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Monday, January 30, 2012


gedikgedikgeeks all feeling under the weather

tetiba pasang gossip girl season one random episode number 10! n omg! chuck's heart gets ripped as nate asks blair out fr the debutante ....hehehe...n omg nate is sooo handsome!!!

 I_(-.-)_/ l_(-.-)_l \_(-.-)_l \_(-.-)_/ Everyday I'm shuffling .


Interogating the interogator!
have u watched tht Spy cartoon on nickelodeon i think?
well, tht was kinda like the topic between bestie mi n i on saturday afternoon ;0
how we got ther? takpela, no need details...sebab takut men-jeaopardise sum people pulak..hahah...but kalau tak cakap, u wont understand, hmmmm...lets just say, its a guy hum i work with...and he has the comel-est dimples ever...n he is tall... n kurus....sgttt mimi's type of guy *hence the arival to this topic* ~~~duhhhh ;)

so here was our conversation:
Malaysian Style....
*interogation room*
Me: please be seated
Mi: Whe do u.....*plays with his hair* come from?
Me: What relations do you have here??
Mi: YES! RELATIONSHIPs!! any girlfriends?? O.o
Me: Or u gay???? 
*we had some doubt there for a while*
Him: *Muka horror*

hahaha...lawak tak???

the saturday drama dint start ther,
i mean on friday night,
i was surprised by my own kids...actually more like scared me, as when i opened my dark masjid classroom door, my kids lurked up from behind the door n screamed at my face! i screamed back in anger ofcourse...
this is by the same girl my best friend totally anti now...ahhaha...as this girl called me this name....which i dont wana say, because menyakitkan hati aja, which i think i dah forgive tht little kid, as tht fella is only standard 6...matang pun belum... alot to learn...hahaha...

so as we entered the class, tht was when the horror began, my kids went to their seats, and me standing in front of the class behind my teacher's table,
suddenly the girls in the front row started screaming and the boys starting laughin,
i honestly dint understand. and then only i noticed them pointing at the floor and th girls saying,
"bunuh dia!"
and all the boys did was acah-in that thing on the floor.
n that idiotic thing dint actly run...hahaha...
wat was tht thing?
apa lagi?
cicak la!!!!!!!!!

by the time the girls ran to me for shelter, i was on the teacher's chair scared out of my wits, and ALSO screaming!
the boys caught the tail! n proudly showin it to me,
i further screamed!
"apa guna tail dye! go get the real thing!"
and one of my braver students got the thing, and i wanted to pass a tissue box to kill it! IMAGINE! a tissue box? i pun dah nuts la masa tu! hahah...
and he brought to me, and i shouted,
"bukak tingkap! bukak tingkap!!!"
and they threw it out.
and so was the crazy drama of teacher suria n her standard 6 kids :)

the rest of my weekend was, as i said earlier, boring, n not well,
i think my diaphragm cramp or something! i cant laugh or cough! saket! n my mom's all,"ha, tula, suka gelak tgk comedy,"
hello! evidently la i tgk comedy gelak! hahaha....

anyways, tmr is monday,
a day many hate, also including my year 3 kids in LC!
i asked them! n they said they ahte monday because of the assembly! hahaha..
i LOVED assembly...the only time i get to chat with my friends...and how we always always hope it gets extended...hahah

*sudenly flashes back to form 1 assembly with bestie eka*

~~sister enda hall~~
~~loudly filled with girls chitter chatter~~

pn yong *or wtv her name was*: I hear voices
me and eka: *look at each other*
pn yong: *repeats* i still hear voices *n looks up wondering*
eka: *suara deep xle blah* i hear voicesssss
me: *gelak mcm cipan*

hahaha...until today, it is still our private joke people wont eve understand...
those assembly days were also the days eka n i used to play with each others backs and trace words n guess...hahah...

