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Thursday, March 29, 2012

vowed to do it.


today classes finished at wat? 12? 1130??

then we quickly hurried downstairs to get the newspapers...
and guess wht?

there was a show at 1220pm in subang parade!
just perfect la!
and w my 120 touch n go rebate...we were all up!


and earlier on today...

a certain 'jealous' kpop lover said

"apasal tulisan korea u lawa?"


walhal first time i start tulis kot!
terer tak????


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the 28th day of march

classes tmr start at 9!!!!!1
iv been late since forver this yr
it sucks!
iv always been up and early evryday last r..
and now..
im just labelled as "latecomer"
mcm sedeh je

im quite sure i wake up ealrier than half of our classmates
and leave home earlier than half of our classmates..

and by the time i reach msu shaha alam, ive travelled more than 40kms...

so as matlutfi says, before u judge sumone, maybe u shd try putting on their shoes...
ok, he dint say go pakai kasot org..
but me being girlish, id say, pergi la try...
then ud noe...

back to today,
bz gilerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

wen i found out tht today we had straight classes frm 8 am till one,
i terus txt besties and gedik2!!!

dah la 8am quiz!
and 8am?? me???

mmg terlari2 ku dgn kaki terjengkot *since my kaki cramp pg tadi!!*
ngahahah..but i was just in tym..and i dint evn noe there were two pgs of quiz....the last ten minutes bru buat the 2nd page! hahahaha...but i finished it before my lecturer said "last 5 minutes" terer tak???
byk la terer..i was actly in a hurry..and tak persahsan how cepat i was goin..and i dint noe 3 questions out of the 20 questions provided! so screwed tol....and tht shud b ahint tht i shud go running back hom hitting the books instead of the keybod and blogs...

but i came back home w a frown..
so i cudnt resist it...and i jz had to bkk my blog...
its the best place to lay it all out :)
i even had plans of writing a short story..since
im a writer tht way..


while sum people liv in movies...
*talking about movies*
i said to ina

:i vow to watch the vow,for it is a vow tha cannpt be vowwed away:

ngahahaha..tak make sense kot...tapi maksudnyer nk tgk vow la!

so much fr tht la! bz kot!!
her wedding dress is a 2000million times lawwa-er thn twilight punyer!!!!!1

another movie in the cinema:


and one we were tryin to catch last week


love never fades from the air...especially wen ur w ur loved ones..

as i quote saying to gedikgedikgeeks:

:thank god i have a bestfren insted of a boyfrien:
*after c-in a couple walk past me in msu*
ina and mar: y?

:tadi i saw ths couple..they were walkin so rapat n close...first dekat...*makes the action towards mar* then hangs swing tgether..then at last, pegang tangan *grabs mimi;s hand*...tak dosa tu? *releases mimi;s hand*

so yeah.

netiher can anyone hear me in the mornings wen i get drowned into wuyeio's music and scream at the to of my lungs...


a tot to ponder...
i love u, the ones hu i least expect it to be.

made me smile :)


first of all, her eyes are wide open because she is alive!
because ur dream girl is alive!
bwat ape hang nk chase mayat?


si keding comel!

if today had a sad twist at the end,switching on youtube, finding matluthfi and watchin his vlogs, ttly made tht curve all smile again :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

just a little note goes a long way...

today was awesome!

it was filled with..

today i was super.

super late.
and bestie mi was only a ten minutes late to class, but she decided to join me in the lateness ppl at the cafe...tho ironically she was early there in the cafe w kinah..as i strolled into the cafe at 9...which was about an hour later...

mimi: i got a call from kinah and she said, 'u at the cafe no class ek?' and im lyk, 'ermmmmm,sejak bile takde class pg ni?'
me: hehehe...malas la nk ckp kt kinah yg kte skip class...just consider it not there sudah...

so tht was in the morning punyer hoohaa with mimi and kinah...

our gedikgedikgeek ina was not well...

but fit enuf to make jokes and make me LOL

in the morning, she textd me:
ina: morning fi! ina gatal la arini!

wen i conveyed wat ina said to sha..
it sounded rong! hahahaha...

and later at night, wen i asked whether she felt any better,

she replied:

i try not to garu but tampar-tampar oni

*refering to the itch she had on her hands earlier the day*

and the highlight of the day

while i fbvideochatted w a certain bestie on the ever so clear fbvideo...
--seriously, jauh lebeh clear dr skype--

as quoted frm me:

its so clear
i can c ur nose
ur spects..
ur outline...

wats thts????


and here's

a confession from a bestie of mine hu claims tht i am 10000miles away from her...walhal 15mins je away from home! hahahah...

