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Sunday, October 30, 2011

memang cabaran!

its 358pm according to my lappie.
i woke up at god noes wht tym this morning because i was sick.
but im fine now.
thank u fro asking!
*talking to thin air*
*sah dah tak  betul*

the picture above depicts me,
at this moment tryin to get my pile of work done.

tots in my head currently:
1. where are my friends?
answer: doin our bulk load of work!

2. i hate bein sumthing-sumting
answer: hears eka's voice,
whe's my ipod?
tgk dlm ni!
tgk betul2!
tgk straight dlm mata!
*because i m one, and so is she! haha*

3. whe do i start
answer: picture above

4. bole abes ke ni?
answer: nve try neve noe! huaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
akku haruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

5. aku sorg je ke yg rendevous mcm dunia takde pe nk buat?
answer: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. am i doomed?
answer: tryin to b positive!!!!!!!!!!!

7. get off the blog!
answer: i willllllllllllllllllllllll!

rants of budak medik dengan timbunan, pharmaco, pathology, microbe *yg saya sayang* dan forensic medicine.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

wobbly legs

these are the words from a wobbly legged girl
who also has a some sort of wobbly hands n fingers!
i think im fallingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...

falling ill!

the only time i get sleepy from meds are when i ttly m sick.
and this is the time.

but i stil wana blog two things.

i had an awesome 21st.
it is finally complete
*yes,very much*
i have yet to edi n post up the photos..
but lets just say,

some of the best memories are captured by the heart,not the lenses of cameras.

so how did i noe it had been commpleted?
i knew it the moment i hugged my sister,

i knew it the time we got into the car together in bukit jalil wen i fetched her.
i knew it when we sat down together in the middle of the park.
and i knew it when i felt my heart move when i was with her.

im not that avid at adjectives, hence y i not a novelist. but it was a splendid and very delightful afternoon,
on the contrary to what i had with all my other friends.
that is why our relationship is way miles different from others.

i really do wana tell u jists n moments of our meetup n etc.
but these wobbly legs and droopy eyes aint helping the process,.
oh yeah,
and eiky is calling me!

so gettin on to the second thing.
which i hv now somewht forgotten
*because my eyes are gettin droopy-er!*
dh igt,

how do i put this into words,
bcos,i feel.....
kenapa awak macam sajeje kasar with me?
im gettin more n more fedup.
i seriously hope wht bestie mi said is right, 
wic is i m pms-in. because or not,
i may sincerely stop walking my life path with you.
who are u?
i wish i cud spell it out.
but tht wud b ur ultimate dream. *sigh* why are you doing this to me?

rasa mcm nk kecewa pun ada. tp nta. 
wobbly legs seem to hinder me atm.


and time kaseh eka fr eiky.
sebab he has been a great distraction!
he said to me in our sleep yday,
he is looking forward to go to uni w me
*he prahsan jd doctor! just cos he's white! hahahaha*
gedikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..mcm my bestie/sister tu!

so signing off,
wobbly legs hu loves her sister,
♥ ♥ ♥      eka.       ♥ ♥ ♥

*always rmmber, the first and last line je yg matters*



that is how my microbe lab wil most prolly look lik.
not funny

is it memang standard yang microbe likes to torture people with lab reports or something?

wic m i to u?

A good friend sees the first tear, 
catches the second, and stops the third.

A true friend sees the first tear, 
photographs the second, and 
posts the video of the third on Facebook ;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

serious ke banyak?

my bestie about 10 minutes ago asked me how much more i have to go on my assignments,
my answer,

lik serious banyak!
rase mcm nk tarik evrystrand of my hair and start jumping up n down!
dahla my chair tak sedap! chair kat library uia lagi sedap!

tapi i feel as if doin work in the middle of the mlm is muchhhhh beter than during the day....
the day i feel lik there time goes.
haha. not funny.