*those were the days*

on another note,
this week had been a great week!
although i was tired MOST of the time!
and many classes were cancelled n suddnly BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM class ari jumaat diwaktu petang! mcm ngenggggggggggggggggggg!!!


but we had pizza twice this week!!!!!!!!!!!

first wen mimi n i went for lunch,
and wen she asked me what i wanted to have lunch, n i said, pizza, BAM! suddenly there was pizza in my uni cafe! mcm wowh! at rm3.50 je! but i neve ate it...i ahte kurma dagin with rice instead! hahahah....hahaha

\but tht evening, as i parked my car infront of the mamak shop for dinner, my mom suddenly said,
"lets hv pizza"
lik wowwwwwwwwwwww!!!

n he next day, friday,
gedikgedikgeeks n i had [pizza at the tesco near the roundabout!! hehehe...


Sunday, January 29, 2012

its a short weekend

wel, actly, its a nnrmal weekend
saturday n sunday.

i have loads to tell
loads to share
and loads more drama especially bila saya dengan my students.

but atm,
my diaphragm hurts.
i kinda not like this weekend :(

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

rabu warna biru!

but i always noe i hv my gedikgedik geeks

and my besties!


because at the end of the day,
we all drive evryone crazy


just like today,
the first day back to uni,
and no class!
ade but scanty je...


n for god noes wht reason
i feel so stress free

mcm exm tu takdela dekat sgt
mcm there is nothin on me


i wonder y.


im in a happy

klu ade duit,
dh confirm g shopping :P

***earlier tday***

i wonder hu did the above!

followed by a funny statement later at night

by the same person

but its good that u x expect pape...
u x expect pape kan?

mcm comel je..


the dreamiest guy iv ever seen
*after mr darcy*



so tempted to

so i began tumblr-ing

i just love these two above.
sgt comel

look wat i found



for now,
i need to fly

Rama-rama tak tahu warna sayap mereka, tapi orang tahu betapa indahnya mereka.Begitupun juga diri kita, tak tahu betapa indahnya diri kita. Namun Allah betapa meng-istimewa-kannya kita dimata-Nya. Ketika kita tunduk dalam Syariat-Nya, redha atas Takdir-Nya, tersenyum dalam musibah, Tegar dalam ujian-Nya. :)

and sleep
my bestie just reminded me of my ex
*yes, ex being the word,*
*as wen my fav lecturer entered today, tade feeling pun*

so yeah

breath in
breath out!

selamat malam!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


nana, me n farah

so the anak-anak muda all sat at the anjung of my aunts house on chinese new yr after the bacaan doa and tazkirah....
we were also the first to lahap the makanan, hence gettin the house empty to just us and the kids...and some old aunts and uncles hu cant move around to go outside...

it was a nice bonding time

i missed famly times, being raya the only time we get together, or if someone dies or marries.
mentionin the sad death first as marriage doesnt come often in my famly,
because amongst cousins, nana is up next, followed by me.
and nana hasnt really made up her mind so much, and hasnt mentioned anything yt, besides the fact tht she likes to look at jewellery nowadays....*but hu doesnt lik nice sparkly things?*

so as we were chatting up,!
nana quickly grabbed my tab,
and while having her treat of gettin massaged, by me and fellow nieces, she played with....get this.....FRUIT NINJA!
while wen farina *picture not taken* *because she bcme the photographer* played the piano...
i tell u, my keyboard piano is a hit...evrybdy played with it...fahmi n faisal too!

fahmi: so ur taking medicine right?
me: aha?
fahmi: so u shud noe drugs right?
me: aha?
fahmi: u noe n****?
me: wat?
fahmi: yeah, u wont noe, ur a girl...
me: wtf?


he said his housemate took five with a bottle o\f red bull and dance 3 hours straight...hahaha...non stop!

fahmi's sister,farina: abg u dint take it did u?
fahmi: no ina, obviously not..
me: ur abg wud noe it is dosa right *gives him the eye*
fahmi: not interested...
farina: then wht dyu du?
fahmi: just laugh at tht poor fello n angkat him home la!