"i m a nerd"



yup, thts me n my 'nerd'

but i love to her to bits!



so back to yesterday,
the day i cant rmmber wht actly happened...

i posted this on my wall

only to be used against me today..
just lik besties la kan...

so sbnrnyer, yesterday i and another certain bestie did not hav any contact with each other...and tht was sedeh-ing...

and rupe2nyer, both of us were lookin at the fon waiting for each other...

talk about telepathy..
tapi telepathy kami2 berdua had resisted us from texting each other..hahaha

*lame telepathy! lame!*

lets jz say, ego got into our way..

but we had our bonding moments today :)
thanks to the rain..
the chairs and table in tesco..
the dah lame tak makan yeemee egg..
the soya and iced lemon tea drink

me: i was looking at my fon
mimi: *mata yang menunjukkan bahawa she did the same*
me: u did too --how i cud hv guessed--
mimi: i was thinking to myself, nape la dye tak msg...dye ingt aku marah kat dia kot.......biarla dia igt aku marah kat dia...

me: *in my head* oh, marah kat i ke?

me: i nk je post up kt my fb page, "wen i txt u, it means i miss u...and wen i don, i just want u to noe, im wondering if u miss me."
mimi: y din u?
me: oh. =.="

mimi: sumtimes i lik to be quiet...but it doesnt mean im in  bad mood...

--using my words la tu!--

me: tu la i tak txt u...sbb don wana ganggu ur peace n quiet...
mimi: tapi kdg2 nk jugak dgr crickets in the background

me: r u calling me a cricket? O.o


tht was pretty much my monday.
very far from boring.

Monday, March 26, 2012

my community service

im goin to change the world.

just lik this guy!

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Raef Cover)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

bcos im best writing...

so wen i miss sumone or sumting,
i write.

and here's a little note for a loved one :)

kalau jatuh, diri balek. ;)

percaya atau tidak,
i keep fallin down.
lik literally!

last week itself on campus..nta brape kali i nearly fell walking bakc and from my car thru those rough berbatu roads!!
how many times i had to hang on to my bestie mimi n ina to make sure i tak jatuh...walhal,sumtimes pakai kasut flats je at times...huhuh..

after my living classroom class, as i went downt the stairs, i fell three steps down onto my knees...

dah la depan oneof the other teachers!


but i got up quick n scooted off quicker!!!

i was all ok, but later yday night,
only did i feel the pain...
and this morning, wen i woke up, i realised, my lower back was paining! and guess wht? my knees are swollen!
talk about impact!


well, talking about jatoh-ing....
i was also nearly hit!

i tell u, mcmane la i tak lagi depressed over the weeken!
*tho im feelin all beter now!*

neways, as i said, i nearly got hit!
lik tiga kali kot!
once when i was in the car...
second by a bicycle wen i was walking thru a pasar mlm...
third ALSO during the pasar mlm by a motorbike!


bt im all ok now..as i watch the f1 show from the comfort of my bed..


new thing on my bucketlist.

