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Thursday, June 30, 2011

bukan saya

8 reasons you’re single.

1. Because every good looking guy is a jerk.

2. Every nice guy isn’t good looking.

3. Every nice and good looking guy is taken.

4. Every nice, good looking, single guy is broke.

5. Every nice, good looking, single, rich guy is a cheater.

6. Every nice, good looking, single, rich, non-cheater, is gay.

7. Every nice, good looking, single, rich, non-cheater and straight guy doesn’t have any interest in us.

8 Every nice, good looking, single, rich, non-cheater, straight guy that does have interest in us, has kids and is divorced.

ini untuk kawan baek saya.
dia bernama nur marjani.

macam pisang

i had the authority of the car for the past few days of the week,
but for the first time,an outing was not driven by me,
jannah n i went out to the empire shoppin centre after class, we had lunch at mimi's stall.

this semester is the busiest n craziest keluar rate ever.

i miss the kid by the window,
overlookin the murky waters of the sungai damansara in the library.
i wonder if she misses me.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

masa telah mencemburi kita.

im more demanding now,
because im worth it.

i remember my bio lecturer posting this up on the lcd wen were learning the menstrual cycle...


but unfortunately i cannot accept it fully. :)
at times i may feel sooo out of element.
but today,
i noe im in my element. maybe not the bubbly crazy joking person..but the real person i m. the colors of me. my quiet, serious n yet 'princessy' persona.

it had been an emotional ride fr me today..there were up-up and beyonds..downhills..twists n tears.. :')

the conclusion of the day is,
in order fr a person to be touched by another,shows a great deal of meaning,

*nitenite.m evr so sleepy*

Monday, June 20, 2011

did u noe??

Bold what applies to you

1. I woke up in the afternoon today.
2. I have at least three picture frames in my room.
3. My trash can is full.
4. I love snow globes, but I’d never buy one.
5. I use my regular phone more than my cell phone.
6. I’m single, but I don’t want to be.
7. My hair is not layered.
8. I hate the term “best friend,” but I use it anyway.
9. I get along with my mum more than my dad.
10. I like making beaded bracelets.
11. I’ve never run for class president/treasurer, etc.
12. Most of my friends are of my type.
13. I have over 150 CDs in my collection.
14. I would rather listen to the radio than CDs.
15. I own whiteout, but I barely ever use it. (huhhhh?)
16. I’m very shy until you get to know me. (perggggh! imagine if i were to bold tht!)
17. Some take my shyness as being mean/rude.
18. Most people probably don’t understand me. (i think so la...)
19. I have a very random sense of humor. (yes.i laugh in the middle of exms,and wen ppl say no *wen they shud hv said yes*)
20. I do not consider myself attractive.
21. I feel that I’m more mature than most people my age.
22. But not all the time.
23. I used to pick my nose and wipe it on the wall.
24. I’d rather be cold than hot. (i noe hu this applies to!)
25. I always wait for that one person to sign on.
26. I’m probably online too much for my own good. (yes.)
27. I am trying to lose weight and it’s not working out very well.
28. I own a LOT of chapstick. A LOT.
29. I love to buy paper… but I barely use it. (oh this was wen i was younger)
30. I write in my paper journal once a day or more.
31. I am an American, yet I find them annoying. (im Malaysian. a proud one :))
32. I’ve used binoculars the wrong way before.
33. I’m thirsty, but I can’t be bothered to go get something.
34. One of my best friends is that of the opposite sex.
35. Sometimes I feel really, really sorry for myself.
36. My stomach hurts a little bit right now.
37. Other times I feel really, really lucky.
38. I have a friend (or more) who creeps me out.
39. I have more than one shelf up in my room.
40. It’s sunny out today.
41. I don’t have a car.
42. I’m very picky with food.
43. I have a hard time with directions.
44. I am a little bit obsessive compulsive.
45. I talk to myself in the mirror sometimes.
46. I don’t have that many DVDs yet.
48. I feel very sick if a movie is gory.
49. I have a lot in common with my best friend.
50. I believe in the theory that opposites attract.
51. I’ve liked someone who is at least four years older than me.
52. I’ve started a fire/explosion in the microwave oven before.
53. I’m worried that one of my pets will die soon.
55. Never been THAT drunk, but it might be kinda fun.
56. Sometimes I act drunk even when I’m not.
57. It annoys me when people chew loudly.
58. And breathe loudly.
59. And click their pens like crazy.
60. I enjoy bold surveys, mostly ‘cause I have no life.
61. I’d rather have a popsicle than popcorn.
62. I’d rather do laundry than the dishes.
63. Someday, I will go to England. (been there done tht)
64. I’d rather be in a dark room than a bright one.
65. My alarm clock annoys me very, very much.
66. When I was younger, I went to summer school for fun.
67. I was made fun of in middle school.
68. I’ve never eaten sushi and never will.
69. I remember where I was when I first learned to whistle.
70. If Barney is on TV, I will still sit there and watch.
71. MySpace is annoying, but I’m pretty much addicted to it.
72. I hAtE iT wHeN pPl TyPe LyK dIs!!!
73. When I talk to my crush, I get too excited.
74. People have told me that I’m sexy before.
75. I never believe it when they do.
76. I love to write, but whenever I start something new I can’t finish it.
77. I love to read.
78. If I lay down and watch TV, I end up falling asleep.
79. I absolutely LOVE riding my bike.
80. I love to play badminton, but I don’t play often.
81. I have never been on a sports team before.
82. I’m in at least one advanced placement class.
83. I’m in the class of 2013. (2015 i think)
84. Jacuzzis and hot tubs are very relaxing.
85. I have stood up and done something else during this survey.
86. I space out a lot.
87. I’ve made a shelf in a store collapse before.
88. I’m a big crybaby, and I know it.
89. I wouldn’t mind having a ferret for a pet.
90. I love to watch home videos.
91. I miss my childhood and wish I could go back.
92. I’d rather brush my teeth normally than use an electric toothbrush.
93. I feel like I’m more confident than I used to be.
95. My friends come to me for advice often.
96. I’ve had over five significant others in my lifetime.
97. I have cheated on one or more of them before.
98. Last year’s math class was completely useless.
99. I hate the fact that I’m growing up. I don’t want to.
100. I miss a lot of my old friends, but not all of them