i hate assignments.
i officiaally announced it on fb about 2 seconds ago.
m i proud of it?
wel im p*ssy abt it...maybe cos im superrrrr sleepy.
*then y m i bloggin u ask?*
bcause i need to destress
*keje pun xstat dh nk destress, tah pape*

to my uia friends,
good luck fr ur exms,
but if u ask me,
id rather go for exms and get it DONE n OVER WITH w/in the short 2/3hours in the exm hall rather than having to find ridiculous answers fr my asgnments and lab reports!
i m seriously whiney. god noes y.


tu je. sry. not a role model medical student atm. bcos very sleepy.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

twentyone things.

its been over a week since it was my official 21st birthday :)
my suposedly 'gateway' to adulthood and freedom and blah blah...but all those doesnt matter. *well,currently,it doesnt mean anythinglaaa* haha.
bcos as i have learnt thru the years *ecece lik so many la sgt* tht there is never freedom, there is always strings attached, if not so, there wil always be responsibilities. always.
for instance,
u get to go out with a guy, because he is ur husband,
u get a car, because u are incharge of running errands *or ur good w d car*
u get a laptop, to do ur work,
u have a job with pay, only to pay ur bills and sustain a living
u are allowed to do as you like,only because people noe they can trust u.
*so to me, adulthood is wen u shoulder these well :) *

but i am happy just the way i am,
last year, i wished for a car, a white myvi, and alhamdulillah, All praises to Allah, i have my wuyieo :)
tho wuyieo has been bullied twice on the roads, i will fix erm soon at the end of the year insyaAllah.

i was listening to redfm the other day, the 3rd most listened to channel in Wuyieo. *suposedly la*
and rudy was on, his topic of the hour/day was,
"what wud u tell ur 6teen yr old self to do or not do,"
people called up and told their 6teen yr old selves many things, suchas, 
'love ur best friends,'
'dont jump on to everything,'
'dont fall in love easily, especially with ur best friends,'
some more money making,
'why dont u try to build facebook n twitter,'
and macam-macam lagi la.

all the while. as i was driving to uni, i was thinking hard. i flashed back to my schooling days. 6teen was the year i came back from hajj. the year i wore the hijab. :) on another note, also the year i had an awesome 6teen people fr my sweet 6teenth party! hahah..
i obviously strted school late *bcos balek haji was in february*, my bestie eka was NOT in my class. :( and i was nt sitting w my at tht time bestie, eshrina. i was sad. i was tembam! but i always puasa-ed and saved loads of money. *yeah, i had loads of money to go shoppin* hahah.
but the most negative thing i rmmbered about being 6teen? i often fell sick. i was depressed/sad or sth tht i kept falling sick, hence, i hardly was in school.
but come to think of it, takde la masalah sgt skippin school, because technically,my 6teenth yr of life was in form 5, and loads of ppl skipped school to study at home, and wen we went to school? well, we used to play games! like seriously!hahah....
so in a nutshell,
i wud ask my 6teen yr old to just keep being herself, because i m very proud of my 6teen yr old self, and i wudnt wanto change a darn thing.*no matter how saddenin i mte hav been, how penat, how malas, how wtv i was*
and get this, i wudnt wanto relive my past 5 yrs till now. i mean, dont get me rong, i dont hate erm or netin, but there was a reason Allah gave us TIME that cannot be turned back. its because ur suposed to live the moment and make the best out of it. im not saying i have made no mistakes, but i think that is part n parcel of my learning process, if i hadnt make the mistake, how wud i noe it was wrong? ofcourse,someone cud hav told me, "suria this is bad, this is wrong,"
but i wud never have felt it. i wudnt noe the pain, and most imprtantly, i wud never feel the happiness of gettin it right, and living thru it :)

so here's twentyone things about me now being twentyone.
*top to toe,inside out,side to side and high to low*

my hair: not seen by nonmuhrims :)

food i currently crave and love: ayam penyet

the most tech thing i own: my x5! ~~~hahah!
*n i loooooooong to hv an itouch fr my notes! a minimo-x lomo camera! & a tablet fr my class use!*

my fav color: yellow :)

