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Thursday, September 29, 2011

For Bestie Tyra ;)

Dearest Bestie,
My friend posted this up on her fb...
and it was so funny :)

and i was exctly lyk the 'medical student'....

An Engineer la!

so anyhow,
this photo is a reminder tht i have a cute lil bestie named tyra hu is a future ENGINEER! yeay! :P
tinggal xde lawyer je... ;P\

Surah AlKausar :)

Surah ini paling pendek, hanya mengandungi 3 ayat & diturunkan di Makkah dan bermaksud sungai di syurga. Kolam sungai ini diperbuat daripada batu permata nan indah dan cantik.

Rasanya lebih manis daripada madu, warnanya pula lebih putih daripada susu dan lebih wangi daripada kasturi.
Surah ini disifatkan sebagai surah penghibur hati Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. kerana diturunkan ketika baginda bersedih atas kematian 2 orang yang dikasihi iaitu anak lelakinya Ibrahim dan bapa saudaranya Abu Talib.

Pelbagai khasiat terkandung di dalam surah ini dan boleh kita amalkan:-

1) Baca surah ini ketika hujan dan berdoa, mudah-mudahan Allah s.w.t. makbulkan doa kita.

2) Jika kita kehausan dan tiada air, bacalah surah ini dan gosok di leher, Insya'allah hilang dahaga.

3) Jika sering sakit mata, seperti berair, gatal, bengkak, sapukan air mawar yang sudah dibacakan surah ini sebanyak 10x pada mata.

4) Jika rumah dipercayai terkena sihir, baca surah ini 10x, mudah-mudahan Allah s.w.t. bagi ilham pada kita dimana letaknya sihir itu.

5) Jika membacanya 1,000x rezeki kita akan bertambah.

6) Jika rajin membacanya, hati kita akan menjadi lembut dan khusyuk ketika menunaikan solat.

7) Jika orang teraniaya dan terpenjara membacanya sebanyak 71x, Allah s.w.t. akan memberikan bantuan kepadanya kerana dia tidak bersalah tetapi dizalimi.

Perkara yg baik kita amalkan selalu. Sebar2kan kepada kekawan,tanpa perlu minta izin lagi untuk berkongsi.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All

Shared from my Bestie's FB page.

i m at peace w the world.
i think.
except with my physiological self.
seriously,pms sucks.alot.lot.lot.lot.lot.lot
me: i cant imagine wen i dah sarat with a baby in my tummy. lolsz...
bestie mi: hahaha..dun wana go ther! that's scarier!!!

so conclusion:
sayangilah ibu mu

*ps-i noe,how jauh topic lari dr original post.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"without dependin on others"
wel for now anyways...


and my 'coverline'

here's some"one" TOTALLY deperate:
*Grammar* haha...applicable to My Besties and I, we are very particular about the use of English..hahah...my Best friends and I are constantly checking ppl's mistakes
*pls ignore any mistakes in my blog,it was TYPO*
*ecehcehceh* hahaha


my best friend mimi's status a few weeks ago...
also one of my principles,
that is why i believe in LONG distance relationships. :)


talking about relationships,
evryone must hav had an 'imaginary' relationship w a crush right?
so i found this tumblr picture about crushes:
THANK GOD i cant say tht about any(wel most) of my crushes!
bcos my crushes had all been quite 'good' la..
except fr my 1st uni crush,tht was craaaaaay infatuation with a certain type of ppl i suposedly 'wanted' to b with...no way.
and ohyeah,
and another 'crush' hu cud aply this also is a person hu i m close to right now,cos i TOTLLY CANT rmmber wen i crushed on him..hahah...


but wtv it is,
one lesson my friends have thot me is:
so i think,
before i can open my up fr another person
and to love another being,
i shall love my mother above all other being


