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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

goodbye november!

on the last day of november,
after the hectic bustic month of assignments, lab reports and uni stuff

pre exm photo of my gecik-gedik geeks!!

*or is it because the are too kenyang???*

and tomoro we having our first progress test,
we actually had LAB today!

can u believe it?
we were lik, HELLO! esok exm, CONSIDER la sikit...
and our doctor even wanted s to pass it up by the end of the week!

but nevertheless,
our doctor was sweet.

wtv it is,
we met the cutest little things on earth!

and they were the best ever!

introducing the cutest rats ever!

stuart little
stuart big little...

oh how november has come and gone.
and we shall soon in about 3 hours usher in december,
the last month in this year,
time to check ur resolutions guys!
thank god i aint got one!

lucky me!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


potrayed by a whole line of gifs

*ok,tday has ntn to do with my lecturers*

because i felt like

for like many many times,
i dint even eat lunch during lunch,
i ate it in class.

i m very malas,
and penat.
so im not goin to look for more.


i nak tido.
and i want these clouds to go away.

lil miss sunshine is not here.

Monday, November 28, 2011

right nowwwwwwwwwwwww!

my back hurtsssssssssssssss!!!

rasa nak....

get my groove on je!

*jom mimi?*

*jom ina?*

and earlier on,
after kemas-in my baju,

have got a quiz tmr!

and a test on thursday n friday not to forget..hahah

the only part sing-able is the chorus!

to give some feeling for the post below this post,
"there's something about love"
u are to listen to this song
to add the 
'oomph' factor!

thank u.

Tyga - Far Away ft. Chris Richardson

there's something about love.

to set the mood,u may listen to

1. far away by tyg

2. say it again, marie digby.

3. a little too much, natasha bedingfield

*they are also known as my current study playlist* hhahahaha...
i have finally finished watching something borrowed and as i progress into the movie, the idea from the trailer immediately trails away, and a whole new perspective is seen. because i continue to analyse and criticise the movie, i figure out that, im not actually darcy, but im moving more to rachel. *in many many ways*

rachel teaches me that love overcomes all. love is something that we cannot stop, and is innate in us. in islamic context, i would say, hubb, or love, is a feeling Allah gives to His creatures, be they be animals, plants and what more humans, and for some strong feeling, i think, even inanimate objects can have feelings. ;)
*example, if our handphone loves us, they wouldnt rosak! but then again, that boils down to whether we love it or not,because kalau tak sayang, mula la campak kan?* hahah

what ever it is,
love is not the only feeling Allah gives us, sadness, happiness, satisfaction, disappointment and even feelinglessness. and of all feelings, i would say, the absence of feelings is the worst of all, because it is beyond dissatisfaction. in dissatisfaction, we can pacify ones self with words of wisdom, or hadith that always remids us to look upon those who are even more unfortunate than us, to look to those who have less than us, or to those who are in the lurch of sufferings. and for me, if i get dissatisfied, i just believe in rezki, if i dont get something i want,it most prolly is because my rezki is not there, and at times, i curb these feelings but not wanting to much, and being super realistic.

back to rachel,
there was this one part, she ran away from her best friend, darcy. she just couldnt stand being there on the wedding day of her bestie, standing there as maid of honor to the man she loves, while her best friend recites the words from her mind and soul. nahh. it was too painful, me watching it also can feel he nearly unbearable pain.
but alas,
rachel finally came back to her bestie. simply because,
im a best friend, she's my best friend.
no matter what people say, what people think, and *paling important of all* what we feel,
our best friend, the sister we never had,adalah maseh the sister we neve had,the one we grew accustomed to over the years and years, the person we shared pains, grains, and evrything with.

so this post goes to my bestie,
my sister,
i love you.

but i miss u sangat.
i miss being ur number one. *if i ever was*i miss u replying my texts ASAP, *lik how ud do w a certain others :( **ps-im NOT jealous*i miss ur crazy self,i miss u telling me evrything,i miss u NOT talking about studies, *i noe it sounds rong and UNobjective**but brape lame sgtla u hang out with me pun?*i miss when u cared about my crazy self n rants and doings.

i miss it all.
if only u knew.
if only u knew.

the thing about love is, i never saw it coming.move in a little closer,take it to a whisper,just a little louder.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


what i felt

what i was wen i saw an array of photos on facebook!
i get hyped up lik...

but after all is commented on, liked, and chatted up about,

i m...


u do the math!

