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Saturday, June 30, 2012

kata-kata hikmah nak exm.

lagi less than two days exam finals for my semester.
thinking about it makes me stressed already.

so my mom gaveme a lift.

and look wat i found on facebook..

Doing your best is more important than being the best.....:)

Friday, June 29, 2012

dejavu in kinabalu in real life?

ok,first up.
uv got to noe.
i don noe the local scene
wat more the international scene of celebrities.
yeah. not tht interesting.
*actly,it is interesting..tapi i hv to restrain myself from all this or not nnt i get hooked*

so i dint noe, rupe-rupernyer tiz zaqyah sings..
obviously at this moment on youtube n in random interviews

but iv gotta say...shes good ;)


lik the above video!

its lik the nadira n ammar in dejavu in kinabalu are bonding.


i got to watch dejavu in kinabalu yday!

but idk la hw many episodes i had missed!
but they are now gettin more serious!
and its lik nadira doesnt noe whether to choose sayang or cinta.

too bad. the english language doesnt hv a different word to differentiate sayang n cinta.
is it because to them it is the same?
is it because they fear the notion of a romantic love?
or is it because they are just overall afraid of the entity of love and opening up fully --not just physically -.- --- to others?


after reconsideration, i have understood the dilemma or ordeal bella,( yes frm twilight) had chosen edward over jake.
tho iv got to say, jake is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy more hotter (lik literally la kan? werewolf kan? hahaha)
and jake is wayyy much protective
but edward is madly  into love.


but in real life, team bestie against team cinta.
cinta is a defo reason fr kahwen.
how can u kahwen without cinta? the chemistry! the sparks! the degupans!
besties are just. well, ur brother from another mother father --not necessarily and elder or younger...but sumone ur super comfy with.
iv always rooted team jake.
but i guess.
these sparks are those tht make ur life alive.
and altho saya,
sudah penuh dengan degupan helium and hydrogen hard core,
i still want to feel tht fireworks going.

wht the heck m i crapping three days sebelom exm ni??????

n this is why id prefer goin fr tuition on friday nights.
sbb friday nights mmg equaldotequals la kan

xoxo,a touch of sunshine


last year:
Photo: to nitrous oxides...lets face this last week chins up!
lots of classes!

this year:
Photo: ;-)

jumaah barakah insyaAllah :)



its officially the end of the weekday stretch of study week.

and how better to finish it with an aray of clasess and quizzes n wat not back in uni...

yesterday was suposedly to be an awesome day as i txtd eka...
but so much for beaing awesome tht i missed my morning nap (tht normally makes me last the whole day cheerfully) and was super grumpy..

come to think of it...
i guess i noe y i bad mood sikit yday.
1.i din get to study
2.i had to rush completing my labreports yg i direly hate to DRAW & color. 
*sbnrnyer i hate the coloring je...drawing tu okla....tp draw pun cacat-----lame*
3.pergi jaoh-jaoh ke msu...xde dpt ape2...sedeh sgt.
-labreport xyah passup
-assignment pun xyah anta (or idk la if its bcos doctor kami takde...)
-ambek exmslip pun susah

but i think the exmslip tu yg mmg p*sd me off uterly bad.
god noes y.

mestie my friends tot i was bursk.
then wen we wento the surau fr me to rest,
our mentor saw us frm far,
and guess wht she said,

'hey, wen r ur exms? u all looks jolly n worrie free! good luck n cheers!'

along those lines la
worry free!
terer tak?
the gedikgedikgeeks appear to the world happy as a buzz je!

tp bile i was left alone kt surau tu..
sekejap baring,.duduk....bukak notes.

i noe, sleep deprivation is just part n parcel of the exm world.
especially if u wana b a doctor,
considering medical students are constantly sleep deprived pon.
exm in or no exm! hhahaha

my mom woke me up a couple of hours ago...as i sooo did not hear a single alarm
*walhal baru bwat joke about my alarm---the above song---and how i feel so awake wen i hear it*

wen i ceked my fon..i had 5 new msgs!
terer la! walhal fon sebelahhhh je! *compared to tab yg a bit the jaoh* and my ringtone is super loud la plak tu! ngaaaaaa

so i ceked the earliest msg!
it was from a bestie at 830????
yeah,i significantly rmmber tht wen buletin utama played,i switched off my tv and hugged eiky.
and eiky masuk my dreams..hahaha...ade ke baby toy pun le masuk mimpi? hahaha
xdela baby toy..considering tht i got it on my twentyfirst birthday...lols!

cest lavie to quiz forensic medicine today.

