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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

juara nescafe sing!

so today
we had this darn open book quiz fr pco...

in order to concentrate as i sit between all my peers.
i blasted my ears w songs

how cliche-ish-ly kebudak2an n immature la kot? hahahaha

and i accidentally sang out loud.

*hence the title*~~quoted by zamir. thank u. *sarcastic i bet*

and now, home alone,
i blast my headfones.
my tv is on.
and i sing my heart out!

come hear pco!

ps-du try singing out loud, it alleviates mood! cos i feel dapper n happier n HEALTHIER *aah lil miss sunshine is down w the flu n fever*

xoxo, a touch of sunshine ;)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

talk about uni

but then again...


and sometimes they say

thing is.
i aint got no routine.

besides...its about 5 weeks to fnalsss

but for now

not literally
but im just not in the mood.

thts wat happens when u wake a bzbzbzbz person up on a rest day.
sunday morning,.

wel,u can wake me up ofcourse, but with a glass of milo or a laughin joke.
but not a sad mumble tht makes me choke

#tht rhymed.haha

how was my weeken?

heres a glimpse!

the makeover starting!

the eyeshadow.

u guys beter be doing it right!
ps-by this time: muke i was half done...as in literally half. my left side je...tht oso PINK! lik helloooo..

oh no!
not blue!

i felt as if macam seorg pengatin pun ade...hahaha...
i was surrounded by all these people hu loved me, and wanted to make me pretty on a special day..of course, the special day refered to teachers day.
and after all, recappin at the events, i guess, id love to do wht they did too! hahaha..u noe, dressin up people...hahah...


besides, i was the only teacher hu carried out the makeover...all other teachers didnt...


too bad my writer mode is HIATUS.
pics oni...

cest lavie!

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

Saturday, May 19, 2012

tuhan tolong aku.

i am neetha.
tuhan tolong aku...

my teacher's day has started.

I was late to class today
well,actually on time la..
but normally i went at 8.

so i tot they all left.
but i saw their slippers outside the clss,
so i went in..

then mikail aka our mr bean was by the white board.
so im like in my head, "great,now i need to bebel"

u c,
if  dint noe already,
im medical student weekdays and teacher weekeends :)

so as friday nights comes in.

my weekend starts!

this whole weekend is gona b busy!

but Allah is so merciful
Allah is so Bountiful and Gracious.

so as i walked on into the classroom.

they all suddenly stood up frm their chairs. and turned around n started singing.


lik o.m.g.

singing .

n the white board wrote,
"selamat hari cikgu suria"
"i love u teacher suria"
and there was a picture of a rose fr me.

im like,
"guys, dah la."

i have notin else to say.

because TRULY

i never knew people wud wanto kiss me.
or eve i wana kiss anyone.

well lets just say, kissing has nve been in my books of tots...

so tht was so azmazzing

*eyes filled w tears*

tho i dint cry.

it was my 21st bday all over again!
u noe, me too happy, then dono wht to say,
and then dono wht to do.
then feel so awkward
then all these AWESOME ppl just become even MORE awesome.

im like,


but i wont say i dint look forward to my teachers day.
as fiza txtd me and wished me a happy weekend,
she added,
"loking frward to happy teachers day la tu!"


im liik,
oh yea.

ok la. saya mahu tido.
tmr is a FULLLLLLLL day!

n my lementary kids plan to dress me up so sumtin??
insyaAllah i will upload videos n pictres...
i noe i hav many entries pending.

but i get sleepy so fast nowadays. tht i think one of my best friends is mad at me. :( i miss my bestie already.

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

Friday, May 18, 2012

may is the month of celebration la.

may starts off with.

may the 1st, which is, labour day.

how awesome is tht? like o.m.g...cutiiiiiiiiiiii....
and to those hu celebrate their bdays....doouble awesome! cuti on ur bday! hahaha...can wake up super late. and be super manja.
altho, if ur frends are far, and u only c them in campus or wht la kan. then susah la, but klu thru all susah2 they come over and du celebrate u, tht wud b awesome tiga kali ganda la kan.

next up..............

