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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

eve of raya n rendang!

its tht tym of the year again!

today, i woke up early? *ntala...8/9ish?* hahaha...
then i had a date w my cuzin at 10ish to go raya shoppin as i xde baju raya..
ok,i do hav 3 pcs of kurung in my closet tht i had just bought from an online blogshop...but hmmmmm....i dont consider them bju raya...too murah! *hahah! ank org kaya betul!*

so b4 heading off to pkns,i decided to go n send sm stuff fr recycling...as i was bz loading the rubbish bags into my car,i saw this flat tyre!!! huaaaa!! so sedeh!
thank god my cuzin came to the rescue n after 3 tyre shops! one agreed to come to my house n help me!! hehehe...

we were not even late for shoppin..it was barely 11am...n the zakat fitrah counter wasnt open...*yeah,my famly ALWAYS baya lambat...there was this one raya,we actly paid pg raya semasa org dh duduk tgu nk solat raya!* yeah...talk about fashionably late! hahaha

so anyways,
6 hours later,
tireless hours of walking...n endless rows of shops n boutiques,
we all got 3 bajus each..ok,i got 4..hehehe...

the other we all got in common was,
kak lynet,my mom n me all got a baju frm Jedan...
*its suposedly to b this super mahal kedai in bangsar village...n they hv a branch in pkns...*
so im super happy.
*except its purple*
~~~not realy my fav color...

so i have lyk 2 purples...n 2 cotton kurungs (pink n blue)
im wearing the blue one tmr...

n i nearly had not gotten blue..

y m i stressin on it?

bcos a certain sumone had pursueded me to wear blue...
n i mmg xde blue byk pun in my wardrobe..unlyk my mom *FULL w BLUE*

no gambar of baju. gota wait fr raya
bcos raya is the only time i will wear kurung in the house fr a full day.

so after reaching home at around 4...and suffering insufferable pain,as a part of a ritual girls life cycle...i strted watching telly on my sofa set downstairs alone...since my mom dah out *she was soooo tired frm walking around cos she wasnt realy wel...n my dad had gotten the fevers again! huhu* then i got tired of sitting down n lazing around.
i felt weird lazing around. raya SHUDNT b this way.
so i went to kitchen n strted my cooking all by myself...

by the time my mom came down,i had cut all the things to tumis the rendang...
luckily i bought ready cut chicken...cos i cant bare cuttin a chicken...*even washing the chicken grosses me out..hahaha*

so anyhow,about 3/4 hours later of cutting,blending,tumis-ing n most important of all,kacau-in the rendang...at about nearly mignight siap...

terkurang bawang
n lupe asam keping...
but it was nice.

so if ur interested in making....here is the recipe fr rendang courtesy of urs truly....:
for about 6 big pieces of chicken
bawang kechik (shallots) LOADS about 1 and a half packets?? banyak is all i noe...
serai about 8 sticks
lengkuas,about half a fist big *but once u potong it bcomes a lil less of a quarter of a fist??*
kunyit *very little~~~about half a thumb*
asam keping
daun limau purut
daun kunyit
salt *secukup rasa*
santan *enuf to cover the chicken*
cili boh!

so wht dyu du?
senang je!
mcm bwat sup!

  1. blend evrything!
  2. put all the blended stuff into the pan
  3. then put alil (or as much as u want) of cili boh...n kacau!
  4. gaul sampai bau sedappppp
  5. put chicken pieces..
  6. pour santan! til cover the ayam...
  7. don forget the salt! asam keping n all dauns!
  8. gaul!
  9. n kacau some more!
  10. keep stirring! *this is repeated very often do tht our chicken doesnt get hangus at the bottom!*
  11. sampai naek minyak!
  12. wat is naek minyak? its wen u c oil bubbling on the kuah!
*NO OIL tau!!!aka jgn letak oil...dye mmg naturally got oil frm the fats of the chicken!*
  1. 13. make sure ayam is cooked! if not yet, u can add water n keep kacau-ing! hehe...