my closest people *besides famly*:
nur marjani
*my classmate,my batchmate,my uni mate,my ex foundation mate/classmate, my bestie, and most of all, my soul sister*
sabrina azizi
*my classmate, my batchmate, my uni mate, my gedikgedik geek*
*my exruumate*
wan izwar
*my ex foundation mate/classmate, my newly profound bestie*
nabilah yacob
*my ex foundation mate/classmate, my NA of marnaria and my BI in mifibi*
eka irina
*my none other, sister*

car im driving: wuyieo! the white myvi!
*dream car: mini cooper s or beetle volkswagen*

thing i so wana do: *scrunches up nose* go swimming sgt mengidam*

place i wana go: *have n always been* SPAIN!

my crush: *hahahaha* none. *hahahaha*

motto: positive words and a positive mind always gets u there!

my current status: 
i m sumwhere a third way in my 2nd year in mbbs msu, i stil have no eyebags, and adorably single and unavailable :)
*i m in a relationship, if on fb,its w noneother my sister eka, in real life, im reserved fr my jodoh and at the moment, im too bz w studies*

my wish:
 to complete my studies with distinction :)

most unlucky thing tht happened: suposedly the 6 months prep course? hahah..

favourite subject: pathology
*plan to teach la konon :)*
most hated: anythign w coloring!!! n yeah, microbe. hahah

names of future children: mia kamyra, arief luqman

thing i hate the most about myself: my laugh *hahahah*

fav smiley:    :P


song most heard:    many
ok,ill put sum *extracted frm my phone*
*random order*~~actly, got 20!!!
what if, jason derulo
worldwide, BTR
just a dream, nelly
all she knows, bruno mars
california king bed, rihnna
back to december, taylor swift

my twenty last played songs in my phone
1. we'll be a dream, we the kings ft demi levato
2. sparks fly, taylor swift
3. california king bed, rihanna
4. say hello to goodbye, shontelle
5. good life, one republic
6. baby love, nicole scherzinger n will.i.am
7. dont hold your breath, nicole scherzinger
8. what if, jason derulo
9. it girl, jason derulo
10. enchanted, taylor swift
11. everybody hurts, avril lavigne
12. secret valentine, we the kings
13. back to december, taylor swift
14. teardrops on my guitar, taylor swift
15. tonight, jay sean
16. hands up, 2pm
17. world wide, big time rush
18. say you like me, we the kings
19. tear us apart, nadhira n ron e jones
20. here comes the sun, colbie callait *cover of beatle's* 

my doa:
Ya Allah ya tuhanku,
ya robbi,
lead to me to the right path, and hinder me frm the life of being astray,
give me the strength and the courage to do right according to Your perintah.

Ya Allah,
help me focus on my real objectives,
help me increase my taqwa unto you,
teach me how to love you more and more by the day,
for no love is compared than from Thy lord Allah, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful

Thank you Allah for the last twentyone years,
and insyaAllah manymany more years to come,
with my parents who i cant thank You enough for,
my family who have always been caring about me,
and beloved ones that tolerate me for who i m,
insyaAllah me becoming a future doctor serving the ummah as ur khalifah, and one day,
having my own family with one who loves You and leads me on towards the right path.

Ameen, Ameen, Ameen ya Robbala'lamin.

oh how far i have come from my 20th and yrs before,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesdays with busy!

*lets c wat last tuesday had offered for me*
im finaly back in my typie typo self!

guess wht happend on tuesday?
besides the FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS of CLASS! *not to mention Immunity in the afternoon after about less than 2 hours of break!*

i had a HARD TIME controlling my facial muscles. and kept using my BUCCINATOR!!!! *aka puffin up my cheeks* *as how bestie mimi kept saying la* i x berapa pasti la kan, sebab, saya rasa seperti biasa saja...
tapi yang pasti, pada pagi 18 october 2011,
i turned twentyone. :)

i left my house early anticipating class to be at about 8? and as usual,i m normally greeted by a text msg in the mornings and so i did get a msg frm bestie Kiwa, wishing me a 'good morning Birthday girl'...
yesterday (monday's) mishaps and fear all melted away. i had a good feeling. all the negativity i had previously lifted, it was goin to be a good day.