i gelak-ed.
dalam my demam-demam and batuk-batuk and my puking of the absolutely proclaimed sedap lunch, i think i really enjoyed myself,

which brought me to this really one part of our conversation/cathing up i ttly lik,

fahmi: kak nana whts ur wage?
nana: 175
fahmi: huh?
*nana n farah bz chatting*
fahmi: *looks at nana n tries to catch her attention*
me: *try to lie down on farah's lap* *looks at how kesian fahmi is tryin to catch nana's attention*
me: ami, y wud u want her weight?
fahmi: NO! not her weight, her wage!
me: wel...she dint give u either...not her weight or her wage, instead, she gave her height!
fahmi: wat? *laughs*
me: hahahah...na, fahmi asking u sumtin...

so they exchanged their wages,
and fahmi complained about his future wage tht wud b around 18hundred??
n im like,
me: okla tu 1800 basic degree? normal wat? fr a quantity surveyor lg tu...
fahmi: dude! it hasnt changed fr lik the last 3 decades! *gettin emo*
me: so? *deliberates* okla, QS is an important line in the building industry...u guys shud get more....
fahmi: *finally keeps quiet*
farina: kak suria, wht wud u get wen u start working?
me: rm3500?
fahmi: *dengang cepatnyer* *hands in the air* DONT ask her tht!
me: *laughs n looks at fahmi*
fahmi: just dont farina!
farina: y? byknyer!!!
me: *smug face* aah, bole la...
fahmi: yeah..but u DONT hv a social life!
me: OHYEAH!!!! then wht the heck m i doin now?

ahaha...tht was my anak-anak buahs n me...
fahmi being my age is in fact my nephew, as his mom is my cousin ;)

the night before cny,
i had a great dinner w another cousin!

kak lynet and i to the restaurant...

after the heavy dinner,
still making room fr dessert wic i cud makan because it was sejuk...

the only thing my famly n i dint du this cny is,
visit my mom's bestie,
aunty sweeleng n aunty susan...*my mom is so onemalaysia,she has 2 chinese bestfrends,one malay(hus lik mixed w indian n all) and an indian bestfren hum she married.* :)

because sincerely speaking,
im really hackered, right nw iv gota finish my work n study fr the forgotten quiz tmr... ;p

ohyeah, n i dint get to c my little nephew on my dad's side on saturday bcause i was recoverin frm my fever...but my mom said we'll go visit another time :)

so tht was my chinese new yr :)
very tiring,
and lowl nourished,
*but don wry, wen to mydin to stock up dy*

frasa minggu ini!

im not sure wht phrases are in malay, i think its frasa..
but wat is more accurate is actly quotes...

this week actly ade quite a number of things my frends and all said tht are quite mind bogglingly tickling...

first maser on tuesday,
wen we were learning pathology with a certain lecturer tht tot us a mnemonic,
"from jane"
N stands for Nail bed hemorrhage.....
the more scientific name,
hence making it
word of the day...hahahah
because a certain sumone heard
"sabun b*nt*t" instead of subungual....


n by ina,as we were talkin aout bestie tyra's fabric,
tyra shud design bju fr ana rafali....
*because ana rafali liks to wear kurung modern* and the rockstar pattern was kinda cool!
id wear tht!

on another note frm my senior,
"eleh, baru 2nd phase da overload....
*now i can delete the txt*

then from a beloved aunty,
A really good girl like you...Amin :)

and im lik,,*awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
and wen i wento sleep with a nightmare? hmmmm...because in my dream, i met this reallyreally cute guy, smeone hu i felt deeply for, bt sadly, he was actly dead, he even showed me his grave, and asked me to put a yellow rose there, or an alamanda flower there....it was so sad, because then he just disappeared, and evrytime i wanted to c him, i just went to his grave...which dint really loom lik a grave, but a nice flower bed.
so sad. n weird, thinking tht i can actly feel my heart move? in a dream? weird.

oh! and this week!
i started kpop!

mcm ngeng je.
taknk continu kpop pun ade.
tp i just lik those yg has english words in erm, and has sum really good moves...
Suria Afifah Ridhuan m/v tu ape?
Nur Marjani u mean MV ke? *tutup mulut dgn tangan cepat2*...

sedeh tauuuu!!!
tu belom mase kt msu on friday morning
me: *random* mi, girls generation ng wondergirls not the same ek?
mimi: *GELAK*

moving on,
friday the 13th,
my bestie wished me hapy friday the 13th.~~~~bestie eka :)
she actly rmmbered! hhee

i think thts all. or i forgot dy. =.="

selasa dah!

i actually do this....