2nd sunday of may.

we pay tribute to those who are pricelessly calle our moms.

i have spoken about moms day.
not to say tht there is ever enuf to b said about our beloved moms.

but today.

the 16th may,
is teacher's day.

hence, the hightlight.

so if u were switch on any radio on the 16th may aritu...its b  all about teachers day! like omg je!
and they were askin lik,,"what is the most memorable experience u hv with ur teachers back in school?"

and i was blank. it was as if, i nve wento school or wat je!

but now come to think of it,
i teringt,
back in pmr year, i sat right at the back with eshie, and my bm teacher *shall not mention his nme*
used to endless talk about the richest man in msia. hu else but the owner of genting highlands :)

day in and day out. it was 'lim goh tong' 'lim goh tong' 'lim goh tong'..till one point,  was so bored tht i said to eshie,"can he pls stop talking about tht old guy?"
and guess wht? my bm teacher did!
he nve once mentioned about tht rich fella again.

and till this day, i wonder if he heard wat i said,
but the question is, i was sitting right at the back of the class. takkan tu punn dpt dgr??? hmmm...


i think the most appreciation shud be given to teachers hu serve in public schools. the teachers tht serve masses. face the majority and the all walks of life.

like my fav physics teacher, pn salina. oh, how i eshie and lakhsmo (no typo there) used to sit right infront row of clss by the side of the window, we hardly heard a thing she said, naughty werent we? we even used to maen plastic ruler fights in her class. but we were also ironically always one of the last to leave class as we used to borak with her ;) hehehe... and ironically, my highest science subject was in fact physics. hahaha...

chemistry on the other hand was also another playful...as in FULL of play OK! hahaha...
i nve actly learnt much frm tht class. and once again, my teacher was the best ;) well, best tak best i tak tau la.tapi i loved her. n she was OK w me, altho i was playFUL in her clas.. how ironic. ngahahaha...


that was a dose of my school teachers back in form 4 & 5.

so if i were to hav called flyfm. id b talking about my ustazahs.
not backbiting or anything. just tht, its a memorable experience la.
which is,
back in year 6, i was not a tudung girl yet. astaghfirullah.
hence, in agama classes, u were suposed to cover up to respect the class, unfortunately, i sumtimes (a lot of times) forget to bring my tudung..sumtimes i even wore pinafore. hmmm. yeah. how disrespectful, rebelious n  ngeng. but sumtimes, well, long story. if oni i cud tell u why. hmmm..i had a past.
alas, back to the main story, i was in agama class, and tudung less. hence, my ustazah got sum old newspapers, and with the help of a stapler,
it was a made shift tudung.
yup, a tudung was made.
my friends all helped.
and coming to think about it now, im not sure they had fun helpin or they were having fun mocking me wearing tht stupid make shift. hmmmmmmmm...but yeah, i learnt my lesson. hmmmm...
and if i were to call up the radio station to say tht, im afraid i mite potray tht islam is bad. which it isnt. it was purely my faulty *ok, not purely, but sumwht* ~~reasons stated above.

star ustazah suria afifah?

dreaming of happy endings.

Taylor Swift - Eyes Open (Lyric Version)

Monday, May 14, 2012

im so hapy ur back :)

i have an hour.