 especially wen i parked next to my bestie, and as soon as i reached u-square, i was greeted by mangay, ina n bestie mi *ina n bestie mi wearing yellow*
showing off the latest makeup trend!

so we dint have time for any breakfast or wat not,
but at 10am, we had my fav dr!
dr rammo! *omg! i said his name!*
he reminds me alot of my bestie! and even bestie mimi says so!

so the situation:
me: *cme back frm the loo with bestie mimi*
ina n caisha: *infront of the class*
me: presentation ek?
bestie mi: aah,
me: eh, ina, since wen was caisha presenting?
ina: xdela, juniors pinjam laptop dye
me:*reflects to this morning when caisha wasnt around in class* oh, thts why dia tak dtg pagi tadi ye?
bestie mi: aah kot?
ina: *giggles*
caisha: *giggles*
me: *dah mcm tahu je* CAISHA wat r u doing?
caisha:*giggles more* ntn fifah. ntn
me: ina! cakaplah
ina: tgkla!

*dr rammo walks in*
caisha: *whispers sumtin*
dr rammo: *smiles n laughs and walks out*
me: wth?
caisha: *plugs in laptop*
me: *hysterically laughing* KORG! u guys bete not b doin anything stupid!
caisha: eh! whe got!
ina: manede la fi!
me: SERIOUS la korg! jgn malukan I! pls!
caisha: *ignoring me*

caisha: ok guys, since today is Afifah;s birthday, we are goin to play somthing for her, u can join along

me: *speechless* *felt lyk nanges-in*

they played a 5 minute VIDEO OF ME!


malunyerrrrrrrrrrrr..tahap gaban! i cud not even look at the faces of my 75 classmates! maluuuuuuuuuuuu.....
but its true, all those ARE me, I M mmg lik tht!
and it was the SWEETEST THING EVE! terima kaseh korg!
and i mean TERIMA KASEH, *meaning lebeh mendalam compared to THANK U*

the idea was coined by bestie MIMI! i nve knew she cud hv come up with suchan idea! even i hv neve tot of tht! huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
and made with the help of CAISHA...
presented with the SWEET SABRINA!

and can u believe it!????
dari mane entah, my first 'victim' was shaki??? hello! sejak biler i crush on him i pun taktahu! bcos I TAKPERNAH KOT! hahahaha..dyeorg ni! lawak je! just because i have the CRAZIEST photos of him in my laptop n facebook! *thts because he is SOOO COMICAL!!!*

so tht was the BEST 5 mins in my life.
thank u sekali lagi
u guys are the best!
a twentyfirst like none other.

but hold on to ur horses if u tot tht was the end of my bday,
my twentyfirst birthday did NOT start on tht tuesday, and NEVE ended there pun!

because during lunch,
we decided to hav hot n roll in tesco
*my FAV!*
and there was a gerai kek,
gerai kek yg sgt la biase!
n ina coined up a plan,
ina: fi, kte xde mase arini nk celbrate ur bday. kte beli kek ni aje la ye?me: ah?bestie mi: ha, kt tepi ni lawa sikitme: serious?ina: sryla ye,tp cls mmg packme: alright *omg,dyeorg beli kek depan i? lyk serious ke? harga oso i noe!*hahaha...

here's the decoy comel cake!

