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Monday, April 30, 2012

have u got wat it takes?

even if u dont
u can try
cos ths cn be ur guideline ;)


cos don eve giv up faith!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

im ready....to let go :)

i can breath a sigh of relief.

SafetySuit - Let Go

just today, as i woke up from sleep, as a continuation form yesterday, i felt the heavy burden released frm me, as if, i can safely say, i hav no strings attachd, and i can let it go

thank u Allah for this process.
thank You Allah for taking it away.

for now, ive gotta say, 
im not lookin forward towards any feelings for awhile..


Friday, April 27, 2012

driving back home.

its friday night!!!
malamtuition di masjid kg tunku!!!
and im all too super sleepy!
i tot i was malas last week!
but i tell u mgu n mmg topmost sleepy~! 15mins to 8pm,solat maghrib pun i belom! n i was on my bed ngantokkkkkkk...huhuhu...
so when the lights wen off in the masjid *again* as i entered the class,
i was kinda happy nk balek tido! but the lights came on again within 10mins o so! hahaha...

proof i ngantok

so yeah.

i sumwht blasted the radio to keep me awake as i drove back home..n the hpv advertisement came on.
my mom then asked me wat it was, cos she heard,"hiv"???
so shes lik, sejak ble HIV ada vaccine?
so i started talking about about HPV and the cervix. honestly, i told my mom, iv nve seena real cervix...and i dint noe it was so far inside!
*seriously~ i mmg taktahu!*
blonde moment betul i nie.
any hu,

my mum asked about the transmission of hpv...and i said, suposedly sexual transmission la.
but if im not mistaken, i du hv heard a person hu was not known to be sexually engaged yet, tho, had contracted this horideous penyakit :(

it was sumone's bestie.
and thinking tht,
this person was actly SOMEONE's bestie,
i cried.

well,ok, i xla nanges, but i was super sad, and mmg sebak jap *actly lama juga i sebak*
bcos i cant imagine not having any one of my besties.

talk about exaggeration,
especially sbb i hv 'ramai' besties and all,
they are all different.

and just a few days ago,
i fell into depression wen i tot i lost one of them.


thts y, u hv to hav anak ramai ok?!?!
so tht anak anda tidak keseorangan. sian dye xde org nk fight with...xde org nk gurau senda w...and takde org nk make fun off...and xde org nk manje w...huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

so thankk u allah fr my sisters n 'brother'... ;)

*stil sebak*

so listen to this.

Jessica Sanchez: Bohemian Rhapsody - Top 6 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

another video to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apuqS8ya-8U

Thursday, April 26, 2012

tp AlQuran dh ajar to face evrything!

kalau tension study, ape kite buat?
main game, tgk mvie dlm ipad?

kalau ade masalah dgn org?
structure ur tots n let it out la!

kalau bosan? w ntn to do?
read a romantic novel, play the guitar! or sleep it away!!

well the quran tot us to overcome all tht!
just by being BFF!
besst friends forevr with it!

*additianal points frm thyself*

sbb one day, wen we die,
and enter the land of kubur,
the quran will come to light up our darkness,
bcos unfortunately, my ever shining 'suria' is unable to do tht anymore,.

thank u to the person hu made this :)

hope to c more of it!

oh Allah. i have sinned.

u noe, i once read, sumwhe,
these girls hu wore the hijab protested fr themselves.
as wen people said, "oh u, those hu wore the long scarfs and of those long sleeves, hu dyu think u r? better thn us? more pious thn us? walhal, u do rongs, and u commit sins!" to them,

they *those hu wore long hijabs* replied," i wear hijab not to say im pious, not to say im better and not to say im perfect, but merely, i m covering it right"

i never quite understood those hu defended themselves,
sry la, i dont mean it in the baddest ways, but its just tht, i mmg xphm, but i dint hv problems w those of the long scarfed, to me, thts just hu they are.

but after watchin the video below,
it just kinda opened my eyes,
its like,
"i commit sins, i may have my flaws, but i refuse to show off my skin"

in my raw and plain and 'un-alim' eyes, it seems plain to say tht they say,
"i choose to cover up, THAT  IM PARTICULAR ABOUT, evntho ther r other sins i commit"

and this above statement, pls forgive me if i was rong,
tp tht is wht i now finally interpret.
tht also after i myself hv gone thru a sin, and a flaw tht i never knew i committed all this time.

and after i tot i was misjudged by others for it. *or was misjudged by others*

bcos i thoroughly hated the sin i commited, and hv no intention to commit it ever.
and i kept repeating to my 'low' self,
"yes, aku mungkin berdosa for alot many things, sum even on a daily basis, sum maybe as frequent as it has become a part of me already, tapi, BUT THIS dosa! NAUZUBILLAH! i DO NOT WANT! walaupun xde la 'besar' mane pun *ok,maybe besar jugaks la* and i choose not to commit it!!!"