Monday, September 26, 2011

X.X dead bodies X.X

It’s strange isn’t it? That funerals always make...It’s strange isn’t it? That funerals always make us think about death. But when they’re over we quickly resort back to our normal lives. So the question today is… If someone told you right now the exact time you would die and meet Allah what would you do? Probably start praying 24/7? So why, when we already know we are destined to die we never think about death. We’re basically taking our chances, hoping death will be far far away, but perhaps we should start preparing for it each day. Starting from today :) (Source: thetranquilitywithin)

why are people so scared of dead bodies?
im not even refering to those who are gory with blood gushin all over or those yang bergelimpangan...

after tumblr-in around,they keep saying that whatever you're most prolly scared/fear of is because you have experienced it before. hmmmm. what can we experience with dead bodies? what? our own death? or the passing of a close one? well a parting of a close one still cant scare us right?
*thinkin face*
so when i entered medicine, i finally saw dead bodies, examined them, study them and all, only then i realised that, *ohyeah,and also after watching ghost Whisperer* actly, im scared of the fact that these dead bodies/cadavers can wakeup again. and tht freaks me out, lyk how we all used to look/observe the eyes of our cadavers just in case it terkebils/blinks or something..hahah...and since our cadavers are cut into half,
its lyk,we are almost scared tht fella can move by himself hahaha...lyk how those corpses in ghost Whisperer does. scary kan?

how come people arent scared of sleep? isnt sleep part of death? people say when u sleep ur somewhat dead.
especially if u look at all those idioms: "u sleep lyk a dead log,tidur mati" talk about persamaan.

why the heck m i talking about this random topic?
because at the moment,im waiting fr my mom to finish work,and nrmally,id b in the library,.or in msu,or in uia.but today,im very the malas,
and here i m,in the crowded surau surounded by 'corpses'..hahaha....
what the heck m i talking about? what else if it isnt all these students who are busy....*BUSY la sgt* sleeping!!! hello! lyk xde keje laen except tido. seriously,i honestly dont understd y ppl sleep. iv nver slept in my surau except AFTER A FULL DAY of class! lyk seriously! btwn clazes i sti in the library doin work,or simply chattin but NEVE sleeping! i might b sleepy! but i nve actly sleep. ohgosh. seriously.
yeah,can u hear tht hiss in my tone? hahaha..wel,anak dara patutnyer tak tido kat surau/berborak dgn boyfriend dis surau/videochat with ur boyfriend in the surau.  ish.

untuk si dia...

i found this online...

renung-renungkanlah wahai saudara ku...

♥ "Aku terima nikahnya si dia binti ayah si dia dgn mas kahwin RM..."Bunyi mcm sng? Nah ni makna sbnrnya..

Aku tanggung dosa2 si dia dr ibubapanya,apa saja dosa yg si dia buat,dari dedah auratnya sehingga tinggal solatnya,aku tanggung & bkn lg ibubapa si dia..Dan aku tanggung smua dosa bakal anak2 ku,jika gagal maka aku fasik,dayus & aku rela msk neraka & malaikat Zabaniyah melibas bdnku sehingga pecah..
via ustaz zamri ♥

doesnt tht blow ur mind? the responsibility of a Man of the House. Imagine, that is ONE wife, and if ONE child..
hmmm...but how many men outside there do understand those words? and how wud one understand it if there were already dosa2 yang tidak terlangsai even before nikah? if u noe wht i mean, *sighs*
Hence,tht is why, even guys hu appear even as rotten/bad as they might appear wud love a woman hu are perfectly crafted,an angel that is soleh. as one of my mutual friends in one of the most social universities in selangor actually asked my best friend in uia to find him someone in uia as he is bored with girls hu dont obey they shariat of Allah. But Allah is most fair,He has promised evryone for another half hu is sekufu/as good/bad as we are. :) hmmm...
let me restate:
Finding the right man for marriage is the second challenge, the first challenge is to be the right woman that a right man wants to marry.

my 35th post

reflects something more important than daily bittybatter..