*cuttin the cake*
comel actly!
dh la kecik giler!

and sgt sweet je kmi bertiga celebrate!

adn sambel-sambelan berjalan,
we had a whole photoshoot!


but my sweetie pies were too nice to begin with,
weird at times too,

it was about 230,
and i wanted to buy a drink,
we had class at 3,
but evryone was downstairs,
koomhanan my syg,
myla my sweetie pie hus gettin married!
my boys; shaki, naz n nazrin
kak mimi
they were all downstairs

and the BBM clan sang me a happy birthday song right in the middle of usquare!
mcm xle blah je!

ina wanted to go to the bank,
so i was left at the table with sha, kak mimi n the boys,
i was sad 
that i called up bestie kiwa tht afternoon complaining,
bestie mimi had been in a bad mood all morning
*especially wen i kept repeating tht i malu w the video*
*im sory,but i was initially la, but it was the sweetest thing eve*
*u tell me which friend of urs wit a TIMBUNAN ASGNMENT sbg budak medik wants to hav TIME to make u an AWESOMELY long video?*

kiwa kept assuring me tht they loved me,
and all these 'bad mood' crap was a show,

and guess wht?

it was


i hv glassy eyes typing this as i keep hearing kiwa's voice assuring me,
and rmmbering wht u guys did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bcos not only my classmates made me feel as if we were pack crazy,
they even toyed with me!
*in a good way la*

they took away my car keys!

i was soooo TAKOT!
i was lyk,
mane la my car keys!
i xde duit!
mcmmane nk bukak car???

dah la i lost my ring last week during forensic medicine!

so as classes ended,
we packed up our bags,
and i GOT BACK my carkeys!

gave me a note,
it was from my hubby
*soryla, kami di class byk scandal-mandal utk merapatkan ukhwah kami!*
*at the bottom, if u can read it said*

*n im lyk wht?*

*flashes bck to afternoon photo session w bestie mimi n geeky gedik ina*
bestie mi: we need to take photos by the pond la!


*thinkin face*

sa as i entered the class opposite ours,
it was gelap,
but caisha dragged me there nonetheless,
with my bags and all,

there it was


me saying:
hey korgggggggggggg!

excited nk potong the candle-LESS cake

*since kami budak medik mementingkan health, kami takdela lighters*

sesi suap-menyuap!

but the best part of my 'surprise' birthday party was:

the cake fight!
gettin smeared by gedik geek ina!
*i LIKE!*

dijadikan vampire by bestie mimi

as for birthday presents went....

they were uh.mah.zing!
they all had meaning,
insyaAllah just lyk how my life wud be an an adult nanti

*nanti? bukankah saya dah adult?*

the last present first:
from shaki!
he looked lik an author caught in site 

the day after my birthday
shaki: fifah
me: saya
shaki: i dah belikan u adiah
me: mane dye?
shaki: i xbwak
me: =.="

the day after tht
me: shaki!
shaki: hmmm?
me: adiah?
shaki: xbwak la!
me: nape?
shaki: sbb u takkan suke
me: how du u noe tht wen u hv never givn it to me??
shaki: sbb i tahu la, u dh cakap maser orientation dulu
me: serious?
shaki: the FIRST time u introduced urself infront of evryone
me: *wowh! he remembered!*

shaki: fifah!
me: ye!
shaki: NAH! choose!
me: hah??
shaki: takpela, u ambek yg ni, sweet mcm u!
me: la.....buku cerita ke?

me: mimi, dye igt ye wat i said on the first day?u igt tak?
bestie mi: igt la kot, u must hav said sumtin about, u hate readin, but here u are in medic whe u hav to do alot of reading! hahaha
me: dahsyat la memory dye!

so time kaseh shaki
saya suka buku itu
it is very moving.
tho it will take ma a Loooooooooooong time to fnish up the book

during the convo weekend,
bestie bi gave me the most comelEST pashmina!

the pashmina evryone tot it reminded them of me!
it reminded me of bi!

back to 18th october,

in the evening of my 21st,
at around 8,
bestie tyra cme back frm a full day's class.
she txtd me inviting to her room
dah lame tak visit her room on tuesdays,
because i noe how tired she is after a FULL day;s clss. i noe how tired i wud anyways!


and after sum camwhoring of muke penat,
here'e me
with my new fav vintage bag!
courtesy of bestie tyra!

last but not least,
the best birthday present ever,
one i was speechles,and i did NOT noe how to react to:

bestie mimi takot giler
bcos i was all,
' i hate puzzles'
u guys hav gota understand
i don lyk puzzles sebab saya tak pandai puzzles!
i took a superbly LONG time to figure this out
WITHOUT any clues kot!
tp bestie mimi said, iwas rather fast actly!