*long breath*

thank u to the person hu made this.
*pats on the back*

and most important of all,
thank u Allah for opening my heart.


#get rid of fake black line under eye.
#you dont need tht cover up, u need to cover up

*sighs on the broken hearted*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

have a break, have a kitkat

dear readers of my blog,
the above is a picture of my intial mbbs batch when i first joined MBBS in msu shah alam.
it has been about 2 yrs.


oh how fast time has flewn!

im a second yr! and by right, i shud b swamped w my studies preppin fr my 2nd professinals by now, but there were sum mishaps tht cud not be avoided...and these 13 ppl in my batch, not all are still with me.
sum have chagned courses...sum became my juniors, sum had to face the road of repeat..
*yeah,thts the life of medicine*
some continue, sum drop out.

initially i wanted to blog about my kepong comserv last weekend. but sumone commented on this picture tday, n it so sweet to b reminded how i started medicine.

1. it was w my bestie :) my soul sister. and the person i love being manja with most
2. i was a fashionista dgn pin sini, pin sana
3. i was outstanding. 

4. i was cheerfully joyful :)

and 2 yrs down the line,

1. im still besties w my bestie, and we've gone thru alot w each other. ups n downs.drama n no drama. quiet and bising. tegur and menegur. pumba after 'selekeh'....hahaha...
til we;ve got our new routines.
like walking back to our cars tghtr *from not hvg cars n being driven bck in the 1st yr*
to doodling lik mad in class
to our long chats in the Ucafe.
siap ade bju same lagi tu!
~~well nearly the same la~~

yeah. thts wht i love the most.

2.im stil kinda sorta a fashionista?? hahaha...
stil w bunga sini...bunga sana...hahaha

3. im stil outstanding ;)

and 4. i am none other the cheerfully joyfulmedical student
tht sumtimes ppl dont understand y...

oh how many things have changed since i first entered medicine.
from always being early to class, to being 'labelled' late comer
from being the busy w studies to the kinda busy socialising...hahahah
from being innocently makan-in in the nearest cafe to the ever pandai and adventerous cari-cari makan
from being driven to being the driver
from the library to the bowling alley


from the poetic me,
to a non writing me any more.

honestly, lepas dh lama, xde feelin rindu pada the chair by the river banks. ive moved on.
but i miss tht innocent geek.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

injection of medicine

"kerna ku tak sanggup"
3 Types of Modesty - AbdelRahman Murphy - MMYC 2010

"Ya Allah make the prison more beautiful than this woman!"

~~the cabaran in this world!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

time heals all. once forgotten. forgiving wud b a more meaningful thing.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

tawar hati!

dude hu wears this?

lets play
hu wins?
get me this tshirt!

wat happened to me over the weeken
weirdest thing today!
with the weirdest person u can eve think off!


well, always remind myself,
its the tot tht matters
*terigt my suposed 21st birthday plan*
tho other people hv now taken over them

n at this curent moment i tgh 'merajok' w my gedikgedikgeeks!
i even said im not talking to them anymore
but noeing me
u tahu la wht my facial expression is!
tgh tahan gelak ni!


n waht i want this yr?

need this !
a photoshoot

cos how come ppl luk so pretty
n i dont!
walhal my skin color of my tangan lebeh cerah dr my muka! hahahaha



so now u noe,
bile aku tawar hati. aku mula randomly blog.

and thts wen

if u hv noticed, i hv been puttin up youtube posts je fr the past couple of posts..
its just to say tht.
saya malas blog!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

in love with this~

so i came back home today and my mom turned on american idol!

Colton Dixon: Love The Way You Lie - Top 7 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i kinda like this song..after watchiin wats ur number..
the lyrics kinda abit the perverted...
but the tune is so lull-ing..

Long live the queen!

so its a public holiday!
most people most prolly are in ed all snuggled up.
so was i...but by half past 8, i was all the way in gombak..having breakfast..
and now, at 1029am, im sitting nicely in the education cafe, transcribing my mom;s research with a little sniffles.
not much fun huh?
but with me? whats not fun?
g sushi king punyer 'irasemase' greetin pun can be made into a nonstop flow of joke!
"eh, rasa masen?"

well, its now 2.39pm, 5 hours after i initially started bloggin out..
and tinggal 2 minute plus left of kak hali's interview left to transcribe..and according to my expertise *coughs* it translates into about 5 more minutes of transcribing...but at the moment. sgt kenyang w pecal lele...hehehe...