A sign of hard heart;A song can make you cry but the Quran can’t.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

off to bed :)

u have a problem w me?
i have a pluch toy! n u dont! hahah...

why i love u :)

the only person/ppl i can do this with is with my best friends.

birthday sapela tu.

random title
i am curently tumblr-ing the world...

and i  stumbled upon things tht reminded me of birthdays???
hmmm..xsure la.
but this picture:

was wat i got for my bestie eka for he 16th bday! hehehe...
so how cud i forget right???

and then,
i saw this cake,

omg,it is the most delicious cake eva!
*not tht i hv tasted it*

n then look at this! a baskin robbins cake!
a cake heaven for bestie mi...
*not me,im not much into icecream cakes,had it once,n nve actly finished it* hehe

but then
since im on the topic
 wont believe wat i googled!
21st birthday
~~~~pls DON feel pressured toget me netin. i m doin this merely out of fun
~~~sum of the content is sooo rong!

ok,first off,y is the 21st ALWAYS linked to keys? keys to wat?? a house? for wht? hahh...

loook! its maria shaparova!
shes so sexy on the court la...sumtimes i wonder whether ppl watch tennis fr tennis or the players...

and finally,
a great girls (or evn boys) bday JOKE cake..hahah

so much fr mind bogglin la kan...haha

so right,
i had thise random dream yesterday night about a certain someone,
actly,alot lot of ppl were in my dreams.
but this guy dah lamer in my tots, and i had always wanted to google him up and c wat id get. so i finally did.
and darn,

royally hopeless 

falling heads over heels!

seriously i m NOT hopin this to hapen to me 3rd oct nnt!!!

tp this kitty comel la!!!

amongst what lov is not :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

my bestie update her blog :)


yup.tht wasnt just my greetin,but also the new name to my bestie tyra's blog.
comel giler
great minds think alike,cos i wanted to upgrade my blog too..but i tried the other day,n i gave up halfway *not even half* but ye la,tu before i finished my exms. *m i tryinit again? not now ofcourse* she evn picasa-ed so many photos *envious face* hehe..

thats all.
just wanted to tell the world about my uia bestie :)

if i was a boy ;)

Nilai bezanya antara kawan sejati dan teman hati.

Tentang Teman Hati:
BF : Sayang , moto i rosak kt tepi jalan ni.
GF : Yeke? Then how ? U jage diri elok2 k, ade pape kol tau.
Tentang Sahabat:
BF : Bro, moto aku wat hal plak dah.
BFF : Asal bro? Ko katne? Aku gi sane skang.

Thats it. So, sebaik manapun buah hati korang,jangan la korang sisihkan sahabat korang.

Friday, September 23, 2011

HELP is a four letter word!

i got the title from watchin season 1 episode 4

after my exams,
iv decided to watch the whole season this 9 days of cuti
can u believe it?
9 days je??
sedeh tau!
hen back to crazt hectic life.
n im terrified,cos it wud b my last my last year in msu,then the year after next,ill b off to hospitals...
lyk takot nyerrrrrr
*suposedly gigit nails*


here are my fav quotes:

1st one:
salem (the cat): im curious, and im a cat, so killme

2nd one:
sabrina: wel,i wanted to go to this dance tonite w this guy
aunt zelda: harvey
sabrina: yeah, n then he goes with this other girl
aunt hilda: libby
sabrina: nd then wat happens?
aunt zelda: if harvey liks libby, then we dont hv a choice,
sabrina: but i dont thkn he likes her, bcos she asked him,
aunt hilda: then WHY DIN U ASK HIM?
sabrina: then he'l KNOW i LIKE him!
aunt hilda: but u do?
sabrina: YES! but i cant tell him tht!
aunt zelda: wel hv u told him?
sabrina: wel i smile at him a,lot
aunt zelda: he WIL NEVE figure it out tht way!! 16 yr old boys are oblivious
aunt hilda: use this
*zaps frm thin air*
sabrina: a sledge hammer???

so conclusion fr number 2,
klu suker cakap
but if u follow my crazyself,
so wht cakap???
i minat u, u minat i?




i do not tujukan this to anyone.
and to the person hu sent this vidclip,
i think i understd y u asked me to listen to it,
and thank you,
cos now im all geared to write this blogppost :)