tp this is the BEST PUSSLE EVER!
terima kasih bestie mimi
saya tidak hanya ingin berterimakasih atas pemberian yg ini.
akan tetapi
also for all the things u did,
the effort u went thru
the turmoils u had to got thru
the credit u spent on me
the time u spent coming up with various plans and and presents.
i don noe how much it all meant to me.
i hope u understand wht it all meant.
my first step into adulthood is sure one memorable one.
thanks to u.


so here's a big kiss to semua kawan-kawan ku yang sgt baek hati
yang rmmbered to celbrate my birthday
and yang memahami my kegedikan
and tolerated my craziness

and also hu tolerated my daily/weekly/monthly reminders of my birthday! ahehehe

sayang kamu semua

summary of terima kasehs:
my bestie,
Nur Marjani
my gedik geek ,
my joker,
Caisha Nivenia Moses
my 'sayang',
my BBM clan,
my classmates,
all those hu watched my video
to baadshah fr wishing me happy birthday as i entered class, and said i was comel after the video.
all my october batch classmates that wished me
my good friends hu txtd me at midnite,
bestie bi,
bestie tyra,
bestie eka,
my fruit child Izreen,
bestie kiwa fr wishing me good morning,
farah my fav nurse!
madu and mangay my lovely classmates!
my exzrumate anis!

if i missed u accidentally,
im sry.
but i wud lyk to thank u once again,
for teh over 150 fb msgs i got.
u guy made my day,
even to those yg wish lambat.

doakanlah hidup adulthood ku lebih bermakna, and 
hopefully i leave more positivity in this life more than negative bad ones.
may Allah bless us all. and rahmati our lives,.


i hav yet to blog about my twentyfirsst.
and trust me, i hav started. dh upload the most important photos pun,
but i had to attend the MOST imprtant SUA'RE *sleepover in french as blair wud hv said it* in the world with bestie mimi,
and bloggin had been tergendala, and next to real live comunication, even writing doesnt seem to be thatttt interesting.

first off,
selamat pagi.
i hope everyone had a good nite's rest yesterday. it is now officially the weekend, for u guys it may mean,recovering sleep n wat not, but for me, it means, my 'anak' responsibilities are turned on, and teacher Suria is back in the house.

now back to the title,
i have a best friend, hu just loves to say,"merajuk la,marahla, becos i m god at pujuk-ing,"
my reaction,"seriously? u want me to marah ke? i m the least person to get angry and merajuk, but once i do, its rather hard,"
because in my mind, i always knew, there hasnt actly been a time i can significantly rmmber anyone pujuk-in me. nope. most prolly cos i cant significantly rmmber the last time i got mad/sad or wt not. *ok,maybe i do rmmber the last time i got sad,but i dont rmmber being pujuk-ed,i just got over it*
*yes,im a 'very-much-get-over-it girl*
i dont lik to linger on negativity, and once iv written them out, i feel as if i m much released,
and the resolution seems to b pretty much simpler than lashin it out.

so this time,
its basically back to the same ting.
me being upset.
adn me being MALAS
i rmmber the last time i was MALAS in my relaionship,
the other person scolded me off,
and said,"u cant be malas about thing lyk our relationship,"
the thing is, i  do try, 
*try to be happy, try to be ok, try to be no-biggy*
but it WAS a biggy. it WASNT happy, and im NOT OK!
wht can i posibly do,
i cant tell the heart NOT to feel. but i do noe i can make things NOT worse-er!
a big part of me wants to.
but i m so tired.
and this means both, literally in physical and also MALAS.

i gues u jz hav to wait for me.
bcos im quite sure,

if im worth the wait,
then im sure it wud b wait worth it.

and i noe u r.
its just that i merajuk,
and it was u i wanted.
it was u i expected. *tho i dint wanto expect netin*
and it was u........