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



dah submit my parasite!

had to do sum editting~~~~since i terlebeh info la plakkkk~~~

so i had to rearrange n adjust la tadi...takde la tht long...but now...i shall go off and finish my reproductive n central nervous system reports la plak jap~~~maybe another 24 hours of tak tdo after a full 8 hour sleep yesterday :)

ttly loving her voice!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wat is more than love?

there was ths tumblr picture i once saw tht said,

'u tot zombies were in movies? guess wht? they are here, WEN STUDENTS FACE EXMS'


and u noe the fact tht zombies eat brains?
id ttly agree.

bnot tht im unhappy w my current one...

but nontheless
the sleepy
and ngantok me needs my rem sleep.


finally figured tht i cant eat anthr mcs in at least a month!
sbb dah boredddddddddddddd
cudnt evn eat my bfast pg tadi!!!!

and i need to ponder about the wonders of being more than cinta.

it seems so intriguin.


n i finally found out tht my sufan is still in uia! wahhhhhh....mereka xcuti lagiiii..wahhhh~~

and one thing i noe wht i love more than cinta is my future patients.
and not to mention my mom.

so heres wats left of my rabu,khamis,jumaat,sabtu n ahad for my second yr finals...before pro exms :)

thank u to naz n sabrina hu sudi menjadi my study grup mates. :) baru dua hari,but i NOE i benefitted :)

xoxo,a touch of sunshine.

ps-hello to endo ;) and the remnants of git n renal ;))

tu.is.day aka tu.es.day

time-time exam,
especially if its a medical exm,
i think,
it seems lik a miracle..as if tht person hu berjaya makes me laugh/smile has won my heart instantaneously...walaupun i am mmg jenis yg senang smile n wht not...but it means a lot.

bcos adding anther fret to my wrinkle-less forehead seems quite a pity.a pretty sad thing la. hu wud want tht? i wudnt want tht for any hu...
*tht rhymed!*

slamat pagi renal

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

Monday, June 25, 2012

5 days 5 systems :)

goodie bag for exams

today i got back home late..
and missed dejavu di kinabalu


i noe, 
i noe
i nak exm...
but then,i watch while makan-in je pun...and now dah takde mood nak makan..sobsobs

today was good
althog we missed ina.
and naz tak sempat present his microbes.
insyaAllah esok kami boleh catchup.


there are two more other reasons why today was good!


i met my bestie eka!
i pinjamed her robbins!
n she freakin gave me the PAPA version
*if ur not in medicine, lemme explain, there is this book...its has 3 versions...papa,mama n baby...obviously this relates to their size....and eka got the big fat papa....hahaha*

and the papa robbins wasnt the only thing she got me!!

she got me the goodie bag u c above!!!

comel kan?

shes lik,"rmmber u gave me a goodie bag wen i had my exms?"
n im lik,
la...................................................i serious xigt pun........it was so sweet!

the best moments in life are those tht take ur breathe away.
mujur i dint tear up td..partially sbb sham was there...but he was sporting....

the second reason today was a good day sbb i met tyra!

shes goin to seoul this sunday! oh! how! fun!!!!
and she belanja-ed me lunch plak tu!
mmg terkejuts jgk la..
n earlier the other day wen she asked me wht i wanted frm korea, im lik,'apeapeje,'
so sweet to ask me...
cos i honestly wudnt noe wht to ask

anything is good :)

its the tot tht counts i always think

and today, i had a good tudung day...
right sampai tghari je la tho...
goodmorning pathology i said
xoxo,a toush of sunshine

ps-to bestie kiwa, goodluck exm this week :) may Allah be with u always ;)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

im goin to make sure we have it all!