Gio - Bila Cinta - OST Lagenda Budak Setan (Male- Full Version)

a side topic/title fr this post shud be:
cos i m

its lyk how all my good/bestfriends either hv another half, or have a crush, or have sumone they want to crush on.
*not funny,but i m pretty sure,i m straight,very sure make tht.hahah*
*just NOT in the mood: hence the title of this post*

if i were to tell my oldest bestie about this,
she is goin to say,
"trust me suria,u don want it, u dont want this feeling of wanting a guy,clinging on a guy, loving him to bits and etcetc...." cos suposedly,once u hv it, u get adicted, and u cant let it go easily, and the tot of it gone,is just unbearable. ;( sobsob honestly *shrugs* idk....maybe i can imagine it,
and then my bestie continues,
"besides,dosa suria,u dont want to add ur dosa.its my weakness, and i don want it to b urs,i wudnt."
*ok tears now fill my eyes*

then wen im lonely (more lyk alone) i reflect my day's deeds n dos...
how gedik i m, how dramatic i m,how crazy i m,how manja i m,how straightforward i m,
and i read this absurd bursts of mental notes i scribble into my phone,how i AM grateful for having such lovely good GiRL friends..n even more extensive BEST friends...i may hv many if u hv been keepin track of my blog...but they all hav a function,and they all are out to balance me, they make me come to a ful circle, :) lik as if they all stimulate me towards a better person,*omg,cakap mcm xde famly* i wont deny how my parents shape me n all,but i aint got a famly of 4/6 *maybe i do* but for now,i hv been raised as an anak tunggal thank u :) and these people i call besties are lyk my adek beradek...*except fr Kiwa,im NOT sure if he is an ABG or adek? or wht? i seem to hv trouble placing guys hu r my peers,but he is sumtin la :)* haha...other than tht,all my other besties are my KAKAKs! yesyes ur! don deny erm! *but they always say,i lah kakak. gee =.="* i honestly DON need to noe y...i can hear their voices...except w tyra...cos she is memang leagues kakak-er than me...i always feel lyk a kakak learning things frm her...frm sewing to masak nasi (cara yg betul) hahaha...
so now,
after writing n proofreading this post,
iv decided,
im NOT immature,its just the way i m,
n i may/may not b ready,
but for sure,im happy the way i m,
n im pretty sure,when the time, wait, the RIGHT time comes,evrythin wud b fine :) actly,im NOT 'pretty sure',im very sure, BismillahHitawakkalTuallah :)

alhibbu walkurhullah,
love n hate are in the hands of Allah.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

totally randommmm RAYA!

ive decided to blog about raya,
but i havent had the time *more lyk i m malas* to go thru my picture stack n choose a gambar to past up here/to picasa themwat so not...hence,ive decided to just click a random folder n load this blog w as many random raya photos fr me to blab/kongsi about! ngeeeeeeee :D

i started my days w pictures at the front door.
day 2 raya looked lik this :

lets start w wat i did last,
*ok,nearly last,as it happened on saturday 17/9/2011*
the delicious simple raya merdeka cake in Living Classrooms
it made my teeth go pink...
:D ngeeeeeee
i also celebrated my Raya merdeka in LC w my lil sweetheart, Asyraf :)

day four raya

the friday of raya,
the white horses all went convoi-ing..
aka my wuyieo n my cousing nana's swift..heheh..
whe did we convoi to?
Kuburs...wel,dah namernyer friday kan??? hahah...

open house at my place

reunion of the Assuntarian girls:)
from left,
Eka *my oldest bestie*,me, huda, eshrina *my bestie bck in high school*, sam
(amazingly we r ALL DOCTORS(to-be)!)
*except fr sam,but she's in the HOSPITAL line too...hospitality!*

my lecturers from Myanmar came!
from left: dr thandar, dr khai n dr khai*yes their names r both the same! n they r married!*

the last picture of the night

*with my lovely besties*
~the on the most right was so sweet to dtg even tho she was exhausted,she was yawning all the way~
*satu bestie je takde :( tyra...*
*and my petite bestie in kuantan nabilah ;( *

day one raya
with my fruit children
all of us clad in blue
go team blue!
*from left: nabila,me,saleha*

last saturday
our family photo in my aunty's house in kota damansara
in her newly renovated balcony,
it felt lyk we were in a resot...all breezy n windy...