Wonder Girls - "Nothin' on You" (B.O.B/BRUNO MARS COVER - OFFICIAL)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

dah penat intellectual!

im not being  pemalas...
tapi dah penat tau dgr my mom talk about her assginments and research! seriously! dah seminggu lebeh my mom bising about her assignments and all! huhuhuh!!!!
and, most prolly cos my mom's a perfectionist...so she WONT settle until she gets the best...huhuh..
n thts y im ok w all my besties all perfectionists...bcos dah terbiasa..hehehe..but somehow or rather,.i dont seem to be gettin it! ngahahaha...tht must b a flaw! mcmane tak stickstick personality perfectionist ni??? hahaha...

so pagi td bile dah penat sgt...
and since it being SUNDAY..

cumenyer, i was not on the computer..but stuck to my bed...hahaha...

as if the bed said...

as i break away frm my mom as she interviews my bestie kejap...
i bukak my facebook, and scroll around..
while listening to my new fav playlist...

amogst those, 'call me maybe'...
which i only knew was so after...

then continuing my enlightenment jalan2 thru the internet...
i saw this!

which terus mengingati my time with my mak uteh's cucus!!!
we played kejarkejar!
and the above sign only meant: "TUITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT"
which i kinda got annoyed...bcos they all tuitttttttt wen i nk tangkap them...haha..walhal..i neve tuitttttttt pun!!!!
ofcoursela,walaupun i besar-er frm them...i run more 'strategically than them'..ngahahaha..

Saturday, April 7, 2012

sabtu yang tidak produktif.

so i have had this really bad bad back pingggang ache since yesterday. but it maxed out in the evening when my mom wanted  my help to the most. so sad............

and my mind dah mula gilak. and nak nanges sedeh...

so i said,

terus i distract myself with the niat to shop and nak makan.

tp makan? hmmmmmmm..i serious geram. bcos evrywhe i went pagi tadi takde parkiinggggggggg!!!
sedeh tau!

and right now, the tot of goin shoppin, is out of the question sebab im tied to my mom at the mom...

so instead,

wel in fact,
no one is online.
my bestie eka in on the way to kedah *or dah smpai*
bestie mimi is in giant shah alam working.

what i think happened yesterday night..lolsz..

im kinda lapar...and kinda thirsty...and kinda craving of bliss..
*teringat ina*

pg td my mom minum tehtarik, terigt mimi..

in my car ada neslo

Friday, April 6, 2012

this week has been mostly lik this...


*walaupun,  tgk pun hunger games...n hv no intention to pun! ngahahhaa*

hav gotta find His mercy :)

R. Black - It's Jumuah "Friday" (Raef Cover)

sudah friday!

oh so fast time fies!
dah friday!
tonight tuition...
xrasa ade tuition w ameer n meera kot..they look awfully tired after school...uhuh...

but nonetheless,ther was a reason y time flew so fast! it was because it was a productive week!

productively jalan la kot!

n today, from the gruesome waitedly quiz on git n renal systems of pathology,
terus jadi NO class!


lets recap this awfully wonderful week!


monday was a certain beloved sister's birthday!
my little adek shafirah...


mimi's sister,
and when we had a 2/3 hour gap, we rushed off to empire n search of a great presie for her! n we found it in toy'r'us..

wel after us mocking around!
ina playing w thomas!
*masuk toys'r'us terus terigt the time i n eka first wen out tgthr lepas spm...and actly went to toys'r'us...and she played w all the video games!*

as we cam whored goin up the escalator and this aunty looked at us,
i malu and smiled at her back
*can u c the msu tag??*

back to class by 3 pm for pharmaco uricosuria drugs seminar
the gedikgedikgeeks finally got our dream...which was.....

sitting at the back!


ina: kite slalu duk depan! kalau try duk belakang je dyeorg tegur...igt best sgt ke duk depan tu? terdongak je kepala kite...
me: *silent bcos wen i come in late, i sit at the back sorg2 ngn sesape yg kat belakang*

tp kt belakang tau je la kerje kami,,,

sibuk siapkan card birthday adek!


and haprak tak dengar kot!!!
instead, we heard zamir's and ahmad's rants and jokes hu sat behind us...commentin on the color scheme of the presentation..

ahmad: napa la gune purple saket mata la!
zamir: *pacifying* la tu color favourite dye

me: *masuk campur* *turns back* tapi mmg saket mata la!

i dont think iv heard ahmad talk as much as i heard tht day!
n oh boy was he a funny person!

so i ran back dsara as my mom had classes in uia at 530 tht evening..while i went to the library to study...


quiz day!

so we studied la pg tu!

muke jealous mimi
maybe muke tido...
tak brapa pasti...

and muke kami pula
the comels!

quiz was fun!
ina was all,
"i fail...i fail....blahblahblah"
ngeng la..tgk paper...biasa je...pass dgn jayanyer je..
neways..quiz je pun!!!!!!!!!!


