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Saturday, December 31, 2011

*ambang 2012*

suria afifah

here;s to a happy 2011
and insyaAllah a peacefully happier 2012

in 2011,
ive been exceptionally cute.

but don wry!
so r u!




try it!

i think wat i loved most in this yr is

especially wen im w my bestie,
its lik,
i can b quiet fr all anyone cares, and we wud still b comfortable
but we always...always have sumtin to say*this line refers mostly to bestie mimi*

n tht is how i noe 

amongst the things ive learnt this yr  is

except for mar la,
the scarier the movie,
the more popcorn will b popped during the movie...

because seriously.
i have never watched this many movies this year compared to any year ever in my life.
or any scary movies!
i watched 2 this yr!
thx to gedikgedik geek ina
n OBVIOUSLY bestie mimi la kan =.="
so much fr fright night n insiduous...
well except fr tht yr wen i was younger wen my mom used to bring me to the movies evryweekend in klcc

talking about klcc

n fr my twentyfirst...
my bestie eka,
evntho about 10 days late,
and after how many endless obstacles,
made it

made wat?
my birthday celebration of course!
so many fotos.
but bcos lembap sgt nk upload,i only got this one

talking about 21st...

we had a not-so-suprising bday party fr bestie mimi...

i bought a cake n wanted to celebrate bday w bestie tyra...
missed bestie eka's bday due to clas...
sent a video thru facebook fr bestie bi
*not available fr public*

bsides hvg a great time with friends,

i had an awesomely amazing 2011 famly time.


my mom got her long dream masters:

and now is continuing her phd
after my mom's 'islamzation of knowledge' exm yesterday
so insyaAllah by the year 2015, there will b 2 doctors in the famly...
one in medicine...and one in education :)

and my famly has never been as rapat as we r now

best of all,
i got my dream car


oh how big all of us are now:

with my mom;s bestie of 50 over yrs n her children
at my nenek's house
i even work now...
*part time of course*
this yr had been my second? year of 'teacher suria'

although there were so many times i felt lik giving up
and tired n nk giv up je
and  lik sucha failure,
i wentru it,
and guess wht?
i will nve quit my job.
bcos at the end of the day,
thru the ups n downs
n the kepenatans...
this is me
teacher suria.

and as classes went
most part of 2011 was NOT about studying
and wasnt much about studies pun
wic is sucha a downside.
it ttly pushed me off my route.

tho we did meet new people
thru the gor forsaken prep course

     and  we had tonnes of time to jalan-jalan...
tak le muat slide ni la!

and win sum competitions
and in the proper-proper second yr:
the time i faci-ed the juniors orientation
we still had smiles terbawa-bawa frm prep course
when second yr proper in session
we were still all in smiles

so in general,
we had a good time,
the gedikgedik geeks n i
at mar's twentyfirst
bcos sum habits die hard.
especially wen they make us feel good.

promise to self,
will concentrate more in class this year,
as 2011 has pushed me out of my place sikit,
because 2011 byk sgt kali the below has happened:
*but the above refers more to this one lecturer tht i think has started liking me less dy*
and it kinda annoys myself.because mcm ngeng je kte duk dpean kelas n pretend pikir wen there is ntn in my head.
mcm useless feeling je.
*not to repeat this again! if i du, will walk out of class*
*refering to my unstudiness,unrajinness n unbaekness*

not to say we did all bad,
cos we did du guud

lik in pco presentation :P
and at the end of 1st yr.
bestie mimi n i mc-ed a dinner
before we enter 2011,
and leave my 200++ entries
*thts byk!!!!!!*
let me present u with a roll of this yr's best posts.
*wel,amongst my fav la*

the time i started familiarising myself w tumblr n gifs...

and something tht reminds me tht,
sumtimes, its just rezki tu di tgn tuhan...

i even tried a hand at writing a recipe...
*the only recipe i noe...*

and ive decided its my fav 'islamic' post....
has gota be
islamization of gossip girl

but my ultimate,
and no doubtla....
wht really made me happy was this one post:

bt most of erm are tainted with sadness

ok.im quite sure there were other post i loved.
but bcos im pressed fr midnite fr me to realese this post, 
i cn possible go thru each n evry post.

so in 2012,

this year,
i m goin to give more alms.
wt eve 2 cents, i have.
for every burden we relieve from a man on earth, Allah will relieve one in the akhirat :)

yes i have.

but in medicine,
id lik to improve mine,

so my last words are:

a little reminder fr self

whe i shall:
1. face my feelings.
2. be more disciplined n organised
3. follow wat my mom instructs to me, especially under her regime.

bcos 2012,
ur facing the suria afifah of twentyone.

insyaAllah with the help of Allah, my parents, my familia...
and most important of all,
those hu i spend a lotlot time with,
my friends,
especially bestie mimi

gedik2geek ina