*i noe i shudnt, but i just do,*

Friday, October 21, 2011

hiatus la sgt

im so sry to all my readers,
as much as i want to blog, and be blogged about *eceheceh*

i have lost my mood.
wel seriously,
the weather has kept the sunshine from shining, and tidak ku daya melawan arus clouds of rain and kemendungan.

im too tired to layan. there are other burdens i have to shoulder. other feelings i have just learnt. other thoughts for me to wash away. other things to sort. and other people for me to care about.

sebab, saya tidak mementingkan diri,
saya menjaga diri,
and saya tak gila alim, tapi saya tahu where i stand.

in conclusion, saya mungkin perlu berkhalwat
*if u dont noe wht tht meant, it means to be alone*

and im tired of you. i cant go around. because i need solitude.
but u shud noe me beter to gauge me.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

four words!


~~~~hahaha...mmg tgh malas pun~~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

day one twentyone

with my beloved bestie hu wentru ALOTLOT on my twentyfirst
~~~i cant thank her enuf~~~


hello dunia!
salam satu dunia!
*teringt zamir la plak*

my friends have been bz comlplaining tht i have not blogged about my bday
wel i promise,
tp sgt exhausted la korg!! huaaaa... :(

but here's one of the few groupies i had
my twentyfirst!

*insyaAllah i wil try to write intonite after i get my nap now!*

ps-look wat msu gave me!

i wonder which metaphyyseal plates of mine hav completed fusing today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

hari terakhir ku

selamat pagi dunia!

it is now about 5 am in the morning!
I just finished my microbe practicals!
only to find out tht i have TWO practicals to buat!
aiyoyoyo! nta mcm mana la saya mahu buat,saya tidak tahu!
*nk stress pun xle.*

because it is my LAST day of being twenty!
hehehe... :P

bestie mimi says there wil b 10 more students entering my class today..
i m finally no more freaked out because dah biasa class besar. :)

today i will wear my new white kurung i have not worn yet with my new orange tudung :)

twenty year old suria afifah!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

say it out right.

It's time to fall into my arms.'Cause I've been waiting for too long.You're an angel,Grab your halo,And lets fly tonight.
'Cause I'm never going down,I'm never giving up.I'm never gonna leave,So put your hands up.If you like me,Then say you like me. 
say you like me, we the kings

Sometimes, the heart just falls for the worst of the worst of people. And the least expected ones. We don even need to watch one of those chic flick movies where the guys and girls of total opposites fall fr each other. Where the most unexpected fall each other. "how cliche", id say.

u might hate the heart.
but face the facts, u DONT think with your heart.
and u DONT feel with your brains.

deny la sebanyak mana. tapi kalau dah sayang/suka/minat etc, sampai kapanla.*more or less* bcs each of our love lives has been written by allah,so jodoh is in the luh mhfuz,u cant run frm erm, neither can u go tadah it lik the rain

forewarning: this entry tidak dituju kepada sesape.

reason fr me to be  daredevil:
tp xdela i dare devil sgt.
bcos according to my books,
suposedly klu i were to lyk a person,i was suposed to go up straight to him and tell him straight in the face,"sebenarnya saya suka awak,"
but up until today,
xde seorg pun i feel lyk i hv the gut to go up to and tell him tht way,
maybe bcos i takot kne reject *bcs tgk2 tepuk sebelah tgn rupe2nyer*
maybe bcos i xla tahap cipan melahap suke org tu
tp maybe also because...
because i love the way life is right now.
the way we talk
the way we converse
the way we are
and what we have
i don wanto ruin beautiful moments.

idk if the above is true,
but if u ask me,i wud lyk to b the only
*just lyk how my parents hv made me*

on another note,

but i think asal we always remember,

because waiting for THE perfect of PERFECTION wud only cause us to be...


for some reason,the below can be referred to my lecturer!
omg! i hav a big crush on him?
mane le!

ps-minta maaf la jika saya menganggu khayalan mu. *lawaknyer*
pps- how ever modern the world can ever revolve into, id always say, the man leads the pack, and women just follow suit. i may be a carrier woman in a the making with a profession in my hand, but i always go back to fitrah, for i m merely a woman, i can do the most that i can within my means, but always first is Allah, the prophet, my religion, my parents, my famly and my besties. :)

tots and feelings,
susuafifi the cheerful!