hopefully not my last.
*apesal emo*
~~~kalau cakap ngn mimi, she'll gv me this face tht says, 'fi, what are u talking about ni? geeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"


im waiting fr my mom. n im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored! i cant do my work either! which i hav a tonne! and i cudnt find the list of things pun. *things to do i mean* theres just too much. and im sooo penat la pulakkkkk...n im just not able to write/analyse/criticize the wamy conference. and i cant recollect my comunity service. cos im so sad i missed ydays :( sobsob

so iv decided to pull random gambars n lets c wht hapensssssssssss~~~

my first teachers day :)
so for my kids... More Facts on Psychofacts :)
there was a new teacher this week, actly, a few la. one was a 'cutey' but at second glance too chrimsmasy~~thts another story entirely...

so i was chattin w the new teacher as she covered another teacher hu was absent...and she tot i had finished studyin, by the demure i brought around, u noe, the air i carried myself, w mug in one hand, kids one hand....macam got swaglaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..ngahahaha...

then, im like nola...im just a second yr medical student...
but this is my third year teaching.

and im like.

yeah. third year.


im awesome tht way


well, third yr medical student too soon! insyaAllah! lik o.m.g. how fast time flies!

6 more weeks till my end sem exm.
8 more weeks to my professional.


*listerning to: iamneetha*

shes kinda cute.
moving on!

More Facts on Psychofacts :)
 but if u wake up to....

yumyummmm..because suposedly More Facts on Psychofacts :) tp chipmore kate....."kejap ade kejap takdeeeeeeeeee....."so sekejap jln sekejap gelongsor kah???

hmmm..after skating on ice,i started wondering, so u burn more calories walking or skating??? hmmmm...

More images and relatable stuff?yup. many stuff. important stuff.

and with tht, my one hour finishes.
thank u to youtube. realplayer. and tumblr :)


xoxo,a touch of sunshine!

maseh cuti!

selamat pagi!

i have one more day of cutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

today is MONDAY! n no class!! thank goddddddddddddd!!! cos honestly, i dont think i can handle goin back to uni todayyyy!!! i did not touch a single piece of work! and i feel notin at all!
i wanted to be swamped w work like i normally do on sunday nights...but i had sum girl problems dtd lasted the whole day!! arrrrr...suxxxxx...

so suposedly today i wana duduk at the library je la...

but as a usual rumble of a weekday, i was hungryyyy...so i got....



after paying the bills and registering for voting!
im legally eligible to vote for the country!


and yesterday, i started instagram!


my bestie mimi got it before me! mcm woahhhh je! terer je!!
so i decided to hv my own account...considering tht i LOVE to take photos n all...but i have yet to figure out how to use it! hehehe..maybe i dont need a lomograph camera after all! :)

alrite then!
off to work!

xoxo,a touch of sunshine.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mothers day present

bowing to peer pressure
*ecehcehceh ayat*
i have decided to write about mothers day on mothers day



thank god iv celebrated moms days last week.
because i m in dire pain today.
and me being able to write this entry pun sebaba coincidence tht,
my moms moms day present is
to pass up her asgnment today by 2 pm.

just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8 ;) *senyuman sarcastic*

Saturday, May 12, 2012

walking on water is possible :)

shud i retell *ade ke sucha word retell??? hmmm* yesterday chronologically?

 wen with loved ones, you wont exctly noe when the day actly starts. tht you sumetimes dont even noe wht u did!
bcos evrything seemed to be a happy dreamy blurr. :))
well, with me its lik tht la, sbb i dont hav photographic memory...i am oni a photographer, *wen handed the camera* but my brain aint the best camera.

tho i dont hv a canggeh camera...or a fancy smancy lomograph..
cos i loved photography before it was a fashion.
and one day, kalau ade rezeki, ade la tu.


for now,

we shall go back to the malam jumaat.
wait, i mean khamis!


the gedikgedikgeeks FINALLY united


it seemed ages since!


we havent gone out w each other for a long long time together.

and although i was kinda lambat, sbb i needed to help my mom...
but the most important thing was, kami semua diberkati oleh our parents to go out for the outing...and with tht short span of time, we spent it to the max :)
*kalau dgn berkat ibubapa,evrything will go smoothyl insyaAllah*

the blossoming of seoul garden
ina and i have been talking about seoul garden for ages! and finally mimi did too! and wat luck we were in! MIMI BELANJA-ed kami!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhh...happyla kami! :)

terima kaseh bestie :*

mimi's pride
so we entered the Seoul garden makan place afer our cardio *is ice skating considered a cardio?*  starvingggggggggggg...considering we only had aunty anne's pretzel's for bfast...

 ok, maybe i was the only one makan-in pretzel...ina and mimi had the sticks... :)

and then we hit the ice!
the ice shall miss us all :)

and guess wht was the FIRST THING mimi said to us when we wanted to step on the ice??

mimi: omg! its so licin!