Vazquez Sounds Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Cover)

her accent!
her cuteness!
her gigi!


n sgt adictive!

sudah didownload to my tab!

ape lagi?


mahu pergi study dgn sahabat bru.....*sahabat bru refering to this girl laaaa*


xoxo,a touch of sunshine!


read as~~~ mu.dle.s

its so screwed up!


its defo for me to say tht,

u noe its exms wen ur feeling messed up!


3 cities in 3 hours ;)

wats the best thing to do on a sunday morning?

to go for a greeeeeeeeeeeeeat breakfast!

and so i did!
20km well into precint 9 putrajaya just for a nasi lemak ayam berempah *which i dint finish*

and on the way back...

stop by at ioi mall!*attention the loaf bag*

ngeee :D

then sbb in ioi takde buku yang my mom wanted
*yeah, pergi ioi sbb cri buku*

i was off to pyramid yg sungguhhhhhhhhhhla lengang!!!

beli buku,
*tak bawak card popular =.="*
beli chattime!
*ramai orang*

and balek ;)

xoxo,a touch of sunshine has gone all malay sbb tgk melodi n wat not...hahah

random =.="

its sunday afternoon

and wen my bestie asked me hu i breakfast-ed with pagi tadi,
im lik,

'mestiela my parents, wic kawan nk kua w me jalan2 nk exm ni???'


Friday, June 22, 2012

dah abeshhh

with this.
sekian terima kaseh.
second year.
goodbye. insyaAllah.

hello finals n professionals :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

today not yet tomoro

afifah, fiza, alyza
at the performint arts theatre msu
for the prevention of blindness programme ;)

i started today early.
my defo of early is tht, the event started at nine...but i was in msu at 8 plusplus...
wahhhhhhh..and i got to park at my fav lecturers spot..*actly the spot nxt to his* tapi he was late today..muke pun garang as he drov past me looking fr a parking...hahaha...

tomoro i hv to leave early...like SUPER early lorrrrrrrrr...sebab bus leaving at 730 to go imr...
god noes wht im gona do in imr...
rahimah, my anak buah is ther, tho i dont eve talk to her.
kak ain, ekas naqibah also is ther, tho bukanlah rapat mane pun
n most of all,
my besties abang is there, but hes in utar at this moment...

then thers ekas abang..but hes in hkl. mmmm...

n most important of all, dono if they both coming tmr or not.
but wtv it is, im goin. cos i need to go :) i love commed.
i mite even specialise in public health ;)

mmg betul la wat i told alyza today, "evrything i try, semua kte suke, smua kte nk major,"

the exception wud defo be ortho kot..
NO,im not CHICKEN as tht visitin doctor said to those hu dint dare to b ortho chic/dudes..
but i dont think i can pull some fellas kaki and put it back in the right place.
macam asking me to keluarkan the tape in a cassette n puttin it back perfectly...mmg bukan i la kan.
any of my other besties can.
even tyra the NON medical person can du better.


back to today.
id say today was good
walaupun terpeleot banyak kali.
(now rmmbers mengapa i dont wear tht terompah to class)

even without my powerpuff girls (as deemed by syafiq junior),i had sum nice times with my classmates ;)
not much.
but they were friendly.
satu tahun dah sekelas, baru sekarang nk interact dgn mereka. talk about slow. well, biar lambat asal selamat ;)
n then tahun depan kteorg akan pecah lagi to god noes how many grups.

oh yeah! today bestie mimi got a new fon!
tak cakap ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

beli tab pun xckp ngn i !

xpela.i respect her silence. i noe she'd tell wen she wants to. n i don mind pun. (bukannyer kteorg msg each oterh 24/7 nemore pun----thank u pile of work,exams, n prossss)hahaha
n lik olden times, i sent her home today! heheh ;)
and she left her airs with me. aiguuuuuuuuuuuu...

and most important of all,
im inlove with another drama.
besides the one i just wrote in about.
this one.
bukan bidadari.
watsup with me n malay dramas tetibe ni? sah nk exm ni, klu x, xkan bother about tv.

gambar dah upload.
reproduction dah send.
headphones dah patah.
bilik dah memanggil.

xoxo, a touch of sunshine ;)

dejavu di kinabalu

heyy there!
its tuesday!