  2. 14. then make sure u hv the desired amount of gravy by the addition of water...but evrytime u add the water,u hav to keep cookin the ayam til naek minyak again! don wory about the ayam! the longer u cook the better! thts the beauty of rendang!
  3. 15. walaaaa! u smart cook!
hav fun!

maaf zahir batin evryone!

Friday, August 26, 2011

inspiring vintage...

so there is dinner i have gotta attend for my faculty after raya on the 21st of september right...
and as usual there is a theme...
a theme tht we all had voted for majority...

and this yr's winner fell into the hands of:


my bestie eka n i had always been all gossip girl wayy back in high school...and to be more exct,we had always been a blair kinda fashion ppl...*tho im suposed to b more of a serena....hahaha*

so here were 2 pieces tht inspired me alot...
i mean,if i cud hv a dress...id love to have these two pieces married to suit my plussized body...

and guess hu i asked to help me out????

why who else but an ASPIRING young fashion designer!!! :P
hehe... :D

*she is also my bestie eka's sister...* so proud of her! hehehe...

i lik the lacey top...
ofcourse here they used sequins all over..heheh...

i like the dress on the left...
i like how flowy the dress goes...heheh...

my last words are...

cheers to THE BEST DRESSED of the night!



the reason behind my not finding one...

Tanggungjawab pertama ku bukan mencari dirimu,
mensolehkan diriku.
Sukar untuk mecari soleh diri mu,
andai solehah ku tidak seatnding dengan kesolehan mu.

Janji Allah pasti ku pegang dalam misi mencari diri mu~~~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Standing on my feet.

i just woke up in the surau of uia on a tuesday morning...
i feel as in im in cameron highlands with the mist n dew n the coolness...n for some reason have no intention to go bak to sleep. oh i love uia.
y cudnt i just take up some course in uia gombak n be lala happy here with my bestie tyra?

so for my 21st,i had decided to get the s3-10t...
but my budget was sooo not enuf to get tht...just off by a bit actly...n my parents arent very convinced of me gettin a new lappie since i already hv one...evidently meaning tht they wont b chipping in...instead my brilliant mom had an en route towards my dreams!

she gave me a lil side project!

i wudnt call translating a near400 page book a 'litle' project...wud u?
i mean,its practically re-writing a whole book! O.O
im lookin forward to it! but im not sure of my kebakuan!
its been ages since ive written anything Malay properly...and i hv tried many times...but they hav always stopped as just being trials...n not much more la..hahah...

so off i go!
my first super big paycheck for Bank Negara Malaysia!
doa for me!

Monday, August 22, 2011

my daily check

wheneve i feel weird,
n uncertain of myself,i open this picture,
n see wht 3 words i stumbleupon.
faboulous ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

captivated by you baby like a firework show

meet me in the pouring rain, kiss me on the side walk...

as evryone shud noe, that the bloggin place is the place best used wen we are at our extreme points of ourlives, u noe,either being very happy...or crappy sad...

and at the moment,
my life? has been a roller coaster...not a literal one la...i wudnt say i was dead down o netin lyk tht,but i can say tht i have this xsedap hati fr sum tym now..ntala y...i seriously wonder la...
but i sha'nt focus on those...i shall focus on the greatness of my last week...the week b4 the hectic raya week...as in,nxt week,saya akan sgt bz cleanin the umah n painting various areas of the house...maybe even at night...w/out my dad's knowledge..bcos he's scared il get an asthma attack.. gee =.=" lyk he's any bette...huhu...

so thts all,
bcos i m in serious load of things to do:
1.type out my mom's attendance
2.print out my mom's attendace
3.print pharmaco notes
4.rasa nk tido (hahaha)
5.write a letter of absence fr our community service
6.kemas the mess in my room
7.OH YEAH,study fr pharmaco quiz yg nta biler...