ina: *dah on the ice holding on to the wall*
me: obvously la! *then my heart terus beat fast cos kinda nervous*

ina lead the way holding on to the wall, while mimi n i followed from the back...the first round was difficult fr us....and tht bangla *or wtv* guy holding the camera came to us,
"mahu ambek gambar ah?"
me: emm, kami baru nk blaja jap la.

lepas satu round,
or was it two? well, we stopped to rest.

and ade org dah cakap:
*cebik lips*
*muke comel*
this is not my sport

me: ohyeah, then wats ur sport? biology?
the comel: badminton, bowling...
me: great, bowling jugak la.

*ps-i kinda suck at bowling. either tht, or im super bored w bowling*

but on the last round, about two hours later after we hit the ice,
the suposedly 'hater' or the ice rink, cud skate...

so proud of her!
she was practically pullin me on the ice. eventho she was stil by the walls.
*little tht she knew she cud skate*
*wonder if shed wanto go again*

well, i liked lookin at her determination and how she hated it at times,and how sometimes she nearly fell. sometimes partially due to me gaks la...sbb i oso lost my balance...hahaha...

i fell once infront of the gedikgedikgeeks right at the entrance as kami mahu keluar n rest.
little did i noe evryone looked.

but i liked how the ice felt on my butt!
odd i noe!
tapi i really did!


that i went to skate by myself a couple of rounds...
and fell another 2 times...
it was amazing!
they dint even noe i fell the other 2 times! tho i think i shouted kuat enuf...thnk god i can standup by myself..heheh..


my butt is not the only things tht fell.

but my heart too.


im in love.
with the ice rink


i want my own pair of blades.

i love how i TRY to balance!
i love HOW my hands FLAIL around...
i love how i ACCIDENTALLY skate backwards...
i love how i accidentally twirl
i love how the cold breeze turns my warm arms ice cold
and most of all,
i love how i fall down, and manage to get up.


cos wen i skate on the icerink, i feel lik its life,
at the entrance, we all don wana enter, c-in the slippery and ever hazardous ice. so fear overwhelms us, but with doa, and niat, we step, one foot in, holding on to the walls, then we learn how to balance,*balance, being the most important out there, has to be learnt, and once mastered, evrything'd seem a breeze* slowlyslowly letting go.

firstly, we just follow the flow by the walls, then falling down, getting up with the help of the wall.
the steadiness of the wall helps up to be pushed into the middle,
falling down here and there, sumtimes bcos of ppl. sumtimes causing the others around us to fall.
but thru all and all,
we find out balance and skate off.
feeling the wind.
feeling the music 

and most of all.
the satisfaction.

the walls ofcourse an analogue lik our family.
because, when we were young, we cling onto our parents, taking baby steps *or in ice language,penguin steps*

>tetibe flash<
me: u mesti tere nnt on the ice rink. u r the ice queen after all
ice queen: u c, im the ice queen that lets the ice go *makes hand signals n gushing sounds as if the ice is blewn frm her into the world*
me: *hilariousnyer bestie ku ni*

*in my head:well, im too hot to be handled la plak nnt*

then slowlyslowly, we become more brave to go into the world, but when we fall, our family is always there for us.

wel for me n the gedikgedikgeeks yesterday.

ina lead the way, 
potraying the brave lil penguin, slowly but careful by the walls, nve once leaving them.
i on the other hand, only clinged to the wall wen i was about to fall, while i coached mimi slowly and telling her to believe in herself.
and how many times i kept shouting,
"mi! i can do it! u can!"
and screams back,
"im gona fall! mar! ur gona fall!!"
and ill rebutt *rummagin my head fr the opposite of fall*
"stand mi! stand! DONT tink fall! heads up!"

mcm blind leading the blind pun ade! considering tht, i BUKAN la pro! cos the moment i skated and sang the song played by the ariwaves, i fell.
so all i was entitled was to feel the song. nve to utter them out.
mcm llife pun ade.

sometimes, there are so many things tht u feel that they are part of u, u feel so into,
but they are not, cause when u utter them out, it wont ever feel right.....


ps-the right shoes are really important! i felt numb w mine! sgt mcm life la! hv to get the right shoes! n u wont noe how others feel if u dint wear theirs, n u can neve!

besties moments

xoxo, a touch of sunshine.

Friday, May 11, 2012

born to serve.

for some weird reason, i feel as if ive seen my title sumwhe as a mission/logo/sume kata-kata panji...

but its so true.

cos u noe wht i felt just on the way home from the masjid tuition?
i felt lik there were butterflies in my tummy. not nervous nellys...but happy nellys...lik, wowhhhh...


the answer is the above picture.
all my 13 kids.

they could do my essay today!
after 3 weeks of doing the same thing again n again, today, they finally got the idea how to write it. they understood waht -ed or -ing or 's at the end of the word meant wht they meant.
i was proud.
evn tho wen i started the class with out basic,
"what day is it today?"
"what date is it tomoro?"
n they forgot wht DAY and DATE were....and when TODAY OR TOMORO OR YESTERDAY was...i was upset. n i saw the upset-ness in their eyes.

wen they redeemed theirselves during the class, and i praised them.