~~watchin f1 in sepang

Saturday, March 24, 2012

cantik kah?

bukan semua cantik subjektif

teringat the day i met my other half...i mean....my 'twin' guy...ahahaha...

its lik wen i talk about him, i have to watch out, takot nnt tercite pasal diri..hahahaha!
"flawless cheek and intensified eyes"

but at the moment,
im tanned!



naggin feeling


its a 'wonder' how come here arent any sad photos of me...

well hu the heck takes photos when they are sad? and me being the photographer, hud take my picture? hmmmm...

there is this monstrously bi bad feeling tht nags me down..

and evrything seem to look a blur


well of course one thing for sure is,
im not in love...so im not mabuk cinta...

u noe how ppl alwys say they always wana b young?

well dude, its too overrated...whts the definition of young?

when exctly?
whts so cool about being young?


because i noe

i tell u, dreaming about spm results are not the best thing ever.
ina n mimi keep telling me tht i have to give them up...the dreams tht is...bcos they are nightmares tht just haunt me...and its over n done with....for u random blogwalker, im NOT 17 goin to 18 n just got my results yesterday....i had gotten them 5 yrs ago in 2008...

idk y it still haunts me.
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i got pretty good results.




it nags me into real life...does it hav any relation?

and wht made me even sadder is wen i went to my masjid class tday, my kids were all sad faced and weak n frail...it nearly brooke my heart...i knew how tired they are..its friday night....and they hv to come for tuition n hear all my nags...but i love them. very dearly.
and i want them to succeed. i want them to b great people. i noe they are good kids.
they are our shining beacon of tomoro.




have u heard of sucha word?

i have. but it never rang any bells. mcm, i dgr, but nta ape tah maksudnyer. i soon realised its meaning.
its about dedication.


being the only child.
the last cucu in both my parents family
n the 'adek' growin up

i nve knew sucha thing.

i wish
hardly doubt so.

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so wht du i du to feel beter?

tumblr la duhhh

u won find my tumblr.
cos thts whe i escape.

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something tht reminds me of my gedikgedeikgeeks and bi.
wen theyn say they love me wen all the rest of the people seem to find me absurd.


note to self:
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Friday, March 23, 2012

roadda trippa

while waiting fr my maghrib before i go off to the masjid,

i watched a lil happy feet two...

and there was ramon and mumble...where mumble's son kinda sulks away, and ramon comes and interupts their conversation and obviously mumble marahs and says,"we're in the middle of a private conversation here.."
and ramon says in defense,"whats a best friend for if he cannot bring a daddy and his boy together?"

tht instantaneously brought me back to the moment mimi, ina and i had a roadtrip today!
we did!
all the way to

petaling jaya!

jauh la sgt!

20km tak smpai! ngahahahahaa...
but it seemed awfully long since we three had gone out tgthr!!
its lyk always me n ina je....

and dah 2 bulan punyer outings kami tak guner tau!

so in the car,
as we passed my school, i showed them where my school was from far..heheh...
and then we were imagining our future...hahah..lets just say kami byk ber-imaginasi nowadays..hahaha...

mimi was acting as my kid
"mimi": mummy,i forgot my lunchbox
me: y did u leave it at home? susah mama pack kan!
"mimi": mummy! laparrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
me: then tak yah makan!
"mimi": how cud say tht to me mummy!
me: well puasa la...dpt pahala...masyuk syurga nnt...
"mimi": mummy!!
me: dah dah kamyra!
"mimi": kamyra nk complain kt aunty mimi la!
me: pergi la...

then mimi bcomes mimi and continues...
mimi: come here, jom....kte pergi tgk movie...nnt biar orgtu jealous...
ina: laughs!


me: pergila...tak de jealous
ina: take....mai sini mama fi, ina pujuk....


ina: aish....aku jugak la kan...kne pujuk org...hahaha..

me: ala biasa la, my moms best friends pun semua takes turns having me...my mom ok je..hahaha...

so tht was our lil roadda trippa...


it was short n sweet. but it was cool. ;)
cos no matter whe we go...we r the gedikgedikgeeks.. 

ps-kamyra is the name of my future daughter...its american for 'surrounded by light"


Thursday, March 22, 2012

even the stars they burn

*refering to patho,pco,microbe n forensic medicine*
minus forensic medicine...
it just give me cutis anserni...


i love u.

u hu??

my patients.
future patients :)



newly listening to.