i think thts all...
tmr my mom will b giving me a book to translate to BM...cehwahhh...xle blah la...
n i need to to do it!
bcos i w tht money ill b gettin my dream notebook/tablet! hehehe...n w my wtv money,i plan to also get my self a fridge on my bday..to stock my bday cakes! hahah...yes! PLURAL! bcos frm wat i noticed,
PPLS DONT celebrate their twentyone ONCE...but multiple of times...blame the western "twentyone concept" or the hoohaa my peers seem to potray...but thts my observation la...but evidently i dont expect to bawak balek kek pun...actly come to think of it,xrasa lebeh dr satu kek pun ill get...unlyk my 8teenth bday cake! whe my fren huda gav me a cake fr my bday! lyk ttly comel! hehe...

atm,the muddle in my mind is:
my skepticism towards love.
it seems sooo lyk unperceivable to me...
bcos for your info,
i had been the love guru fr a couple of my frends fr these past few weeks...whe i get to hear love stories/dilemmas on a daily basis...story in...storyout...
ntala...i don wana say anything provocative about these stories...
but wat i can do is conclude on the effect it had upon me,
wic is,
the feeling is a sort of puzzling mystery...
one tht wen i sit n wonder,i can feel my heart reretreat slowly n slowly away frm these stories...away n away frm love of the opposite...
how i feel tht my heart is for none other,myself n god.
yup,nt even those close to me..i feel as if my heart will b violated n torn apart by invisible wat more,inevitable expectations tht i subconciously have tht i myself m not sure of.
im scared.
its a defense mechanism my friend says...n i hav to agree its true. lyk chemotaxis...whe these love agents seem to hav a negative efect on me,n i retreat..all away...far away...ntala...sedehnyer thinking mcm tu...
n my friend also added if its bcos im waiting fr the 'one'..wic wen i think about it again...im not either...bcos i don constantly look out fr cute/compatible guys...n neither do i oftn think about my fture w any guy tht comes into my life...ntala...
but i hv to say,i m very prone to love songs these past few weeks..but no one comes to my mind. not even the guys i keep in touch very often. its lyk,these songs have no meaning to me, they r just songs i enjoy,singed by someone famous fr some people hu r ttly heads over heels over sumone...ntala...
i cant even seem to say anything right anymore without thinking about it again n feelin tht it wasnt sumtin nice.
so ive decided to stay safe with:

so for now,

Friday, August 19, 2011

today was a good day...

i hav to say there were other hyper n more better days...

but toay was a memoreable one...

alot of things tht i wud loveee n hate to do were done...n i wud say it was an acomplished day..
exctly a week after my bestie nabilah turned 21...n the day my childschool fren turned 21...hahah...
*how random,even the next 2 bdays coming up frm my besties are lyk a week apart...aka mimi's n eka's* hmmm

so wht did i du?

1. i enterd a competition w my 2 girlfrends n ended up 2nd! *eeeeeeeeks!*
2. i did the thing i hated the most....wic was collect duit in a tabong....i actly made new frends! *yeay*
3. i walked EVERYWHE frm the 14th right till d 3rd floor ronda-ing msu to get the tabong...hahha...
4. and after all tht,i went to my fav workplace...living classrooms..

i even buka-ed puasa with my new fav bazaar...ttdi... :)

i cant posibly talk about each event single handedly cos im much too sleepy fr tht. i ahve a bunch of 5/6/7 yr olds tmr to handle frm 9 to 1....haha...n i had been stuck in badbad crawl yday fr lyk 3 hours...


ps-sum eye candy:

wendy's the explorer...

the hotties of the steamboat ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4. Photo of you and your best friend. Part II

there is a part 2.

there is never too many besties
bcos they are much more worth it than anything else :)

n i m sory fr postin my photo challenge absolutely lambat
*the evidence y i xmasok these kinds of competition* hahah

*husniah zaimah*

my childhood bestie

sekampong dgnku


*nabilah yakob*

my my trio with mimi can nve be complete w/out this girl

*comel kan???*
i call her bi...
her dramatic face!

and last but not least,

*kiwa kiwi*

my (only???) guy bestie
frm cfs uia...