there was a hugeeeeeeeeeeee break/gap!
so we went off to papparich fr breakfast...lunch...brunch...and chattime!
long time since we had a go out w other people...

so it was first jz ina, jannah n i...as mangay came later...
and shakir wanted to join...but dint...due to HIS technical difficulties aka the NUMBER TWO business. which he had to ADVERTISE on my status on fb. =.="

well, we met this uncle kt papparich,
and he made a conversation with us across tables...but i was bz on my tabby *i was bz on my tabby most of the time come to think of it!* ahahaha...
he told us to study hard, because our parents must hav had sacrificed alot to get us here...

uncle: ni student lagi ke?
us: aah.
uncle: blaja ape ni?
ina: mbbs
me: medic..doctors..
uncle: oh ye ke?
me: nape? we dont look the part ke? *considering tht we had all the time in the wrold to makan there..and gelakgelak mcm there was ntn in our minds*
uncle: takdela...

i skipped the class in the petang, as my family called on me.

i tell u,
sum ppl keep askin how 'on call' is? well wen ur tight w ur famly...and ur the only child..or the most reliable kid around....or the only one tht is 'free' to b doin things...ud noe wht 'on call' is...

its whe ur on standby at all times...n drop evrything, and put ur famly first.
n thts y iv always wanted to hv a post, or an fb status sayin, "im married.............married to my family"

but i refrain to say tht, cos im NOT into the kahwinkahwin topic!
which suprisingly was the topic we had majorly in papparich w mangay and jannah...but thank god ina was there! i bwat dek..n she kne evrything! hahahaha...siannn ina ye...


at my mak uteh's as i carried out my duty.
yeah, if u look at my pics, ud say,
"byk la dye bz.." *muke sarcastic*
"bykla dye 'oncall' with her family....sempat je ambekambek gambar"
"sempatsempat je dye maen2...sempat je dye kelua ngn kawan dye"

there's alot more in my life tht i don share front n centre. n im quite sure u guys do the same.
adn besides, im little miss sunshine.
i love to potray the light emittin ray. not the dark shadows of horror. :O
*horror tu!*

on top of tht,
its called,



and i strongly believe, kalau nk jadi medical personnel tolong lah ada dua tu,unless awak nk kemaruk sedeh and kempunan.. seriously.
*sbb wen u tell ppl u nk jadi dr, amongst the first things they say to u is,"OMG..no social life.." "omg...takle ade boyfrend.. " or "omg! study2 nerd!"*

wen u can balance wat to do and wat NOT to do. and balance wat u WANT and want u HAVE,
it comes off ok i bet.

its tru wht my parents say,
"medical is a huge responsibility,"
and wen i say im scared and m not really sur if im responsible enuf, they reply,
"ull learn it on the way,"
because iv got to say,
im surely learning alot right now,



the day started kinda seriousla...we were all studying for our patho quiz on friday...*yg kne cancel last minute tu* but nevertheless, we had sum good times to study...just mimi, ina, naz and i...
yup. naz.

we miss our boys.

our batch had only 3 boys dulu. and we all were so close!
lik tight.
but now the class has expanded, so has our ukhwah.

neways, id say naz does go all out to keep the bond strong tho *in his way la tp*

n since its the month of april,
he keeps droppin hints la


hint ape lagi...
hint his HARI TUA! ngahahha...
tapi i and mimi bwat dek...wehereas ina, she actly forgot...well, ina;s not the best to igt bdates sgt..hahaha...but she rmmbers la... ;P


nehow, wen we foun out tht our next class was at 2, at it was only 11 sumtin, we left class,
and vroooooooooooooooomed away fr a little exercise.
sumtin to cross out my bucketlist!


bowling la!

ina plg terer!
mimi took time to pickup, *as there was this gang of pros nxt to us*
i dint strike...
but i spared!

ape 'spare'? sposedly it means its wen u strik at ur second time...

we had 2 games!! and it was soo murah!!

n im addicted lik serious!



and we end up with today

whe sum of my classmates get to go to the hospitals an cut u sum dead bodies!
*ok, exaggerate sikit la*
as part of out forensic medicine, we hav to go for an autopsy class. actly. NOT A single class,
supposedly, according to the guidebook,
witness 10
and do 2!
cun tak?


NOT cool
from wat i heard last yr...wen my seniors went, seriously, sum of them fainted..
foul smelling kot!
mujur la i xg arini..sbb my perfume dah abes..hahah...
*joke betul i make it sound*

but thts just how i put things to be at times...
siap kt our mbbs batch page, i siap comment

"bawak clover oil utk bgnkan org2 pengsan tu"


off to my moms kerja!

and off to mend my painful jarijemari maen-in bowling semlm!