  • friend: but he's just a fictional character he doesn't exist.
  • me:
  • friend:
  • me:
  • friend: why are you hugging that book.

but NOT with a story book la...with my anat/physiology/biochemistry/PHARMACO book....


but then again

sometimes i wonder,

ever look at your best friends? and wonder why the heck aren't you guys drama queens?

ps-its sunday! NO! is tuesday! esok kembali ke msu...n being a budak medik with a tonne of work...wich i dah nightmare....huhuhu....

and since im kinda in the mood of writing *yup, questionmark*
im gona some of the letter frm the list by the side of my blog n answer those questions! heheehhe

2 habits,
one.evry sunday morning, i wake up, i go to my mommys room and wtch ben10 and an assortment of cartoons i personally hate, but i still watch them to wake myself up..hahaha
two.i take off my kasot wen i drive ;)

If i forget betrayal
normally its there in my mind, but i block it out. n people hu did betray me normally really du mean their apology, so i don mind. but how cn u forget sumting?

hoe many holes i have in my ears
2 je. but pierced erm lik 9 times o sumting!

the last time i felt jealous and why:
hmmm...a few days before i got sick...
about 2 weeks ago? well, jealousy means sayang.

my fav subject:
at the moment? pathology :)

If I'm in Love:
nta, ok je?

ok, im really lapar!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

not much of a writer weekend :(

the saddest thing i saw on tumblr

but u cnt blame


Submission: aprillynn1995 


talking about close friends,

something i told mimi:

when u c ur best friends crush

wat i did to mimi before patho lab on thursday:

dh dye nk sgt her crush...

hu is he?


Submission: ephmeraldream 



who i think also Submission: infamous-insanity 


wht id have on my bestie dayout

n tht is y im NOT out w any of erm,
sbb one sip will send me to a week of nebulizer!

u heard me \,
im asthmatic...

don wry...

klu i pengsan
u wana declare emergency

Your life is meaningless without following this blog!


and because of the naughtiness of guys:


or maybe sbb they lik to be more outdoors thn girls...

and while on the subject of guys,
as many 'hot' guys i suposedly hv so called been proclaimed to hv met,
 always dream,
faceless guys,
especially wen it sumone i suposedly feel strongly for,
i guess its cos i hvnt met him yet

hinthint *winkwink*

wana noe wht im upto besides

HQ Wonder Girls + Big Bang Tell Me + Lie 071228

*xoxo, newbie*

my kids are my source of energy!

blog post selepas balik dr masjid
*not so alim though, sry*

i think tht is why my students love me to bits
*perahsan jap*


i have to gota use the above to my kids!
sure never fail one!

tapi how come wen wendy says it,

she grew up all pretty anyways?

*out of the courtesy to the fact tht i have been flashing back alot of my school days these past few days*

reflecting this week:
because it was literal.

random bestie jokes tht tickled me:

*but its stil UNacceptable tht my bestie gelaked me about kpop!*


now heres the array of random bites!
id make erm potato salad....
mimi potato salad w creamy mayo...
boiled eka potatoes with skin on? hahahaha
smashed ina...
and funnily
tyra crisps...


sedap betul my friends...
oh yeah, tertinggal satu,
curry kiwa...

through all and all

they are my

yummy n delicious

and the most reason y i love erm is because

those two gedikgedikgeeks

out of the 365days,
nearly evryday kmi berhubung kot!

back to my daily life:

ofcourse im goin cardio...
giler i nk jd neurologist...
mengingati a random flirt this week:

but a defo is,
on my wedding card nnt: