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Sunday, December 16, 2012

fashion disaster

this friday is my big faculty dinner
big as it goes la kan.

so its theme was rock.
i mean IS.
it hasnt happened yet. hahaha..
grammar la pulak aku kat cni! hahahah

i even wento banting n beli kaen. and buyin is an under statement...bcos i din just masuk kedai keluar kedai,
i masuked all the shops tht jual-ed kaen in banting and i belek-ed evry bloody roll of kaen in banting!

i touched the material,
i compared the patterns, the fabrics and the prices.

i practically had sum cardio activity la!


dahh siap2 beli kaen berbungkus,
i never had the tome to send ti to the tailor.
and now,less than 5 days bfore the bigbig dinner,

im screwed.

so i mite just bloody copy wat yuna;s wearing kt bawah ni...
*ofcourse w a suria twist la kan*

as long as its not

if oni i cud go as simple as

with a bawal selempanged over my head.


tension headache aku

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my besfriend.my bestfriend

selepas god noes how long i havent blogged!

i have the opportunity!
tak,tak,takde opportunity...
ni curi masa...
saya ade presentation arini.

ini lagu baru  peneman ku.
n it reminds me of each of my besties ;)

nampak sgt saya love mereka kan?

whereeve u go, u're nve alone, always rmmber we r birds of a feathers

Cause best friends, best friends don't have to pretend
You need a hand, and i'm right there right beside you

You in the dark, i'll be the bright light to guide you

We in the car, sing, sing, singing our song

i'll never let u go,
this is my oath to u!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

imagine if u had my own video :))

kejap ye

wait a minute.
i mungkin sah abes exm,.
but now moving on to my moms asgnment.

my mind seriously having difficulty understandin n thinkin my moms topic ni


rasa nk tido je evrytime i think about it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


yippie saya nak eeeeeeeeooooooooooooooopiiiiiiiiiiii,,,,,

aka end of posting exm!!!

so much to blog,
so much to read up.


after rabu i try my best to blog ye :))

Photo: #besties #bonding time over #cendol w @lululefangs

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

kueh kapit

on isnin:
jangan tersepit ye!

u c, tday, we practically dint hv anything..since my lecturer had a meetin in uni, hence there werent any BSTs..the gedikgedikgeeks (now having a suggested new name,'the nilam group'----hahahahah) found the 'hidden' library in the main building! heheh! so much fr 'at last finding' bcos we found as soon as we got to level 8 anyways! hehehe! n there are lik rooms fr u to sleep up there oh! w a pantry n a rooftop! lik oohlala!!

rooftop tu!! klu xujan, dah lama aku photoshoot atas tu..
hahah...tho i HIGHLYYYY doubt i'd EVER go there ALONE! berdua-duaan pun x kotttt~~~
neways, mimi n i were too busy nervous-in fr our beloved ones...
she her sister, and me, my 12 students..

alhamdulillah :))
i already have one student for each of my subjects,
to me, tht is good enuf, (well id lov better, but i can settle fr wat im having so far)
i was the one yg terlebeh emo today fr my kids...but there are stil anthr 8 to go?

me: B utk english? alhamdulillah! (since she got C fr maths n sciensce)
student: ahh cikgu..
me: *excited* alhamdulillah! happynyer saya!! hehe..rasa mcm nak nanges la!
student: eh, eh, cikgu, jgn la terlebeh cikgu, saya pun ok je kat cni,,,relax cokgu! relax!
me: *gelak kikiki*

harif,syafiq,fahim,mikail,afifah,izzati,khadijah,munawarrah....awhh...i finally rmmbered all their names! well how cant i? i spend nearly evry friday night with them!?!! hehe..

so back to htar, we spent alot of time in the HO room tday...
and we tested each other on our cns examination. n darn, mcm mental block je tryin on my friends... =.="
mcm give up je, walhal mimi try skali on me trus dpt..aishhh...
and i was frettin lik crazy...i hav no other tester oh! huaaa..n i need to master this!

and pingpingpinggggggg..an idea came to my mind!