they lighted up brighter than KLCC in the night lite. tht they all chased upon me for more praises *wic i happen to b easy with* and i felt lik the chasing chrismas lights lit up in my class. and i was happy.

as class ended, and i refilled my bottle with drinks at petronas, i just pondered back to how their faces looked wen i praised them. their smile flashed in front of my face and how i just felt they can do better than wht they are rite now,
i can feel the jolt of happiness.


thank u Allah for kurnia-ing them to me.
thru all the jerits i kdg2 sembur.
thru all the bebel-an
and thru all the blurness at times

i love them.


xoxo,a touch of sunshine.

rocking the ankles!

oh the ice rink!
i miss u already!

oh im so  in love!

How To Learn To Ice Skate Backwards

#not just wiggling ur hips and moving backwards!

i did tht! hahahah!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


as tardy or boring or cliched it sounded.

today was awesome.


n my hands are trembling after more than 200km of driving! n fun.

hence. to be updated soon. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

another awesome weekend~!

thank u Allah

i do not noe whe or when the weekend started?

whether it was the moment i finished my OSPE on khamis..which i came back n was too exhausted to battle with the stupid internet connection
wic now has healed!
thank u allah for tht too!!!

oh i can hear the taps on the keybod...ooh i love tht feeling....hehehe...

so anyways, my evrything since friday was great...
friday was good...
i started my nenek's house's project... :) i ran around to deal with it...and its started..now we shall wait a couple of weeks till we get the file...and lets see..another couple of years till gets finalised.

ok, friday afternoon was kinda burn. without lunch.
but i had the privilige to have the new icecream sundae before my bestie yg hantu icecreamm...ngeheheh...

mlm jumaat?
i conducted a quiz fr my kids...the boys missed it! sedeh sgt la...sbb there were loads of presies...hahaha...


so the real high lite was saturday,

*termimpi living classrooms*

it was my first weekend xde LC!
ok, maybe pernah je cuti..but i rasa mcm dah lame x kerje saturday! lik! wowh!

wht did lil miss sunshine du?
she 'malapkan' her shine la konon....

by laying low...just as the sun refused to rise and the rain decided to  trickle! so 'gloomy' i was...


my mom picked out my baju..
and my selendang

because it was my first conference!
i mean, iv been to conferences before..
but those are always for big people
*so much fr me being kechik*
but u get wht i mean, its for people hu r working...or takin masters or sumting..and i usually tag along je..not actly paying full attetntion..
because half the time, i dint understand the terms and the other half, i felt so bored.

*im not a geek tht way*

but guess wht?
the WAMY conference was so intriguing. i mean, for a first timer. it was cool.
i even got a picture with dr harlina.

*eka n all her juniors n friend semua mcm lookup sungguh la kt dz lady*
n i think shes a feminist in a way.

on answering wen the boys asked about a current political issue from a nearby country hu has a female leader rising,
dr harlina said,"look at ther abilities, judge her by her abilities..not her gender"

and she sparked a kind of macam topic la for us to think about.
so im lik, "ok, heated gaks la,"

but there was only 30 minutes for dr harlina, dr zaharuddin and ustaz aang to talk about the challanges faced by the Muslim youths.

the montage was gempak la.
*but a few minor grammatical errors!*

and guess la wat i said to eka,
"sorry la,but there sum grammatical errors"
and eka made a face tht said," i agree with you, but wat can we do? it always happens?"
and im lyk," yeah, mmg slalu happen, i wish i cud have helped, malu kot kalau org bace"
especially kalau orang overseas were to baca.

but it was a good initiative tht they hve it in english compared to the whole conference tht was conducted in bahasa except fr the part wen the ustaz frm WAMY saudi came...he kinda spoke lik a lecturer i have...
i recorded it...cos my mom wants to listen. *entah bile shes goin to dgr....her reading list pun maseh berkepuk dkat boot wuyieo!* ngahahah...

neways my mom dint just leave me there to go and come back,
she brought me to the birds park..
well, actly, I brought her there, considering tht i drove...but she ajaked me for tea...
*more like banana split*

and my mom being a geek.
and a phd student
and a wise person hu cares wat her daughter absorbs frm these  Islamic conferences,
she asked me to talk about the conference.
actly, she dint even ask, i started babbliing as soon as i got in to the car.

the summary,
the tots
n my comments will b posted up soon
so dont wry to those hu missed it,
or to those hu dint understand the malay language.
iv got it all in points
*on the way insyaAllah*

oh did i mention,
wat made the conference even more special was my bestie.

tht was saturday.

moving to sunday:

my family and i celebrated an early mothers' day.
at that moment, i dint even noe it was early.

being early just showed how we loved our mommies even more!

me, kak lynet, aunty lina, dad, mom, abg saylee

yup, we had a small reunion with my arwah pak uda's famly :)


cuzzie moments!

a touch of sunshine.