Friday, June 17, 2011

the great wall of china

my bestie drove me up the wall
literally speakin tht is
my bestie mimi drove me gigaantic!
hahaha..wht du i mean?
i mean literally,
nola..mimi drove me to giant today!
she drove ina,sha n i to giant...bcos ina kemaruk nasi tomato...n i tumpang je la nasi tomato mak mimi...bcos sedap n for god noes what,i cant stop ngidaming tht!

ps-i think im allergic to my uni's food...bcos wen i had my bfast dz morning,even the single gulp of the cordial made me feel funny...*but mimi thinks im allergic to anythin tht starts w M....bcos i started puking/sick after hvg Mcd! hehhe...

so anyways,
tdays highlight was none other thn the fact tht mimi drove to uni all by herself. m very proud of her. n for the first time she drove me in her car...*thank god i had the courtesy to b the first to b drven...amngst frends la...hehehe*
i told evryone to stop mocking her driving,bcos it was perfectly fine...alright,she might have slight estimation errors...but get used to dt after driving fr a loooooooong time...

ps-iv gotten my 5 yr license! hahaha..yes...mimi NEARLY offered her car fr me to drive upon hearing the news....NEARLY...hahaha....sooo funny! rase nk tergelak adela! siap wen we reached her house,her mom said,"ingat tadi kalau mimi xle drive,suria kan ade?"
hahahaha...nahhh...i noe she can drive... :P just need to b confident je...yakin boleh kan malaysia used to say? so do we la! :P

while chacha n ina went to buy lunch at her moms store,i was talking to mimi...hahah..evidently la...xkan nanges plak...*ok actly i nearly did* hehehe T.T
mimi was honestly too engrissed with her side mirrors and cars parked permanently at those parking spaces...but i think i got the msg across to her about my feelings...not about her =.=" *i n mimi r fine tq* hahahah....but about wht i had felt about anther situation,but iwas explainin to her about how i handled the situation when i was in the position...
bck in october/august/september well,end of last yr,there was sum grey times we had to go thru..n fr me it had been tough...no need to go nitty gritty...but it was so tough tht i felt so sad n fallen apart...so i was telling mimi, tht at tht point of time,i had set in my mind,no matter,by hook or by crook, i will wait n strive fr the matter to be resolved..so i had stayed up late...recited the quran...made sum extra effort...kept quiet n etc fr things to b beter...bcos i had known the fault was on my shoulders...and alhamdulillah,in november,evrything was resolved.
but the short period of gruellin pain so intense..wudnt want to go thru it again..