yupyup..since my bestie di imu sudah abes exm,
i shall make use of her!
hehehe :P

but ruper2nyer dye exm lg on rabu...
n she lost her tendon hammer!
huaaa...i wanted to giv her mine, tp tmr im not driving! huhuhu..
dah la my tendon hammer gempak

hehe..angkat bakul sendri, or in this case, angkat hammer sendri..walahal guner ntah mcmane. but hey! im in the prcess of learning! and hiting people aint my thing! 

me:*hitting mimi*
mimi: ouch! thts mu bone
me: oops! sry!

me: *tryin for dozens of times*
me: *BANG* Rasakan!
mimi: oh thts how u feel la ek?!

geram seyhhh!! but i nve did lik cns even bck in my first year...

so there we sat in the HO room, boraking,studying, reading...
reading various materials...including a board...a board of numbers..hahaha..the numbers of all the HO's..hahah...kelakar la...but don wry, we may hav memorised those numbers faster than the developmental milestones, but we aint gona harm anyone ;) heheh..

n we discussed various cases..including scenes..not only scenes we're expectin nnt in our end of posting (EOP) exm..tp in a certain movie i watched over awal muharram! hahaha..
mimi is head over heels w tht movie, while i rmmber samar2 je...
tho i obviously hv the same principle as ismi...yup, to tell the guy hum i lik tht i like him. tho i have neve actly found a guy hum i actly really2 like so far...so yeah, iv kept it to myself fr now..

mimi: yelah, dye comel boleh la bwt mcmtu
me: mi, u ARE pretty u noe,
mimi: ok, jap...jap..antara ur three besties hu wud u choose as ur pengapit?
me: ha?

tergamam sebentar
honestly i dint noe y, i cud feel a lump in my throat wen tht question was raised..
walhal i tot i had answered tht question a longlong time ago...
tyra as my tunang bridesmaid
mimi my nikah bridesmaid
eka my bersanding bridesmaid.

tho those just are my rndom plans tht i rant when the topic arises.. other thn tht, i nver really gav it any tot..
but somehow, it really did stir sum sort of emotion just now, n it took me awhile to answer..
but i guess i really was emotionally feeling something...i mean,iv become over the years more emotional unlike the 12year old i was back in 2002 when i felt nothing when i got my upsr results or when my beloved n closest nenek passed away...bcos now evrytime i walk into mr teppanyaki i rmmber the first time my bestie told me her plans of gettin married...i rmmber the way i acted, the way i felt...
and now, i rmmber the way i walk with my besties, whether its hand in hand, arms linked w tyra...or evrytime i passby sek14 in pj,i rmmber the icecream goreng the sticky icky sweaty petangs i walk by there after class as a means of outing...hahah..
so wen i was asked hu i'd choose, 
it flashed to me tht by the time i nak kahwen,
eka wud b married, my bestie. my sister, the person i grew up w, the person i fought my adolescent whimps n fancies with, the person hu 'brought' me to a concert via fon, the person i first had my sleepover with, the person i text panjang2 wen i bengang with the whole world n she'd only repli the shortest yet, the most important words i'd ever need to hear, to imagine tht she's gona leave me this tym next yr, it saddens me,
(mcmla internet takde)
so can u guess hu i wud pick as my MOH (maid of honor)
yup, eka.

it was eka's bday yesterday,
yup, a month after mine, exctly a month. hehe...me a libran, she a scorpion..
i have yet to write a post fr her,
oh boy, i rmmber bck in highschool, eka tu, bapak cepat jealous!
n she'd say,'im a scorpion,"

hahaha! ten yrs down the line,

i am the one yg ehem2...(jealous semacam---talk about telepathy/osmosis)

so wen mimi said,
then HU m I gona apit?

im like,'me la?!?!'

hahahah...takot sgt tht makchik, for all u noe, mase tym i kahwen, she;d be so sarat mengandong i hv to b the standby doctor preparred to get my dress down n dirtyyyyyyyyyyy

heheh.. ;) she will b the obgyn anyways, and ill b the paediatrician.
i tell u, 
the first posting u get in clinicals is really the make it or break it...
walhal my end of posting exm belom experience lagi..