and i look forward to telly today! because 'switched a birth' is on 8tv...ok cancel wat i just said...its on thursday...tht means theres noting on tv today...except fr pramlee movies at 10pm on tv2....
huaaaaaaaaaa...orite2...i CONFESS! hahaha...tht i du exaggerate on the fact tht 'i DONT watch telly'...bcos yea...i duuu...actly, thts the first thing i du wen i get home...get into the room, n on tv!

so for the past how many weeks it had been this horridiously obvious drama called seindah sakura...wic i loathed from the first moment i watched it! arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
tapi i stil watched it,sbb thts the only time i free n makan n dono wat to do... =:="

neways, tht drama is OVER! with the obvious ending tht they (fasha sanda n fahrin) got together...obvious y?
sebabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb they keep showing these pictures of them two in paris~~~~~~~ mcm ish ish ishh.... dah awak tunjuk dyeorg tgether,i noe la theyre gona b tgthr =.="

moving on,
this new drama,
wic i obviously missed yesterdays episode *i think* is a hitter!
as in im totally loving it!
its lik!
saya suka!
and idk y, but the 7/730pm drama seem to always revolve around a place...this time...kinabalu...
or if im not mistaken frm the synopsis, kundasang...m not sure if they seem to refer to the same thing...but it seemed cool to show come place in malaysia...since ive nver been to east msia yet ;)

actly,thts not the only reason y i like it!

mmmm..i dint really lik tiz zakyah...bt she seemed ok in this one ;)
its kinda lik sooooooo touching when she touches her heart evrytime she feels someting...kidna romantic!

but iv gotta say the best thing about this drama is the fact tht the heroes (tiz zaqyah or known as nadira n aqasha aka ammar) have their offices back to back!!! n theyd have this one scene lik taylor swift n her boy next door boyfie! ;)

comel sgt!!!!

obviously for now they both are not together as tiz has a long time boyfie...hum i kenal his face but dono his name (n cant be bothered to google up either)...and honestly their relationship is cute too!
today! he brought her to sum bridge in putrajaya n celebrated their friendship annivesary tgthr..*which she obviously TTLY forgot~~~evntho he was so awesomely sweet!* awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moment
*i honestly tell u tht im gettinmushier by the day! hahaha*

but its kinda sedeh la...u noe hw sweet tht guy is to her...n he wants her...n they are lik officially tgthr dah pun (they call each other sayang)...but she suposedly 'need more time,'...sighhhhhhhh..its always lik tht in a realtionship...some one waits fr the other...then tht fella hu waited gets stood...or theey finally patch up....but sian tht fella hu waited...cos imagine wht tht fella had to go thru.....mmmmmmmmmmm...(not tht i noe anything)...but yea....

and anther ting i lik is the fact tht tiz zaqyah's kakak comes bck from australia...suposedly bcos she loves ammar n followed him back (mcm omg je).....n tht doesnt really concern me la...
wat freaks me is tht..

tiz's kakak: u have to noe tht im here for u, n ill wait for u
(anthr case tunggu menunggu)
ammar: we are friends..n i appreciate/value/love our friendship more

-----ok,u hv to noe..im NOT the best to rmmber word for word...i get the idea je... so yg above tu rephrasal je la ye...

but u get the picture la...
they are both friends..
from this, i think must b a long time now, and they are kinda close...
and OBVIOUSLY he loves the friendship MORE!
*rasa nak jerit je kat muka dye*

wic is mg lumrah guys la kan...they think love just makes it mushy...*wic it mos prolly will*
whe as girls feel more secure WITH love...
aiyo the contraindication!

mujur la i don demand for that.


so yea
just wanted to say,
i like the concept tht they use all these locations to revolve the movie around.
1. kinabalu
2. the office space

n iv gota say, tiz zaqyahs house is awesome ;)
even her room!
if ony i can apply tht in my room!

so now u guys noe la wht ill b doin at about 7-ish daily... ;)

xoxo,a touch of sunshine!