ps-tadi masa we went to mimi's house fr lunch,i and her sister kept complottin 'against' her...n for some reason or other,i n shafirah (mimi's sister) cos finish each others sentences! u shud hv seen the reaction on mimi's face! it was hilariously comel! bcos mimi was all lyk,"NO! only i shud b able to b able to read my bestie's mind!" hahaha..lawak...lyk the other day,shafirah n i had fbchatted bcos i was helping her out w her public speaking competition! so comel! i somehow felt lyk i was in the uk or sth...n contacting bck home :P

so thts it fr today.
i hdnt had enuf sleep yday night.
n i hv a parent teacher conference tmr in LC...
wic i then will rush off to gombak to clean my nenek's house...huhuh..

it's a lot of easier to be angry to someone than it is to tell them you are hurt.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

the silent lover???


as i was chitchattin w mimi,

she said she tagged me in this article...

so i was lyk,okkkkkk....

"n b4 i was tagged,i had seen it oreadi,but as soon as i opened it,i felt sooooooo awkward! lyk,"OMG! this is NOT my niche!"hahahah..

but after being tagged,i felt,"u noe wht, i shud OPEN my mind n read it!"

*IT WAS OK LA...i accept the points...i guess i shud get used to these kinds of things kot??? ntala...hahaha*

so here it is....


Bila belum bersedia melangkah lebih jauh dengan seseorang, cukup cintai ia dalam diam ...
Karena diammu adalah salah satu bukti cintamu padanya ...
Kau ingin memuliakan dia, dengan tidak mengajaknya menjalin hubungan yang terlarang,
Kau tak mau merosak kesucian dan penjagaan hatinya..

Karena diammu memuliakan kesucian diri dan hatimu..
Menghindarkan dirimu dari hal-hal yang akan merusak izzah dan iffahmu ..

Karena diammu bukti kesetiaanmu padanya ..
Karena mungkin saja orang yang kau cinta adalah juga orang yang telah ALLAH swt pilihkan untukmu ...

Ingatkah kalian tentang kisah Fatimah dan Ali??
Yang keduanya saling memendam apa yang mereka rasakan ...
Tapi pada akhirnya mereka dipertemukan dalam ikatan suci nan indah ....

Karena dalam diammu tersimpan kekuatan ... kekuatan harapan ...
Hingga mungkin saja Allah akan membuat harapan itu menjadi nyata hingga cintamu yang diam itu dapat berbicara dalam kehidupan nyata ...
Bukankah Allah tak akan pernah memutuskan harapan hamba yang berharap pada-Nya??

Dan jika memang 'Cinta Dalam Diammu' itu tak memiliki kesempatan untuk berbicara di dunia nyata, biarkan ia tetap diam ...

Jika dia memang bukan milikmu, Allah, melalui waktu akan menghapus 'Cinta Dalam Diammu' itu dengan memberi rasa yang lebih indah dan orang yang tepat ...

Biarkan 'Cinta Dalam Diammu' itu menjadi memori tersendiri dan sudut hatimu menjadi rahsia antara kau dengan Sang Pemilik hatimu ...

Cintailah ia dalam diam, dari kejauhan, dengan kesederhanaan dan keikhlasan...

Ketika cinta kini hadir tidaklah untuk Yang Maha Mengetahui saat secercah rasa tidak lagi tercipta untuk Yang Maha Pencipta izinkanlah hati bertanya untuk siapa ia muncul dengan tiba-tiba...mungkinkah dengan ridha-Nya atau hanya mengundang murka-Nya...

Jika benar cinta itu karena Allah maka biarkanlah ia mengalir mengikuti aliran Allah karena hakikatnya ia berhulu dari Allahmaka ia pun berhilir hanya kepada Allah..

" Dan segala sesuatu Kami ciptakan berpasang-pasangan supaya kamu mengingat kebesaran Allah ." (QS. Adz Dzariyat:49)

" Dan kawinkanlah orang-orang yang sendirian diantara kamu, dan orang-orang yang layak (berkawin) dari hamba-hamba sahayamu yang lelaki dan hamba-hamba sahayamu yang perempuan. Jika mereka miskin Allah akan memampukan mereka dengan kurnia-Nya. Dan Allah Maha luas(pemberian-Nya) lagi Maha Mengetahui. " (QS. An Nuur: 32)

" Dan di antara tanda-tanda kekuasaan-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan dijadikan-Nya diantaramu rasa kasih dan sayang. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda bagi kaum yang berfikir. " (QS. Ar-Ruum:21)

Tapi jika memang kelemahan masih nyata dipelupuk mata maka bersabarlah... berdo'alah... berpuasalah...