*bites nails*

so, so much fr lookin rite in to the future much
i wan my weddin to b like this la!
we dono anything pun lagi.

xoxo,sumtimes im afraid of tht wen i tell u my feelings, u'd  take me forgranted, u;d take US forgranted.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

the rants of the only child

saya baru balek dr johor bahru.
saya mahu blog.
tp ttbe saya rasa mcm xbetul..
mungkin sbb saket perut.

sedeh nyer.

lalu saya bertekad from today onwads, i will never work for another relatiionship again.
im just gona let the world run on its own.
let my relationships flail if it wants to n c whe it goes.
cos im tired.
im tired of catching up.

so im travelling!!

lil miss amp...amplification has now travelled about 300km to the land of...

Photo: Di kampung halaman ayahku...
Tho im here fr my mum..hehe..  

and so my journey begins here after lik TEN years tak keluas selangor (ape lagi to any other countries!)

saya vertigo selepas driving around jb since my parents cant drive at nite..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

made me laugh this did!

to those hu know how great i m in kecheking..

gif crazy!

thank you @ciktyra90
now im all tumblr/gif crazy!

part two (Taken with GifBoom)
ciktyra n i ;P
and whilst goin thru sum old pics,
i decided to compare wht i and my besties looked n look lik
--past n present...
mcm samer je ;)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

biar lambat asal selamat!!

after about three weeks of being twentytwo!
i finally had my first (ok,second,since my mom claims lunch in morib was a birthday celebration) birthday celebration!

i think the best part about tday must b the fact tht i actly forgot all about it!

me: *woke up groggy*
mom: cepat wat tym dh ni
me: *grabbed any random bju n tudung frm the closet*

*in the car*

me: *stuff all my books n kids work to b marked*
my tots: lepas hospital,i hv to mrk my papers n ----
*mom interupts tots*
mom: so whe r u n tyra goin tday?

mcm dilemma je!
felt lik goin to buy bju je!

but w ur bestie, u can wear wtv la,go whereever la... :P
and there was tht FAVOURITE question la kan!!

but tyra was more firm n UNfickle unlik a bestie of mine tu la kan!
so we decided ikea by 8am! hehehe..
but at 2pm, when my hands were shakin, my stomach was rumbling, my vission was near blurry n my tots were a haze...IKEA cafe was FULL! w the lines so long i din noe whether they were lining up fr the drinks or lining up fr food!

so we decided to makan teppanyaki..
sumtin about goin out w tyra n always eating japanese..
aritu sushi king..arini mr teppanyaki..
nearly had sakae sushi...but wanted rice..
n so sedeh got no fujisnow!!!
mr teppanyaki

but qodho petang!!
my mom belanja-ed us ABC!!! shedapppppppppp...but they both walloped it up..
i was busy w my carrot susu.. ;)

my birthday goodie bag!!!
im so jealous w bestie tyra!
can u c tht makeup pouch on the left, she made it all by herself!!
u noe how wonderful tht is?!?! to MAKE such wonderful things for those u love fr their birthdays n all!!! jealousnyer!!! if i had the talent (patience, skill n ketabahan) to make such things kan best!!!
all my besties will get beautiful stuff all made by zemua! the bestie!!! awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
so anyways, she got me a whole pink bag of goodies fr my birthday! hehe! its so sweet! i was just thinkin about goodie bags tht morning driving to fetch tyra frm uia...tetibe BAM! goodie presie bag! telepathy i tell u...
dah la kesian tyra...she slept so late smlm finishing her labs! and wen we went out, she put her fon all ke tepi, she dint watsapp, twitt or instagram.
but we did take pics!

n she introduced me to the massage chair!!!
i was screaaming (more lik screeeeeeeeching) on tht thing! especially wen ppl hu passed by looked at us! *tutup muka---literally*(most prolly at me screehin n Squirmin)..(mujur la xramai org tht place)...n i was lik

me: tirah! its pulling me back!
me: tirah! its squeezin my legs!
me: tirah!! its squeezing my butt!
tyra: u can fart if u want
me: IMAGINE how many ppl must have farted here!