Monday, June 18, 2012

epic fail!

just like me
tadi, as i wento sunways pyramid, i sloshed in *wait,ade ke perkataan tu?* the shoe shop called payless next to starbucks...and i told my mom,"by hook or crook,im leaving w a black wedges,"
thing is, takde pun black wedges yg completely black mcm yg i had from vincci tu!

and i got scolding frm my mom when i took this black peeptoe....yg had a thick heel...
shes lik,
"dont touch tht,put it down,"


n ever shop we passes tht had shoes, wed go in n look.
n finally ade la satu kasut ni...
mcm wedge sikit
and all black
but the front was soooooooooooooooooo skema.
terus i put downnnnnnnnnn..


wtv la.
the highlight joke is,
i wento popular la finally and wanted to giv my mom my popular card...........n gues wht???????????????????
jengjengjengggggggggggggg...saya tak bawak purse laaaaaaaaaaaaa...ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...lawaknyerrrrrr..so much for 20% off...and so much for shopping!

mcm subconciously my brain n body  said,"ok fi,no shoppin for u!"


thts all.

sunshine penat
way past dusk oready pun niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

stop assignment, break study plak

we were wondering how finals were gona be like.
we were tryin to recap how we felt last year.
we were figuring out how to approach this exam. this professional exams.

so how was finals gona be?
it was gona be no class on the last week.
it was hectic with a heap of lab reports
it was filled with people hu became un-selves.


its lik encystation.
u noe, like crawling out of ur larvae/cocoon...and becoming tht butterfly..or in this case a fly. an annoying fly. honestly, i think all students from all fields go thru this.
but for some reason, i have to stand by the statement tht, "medical students, facing exams, bcome ttly scary,"
scary in many many ways. be it physical, emotional or just pure mean.

if u don think so, mari la masuk kelas saya, dan kenalilah my friends. 
see them before exams.
during exams.
and after exams.

even i myself think im kinda weird at times....
i mean the chtty me (is this obviously chatty)
but then i binge inside, its lik, "y didnt u just senyap," my inner self wud say!
and then wen i fbchat its lik,i apologise for talking too much..i mean, type too much...or even better i dont say anything.....mmmmmmmmmmmm...idk if its pms to blame or im just crapping up...

not to mention that im feeling mroe n more detached from my fon n txting...mmmm..its lik, "oh yeah..i have a fon...but hu noes whe it is,,,," ngaaaaaaaaaaaa....
not tht it really matters.
im stil the old playful me.



tapi honestly, i xde la rasa apa.
cume i have figured out that i also have tht 'medical student inferior less-than-perfect ego/worry/crack'
hahaha...just that i hndle it differently.

lik, im gona change the position of my table.
im gona change the cover of my table and gona tampal tampal my wall sampai u tak nampak the dirty pink color anymore.


but im cool.

tata. need to do my last column of parasites!

and i found this wicked page on pnemonics! ;)

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

muke parasiticly penat v.v


i cud have sworn, iv had that title before!

tapi its true!
finally my second year is coming to an end!

and wat better way top start the end with no class! and break fast at mcds's!!!!


but i forgot to print my bloody mcd coupon! gessh! nguuaaaa..
but nvertheless, my subconcious self nk suruh i diet la tu!

xoxo, a touch of sunshine ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

dads day.

disclaimer: my dad doesnt wear specs


the supposed plan for today was dinner with my parents at laman seri for lambchops...
but then my dad had a knacker for beriyani la plak...so ikot perut dye la...

my parents were so kenyang they cud not move!!!
neither cud i
and then i rmmbered how it was wen i went out with my friends!!! we were so kenyangggg..
then my dads lik,"u guys always come here  often?"
looking around at the place considering kinda uppety up la utk stdent je kan...

but then again,
bukannyer selaluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu/!!!
baru sekali je!


so yeah,
my dads day this year was kinda short.
takde pe pun.

but we had a filling time...
get it?
not very funny...
planned to get my dad those mangoes he loves crazy...but xsempat bcos....mmmmm...no need to disclose la....ngahaha..sumtin embarassing..n once home, malas mahu keluar...
dinner also, my parents went out to get dinner...ngeeeeeee....so i went down la to makan...

and this is the funniest part ever!
i was looking for the fork in the kitchen,

*enters kitchen*

me: eh, dah lama tak masuk dapur! it looks different!

hahahahaha...klaka takkkk?? my own house pun i dah lama tak masuk! hahahahah!!!


