i noe,its an old car now,i had it since year 6.
it was the first ever car i drove,
*pls do not count the car in tht legoland in uk...or any oth vehicle/cart*
oh... ill miss u... ;(
the breakdowns
(actly skali je....n tht oso,i takde)
the knocks
(tht oso,i xbwat)
the kehabisan minyak
(oh tht,saya bersalah,. dua kali)

the number of minutes my spark flared up lik a firework.
nit a very pretty site

the number of hugs i had today.
a tumblr pict once said
"hugs are one of the things u can give but u can never not get back"
im kinda doubting it now come to think of it.
bt wtv it is,
i had fun huggin
dh lamer tak hug any one
*ok,sry im an emo person*

less thn seven
the number of expected days my lil white shiny onewill b coming!

the number of lectures/hours
i will hav tmr

three point fivefive
the number of minutes my favorite song
love story
n im addicted to it lik bee on honey
taylor swift writes the most beautiful songs

exctly three
the number of things i need before tmr 6pm
wic are
1. make up!
2. shoes!
3. my script!
makeup my mom said i hav enuf! >.<
shoes is a mmg defo tmr im goin to go find extremely high high heels!
bcos if not,ill b a foot shorter thn mimi!
my script,well,mimi n i will need to staybak n practice n crank our heads up~~~
or more lyk stroll n make sure we don screw up during the dinner...
how hard can it be?

but jz n my bomb ticked BOOOOOM!
so sry.
but hey,
i dh prep utk my script fr my oth dinner.
so sabar la.
dh la kteorg exm in 7teen days.
n ntala.
i shall keep my tots reserved.
*since wen was i reserved???*
but yeah,
wats rong with one night right?
but hey,
im sacrificing my job here.
i was supposed to work friday night~~

i noe my kids will miss me

the final number.
one thing,
tht im so definite about is tmr,
the 18th of feb 2011,
exctly 8 months bfore my legal 21st,
im gona b having the time of my life.

by hook or by crook
im gona hv fun!
especially w mimi by my side

thank u mi,
idk hw to thank u enuf.

n yes,
this is somewht part of the daily surprise u giv me
im sry
i really m

~~~~~the princesses of the night???~~~~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


i think my blog has officially become the place i countdown the number of days till my final assessment...

i hav ntn to say abt today.
it was a fine day.
a normal day.
mimi n i had lunch at tht big white/blue place across our uni(i neednt say the place)
honestly,i dint even eat tht much,i took tht mee ina lyked,wis i dint eat. i shall stick to yeemee next time

i was on the fon wit ina fr lyk at seemes lik a hundred times. i had to present n stand in front of the class in my bright lime green kebaya (wic i hadnt worn fr lyk at least 4 years!)

sa after my fulfilling rants of my absolutely boring life for now.
yes it is.
although my bestie mimi n i will be mc-in the mbbs gathering/dinner wat not this friday.
my juniors tot we wont b there as i said "mar n i were gona b mc on tht night,"
wht i meant was emcee

so let me destress today,
as i get ready fr tmr's makeup shoppin,
need to go look up youtube on 'HOW TO WEAR MAKEUP'
i think ill sleep halfway download the video.

so relax,
and have sum deliciously funny snacks:

How fast can you guess these words?
1. BOO_S
2. _ _ NDOM.
3. F_ _ K
4. P_ N _S
5. PU_S_
6. S_X

Answers:1. BOOKS 2. RANDOM 3. FORK 4. PANTS5. PULSE 6. SIX.You got all 6 wrong, didn't you?You dirty minded freak!

this is to my dad,
since its his 61st bday tday:

Dad has a new F.B account;
Son posted on a friend's wall :WTF!
Dad asks son : Son , what is WTF?
Son says : ummm... ummmm...... Welcome To Facebook
Dad writes on his boss's wall : WTF!
The next morning he get fired....... :P

this one i hate kinda..
cos it catches me all the time...

"you really love him, don't you?"
a psychological question,
no name was mentioned but suddenly,
someone came into your mind.

and finally,
reminder to self:

If you like to see your prayers answered during hard times, you must pray hard during easy times.
- Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as)

*random picture*

~~~esok rehearsal~~~

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i dint turn 9teen.i just left tht number to move on to twenty. n alhamdulillah, my number one wish list is gona b fulfilled. :) i noe, 4 months late, but as mimi said,"wud u rather hv it late or never?"...seriously speaking,it churns my gastric juices. ull c wat i mean. ;P

wat i meant by 19 was...
the number of days till my 3rd ia.

n emotionally im unbalanced la! huaaa..

im having all these mixed feelings.
happy fr no reason,
anxious fr all the right reasons,
mad at certain persons,
flirty towards some,
moodless at times,
and loving the study,'
but a few difficulties.

the struggles
a future doctor drama queen

Monday, February 14, 2011

14th of february with cik nur marjani

never hav i put her name as my anything. :)
very lucky la u mimi...

we were alone.
without sabrina...
it was Valentine's day..

MSU had booths selling so many types of bouquets of flowers.
no pictures though..too busy chattin mimi..hehehe

i dint quite feel netin til....

one of my ntrous oxides gt a bouquet....hehe...wel,yeah..i noe,the bouquet was frm her cousin..but stil..it was soo comel...i still rmmber..bck during school days...my besties n i used to exchange presies each other during V day...heheh...those were the days...

so back to today.

at abt 8 sumthin am this morning,
a cockroach was found loitering the floors of my classroom
i pointed it out.
as it leeched underneath nazrain's chair.
he dint flinch at all,nazrain merely looked at it lik a piece of paper on the paper or sum useless thing on the floor.naz had a weird expression. one tht said,"wt the fish is goin on?" i bet he dint noe wat was goin on...
mimi on the other hand had her feet n legs all bundled up on her chair.
i had a small laugh,as i told nazrain to step on it.
but the cockroach ran sumwhe...
n we started bchem dr arun.
our new fav lecturer.

so halfway thru the class,
as i was leaning on the table,
mimi was sitting upright,
i turned to look at her
n she looked at me,
wen she looked at me,
the first reaction i had was to

watwas HER reaction?
she screamed screechingly!

it was
the whole class was in total pin drop silence
i mean,
y wont it be?
a medical class,

evryone was at a blur.
i apologised
"im so sry" i said, while trying to contain my laugh
i cudn bare to look at mimi
i cud hv died chokin w laughter.
i love u mi.

dr arun was a good sport.
he teased mimi later with so many cockroach facts.

i swear.
tht was the best funniest moment of 2011 so far.
oh mimi
how many firsts are we goin to go together?

i apologised to mimi in class later since she bcame exceedinly quiet,
but she said it was ntn.
so h did i rebut?
"i love u" i said

the best kind of love is the ones tht brings ppl together frm different backgrounds,different views,different ties. and as we overcome all this,
friendship blooms...

or the best quote of the day wud b the one written by us two..

n just incase korg cant read it,
it says,

it is important to say i <3>
but it is more important to say I <3>
but there wont be a 'I love u 2" without I <3>
therefore, it needs 2 people for love to spread... :)
bertepuk sebelah tangan tak berbunyi...
bertepukla dua belah tangan berbunyi-bunyi...
tepuk dada tanya selera...:)
Tepuk perut tanya nak makan ape la.....
Perut bunyi macam disco bcos gastric juice jd mcm fireworks...

u can do ntn with them,
and still,
u love the nothingness.
even tears are soo meaningfully loved.
every tear dropped.
evry laughter shared.
lots of love
suria afifah