*a cute angle*

Saturday, November 26, 2011

gif parade

bestie mimi and i on campus...

me in class weneve i get excited!


wen mimi gets her grooves on!

yesterday at the met steps...

something i neve tot wud happen

what my besties do to me..
*always keepin check of me*
*thank you girls!*

me and mimi wheneve we hav our moments

and we get cute-sy with each other

but something i miss most is...

our crazy photo shoots!

but nevertheless,
bestie mi n i,
i mean always,
do things.....
bestie fi!


thank you Allah for the delicious food, to make us good and healthy doctors,

that is our doa before we makan,

*gedik-gedik geek moments*

Friday, November 25, 2011

oh no! he cant be!

this week had been awesome!
and sgt sedeh i don think i can recall each day!

and going out with gedik geek ina to ikea seemed ages ago! walhal it was on wat? monday?!
because tuesday we went to giant for lunch!
wednesday was our fav spot baskin robbins!
thursday? hmmm...ohyeah! simple lunch at tesco with ina and kak yaya 

classes this week have been rather lengang la considered! and even though progress test kami kinda dekat, but we stil makan-ed  lyk nobody's business. we need more places to go.

because monday, we had a cascade of food! with a variety of dishes! that we had to pack up the balls we dint finish! on wednesday, there was 2 scoops of baskin robbins and my fav hot n roll! haha!

kene puasa la.=.="

yesterday was not only an imunocompromised baju day....but it was a devastating day, as my bestie had to find out a grave news about my so called 'crush'..hahah. wel,i wont define him as a crush, or idk wat u call it, but i 'lik' him? haha.. but i dont c a future la evidently one being the fact tht he is older than me, and secondly, it is unethical! haha! but nevertheless,i m not the only one hu liks him, so does my gedik-gedik geeks! haha!
and u wud not believe how many plans we had planned in our heads and actually revised out loud in order to  ask him 'the' big question *whether he is married or not* but plan after plan. it always fails, my tongue gets tied, and i freeze, lik literally, and then bestie mimi n i will come up with another plausible idea, yet again to be backfired! haha. well, believe it or not, i m still not satisfied! i still have to hear it from my own ears! because evr since i hv received this grave news, i hav yet to c him. and i shall! i shall skim a plan to get to noe him! hahah!talk about desperate! haha! its just that, he reminds me so much of someone, and it kinda freaks me out! haha! 

but moving on,

*refers to the above photo*
brings me back to today,
the one hour of sitting outside the lecture theater waiting for my dean to brief my juniors.
my gang and i were actually early,
and waiting for my juniors were lik so giler restless, evryone was lik squirming, and walking up and down, and flippin notes kejap, then flippin buku kejap, then bukak tablet la, ipad la..but the photo above depicted acertain someone in my class,*hum i actly hav a picture of in my fon!* haha!
he was so comel!
quote from ina.
"fi, dye baek sgt la, it looks lik his in a shoppin complex, and his mom asked him to sit ther for awhile and wait,and there he is, waiting patiently"
not to mention with his big smile, and boxed tshirt! haha!

and while all the commotion was goin on on the fifth floor,
my bestie and i had the honor to sit between the 5th n 6th floor....

and thts how we come to.....

the best part for today must have gota be the part,
when i felt lik blair on the met steps.

too bad there wasnt a photo.
come to tink about it again,
there was.
but i have no idea whe it is,
and i dono if it will eve b seen by me,
not funny.
but  kinda felt lik the picture above,
just that my bestie was busy reading the book i gave her..haha..
and suposedly my chuck was sitting next to me ;)

so much for chuck. lolsz.

so much for that,
but seriously,
at the met steps,
i was tongue tied fr two times.
or even more.

wen my 'chuck' came,
wen my bestie's chuck came,
*but i m always kelu with my bestie's chuck, lik seriously,. with him, my mind goes blank, lik, dumb, lik no words in my mind, no tots in my head, just stare blankly, and try to find a camera and take photo or beter yet, video *wic dh memang got* ha-ha!
wen my seniors passed by, i dint noe wat to say, how to greet, and how to act, i was blur.

cepat la pms, i cant take u anymore.
very tiring to layan u!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

specky B)

Joe Brooks - Superman

there are no words,
to paint a picture you, girl

Monday, November 21, 2011

Something borrowed is actually a novel.

my eyes currently at this moment is half way shut.
NOT half way open.
*get my point?*

mimi posted  a song on her fb page and it was awesome!
and i recognised it,
thinking it was frm friends with benefits, it turned out to be frm something borrowed instead. a movie mimi has been beggin ina n i to watch for lik eve!
and ever since, i have seen the trailer for lik a lot of times to remind myself what its all about.

so here it is....