Baby dino

*my gambars today all look so tembam*
~sedeh,mcm i kene tempias fr callin bestie kiwa tembam je~
my mom returned her robe today!
i wanted to pakai it n ambek gambar! but my dad kept saying,"your time will come,"
and he refused to take my photo..no with the robe or the bouquet of flowers!

I met my Bestie today. Bestie Kiwa *if u were wondering which one.* met my parents too :) and we had lunch together. I was practically shivering when he came, not sure if i was 'nervous' of introducing him to my parents or if it was because i was soaked by the heavy downpour in uia. *sigh* lolsz.

im not sure wat im tryin to convey in this post. because im sad. *wel sumwht* mcm bercelaru pun ada. :( i terasa. i wish i kept my mouth shut. but i just HAD to let out my 'bubbliness' and 'mulut bising' i only did wht i did bcos i tot no adverse feelings cud be felt. but i guess i was rong. saya minta maaf *tapi saya rasa kemaafan seems so lame,because i shud hav knwn. i shud hv tot my actions thru* i m quite sure if i were feelingsless all the way,it wud b much easier! and i shud hv just kept to my principles. ISH!!!! i hate my naivety. i shudnt terasa.

taknak feelingfeeling ni.

because i shud b happy to get to c my bestie today, altho today is 3 days before my oficial 21, and he just had to spill wat he had wanted to do for my 'surprise' bday party. *Dear Bestie Kiwa, kalau you dah bagitahu ur plan, then it WONT b called a PLAN!* but  i NOE why he told me, sebab its not goin to berlaku. so i shud say,"terima kasih fr devising sucha wonderful plan, i apreciate the tot." for now, have a safe trip back to kuantan nanti :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

We The Kings: Say You Like Me (Official Lyric Video)

never goin down....

lets fly tonight...

toying with others?

Being stabbed by an enemy is not as painful as being stabbed by a comrade;robbery by a stranger is not as bitter as being cheated by a trusted friend;and defeat at the hand of a rival is not as terrible as being brought down by a brother-in-arms. -Dr.MAZA

same goes to anyone who are in the same team as you.

sometimes people think toying innocence is fun. but being innocent is also a state many can envy, because it is more blissful than the power of one who thinks nut of the world and etc.

    People sometimes dont think about the consequence of toying. being sarcastic is much different from toying. sarcasm is more tolerable if you ask me, but being played with, is damn right low

    My friends were so upset went they felt that a group of people had toyed one of us. They were so defensive. i was taken aback, because I have never seen them like that before. *i guess they still hv the element of surprise in them* lolsz.. But i tried to cheer up the moment *lyk how i normally du*, and ina follwed suit, mimi terus change topic. hahaha. and wen i got into my car, i was thinking to myself:
ye la,sedeh tu sedeh la, tapi ape gunernyer sedeh? nnt digelakkan aja? and what if they dint mean it in a bad way? then nanti apa pula mereka kan kata? mereka akan kata kita memperbesarkan perkara yang kecil. but if it were in the worst of intentions, than, id say, "shame on u! shame!" namer budak medik yang sepatutnya responsible for over 600 lives in this country,but you make people feel and look like a fool.

always remember:

what i feel to do with idiots hu are just sooooo arrrrrrrrrrrr...hahah

budak ceria


Thursday, October 13, 2011

my unexpected teacher.

as i was surfing my fb page home just now,
i stumbled upon an article my friend linked/liked on his page
*he shud hav tagged me!* hahaha...

it was a short one,
very mush the type i would definitely read,
*i cant read long stuff,i tend to hav this instinct to get a pen and paper and make erm into tiny phrases of notes and etc*

and one sentence definitely caught me la....