n wat beter way to finish of a random blog
a random camwhore photo

*disclosure,i doNOT camwhore.ths was a takjadi photo put on timer!*

omggggggg...totally taking pics in my aunt's balcony while parents gibber gabber about random stuf...heheh

but all in all,
i must say,
this must have been the MOST hectic raya EVER!
with double open houses in my place

salam aidlifitri
wat is aidilifitri w/out the rendang

Sunday, September 18, 2011

she drives me happy :)

  • reason saya sayang Bestie Mimi

  • dgn org lain...i jsu cant fit my time in?

  • we r both workaholics...

  • so we both cari waktu yg sesuai together..

  • n ur my bestie, batchmate, clsmate...

  • n it happens to fit in nicely..

  • that's why la...lolsz..

  • dgn yg lain ade je excuse..

  • my Serena :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

wic one?

tot to ponder...

‎- TINGGI, atau yg tinggi imannya?
- HENSEM, atau yg hensem akhlaknya?
- TEGAP, atau yg tegap akidahnya?
... - COMEL, atau yg comel ibadatnya?
- COOL, atau yg cool kesabarannya?
- PUTIH, atau yg putih hatinya?
- CUTE, atau yg cute tawadduknya?
- KAYA, atau yg kaya ilmunya?
- PEMALU, atau yg pemalu kpd dosanya?
- GAGAH, atau yg gagah melawan nafsunya?

korang suka yg mana? pilih baik2 yaw sape yg bakal jadik imam kalian ♥

no,i MAY not love u.

tho i dont hv any brothers n sisters...
and even though this is my students' statuses on fb :P

but i kinda believe in them :)

Boy: Awak cintakan saya lebih dari keluarga awak?

Girl: TAK.
Boy: Kenapa?
Girl: Bila saya mula berjalan & terjatuh, bukan awak yang bangunkan saya tapi IBU saya. Bila saya di luar, bukan awak yang pegang tangan saya tapi AYAH saya. Bila saya menangis, awak tak x hentikan tangisan sy pon, tapi KAKAK ABANG saya yang hentikn. Jadi, keluarga lebih berharga dari segalanya ♥

love by my upsr kid...

what my standard 6 kid tot me about love...

Awak cakap Awak sukakan hujan, tetapi bila hujan turun Awak keluarkan payung.

Awak cakap Awak sukakan matahari, tetapi jika panas Awak cari tempat berteduh.

Awak cakap Awak sukakan angin, tetapi Awak menutup mata bila angin bertiup.

Dan sebab itulah saya risau jika awak cakap awak sukakan saya

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a Principle

my one and only principle so far.


this is what i call....

tada jodoh mah...


scariest thing in love.

one thing i have observed in love,
in my love life is that,
i see wat i want.
whether negative or positive
bad thing u ask?
its tht idk which is right n which is rong? :(

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yuna - Random Awesome

"and I smile a lot now
well I'm happier somehow
no I don't know what is up with me"

we'll figure out one day
what happen on your 24th birthday

tak maen la minat-minat ni...

the thing is...

Kalau saya terjatuh hati...
adakah awak yang mengutipnya??

i really do wonder... :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

pfffffffffts :P

i m not hurt.

actually the above tumblr is a misnomer fr my feelings.
but somewhat there.
because at the moment i am confused.

i m very sure i m not hurt.
not physically.

but i am right now sedang belajar tentang banyak benda.
aku rasa seperti aku sedang menangani (comprehending) a new fact of life, and i m having trouble digestin the news. i have heard about the news before, but little did i know the heavy implications... ok, now i m learning the consequences..the thing is, bende tu tak terjadi lagi.
i guess this is what they call preparation.
and talkin about preparations,
isnt my batch the best examples?