" Wahai kaum pemuda, siapa saja diantara kamu yang sudah sanggup untuk menikah, maka menikahlah, sesungguhnya menikah itu memelihara mata, dan memelihara kemaluan, maka bila diantara kamu belum sanggup untuk menikah, berpuasalah, karena ssungguhnya puasa tersebut sebagai penahannya " (Hadist) "

" Dan janganlah kamu mendekati zina; sesungguhnya zina itu adalah suatu perbuatan yang keji. Dan suatu jalan yang buruk. " (QS. Al Israa' :32)

Cukup cintai ia dalam diam...
bukan karena membenci hadirnya.. .tapi menjaga kesuciannya bukan karena menghindari dunia... tapi meraih surga-Nya bukan karena lemah untuk menghadapinya.. .tapi menguatkan jiwa dari godaan syaitan yang begitu halus dan menyelusup..

Cukup cintai ia dari kejauhan...
karena hadirmu tiada kan mampu menjauhkannya dari cobaan karena hadirmu hanya akan menggoyahkan iman dan ketenangan karena hadirmu mungkin saja akan membawa kenelangsaan hati-hati yang terjaga...

Cukup cintai ia dengan kesederhanaan...
memupuknya hanya akan menambah penderitaan menumbuhkan harapan hanya akan mengundang kekecewaan mengharapkan balasan hanya akan membumbui kebahagiaan para syaitan...

Maka cintailah ia dengan keikhlasan...
karena tentu kisah Fatimah dan Ali bin Abi Thalib diingini oleh hati... tapi sanggupkah jika semua berakhir seperti sejarah cinta Salman Al Farisi...?

"...boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu. Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui. " (QS. AlBaqarah:216) "

" Wanita-wanita yang keji adalah untuk laki-laki yang keji, dan laki-laki yang keji adalah buat wanita-wanita yang keji (pula), dan wanita-wanita yang baik adalah untuk laki-laki yang baik dan laki-laki yang baik adalah untuk wanita-wanita yang baik (pula). Mereka (yang dituduh) itu bersih dari apa yang dituduhkan oleh mereka (yang menuduh itu). Bagi mereka ampunan dan rezki yang mulia (surga)" (QS.An Nuur:26) "

Cukup cintai ia dalam diam dari kejauhan dengan kesederhanaan dan keikhlasan...
karena tiada yang tahu rencana Tuhan... mungkin saja rasa ini ujian yang akan melapuk atau membeku dengan perlahan karena hati ini begitu mudah untuk dibolak-balikan... serahkankan rasa yang tiada sanggup dijadikan halal itu pada Yang Memberi dan Memilikinya biarkan ia yang mengatur semuanya hingga keindahan itu datang pada waktunya...

" Barangsiapa menjaga kehormatan orang lain, pasti kehormatan dirinya akan terjaga. " (Umar bin Khattab ra.)

lawak nyerr

ignore the title...

i had been determined to be as 'medical student'ish i cud be!

i hadn been clad in any formal attire,i just maintained the tutup aurat n 'long' covered top...but i had my court shoes on! my white ones! ooh boy! u dono how tht made me feel!
it made me feel on top of the world! hehee :P mcm lawyer in court room aja! hehehe...
*banyak la suria afifah a lawyer*

but tday there wasnt much to prove pun..we had classes..then during free time pun, mimi n i just stayed in cls bcos we dint need to makan...(puasala...)
wen classes begun again,i was kinda reserving my energy...so idint talk or respond much in clss..i just listened n wrote...

but yday was a sure hyper day...
i took mimi's fon...n put in sum numbers...
only 2 je pun...
her crush's number...n my appointed party planner!
hahaha! i don care!
i nk party gak diz yr!~ eceh eceh...
jannah,the newbie in my class has her bday the day after mimi's comel kan?
n i told mimi tht this yr,dye kene tunggu la 12th of november fr her celebration....bcos nk budget cake kan??? hahaha

talkin abt cake,
we had shaki's bday kan aritu?
we met dr sairah of biochem...
she met the whole class n u wana noe wht she said?
"eyt,the only time i c u all is wen there is a birthday kan?"
the last time she saw was mimi's bday kot...
so i guess my batch only gets tgthr fr cake!
we r cake monsters! hahahaha...lame.