Something Borrowed - Official Trailer [HD]

but up until today, i have yet to watch this movie, eventhough i have watched friends with benefits for like a lot lot of times until it has somewhat no effect on me anymore.

there is a reason why i kurang like this movie.
can u have a guess?
especially since this movie has some element of best friendship-ism.
sila guess
if u think its because:
~~~im not romantic,
u r sumwhe right,but i still love chic flicks! lik he's just no into u,which rachel in this movie acts!
~~~im pemalas
u r also sumwht right, but then again, i can still just open a page...its not THT hard!
~~~actly,i cant come up with anymore rong reasons as my head/brain/otak is slowing down.

but the real reason is because,
if u have wtched it,
u can c i m kinda lik darcy.
because HELLO! i m sooooooooooo out loud and sooooooooooooo the go getter *at times* and sooooo outspoken ......
so i takot la!
bcos frm the trailer itself,
i nampak,
i HATE darcy!
shes so cranky! and JAHAT! i mean how cud she just jump in line wen obviously rachel was SHY! mcm benggggggggg je!
but then again,
i NOE,
im not as cruel as her,
and THANKFULLY my besties and i have DIFFERING OPINION in guys.
and i honestly dont think i ALWAYS have MY way. *hmmmmm*
i dont think so anyways.
so maybe i wud watch it.
and mimi says theres a prequel.
since its from a book.
so i think i mite go buy the book..or shall i say books.
cos it seems pretty fun...

and i lik ginnifer as in, rachel. i think she is comel :)
just lik mila kunis in friends with benefits.

wtv it is,
i dont hope to hav a bestie lik darcy.
its so sad how rachel is stuck with tht kind of girl.
thank god my besties apreciate me just the way i m,
i heart them!


the countdown begins!

good morning world!
i m now safely in my uni in sha alam!
it is a very chilly and misty morning.
one might feel tht one is in a countryside or such,though the landscaping and the surrounding buildings seen from this library window doesnt depict any feelin of such 'countryside'like look. instead, there are numerous buildings habouring factories and roads with passerby cars. yup, that's my campus, sumwhe in the middle of the busy industry, and from afar, i can see the shadows of the twin towers nd the tall Kl tower in this foggy morning. quite amazing if u ask me :)

the medical book section has moved frm the 6th floor which i noe personally for its ketidak berapa sejukan, to the 7th floor, the coldest floor ever! and get this, right at the other end of the secluded area...like totally inside and deep into the library. and where the walls echo evry single noise. *gheesh*
my friends initially were happy with that, because it gave us the medical students 'privacy' la konon, right till i pointed out that medical section doesnt apply to MBBS students only. NON mbbs students also go, as long as u have some relation to the medical field, ur entitled to got there. =.="

flashbacks to first year MBBS.
talking about being freshies and books

shaki: aku tanya housemate aku, 'ko budak ape', dyeorg semua kate medik....aku pun happy giler la. siap tanye buku ape dyeorg gune utk anatomy semua...tengok-tengok dyeorg guner buku laen, i dah mula cuak dah mase tu.
me: then ape jadi?
shaki: bila aku tengok last-last baru aku tahu, rupanye dyeorg bukan bdak mbbs, dyeorg budak DMA (diploma medical assistant) and all...

the point im trying to make here, jgn la perahsan, medik = jd doctor...
not to say shaki was menunjuking. he was genuinely asking. haha.

because seriously how many times my classmates n i have needed to explain wat MBBS means.. and its not a management course..hahah...and medik is actually to become  a doctor.

why am i blabbing about this?
no idea,
because my main objective for this post was actually to tell the whole world....

im goin for my FIRST second year test/exam/ assessment!!!!!
as in scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy!

*yes i can stil 'laugh'*

so i have to count all my blessings to stay alive till the 1st n 2nd of december!

then one week cuti!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*cuti la sgt*
*i have a tonne of lab reports to be done,

anyone free enuf to offer ur coloring services,
u may contact me at:
1800-pls-help-suriaafifah-color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huaaaaaaaaaaaaa...


off to today's not so full classes.
i wonder if we wil b goin ikea to fulfil my comel geek gedik's wish of meatballs :P

Sunday, November 20, 2011

my current status!!!!!!

i've always had!

*not tryin to saound lyk a bimbo*

but i stumbled this article on facebook!
and it potrayed evrything i had been lokin for!
i guess i was right all the time along!
oh how proud i m of myself!

refer article below:

what tht fella shud be....

its show time!

it is not half past 6 in the morning.
about twelve hours of beauty sleep fr me!