Friday, September 9, 2011

i wont be here forever

this is for you,

and if the question u r saying is:"m i the person she refering to???"
pls read the below....sape makan cili,dye rasa pedas"
*tho tiada unsur sindiran marah disini.
thank u.


if its one thing we always here people say to us wen we are sad or troubled about something is,
"be happy, don worry,"
*personally,i kinda loathe tht,bcos its a statement full of escapism*

while some more matured others wud advice us n say,
"look at the bright side, u have all these etc etc...."
*i use this one,* the meanin??
exammple: we lost rm50 from our locker,
negatively, we c tht maybe we lost money in our locker, we c tht OMG,tht was my LAST rm50!!! wat m i goin to do?..insted,we shud b thinkin,hey rm50 je....wht if tht fella took my whole purse AND bag n ETC???
sooo u c....look at it in the bigger picture la.*

for now,
sadness had been awayyy frm me today. Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah
n im good with tht,
altho tht lady in toll booth pagi tadi was rather rude,and made me frown jap, but i had a good mcd breakfast with my mom in her office...and i went to uia. lets just say,goin to uia nve fails to make me happy. even if i go there all alone, or if i have to walk about 5 km up n down campus frm one building to another n sumtimes gettin sesat...hahaha...

and the best thing(nearly) happened today,

the person i missed most called me up
tht actly made me squeel. n i mean it literally.
i giggled,
then laughed,

dyu noe tht feeling?
its lyk wen we just started goin to school, and our parents come over evryday to make sure tht u makan during lunchtime bcos they noe ur hvg a hard time at school adjusting to new friends,
so ur all suuuuuuper excited to c them come,
but u noe,
its just goin to be fr this 1st week, and u also noe tht deep in ur parents hearts, they are actly bz w their work etc, but because we love them, we let them go.
and also because u noe tht in ur parents minds are, "awwwhhh...one day s/he wil grow up,and we hav to be left behind," although u dont eve want tht to happen, but u feel tht,"i guess thts the way then,"
yes, i feel lyk tht kid
*tho my parents nve came after me at school,cos i nve realy had trouble enjoyin school..hehhe*

although it was generally a sad phone call,
still i was excited.
*tht was a first in this year...and a first in a looooong time*

i was excited bcos i felt as if all my fears had melt away.
i felt as if my fears werent true.
but for some reason,
what i said/felt/envisioned/thot of my fears are nothing short frm the truth.
it was still there.

and hu does lyk fears?

bcos one fear kinda leads u to another,

and worst thing about fears is tht it haunts you. more than anything else. oh gee it sucks alright. lyk literally suck.hahah..

and as positive s i m,i sometimes do relate n look at these fears, just keepin in check tht i m mere human tht actly have fears. haha...and surprisingly,i realised,one of my fears came true last year, though i wen thru perfectly fine, so i bcame puzzled. hahaha..
*yes,i was puzzled w my fear*
*strange kan?*

i wont b here forever.
tho i du wanto,
but its hurting.

or maybe i guess,
im very much a historian kot now,
running back down memory lane je keje
kte dh kt fast lane,
mmg kne lenyek la i.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Doors Down - Here Without You

I have three words for you.
they are the simplest words.
i miss you.

Thank you Allah fr giving me this feeling
as sad as it maybe,
i learn to appreciate for the things i have,more than those things i dont.
Thank you Allah for my wonderful family,
Thank you Allah for instilling me patience and understanding,
Thank you Allah for gifting me with someone so sweet, di luar expectation saya,especially di kala saya terasa sedih.
and most of all,
Thank you Allah for making me realise all these that i Need to Thank YOU for.
For what am I if You were not With me.