naz gigi told us tht he doesnt stay w the other 2 boys nemore...
n mimi n i felt abit sedeh..
bcos its lyk,we had always felt tht they were so together..now tht they dont stay tgthr,i feel tht they r soooo far apart...
i nie,emo sgt la! hahaha

moving on,
i m goin in full gear
"medical student"
wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my heart

“Carilah hatimu di 3 tempat; Temui hatimu sewaktu bangun membaca AL-QURAN. Tetapi jika tidak kau temui, carilah hatimu ketika mengerjakan SOLAT. Jika tidak kau temui juga, kau carilah hatimu ketika duduk tafakkur MENGINGATI MATI.
Jika kau tidak temui juga, maka berdoalah kepada Allah, pinta hati yang baru kerana hakikatnya pada ketika itu kau tidak mempunyai hati..” - Imam al-Ghazali


i was LATE tday!
on the contrary to yday!
bcos i brought my Wuyieo today...
hahaha..but i was on time...i think...
i had arrived a few minutes before mimi..so we had ascended up the stairs tgher to cls...

but we started the day of very 'sluggish'...
we (i n mimi intially,then followed by a majority of my frends) had noughty2 plans fr tday.,.
n sum of them had followed thru i think...
but mimi n i didnt...
we had breakfast only with the boys...hahhaha...
*yes mimi ate w the boys...hehehe*

so today was hyper.
we giggled alot,
laughed alot,
screamed alot
n basically
used aLOTLOT of our energy tday...

so by the time 4pm came fr ethics class,
i yawned thru it out...
i cud hv sworn tht i hv never yawned tht much in my life or in any clss ive sat in! huaaaa...

i can easily say tht i hv been out of my element these few days...but wht is my element? i oso malas to noe..hahah...all i noe is,i hav been feeling extremely TIRED w 7 subjects!
i mean, as a medical student,i DONT c 7 subjects! huaaaaa....penat oh penat..

i was debating w the new boys tht had joined our class about my name...they just had trouble of calling me 'afifah'....considering apela susah sgt...aishhhh....
they say im very 'suria'...
*nw doubting tht im "not" in my element"
then i started explaing why they hv to call afifah NOT suria...
simply bcos i need 'afifah' to calm me down unlik the name 'suria' wic is a bit the hot n hyper...hahahah....
*macam la this past yr my classmates calling me afifah has chgd anything*
i feel more o less the same..though a friend of mine,said i hv toned 'down' abit...i wonder if he is just saying it to please my ears..hahaha..

*yeah,we have 2 BBM students (faris' classmates) hu joined us tday!jannah n koom! heheh...they r cool :P*

i have been too suria these past few days,
i need to tone it down.
i shall start tmr.

so anyhow,
wuyieo had a new driver today!
her name is:
NUR MARJANI! hehehe...
mimi drove my car today!
i was exhausted after ethics..i cud hv slept if i baring-ed jz now...n i suddenly out of no whe, i had the inspirasi to let mimi drive...so as we left the guards of msu,i gav mimi my keys, and asked her to drive my car!

wat did mimi say?
"i drive slow tau....u sure ke??...ur mom xkesah ke??u xkesah ke???"
macam2 soalan dye...
i asked her right in the beginnin of the day actly...during dr m's clss...
*wic we werent very much paying attention,we were studyin patho n pharmaco..thts y la xbesh duduk belakang...huuhuhu...

so i want to put up sum photos...but my conexion doesnt seem to permit me...aishhh...nxt post aytes! heheh :P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2nd up!

i started my day so early...
even after putting my bag n goin out to supposedly buy water,
(suposedly bcos there was a loooong line at 730am! n i HATE lines!) hehe
i was still early...