*duduk depan tv*

me: eh, besarnyer tv, lawa color



my parents thankfully dint hear any of the statements! hahaha..they were too busy watchin ian wright doing the right way~ ngaaaa....

and tht was my sunday ;)

xoxo, a touch of sunshine

azam sukalah sorang budak pompuan ni...tp xla sampai bercinta lagi...
*sedutan selamat pagi cinta*

minute 4..moments with the loved atok ;)

ke kiri ku buntu

ke hutan ku hilang
ke timur ku kosong

aku terus bosan dan tertekan
seperti waktu yang terus saja meninggalkan aku
dalam ke dasar kerak bumi yang belum diterokai

warnaku rindu
jiwaku biru
menunggu cintaku umpama si buta yang melihat syurga
umpama lampu yang yang berbunyi hitam
lalu menunggu aku terus

kini malam tiba lagi kerana tinggalkan cahaya matahari
dibebankan dengan bunyi rintisan hujan
seperti mahu saja aku mengejar
gunung yang besarnya tidak terdakap
seperti itu jugalah rindu aku pada ... (adila..hehe)

kini harus aku terus menunggu
atau hilang saja dilautan luas


as u wud already noe i had trouble sleeping mm td...
so u noe wht happened?
i switched off the lappie and went to the front room to tdo...
to tdo i mean, switching on the tv...
sbb i knew there was gona be sum football thingy majiggy...since i heard the tv downstairs on...ngeeeeee

and guess wht?
it was extra time for the first half!
2 minutes extra for russia n greece!

as i baring-ed and got comfy on my bed...

terer tak???

lessons for me


got alot of tht this yr..
*not very ontime tahun ini*

imagine howmany ppl i hv been accused of killing then!

If I lay here (Chasing Cars) Snow Patrol

my anak buah posted a new cover photo with the above lyrics at the chorus..
so i started being nostalgic sikit...

agak lapar on a fathers day!

but im on a diet
mujur x strict.
klu x id need to get this


agak saturday la..

its 3am and i cant sleep ;)

so today is saturday.
yesterday was friday.

yesterday my class was cancelled! as i was sitting lazing around mcd's i got the txt tht is was cancelled..agak sedeh because it was suposedly the 'hot' dr of my faculty...
but hu needs a hot doctor wen ur bestie calls u up n chats for lik ever!
*ok, xdela forever,half an hour je*
sah tht fella misses me!
hey! i miss chattin with her too! *walaupun jumpe setiap hari* ngehehehe...

actually i wasnt really lazing around la kt mcds tu..tgh bwat assignment! which dah siap!
omg~~ byk giler typingggggggggg...mcm lebeh baek type my moms thesis! lik o.m.g....

so the picture above tu writes tht im, suposedly the 'professor and HEAD' of....get this....the 'department of forensic medicine and toxicology'!! ngeeeeeeeeee..i showed it to my mom!
and guess wht??
my moms likk,
"bagus sgt la tu,"


yeahhh..my moms kinda against me n forensic pathology...but the people in the forensic department is SUPER baek! and super cheerful!
i guess i need to tell u how out trip to htar and hkl was! but aint got tht time now!

and mlm yesterday was my classes in the masjid.
dah 2 weeks takde tuition..
takdela miss dyeorg gieler2 ke ape....but i can say this, as i stepped into the classroom, i felt my lids droopin heavier!

but i had fun nevertheless.
i was garang and kinda lik bebeling at times.
*sbb spm,i mean upsr is dekating* ngahaahahah..

so to make the class more interesting, i was tryin to draw so tht they wud rmmber the words more!
hahaha..so much for me pandai drawin la kan!!!

and tengok la what i conjured up!

my aeroplane looks lik an itik!