my only photo 'with' him..

hes a quirky guy..
but no one can beat him la :p

love u guys


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

nape sedeh ni?

i cant deny,klu i sedeh je
mmg blog is the first place i akan luahkan evrything

i was happy2 je tadi...
  • started fbchattin w old frends...
  • was researchin online fr my kids concert..
  • got tagged by my high school bestie to an awesome vidclip...
  • strted chattin back w an old flame...

and most of all....
  • anticipating fr tmoro..

and then sudenly,

i had a crash.
im seriously on the verge to starting to learn to hate a certain sumone.and a certain species all together.
i honestly dono wht is the stem of all my 'hate' n negative feelings fr the opposite species....at wic im always consulted fr...wic i ttly love..duhh...i personally love knowing all these stuf...but honestly,im not anyone at the authority hu can give opinion pun. and more n more i dengar bende2, the more i feel a stronger feelin of anguish n dyslik towards them. n i start feeling sad.

n for now,im just saddened by the fact tht the opposite species hv to ALWAYs,n i mean ALWAYS be THE topic of distraction/conversation/problem n etc towards my species.

leave us alone

if only i cud shout tht,but how cud tht be posible? it will only b against my fitrah. making me the hugest hipocrite.

so wat can i say? but only tears.

2 down!

2 more months till my birthday..
n so far..i have busted 2 surprise bday plans frm my bestie mimi...

heheh...im soo mean kan?
i dint mean it!

fr me to say tht im not lookin frward to my 21st,is a lie. a HUGE one.

writers block!

i had ayam penyet today w my parents in taipan...:(
yes, sad face, evn tho i hav meng-idamkan ayam penyet fr days,but i had originally planned to hv murni!!! huhuh...u dono murni?

Murni is this place more popular in PJ SS2....its just one tiny shop *ok not tiny but medium sized* but i dont go there,bcos it is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to get a place to sit! its jam packed! n iv neve knew of this shop..i acidentally stumbled upon is branch in taipan,n had a delicious time...so tht was my first n last tym...n tday was suposed to b my 2nd...but leavin at 6pm was just NOT enuf to get a place...unless u wana sit on stools outside alng the corridors fr an hr to buka puasa time....
*so thts how pack the place is*

my parents tried to pacify me by sugestin,"pizza vs satay"...its another joint tht is super sedap oso la...unfortunately,i cnt rmmber wat was sedap! well,evrything was! the pizza was sedap...n thts the only place il eat satay pizza! hehehe....
n guess wht?
i walked off frm my parents...as in i walked really cepat...to get ther leavin my car infront of murni's..hahah...hvg this strong feelin of sumtin bad...n guess wht? "pizza vs satay" dh tutup! they had mved to usj 11!!!!
huhuh...sedeh =.="

then my moms lyk,"jom ayam penyet," by then,i was disheartened dy...i walked quickly jugak to tht kedai...but i was seriously feelingsless....huhu...

till my dad read the menu n tried to cheer me up...

mom: *laughs*
me: *apesal la my parents ni*
mom: pa,tell her la...
me: =.="
dad: i saw the milo dinosaur...u shud order it...
me: whe????????? i dont c it oso! *cheers up~~~since i love milo*
mom: then papa said, u have to orrder the milo float as wel...
me: *crickets sounds...digests....* OH!!! u mean,if i drink? ill sink! so u wan me to float is it? so tht i saves me from drownin ye???
mom n dad : *laughs*
me: =.="

ahahha...it wasnt tht funny...but funny la jugak kan? then the conversation started...hahah....

n gues wht?

my dad had to tell tht to the owner of the kedai! malunyer!!!! T.T
i dont think he got it..im not sure..but i looked down...xbrani tgk...hahah.....

n yeah.thts 2 down.
2 projects down frm bestie mimi,
n 2 shops down fr my buka puasa.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

i hate technology

i have been ultra busy.

either busy eating medicine, not eating, sleepin, coughin or heaped with work.

haha.... get the hang...i wasn well wen ramdhan started...and i hadnt even opened my own blog..or anyone's blogs for tht purpose...fb yes...youtube yes...hahah...

so i have these quizzes tmr...so i shudnt b onlining...and chong wei is playing lindan downstairs on the tv...but im not with my parents to saksikan the game...im here,sprawled with notes across my table....and my lappie on my books,,,,i shud start callin it bookie...haha...considring the amount of books it contains...n my notes...

arrrrr....i m sooooo frustrated la! ok,not so much,but i had vowed myself to get myself a grrrr8 21st presie fr myself since my parents hvnt celebrated my bday since....since my 9teenth? nta...since i dh besar ni,my parents seem to feel tht i dont need to celebrate..not tht they say it tht way...but i just don c any gifts nemore,..huhu...no cakes either...so no celebrations..n even fr my 20th,i got myself presies too...all by myself...hahaha...baju bday...sedehkan?? actly,xla sedeh...bcos my parents knew i had the capability to buy wtv i wan...hahaha...wic was true...n dyeorg xkn larat to buy wat i wan....wic i oso dono wat i wan....lawak kan? i tak tahu wat i wan? haha...bcos i have all tht i need...hahaha...lawaknyerrrrr....

y m i talking about bday ni?


bcos my bestie bi had just celebrated her 21st on friday...n we did this awesome recording/acting fr her tonton-nan....sory...not fr public..we did crazy acting..yg takla acting sgt pun...but it was sincere frm the bottom of our hearts...mimi's n mine tht is...

n believe it or not, the idea of having a video for bi?
was suposedly coined by me wen i was at this biochem semnar in cls...
n wen i txtd mi,
she was lyk,"crap!"
hahaha...u noe y?
bcos the video idea was suposedly fr me too! she dint say it,but i got her cues..hahaha....
mimi,oh mimi...nape la kite telepathy sgt huh? hahaha....

actly,the point tht i wanted to state here was actly,
i wanted an ipad2 o ssth lyk tht...u noe, a touch screen fr my bday...ok,NOT a touch screen per say...but a mobile, lite portable n cool tech device fr me to bring my notes n books around...because im so sick n tired of being the girl hu always brings her lappie to class..
not tht neone apreciates *y shud they again?* hahaha...
wel,wat i mean is, its very berat n bulk to bring a lappie evrywhe...n all i wan is maybe one/2 notes...or 1/2 books je...so i felt tht hvg an ipad wud b cool..
but fr the awesomely absurd price, and the ever growing n expanding 'tech' i feel as if its a waste of money....first there was the ipad...then the 2 had to come out...soon theres gona b a 3....geee....
hu m i kidding?

so i hv stopped wantin an ipad...
n then my bestie kiwa had sugested this processor fr a netbook...suposedly it was the fastest in its range...so i ceked it out on the internet...n i found a lenovo brand hving this procesor
*i kinda lik lenovo...cos it can tahan ganas*
n i stumblied upon this netbook cum tablet! the s10-3t model
n i ttly fell inlove w it..the price was okla jugak...not far frm m budget...so i was la-la happy n left my house to go buy bukak puasa with my parents...
after bkak puasa,
i continued serving the net,n i read the reviews...n i felt sedeh...
n hence,me bukak-in this blog n yapping..hahah...
kiwa...y cudnt u b in kl?
then kite can go jalan2 go tgk2 the lappies...i nk sgt netbook yg comel...huhuh...
i saw this tablet/ideapad by lenovo mcm cool jugak...but i don think ade kt msia...

i wan a boyfie yang pandai techno.
*jgn perahsan kiwa*

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Afdlin Shauki - Kantoi Whatever

but the best reply to the kantoi song must be this one!
afdlin shauki evidently! hehe

Zee Avi - Kantoi (The Reply)

as i was driven back to uia's pasar mlm fr a berbuka puasa juadah with my parents,
the kantoi song played in my fon...
n i rmmbered shakir saying how they had these replies to the song...so heres an interesting one :P