omg! i noe right?
xpernah-pernah dgr budak medik dpt sleep fr sucha long time! and trust me, i tak perahsan!
if i knew i was sleeping fr tht long, i mite hv jumped down frm the empire state builiding to wake myself up!
but i dint,
i had 'fun' in my dreams. *hey don go thinkin abt other things!*
i just went back to my grannies again yday nite...with none other, my bestie. but as usual, she neve actly talks in my dreams, she's just there. 
i keep goin back o nenek's house in gombak nowadays...i mean,in my dreams la. i hav no idea why. *sigh*
i even dreamt of satay!
but then again,
i dreamt of my work from LC. 
which also dint wake me up. hahah.
but now i am awake,
i m goin to do my LC work!
my last round of prep work before the concert!


wish my kids and i luck!
its kinda tiring to have 20 kids u noe,
wel, only 8 are my real kids,
very tiring, especially klu boys.

well, if my kindi 4 yr olds cud du a great job,
surely my 7 yr olds can do a great one! :P

toodles frm teacher suria~


Saturday, November 19, 2011


its 4am in the morning!
in less than 4 hours, i have to go to work
aka living classrooms
as we hav to prep fr their concert tomoro.

thats all.

Friday, November 18, 2011

let me watch this!

after a long while,
my gedik-gedik geeks went out for a nice lunch
*omg,nice being the adjective*
we had mcds after a straight 8-1 class while waiting fr the next class to come up. and shah alam not being the biggest place ever, we met our other classmates there..

so one of them came up to our table to hav a chat with us :)
and a certain best friend came up into the conversation
and my classmate not being tht close to me, quizzed her eyebrow and asked,"hu is ur best friend?" *while pointing to marjani.
then we all laughed, 
the certain best friend i was refering to was eka,
my birthday girl of the day.
and i had plans to go n celebrate it with her, but hindered by circumstances. inevitable in the medical world.
then marjani made a joke,
*along the lines of*
"that is the person she in a relationship on facebook, but we are 'friends with benefits'"
unfortunately,none of us understood it,
*ok,maybe we did, but buat dono je,*

but alas all this,
i got home early today :)
and after downloading EVRYTHING needed fr my studies n work,
i felt my eyelids droopin heavier n heavier.
so i decided to snooze off with some movie? and guess wht came to my mind?
"friends with benefits of course"!
and even though i kept mentioning tht i hate all these internet portals whe i hav to try and error each window to get a certain thing i want,
and how bestie mimi liks to accentuate this weneve she promotes this certain site great to watch movies, that i, suria afifah hate very much doin openin n closing each tab,
well gues wht?
i just did,
i just finished watching about 100++ minutes of friends with benefits! and it made me sob lik a child!
im stil in tears yang saki baki, and i think i have a non pittin edema on my left side of the eye, since i was laying down on my left side while i welled up into tears. 
i hav gota tell u,
i can nearly swear tht if i were to need a good cry,
and a good 'slap'
i shud just watch tht movie,
because oh boy, tht was an eye opener!
*ofcourse minus-in the last part where the guy goes up to the girl and proposes her*
dylan: *kneels on one knee*
jamie (the girl): *gasps*
dylan: its not wat u think it is,
jamie: ??
dylan: will u b my best friend again? because i miss u so much and i love you

*u c the 'i love you' part, yeah, skip tht,*

i don even now wht im typin atm, bcos im really crazked exhausted, and iv gota do a tone of work tomoro fr lc.
and i have a tonne of lab reports to complete.

here's the trailer for ur eye candy :)

Friends With Benefits (2011) - Official Trailer


i miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

aka my blog


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sleep deprived and kicking!


what i do with eka, mimi and nabilah!

the second one of course!


but back to today and uni life as a second year medical student,

pharmaco with my NOT so favourite lecturer is:

tho i mite have the right answer,
i just block erm out!
*but he still calls us out, and i just shak my head when he calls me*

why cudnt my fav lecturer teach evryday?

mengingati my pharmaco lab
and the lab report i have not done!


how ina, mimi and i were rolling 
as we went to lunch with ayam penyet this afternoon:

after being tegur-ed by dr khai at our 3pm class...

i wasnt even sleeping!
tho a nice shut eye and a soft pat by mimi was the bomb!
i think my eyes are droopyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :P

some what my reaction pagi tadi
but i finished my homework i think!

i dont wana b an irresponsible medical student.
and i hate wen the picture above happens.
so i bete go now,.
i need to get my beauty sleep.