and then later, wen we were learing about 'foals'
they all said,
'cikgu! foal tu anak itik kan?"
and terus gelak terbahakssssss


today pulak, the day before fathers day,
we went to anw after my tuition cls

mcm la bende yg baru..
mmg my parents favourite place la tmpat tu..
i think iv heard of all their stories there...
and then they had all these tents..bcs they had sum celbration or stuff...and guess hu decided to take part?
my parents la..wen we came, they had a musical chair contest...and at the end, they had a karaoke contest! mcm agak the ngeng gaks la! cos my parents suruh enter! mcm agak lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! hahaha
but wen i asked whether i cud get a henna they said no!
mcm agak lameeeeeeeeeee..ngahahah

but i did get sumtin!

the keychain mimi got me from singapore aritu sudah pecah (just like me huh? NOT my fault!) huaaaaa...
so i was keychainless for quite sum time now...
finally today i had the guts n the memory to buy the anw keychain!
coool yeah?
so wuyeio has a new keychain! yeayyyyy.. ;)

and i got a new app today!

yup! i finally remembered to go to the appstore and find photo apps! hehehe! ;)
mcm agak cool! and i sooooooooo miss editting photos! nguaaaaaaaa

spoofing on...

la di dada....
dudu di du...

and id get my boyfie this:

but if hes an adventurous type...
id get him this...
*it can be our project*

Friday, June 15, 2012

agak random. tapi comel utk dibaca!

will defo do number one!
and if my mom says ok to number 9 fr my dad....ill do tht...
number 7 agak comel~ sbb insyaAllh by 2016 i will be a dr kan~~~ ngahahahahahaha,...

and the picture below for people hu love the low ridesss..ngahahahaha..

Photo: To all str8 boys...if I see something..I'm saying something lol

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

berguna kpd org lain

Pertandingan Video Ummah '12 - 10 Muwasofat Tarbiyyah

and with the title of this post,
i shall vow to practice fr the rest of my life.
even in the smallest places, and the biggest areas.

future dr suria afifah :)

xoxo,a touch of sunshine

uve got sumtin they don

eka dedicated tht music video to me on fb
n honestly?
i mmg dah lama suke tht video.
but i nve paid attention to it la.


its like,
i finally confessed a lot of things to eka, tht i feel so much closer to her at the moment, *its not lk we were fightin or sumtin*
but its lik, it reminds me *or maybe evn us* tht we have the same roots. sumtin differnt frm others. sumtin others wont ever understand.
tht is y i always say to ppl, eka n i, we're sisters. lik i can nve be mad too long at her, or too cazy or netin, cos we grew up w each other. we grew into each other.

but its true.
we;ve got sumtin the whole world doesnt.
each other, with all our past.

nothing better than a perfect medical history fr a doctor to figure out a patient.
well for us, noting better than perfect teen history to carry on.
cant imagine not having her around.
i think id cry.
i wud.


Monday, June 11, 2012


i am not a fairy,.
i am ur aunty.

the funniest spoof ever!
i love it!
it cheered me up sgt la kan!

and besides, i m a makchu! ;)

morning juice!

all because:

tapi kne tgk silver lining la kan..

and as dawn arises...i beter get a shut eye!

a touch of sunshine with gag photos!

jap! jap! i tak tau nk rasa ape ni!

i tell u, payphone hits a sfot spot in my heart. what exactly, i pun tak tahu.

*random cake*
*a cake my friend made for her friend*
*lawa kan?? shes a medical student eyttt*

talking about medical students!

last week wen my internet was down (n my pms was up) i had all these ideas to write in, titles like,'apa itu medik?", ada apa dengan medik?, 'bila awak jadi budak medik,"

and poof, when i got back my conection, i was swamped with work! and i cudnt even rmmber these titles (until now la of course)

the main reason why i was so hyperly all into 'medik-medik' wa because i was so stresed being  medical student.
and honestly, when i was on the way to fetch eka as we went out on friday, i cud feel the whole world fall on to my shoulders. i felt the stress. (which i had been feelin even before tht, but only realised on friday)~~talk abt out slow response.

mimi said to me once about a couple of weeks back, " if i dint remember how professional exms were, now i rmmber, its wen, ur so busy and busy cudnt get busier,"
ok, i may hv rephrased wht she said, after all, i m not the best photographic memoriser *got such word meh?*

its lik at the end of the year la baru nk bagi assgnment belambak, lab report memanjang. aish.
honestly, tak suke coloring.
drawing maseh acceptable. tp coloring? aish.
mcm stress je.
i just need more time!



eka is on a two week break, and has gone to the hujung of the country for another homestay programme. i wish i cud go for one. *dream on* *nk pergi roadtrip pun susah giler, ape lagi g jaoh* tho i was ONCE AGAIN invited by the masjid to go for a cmpin trip next weeken to sum random place to accompany our kids. pfffffffttt.. i terus said i have exms. which technically i do. walaupun 2 weeks frm the date given. but hey! cipan nk g jln2 yg memenatkan, which may also consequent in more than a week of recovery? heck no!

unfortunately, i aint got the mood to go on, on the proposed titles i planned earlier, but u can virtually guess wht life is la by readin the flow of this post. and the randomness i post always have kaitan with wat medical students are. cume tak direct la kan =.="

Photo: Tempat menunggu my parents... http://instagr.am/p/Lo7e6is5Jb/

last saturday we had a parent teacher conference in living classrooms. i only have one class. :) the elementary class. just enough or my plate if u ask me :) and i enjoy PTC, *altho ratehr nervous gaks pg tu* bcos partially rasa mcm doctor pun ade, u noe, with my papers to fillup, with the results of my kids, and i discuss the progress, outcome and prognosis of these cases *oh dush! i forgot to talk about prognosis of myasthenis gravis tadi! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* mmg professional la time tu. its lik, ppl think im this crazy loud person hu is irresponsible, selekeh and derrrrrrrrr sikit. tapi on the contrary. u hav to put me in hot water, then u c the tea brewed. *ok looks rong ade gaks* but yeah, i mean, why dyu wanabe strict and 'matured' all times? mmmm...i honeslty, always wanted to chg to be a more 'perfect' me, a more 'rahjen' me, a more 'baek' me and a more 'quiet' me....but heck, never happens, when i tell these attributes to my closest friends, i get sniggers. macam give up je. tak jugak la, i try. for a week? then mcm pffft jeeee...n 'quiet' tu mmg takle la kan. the sun mite shine quietly...but it sure is bright. haha... sigh.

yeah, im a little rambly.
when m i not?
i was rambling profusely with eka on friday. n it seemed so perfect. and she understood me quite well. and actly, all i wanted was just a recognition, an-ok to wht i m. and a little, evrythings gona be fine, *scratch tht*, its gona be awesome.
mmmmm...mcm highly doubt the awesome at this moment la tho.
sbb all i got was it was gona be fine -.-'

ohgolly. eka n i concluded its not me talking, i have been possessed by the evil demon PMS!
huaaaaaaaaaaaa....go away!
go away PMS!
go away MALAS ness!
i tell u, im generally NOT THT malas, *ok,malas ade la SIKIT, tapi generally rahjensss la gakksss* tapi when PMS kicks in, its lik, BAMMMM.....!!!! malassssssssss tahap cipanzee!

i can blabber to anyone about anything.
i even told my mom stuff i neve tell neone *not even myself*

moving on.

*joyously cheery*

eka just noes how to cheer me up.
dlm sedeh2 gedik2 tu,
suddnly she pulled out this random cardbod thing, and started lookin at erm,
shes lik,"u cant look, so im just gona give! its a surprise"

after giving erm out, im lik,
"jap! jap! i tak tau nk rasa ape ni,"
while flailin my hands dramtically and lookin the other way,
eka gave this eye roll of 0mg-how-dramatic-can-u-b???

n im lik,'kejap la, i tak tahu nk nanges ke, happy ke, gelak ke, but first off, thank u :)'

she laughed,
me: ye la! evn when my kids surprised me fr teachers day, i was lik, japppp....'teacher terharu jap ni, xtahu nk rasa ape jap'....and my kids smua understood me!
eka: bagus la tu! merepek encouraging the merepek!
*uproar of laughter*

i promised my mom, no more outings till pro exms.
so tht is just the perfect outing to end my end stream of outings.
as my heart moved in the last moments of silence.

thank u eka for listening. :) really feel reliefed. i cant stand keepin things in me anymore. :')

xoxo,a touch of sunshine.