it was our 2nd day of claszs...hehe..
suposedly it was a hectic day...but it got better..as lecturers had beencalled fr a meetin...
but then.the downside wud b tht we hv to replace!
thank god i DONT hv to wory abt timetables! hehe...im soooo happy! hehehe

my bestie marjani told me tht im uncontrollable...
lawak kan?
im lyk,
"y wud u wanto control me anyways?"
hahaha...so funny...
we were talkin abt marriage n boys...*duhh*
actly she talked abt it w farah...i just talked to farah;s frend...hehee...but mimi bein mimi wanted to continue the topic all the way to the time we had in the library...thank god it dint...bcos i wud hv died..hahaha...but she spent the time talking to me....and as we yapped n yapped,
we came to the topic of how we met...n got close.
it was about 2 years ago...n for the FIRST time,
we laughed thinkin about it...hehehe...
i mean, it was a random chat up...one tht had my head asking myself at tht time,
"y is she talkin to me?"
not in a b*tchy gedik way....but in a 'terharu', 'quizical' way...bcos i wasnt rapat to her...
the same persoalan ran across my mind wen eshie talked to me...
but while i was talking to mimi just now,
sumtin else popped up in my mind...
*my mind flashed back to the day i met eka.....i missed her loadz...i mite supposedly hav an 'ego'...but i tell her exctly wat i want...hahaha..i felt sad...but i was tired to feel much....*
i felt lik fallin asleep as soon as cls ended n lunch ended...
but here i m,on my bed,still not asleep...huhuh...

then mimi went to the bigbig topic.
n hu is goin to b hus pengapit...
it was soo funny wen she said,
"tapi xtahu la if i can b ur pengapit...u hv eka n tyra...n all ur ank buah lagi..."
lolsz...fr the 1st tym in my lyf...only did i realise abt it...lols...
n naturally,i felt as if *n i say this seriously* tht i c mimi helping me on the big persandingan day n kipas me...hehehe :P *bcos mimi naturally has been keepin up my appearance n all in uni fr these past few yrs daily...so iv kinda grown into it...hehehe*
but then i rmmbered a chitchat i had w tyra jz a while back..whe she wanted me to b HER pengapit...it was sooooooooooo sweet n i was honored fr her to say tht....huhuh...n id loved to hv my petite bestie to stand beside me too...hehe
n wat abt eka? me n her? we have NVR VER talked abt kahwen n boys...altho we were all besties thru hi school n yr 6,boys were NEVER our topic of interest...
so to mimi,im sry la klu i seem disinterested in BOYS n etc...hehehe..i just wasnt trained...
n yes,i may b a lil flirtatious o netin...but honestly,i think i CAN live w/out harmless crazy flirts wic has had me tired...hehehe...hahahaha....wic im happy has stopped...hahaha...

so bottom line abt kahwen,
i shud have at LEAST 3 bersandengs...so tht u guys can all hav a turn each? amcm???? :P
bole la ??? kan?

so...besides the besties time we had today,
my class n i had a goodgood class get together..
it was shaki's bday! hehehe..
he belanja-ed us chicken chop!
first he wanted to buy a cake!
but he spoiled the surprise,
cos i was lyk,
*takin out the hidden cake*
ni kan cake u...

so tht was how we got chicken chop.

so today was alhamdulillah a good day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

ayu is back?

it was the first day officially back in campus n the brain had a full dose of food.
it was 1st yr subjects in the morning...
followed by a short clss meeting...
n my batch n i continued w 2nd yr introductions...

the one hr lunch gap felt sooooo short...
and after 2 hours of ethics,
i solat-ed at the surau, at which i fell immediately asleep in my telekung while waiting fr my mom...

it was a tiring day..
sadly no pictures were taken...it was too tiring to be done...

mimi n i were lyk an entity today.
*god noes whe tht came out frm*
we had tonnes to catch up...even tho we just met last friday..hahaha...
this was bcos she had a loooooong chat w farah...
come to think of it..i hv never actly had a goood long chatt w mimi at her place...theres always a reason y im at her place..heheh

my batch turned heads today.
but i guess we hav to get used to tht.
i dont exctly c y we du...
we must b tht awesome! hahaha!
*because we r dude!*

i told nazrain,
let this 'summer'/'medical' camp be a steppin stone fr all 10 of us in my batch...n be the benchmark of our willpower n our strength in endouring our ambition in lyf...


Sunday, June 5, 2011

wat we can be...

kalau kita tidak mampu jadi kekasih, memadailah menyayangi,
kalau masih tidak mampu menyayangi, kita masih boleh jadi saudara,
kalau kita tidak mampu jadi saudara, kita masih boleh jadi sahabat atau kawan,
kita tidak perlu mencintai, memadailah kita menghormati....

anatomi di sunway pyramid,.,,

Anatomy teacher (picking up a bone in osteo viva)- What is this?
Student- Bone sir
Teacher- great..!! What bone?
Student- Cows bone..
Teacher (thinking what the hell)- Which part?
Student- Sorry sir I am a medical student not veterinary student