*hu ever knew a 3 doors down song cud hv "thank you Allah" as a commentary*

positively vintage

the above is an example of vintage fabric pattern

so today,

i went fabric shoppin with erra to jalan tuanku!
the big msian apple KL! hehe..

up n down we went..
ke hulu n hilir..
in and out..
back n forth
to find me a perfect top fr my dress.
im really serious about this baju thingy.
and we had a ball of a time to find the kaen,
and i was lyk,
"erra, is it memang susah to find a kaen?"
and she replied,
"ohyeah,its lyk u go into 10 shops n u'd lyk the one in the 3rd"

so tht was we did,
about 3 hours of walking.
but it was nice,
a post raya shopping,
and honestly if u ask me,
i like shoppin after the whole 'lets go shoppin' season yang sesak n full of people bargaining fr prices

now,its so lengang,
i sat in the kopitiam in kl all alone today,
listening to the waking up of the city fr the first time in my life,
as a white lady was sitting in te croner with her journal,
i assume writing a review on what she thhinks about kl. kl,whu had not been awak yet even tho it was already 10+...hahah...

~so back to fabric shoppin~

i love pink,
its a girly color
its a kiddy

but it looks good on me,
i mean the sweet color la..
jgn la give me the shocking fuscia color tht strikes the red light at the traffic light out of its sockets..hahah...

i actly found a fabric just lik the above's dress!
n i immediately fell in love wit it...but the thing is...
it was too heavy and it wud just add more weight to my cute self..

but little cud i find any nice pink ones except fr this one

*sry fr the poor foto*

but it wasnt all that pink pun...
and it looked weird if i were to make it all sleeved up n evrything...
so i had to let it go...

so we were in this shop,
i think it was our 7/8th shop?
n we had climbed 3 flight of stairs to reach to desired department,it was lyk a huge jungle...
and the fabrics were lyk 60 inches in width...about my height...but erra,being tall,towered them all, :P

i was not exctly tht tired,
but we were running out of tym,
as i actly had a bz2 day ahead of me..
*but tht is an altogether diferent story*

so i said,
"omggg..i need my inhaler...so tinggi,"
erra: "kan?? tinggi kan?"
me: i dont care,by hook or crook, im goin to get my kaen frm here,
*tryin to be positive*

and guess wht?

i did find the perfect kaen there,

it was nice to pegang
*yes,tht was wat we did most,feel the fabric,
if chefs smelt ingredients, designers touch their fabric*
it had a vintage look,
it had flowers,
the size of the flowers wre not too small,and neither were they hugely ginormous,
the price was reasonable

just one thing je slack,

the COLOR!
NOT pink!!!
erra was lookin at it weird, and kept askin me if i was sure i wanted to get tht kaen..
and im lyk,
"i don care,we'll just buy this,and if lets say we stumble on another kaen,we'll buy tht one jugak,"
she kept looking and thinking. finally,
"it looks nice as a blazer"
we bought it,

then we had to get the kaen fr the rest of the dress.
so it was time to match the colors
oh geeeeeeeee
NOT my fav part
i kept saying,
"ur the designer,i wuudnt noe..lyk seriously,"
i trust her

so after spending less than rm100...
actly,less then the amount of the ticket for the dinner,
we were done

thank u erra.
good luck jahiting..

im excited
takot jugak la

not in u girl
but in the whole idea.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

goin vintage


i have nve been so obsessed about a baju..or a dinner...i had always been a simple person whu just wore wtv there is in my closet to gatherings n functions...

but this time around, an idea sparked fr me to seek my bestie's lil sister(erra) to dress me up. who knew i was goin to tht? sooo random. +.+"

im suuuuper sleepy actly,but i hv a date w her in about 12hrs to go fabric shoppin... n i hv to do research, bcos...............

in order to win this 'best dressed'

i wana go as a simple unique person.
*especially me being a plus size...*
its notttt easyyyy....but i hv a knack fr it..insyaAllah..so sad my moms not helpin me out,
bcos she wont agree to waste money on a dress. :(

Vogue UK June 1937 - Coco Chanel Photo by Cecil Beaton - Conde Nast Archive

so here's to best dressed