Cover Drive - Sparks

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

what's ur number...


first things first,
since one is the first number of the bumber system
*no i do not count zero as the first*

so there was a few firsts today...

first first is bestie mi n i had some bonding time in the library...
yup the library!
u hv to ask which part of the library!
we were in the EDUTAINMENT room..hhehehe

watching "going the distance"
by justin long and drew barrymore..

yup.,,we were watchin tht movie tht seriously needed sensoring in the edutainment while we did our pco case study..hehehe...

then when the movie ended,
went down to our cafe, bought sum lunch to deliver it to ina;s place n had lunch there...


i cant seem to blog on the weekdays!
i seem so tired.

so goodnyte.

here's sumtin related to numbers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


wen tht person u love just says sumtin tht robs u speech fculty away...

in tht special place
called home


but home is anywhere as longas ur w ur loved one

I threw a wish in the well,

so much fr a smoother tuesday...ofcourse classes started at 10! mcm walauweih betul la! got to hv sum besties moments w mimi...*lik finally* we nearly had another one in the afternoon...all gedikgedikgeeks...but we dint...it was just me n ina wen class got cancelled at 2 pm with patho...

dont ask me...i'll never tell..

Monday, March 19, 2012

semua yg terbaek...
semua yg terberhentikan tanpa kuakhiri..

bizzare mondays

for some god noes wht reason,
i snoozed my clock late tday,
and decided tht i wudnt go for the 8am class, hence taking my own sweet time to send my mom to work n NOT rush to my class...so wen my wuyeio watch struck 8 and i was just about to enter the highway frm dsara, i cudnt care less...ohyeah,my wuyeio car jam is 14 mins cepat...

and wen bestie mimi reached uni, she wanted to wait fr me to go up to uni tgthr...tht was wat? 15 mins past 8? and i was lik, 'u serious ke? tol pun i belom sampai"

so watev,
my hunch was right!
mmg takde class at 8.

and TMR pun xde 8 am class

mmg blissful la!

i can wait to hv bonding time w mimi.

tu je i can say right now,
as my eyelids droop heavily...heavier thn the white elephants in thailand ;)

may tuesday b beter.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

today is the present. no matter sweet or bitter.


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and as a very positive person
hu is able to face the world,
i shall say:


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as long as i never


For amazing photos with  inspiring quotes click here! 

bcos my career is gona b thy priority...


on on another note,
an important note,

wht m i goin to wear this week?


class at 8 tmr!

ohboy im ur favourite

today is sunday.

my facebook status was simple:

worst thing sunday: bangun-in awal
Best thing sunday: Pasar malam!

but ofcourse, there were many other things tht made sundays the worst,
for instance,
i. tomoro is monday, i.e. back to uni/work/school~~~~and generally cuti sekola abeses!
ii. workdays ONLY mean...WORK la!
iii. kene iron baju!
iv. things to be done need to be done for the weekdays.

but there was one tht topped the charts tht i DID NOT put up on fb...

but i shll vent out here.
it was,
vi. receivin a 'nasty' reply from ur 'favourite' person.

i tell u, the first reaction i had on my face and running thru my body was anger but later on, after i ignored all that and continues my life, i decided, wht the heck,

my parents dint raise a quitter...what more a loser.

so here's to my best.



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Saturday, March 17, 2012

sumtimes, i convince myself it to be not there.

im no excess tht way

thing is, i never i was 'locked'.
hardly doubt A key is needed???


bcos deeeeeeeeeep down


tht look

tht says



besides tht,
my feelings are like switches

and also because i have this phobia to switch my moods
because when i start my 'story telling'
its lik
i don really get annoyed as such, i just give up,
and switch balek to jovial mode or senyap je la.


and also because im a sceptic

 this blog is hilarious 

so i just

Yes please!
walk away

as im afraid of me goin all
Photo Courtesy: youaintnofamily 

but wtv pun,

im simple



this the part of me u neve gona take away from me.



me, today, class.

me, today, class, work presentation

^pretty much accurate 

Photo Courtesy: shahirzag
im a writer tht way

and most of all because im afraid,
if i open it up,  itd fall to pieces.