but it was a worth it THREE minutes! :)) new experience on my twenniesecond ;)

and then we proceeded to MPH..
Photo: celebrated my birthday today :)
yeah,it might b a little late, but it was the tot tht mattered. the effort put in..
(especially wen life has been gettin ever so bz nowadays~!!!!!)
thank u Bestie Athirah :)) always noe how to brighten up my days...

talk about being intellectuals!
pretty isnt wat tyra does onli, she has brains ;) n talent ;))

so we started usha-in architecture books! OUR FAV!! :))
back then back in uia, we used to study tgthr on the top floor, which happened to b whe the beautiful architecture books were at...n wen bored, we used to flip thru them...then imagine our own houses :)) insyaAllah one day owning them to ourselves :)) hehe..we hav nearly the same taste after all ;)

but time restricted us, as i had to fetch my mom for her phd classes...
which we then in turn had our own plans after tht ;)
we wanted to catch skyfall! arrrrrrrrrrr!!! i've been buggin my dad fr weeks to go watch tht movie! n finally i had the chance! tyra wanted to belnja me either skyfall or karaoke! n im lik! yipiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

but luck wasnt on my side, my moms class was cancelled, so there went our plans.
and thank u to crappy...long... que of frantic jam, (and sum misadventure due to nature's call to shishi in the middle of a jam) my mom decided to blanja tyra fr dinner :)) yeayyyyyyyy...
n tht was when i got my ABC ;) hehe..

neways, while waiting fr my mom outside her college, as if it was the perfect spot fr memory taking (cmwhoring sbnrnyer) we took nearly a hundred pictures within tht half an hour! terer kan?!?!
mcm routine je depan college my mom tu :P hehehe..
cume ngn mimi je, the lightin was horrendous..huhu..(but then again, we vlog lik crazy evrywhe else----tho highly doubt we'll eve vlog again....####ye ke??? *scratches head*)

and this was wat we got!!!!!!!!!!

rockin to the beat of twenytwooo…wohoooo (Taken with GifBoom)
bestie tyra n bestie suria gif part one!

xoxo,the best days are sometimes the least expected :) thank u tyra :)) ur a walking positive diode :)))

Sunday, November 11, 2012

the 11th of november

a certain BESTIE turns a whopping twentytwo!
*muke ketakutan di atas*



it was so cold n chilly,

him: dah breakfast belom?
me: mmm..no?
him: blom yet?
me: maybe a slice of cake?
him: im asking u ni, dah ke belom?
me: kan dh jawab?
him: hav u forgotten tday?
me: tday? tday is sunday?
him: takkan u forgot ur bestie?
me: y? u?
him: not me! marjani la
me: aha,y?
him: suria,suria,suria *geleng kepala* don u noe the meaning of tday
me: dah lame wish dah! hahahahaha

sje je bwt suspense.

alhamdulillah mimi n i had the 'talk' yday night..
well not exctly 'the talk' (more lik SMS) hahaha!
but i think its important to have these little things in life.
and oh boy,it ttly lifted a bigbigggggg burden off my shoulders,heart n chest.


and as a result,
i had this huge lump swallowed into my trachea/esophagus/chest cavity
macam tak tahu nk kemana.

even my fingertip didnt help!

and oh boy!
for weeks i had been finding for a panda!

i shud hav followeed eka's footsteps!
beli dr internet je =.="
but noooooooooo...

cari di sp, sp pun xde nyer byk tolong..
yup, i hv been to subang parade two weeks in a row now!
mcm wahhhh

lookin for panda!!!

siap nk give up.
i told my mom just now in the car,
"ma, ya nk g SP! kt citu bnyk kedai!"

my dad: subang parade? yeah, i lik tht place
mom: subang parade is nice rite?

me: *drives past sunway pyramid muke sedeh*

n noe-in mimi mite just read ths
im gona tell u
*arent i the best bestie*

dont i look delicious??

come roll me over

cos i love to playyyy
take me home!
take me home!
u can wrestle me!

happy birthday mimi!!
u'll always be my bestie :))
i hope u liked all the pandas i got for ur birthday!
no wonder u love erm!
they are so chomel!

but HEY!
u have ur adek shafirah to hug at home! n shes awesomely chomel
n in uni(hosp)
u always have MEEEEEEEEEE!!!
dont i look lik a panda??!?!
(minus the black n white patch)

so mimi!
you owe me a hug fr the awesomest array of panda gif!


im awfully sorry tht im at a lost of words on ur bday this yr,
cos i hav had so much to feel
i hope tears are accepted as a way of communication.
i hope memories of Ucafe,
memories of u sittin with me in front KC,
memories us just chattin for hours.
me lepaking at ur ruum(s)---frm aisyah to kc to ur house
us vloggin lik mad in the car (classroom,tgh2 msu,n random walking places)
us gettin stuck in the jam
me listening to ur endless chitchat tht i have NOW FINALLY internalised (terima kaseh sgt la kan) ---now i pantang kereta hot pass me by without me chasing/lookin/peepin at the driver =.="
me being the TOTAL opposite of u
and me being so terharu wen u rmmber all my cuzins names, my famly ppl, drama n wat not
---but WE NOE WHY la kan?!?!?! hahahaha!

telepathically u noe,
i care for u above all.
ur the one i look for in a crowd,
the car i like to stalk on the road,
the text i look forward in the morning
the greenlight on facebookchat,
the smile(and jeling) of approval from in uni,
the baju i tarek wen i divert my attention else whe,
the hand i hold wen i need to cool myself,
the eyes i awe to, *ecehceh*
the lulu of le fangs,
the bestie of suria afifah :)

thank u!
n happy twentysecond nur marjani,
*i swear, klu my husband kasi, i nk name my daughter Marjani! its just soo sexy!!!*
heheh ;)

and how awesome,
i went to my achik;s hus husband, my uncle daud ALSO celebrates hs birthday today! ;)
mom, achik, nana n i in disneyland US

i had dedicated today to collagin a few pictures of me n mimi:

ok,maybe one?
got summore,
but i takot she don lik those pictures.
which reminds me
i NEED MORE pics w mimi.
sgtla sikit!

so to end the nite,

i noe NUTS of wrappin books
(ayat cover)

but izzah really teared me up w her comment.

my mom always said to me,
"people can break ur hearts, but i have no authority to break theirs or anybody elses"
(well sumtin lik tht la kan---as i suck in quoting)

and one thing tht seriously i rasa gilergiler in third yr,
(by my specialist)
"we are not mad," (and mosprolly in their hearts they continue sayin,"we're disappointed je")
bcos not being mad is suckier than being disappointed to kinda sucks even big time.

cik amp,
i dont wana just survive
neither do i wana live
bcos i wana serve.
i wana serve Allah in the best way.

Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars ft. Lupe Fiasco

never let a wound ruin me,

they dont look lik they ever goin away...
they aint ever gona chg...

these past few weeks hav been so challanging,
and yesterday, wen i had the chance to talk to sum of my dad's friends children hu are queing up to take up medicine,
the uncle came to us n said,"suria, i hope ur not scaring them...!"

n im like,
*rubbing my hands tgthr*
"no la uncle,"

like seriously, i dint, i just said tht wen u first start clinicals u mite find it a blur...a fuzz...but wen u get a hang of it,
you FORGET ur pain! u FORGET ur tiredness, u FORGET ur kelaparan n u FORGET all ur misery.
its just u n wat u wana learn.

yeah, sumtimes u get backaches wen u hav to diri so freakin lama, and u go all,
"OMG mcmane la lecturer kite stand berjam steady je!!!"
like seriously, my specialist can take group after group without ANY REST at all!
all she does is maybe hold on to the railing la...but other thn tht, its just talkin n standing calmly.
sebulan into clinicals i havent mastered tht yet
(or the rates for each age grup) 

but there are things tht really u MUST NEED in clinicals,
one. love.
two. moral support
three. faith.

kepada yg ilahi
kepada diri anda sendri.

how EVER cliche it freakin sounds,

u need it!
u gotta have it!

clinicals havent been the easiest. the toughest. and gedeiknyer nk comment psl clinicals, walhal posting pertama pun belom lepas.
tapi it was so immense.
it was so tense.
it was so HUGE.

it drained me
and alhamdulillah my parents ttly understood me,
and they are slowly really adapting to me,
well, we're meeting halfway :))

somewhe thn nothing.

so thts y wen i was talkin to those adeks.. (adek ke? one in form 2, form 5, and one already doin foundation)

i always reminded them,
"if u have the blessing from ur mom n dad, nothing all else matters, just stay strong, god will b there for u"

bcos i ttly believe in tht,
for now, if only i cn internalise wht my mom keeps advising me!
ya Allah give me the strength.

saya bersyukur
saya bersyukur sgt Allah sent me angels.
angesl tht believe in me.

now i have to chase these devils away je!

especially bile these devils wear the most angelic costumes!
astaghfirullah hilazim!

n especially when it takes me away frm me.
takes away my joy
takes away my sensation of happiness
but then again, feelins itu di tangan Allah.
dalam genggaman Allah
Maha Kuasa Allah

so however much my battle scars maybe.
however burnt i feel
how parched i thirst for my telepathy sister.
how tortured my inners are.
these battle scars tht dont look like they ever gona fade,
i dont wish to stop loving people hu i care for.
hum i noe will never be over from.
and hum i noe of for the longest time.
those hu promised to be by my side thru thick n thin.
bcos promises weren;t meant to b broken.

so thank you.
im goin to fight.
i m goin to stop these devils!
n the good WILL out weigh the best!
n this hell will be over!


battle scars make u stronger.
for without battles, then his.story wud never b complete. and the best fights are fought by the best only.
Allah, if this is in my hands, then i noe i can do it.
thank u mimi fr believing me.

besties hug

last friday night

insyaAllah tomoro morning

especially when sumone says

*cebik bibir*

*comel version wen ur w ur bestie*

bcos lets

*begin again by taylor swift*

and my favourite word
i love their relationship!!!
2 broke girls is so funny!!!
n they're playin it tnite!! yeayyyy!!!heheh
they are the comel-est besties..the accidental besties hu are so ttly different but sumhow or rather max always gives in and at the end they form this bond n collect moneyyy..heheh

so for now,
since its my besties birthday,

xoxo,cik amp

heart in my throat!

i might have slept a whole night (5 hours to b precise, since i slept at 3 n its onli 8)...
and ohemgee my voice n feelins n heart is still in my throat. *im not sure if my voice is croaky since i haven talked to anyone yet this morning*

oh please god,
why did i hiatus now?!?!?!?


the OGC

rule number one.
you never gossip about ur bestfriend. (supposedly a ttly moronic rule tht no one follwos)
rule number two.
if a girl falls for a guy, and the idiot guy falls for her ffff's ttly blameless friend, then the afore mentioned friend is obliged to dumb him.

rule number three,
if it comes to chocolate, its for choc for herself.

the official girl code
brought to u by nanny fine!

#laughin my head off#

Saturday, November 10, 2012


paeds had been really great fr us this week!
so many kids tht were comel n baek for us to chekout!

whe shud i start ek?!?!

this week has passed in a blink!!!
lik nearly literally!!!
i rmmber it so hazily....
in a good way tht is!
monday bein the day i came late and parked behind my besties car..n u noe wht i love most about uni life..!!! WALKIN BACK TO THE CAR W LE BESTIE...
tuesday n wednesday was sooo tiring!!! as i travelled all the way frm klang to gombak to fetch my mom via ktm,lrt n bus..
oh boy the adventure!!!

and i found a new thangggg on khamis..thx to tyra...wen i met tyra on rabu..
fell in love w a new app..

wat happened yesterday ek?
lik owhhhkayyyh!! now i ingat!! yesterday was the BORINGGGGGGGGGGGG day of classes...
i tell u, klu dah masuk clinicals, ur lik, 'PLEASEEEE tolonglaaaa!!! xnk duduk satu hari di kelas!!! rimassss la!!!'
practising BP w mimi infront of the whole class ;)
hahaha...xde stamina betul! bsides, i was sick yesterday! n if u recall my blogposts, i was sick abt a month ago wen i had started my clinicals too! ohgee! n now my suara is so croaky!! sedehhh..
tapi dont wry, maseh boleyh nyanyi dgn penuh smgt!!! heheh *dlm car tht is*

and thursday being boring,
tahu je la ape aku buat!
xoxo,suria afifah
the one thing i learnt very vividly frm assunta
thanks to eshie n wats tht show?? the one emma roberts played!!

the one she has a best friend name gina...and they gadoh-ed abt girls code...n addie (the name of emma roberts) finally rmmber the number one girls code (ehich is the abv)

well, u must think its lame to abide to all these things,ok maybe at times it mmg is lame. i mean, dah besar takkan nk berteman, mcm rimas ade. mcm bazir masa ade. mcm bengong pun ade.
but there are reasons fr it.

one. for safety, literly, isnt it Dangerous klu kite go alone??
two. wat if tht girl needs help to hold things tht cant b brought into the toilet?
n most important of all,
sumtimes, goin to the toilet is actly just an escapism frm wtv they are in...n they need a break. n my goodness, girls being clicky, obviously wants their bestie to take a break with.
well thts wat iv understood la kan.(more or less)
and i think its sweet.
and maybe eshie n i mmg believed in this bcos we were 'lonely' ppl since we neve had siblings, so as anak tunggals, we really did abide by it,

idk,sum things are hard to die from.

i wish i had siblings fr mw to rattle,battle n settle with.
thank god my mom now listens to my story in and out.
klu x mmg lonely xde sape nk cerita the clinic days.
bcos by the time i get home, i dont even hav the enrgy to blog anymore.
i wish i was less chatty.
less borak-y
less friendly
n lesscaring

but then again,
i;d never b hu i m now.
n if u cant accept me now,
then don accept me at all.
just lik back in uia,
wen i was all alone.
it was peaceful, and as a certain someone(s) walked out, a met a new someone(s).
maybe now its tht person(s) to leave me. sighh :((
yana had her math spm paper yday.

i just got back frm klang ni, yup, i might hv missed clinics this mornin fr all those thalassemia kids...
(my fon died, my mom got foodpoisoning n i wokeup super late!!---thts wt happened pg td)
but my mom was so sweet.
she knew how upset n sad i was...n she really did try to cheerme up,

mom: *came out frm the bakery* i bought u the most sedap bun
me: ye
mom: well the name is so flamboyant!
me: owh ok
mom: *hands me this huge toast* sedapkan?? *sounding really excited*

then at the convenient shop,
mom: mama beli blahblahblah n nah...air..
me: owh! ingt jugak kat ank ye?!
mom: mestiela..sian dye ek...

ok, sumtin lik tht la,
as much as i was starving, i din gobble it up fast...
and after sending my mom home,

me: *parallel park infrnt of the house*
dad: rnt u gona cme in?
mom: she's goin to the hospital

wahhh...i was soo thrilled!!
mcm yeayyyyyyyyy...
iv nver gotten the car fr myself while my parents at home!!!

n ther it was, me feelin lik a real HO leavin my parents to go to HTAR..
n wen i came back home in the dark night, i felt lik a real doctor!
but i had to buy my mom sumtin..
so i had planned to go a little detour in shah alam
bcos i tot they had guardian in tht place
n i had to drop by at this one shop to buy sum stuff..


sesat la aku!!

im NOT a shah alam person!!
dah la shah alam is kinda the malap,so im like, 'GPS!!! u beter wake up!! i mite need u here!!'

thank god i found my way back!!!
n i kinda got nervousla..
since i passed tempat mimi;s car met an accident..
tho alhamdulillah i found my way back..

and after buyin the stuff needed,
i felt my perut churn juices!
lapar oh!

n guess wht i bought!

mamaks after hospital
malu jugak la..
sebab believe it or not, i went back to the same mamak shop i went earlier tht petang to buy my dad's food.
mujur the worker dh tukar shift..
so they werent shocked to c me..tho they were shocked to my options,
*lets just say my dads a person of habit, so theres a certain menu id normally buy*

tomoro is LC;s rehearsal in uem academy.
im heck nervous
lik serious!

i dont even noe how to tell them tht i cant make it r the big day next week.

*turmoil betul aku*

 sumtin i tot interesting reading...
at weeeeeee's blog..

xoxo,suria afifah had quite a week!