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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ahmagawd! block!

the above is so wats happening to me!
mcm ahmagawdddddddddddddddd
*sorry la klu my posts are lik ngeng saje*

i feel lik i need the below

happy pills
*but i wan it to b filled w chocies! u noe, the one yg my dad used to buy down the road frm my school in walsall*

since second yr dah abes.
one thing i ttly love!
sumtin i have trouble with very much nw!

which is the ALARM!


now i dont have the alarm anymore!
nada babay!

not on my tab!

not on my fon!
not my mom!
not anything!

and fine,
in the first few days,
i had trouble sleeping and i woke up NATURALLY at nite!
strike 2/3 am je!
mata terbuka!
but no worries,
my brain tido balek!

so i made this joke with my friends,
since my previous alarms were
'wide awake' by katy perri...
mimi has tht too!

and then
i said,'after exm,ill chg my alarm tone to chris brown's dont wake me up'

and until tday,
i stil dont hv tht song for now!

and for now,
im just watching reruns of grey's anatomy...

tapi nk abes dah...
i need eka!
i need her endless list of movies!

lik ahmagawddd

but before tht,
i need to prep for tmr!

my rsults day.
mcm yeay!
as in the bunny ears!

im pit down tummy flip scared babes.

xoxo,cik A for anxiously AMPlified

debaran tmr!

i need to finish my greys rerun!
and maybe get my resuults!
then only can i blog.
for now.

yg for sure i noe,
second yr sudah habes.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

the day before the PROS!

i noe
i shudnt b online
tho im onliing bcos iv gotta do sum stuff fr me mom...
and print stuff for her...
*n for myself come to think of it*

but then again,
its a le kala i said i felt nothing at all
mujur la i stay at home with my parents! i cund bare feelin the strain from the rest!

and last but not least,
something i caught frm the uia library in gombak by the stairs

*not sure if u can c it clearly...*

xoxo, cik A for AMP!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

bgn pagi basuh gigi! tgk matluhfi makan magee!

Om nom nom nom

him:awat ade girlfriend?
fren: *marahhhhhh*

fren: padahal org mcm aku ni leyh jga dye, protective tough!

gf to the fren: ni ape ni? *hitting his biceps* penuh dgn lemak! ccholestrol!
fren: i pergi gym!
gf to the fren: work out ke FLIRTING around?


but the funniest part was in the 3rd minute when they were sahor-ing
matluhfi: nah..*mknn sikit* ahhh! bersyukur!
fren: tapi aku lapar~~~~~

*omg the way he says the lapar part!
sgt liik me!
wen im dietin with my frends and they all tegorsme...


1st day puasa

salam ramdhan!

firstday and i woke late!
i mean, i had my sahor, telan nta brape biji ubat n supplement! then fell asleep on my mom's lap while she read the quran!

my sahor today was domino's pizza!
hehehe :P

but the whole morning since sahor,
i had been wheezing!
sedeh sgt~
i tot if i were to go to sleep, id b fine~! but i hav been proven wrong!

which means,
i hav to turn to my inhaler~~~

and look wat i found on my MBBS MSU FB page!!!
bende tak batal puasa!

look at number 15!!!
guna inhaler tak batal!

actly,i knew it dr aritu lagi, as i was discussin w bestie eka..
but yday night, wen i watsapped her, i was lik, 'i bukan was-was guna inhaler, cuma....klu org guner inhaler, means orang tu saket kan? y shud tht person puasa?'

but then again,
i was lik,'takkan nk bukak puasa? i bukannyer lapar/dahaga....bazir a day of puasa,'

trust me,last year,
i was sick jugak =.="
sedeh sgt.
lik agak terok.

mcm cabaran kesakitan menimpaku setiap romodhonnnn *oooooooooooooooh*

dahdah la tu.
i have an PROFESSIONAL exm on monday!

*reminded sincerely by bestie eka mlm td*

she: u studying?
me: *nk reply*
she: ur asthma ok?
me: blahblahblhaaaaa
shemeshemesheme : blahblahblahhhh
she: sbnrnyer,WHEN IS ur pros?
me: monday..
she: lik THIS monday?
me: *omg!* aah!

au revoir!

xoxo, cik amp downsized to an inhaler

Friday, July 20, 2012

jumaah barakah!

to all my muslim friends and readers!

salam ramdhan!
may this ramdhan be better thn the last!

Photo: Niat sebulan terus!

R. Black - It's Jumuah Friday (Raef Cover)

im starting it with my asthma. just lik last yr., haha.
may this cabaran be a blessin in disguise

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

cik amp amplified?

if yesterday i was fretting and whining and sooooooooo not looking forward to today.

i so ttly did start it dt way.
open my twitter,
my watsapp
all were negative statuses.
not tht negative la tho.
cume all weren positive.

but heck hu cud contemplate lil miss amp.

all the tossing n turning in my bed yday night.
my hard to shut eye.
my txts w a certain bestie sayin tht thers sumtin rong..

all down the drain wen i drove to msu...

so i drove la kan..
and i was actly looking for a certain persons car..
n tht certain person happened to b my besties ex crush...i mean, its been awhile since iv looked for it..n honestly,iv always liked the thrill of lookin for it...sumtimes even imagining leaving a note tht says,
"hey pumba,my bestie liks u, but nvetheless, congratulations on ur wedding!'

yeah. im randomly wicked at times...

but instead, i stumbled upon my favourite lecturer's car..
and ohgolly! terus senyum corner to corner..
dah takdengar lagu di radio...

and then wen mimi came n parked nxt to me..
i was in a dilemma..
*tak cukup my saddening mood, i had to have a dilemma*
wic was, i xtau whether i ade kasot o not to wear to clss.

mmg stress loves me la.

its  lik,
'kau happy sgt, mai sini!'

but then
wen mimi did the silliest n smallest joke to me,
i turned away my face,

only to light my face with a big fat smile ;)

beat tht stress!

and then alhamdulillah,
walaupun our classes were straight frm 9 am till 2++
*biasa sgt clss straight"*

i dint feel a thing!
puasa plak tu!
mcm cooooooolio!


so to stress,
come wht u may,
but honestly,
i cant be bothered~~~


and wen i got in the car,
telling my mom how i actly hv no plans for my holidays,
suddenly i rmmbered, i hv LAN subjects which start promptly after my exms...
mcm arrrrrrrrrrrrr jeee..

tp come to think of it,
i dont hv any plans after exms.
since its puasa.
mane le tgk movie di ramdhan?
and hu'd wna jalan2 bulan puasa?

so iv settled,
i plan to khatam quran this ramdhan!
since i cud finish 3 times yaseen this yr fr nifsu syaaban!

we shall c!

the watch i wore this morning as i had clss at nine, then tetibe my mom asked me to help her w stuff.
so im lik, hu cares, revision clss, beter b late thn nve..

xoxo,cik amp amplified thx to gedikgedikgeekssssssssss

Monday, July 16, 2012



i have palpitations lik nearly always!!!!
lik seriously!
altho so,
there is sum sort of bradycardia...aka slowness of my heart..
how contradicting.

honestly, with the countdown started,
dah lama dah started
cume i dint hav the access to blog.
neither did i hav any urge to blog

ni pun takde mood pun.
since i had my conection back,
apa salahnyer?

i got internet on my fon now.
so im lik available of watsapp now~~~
i noe...
walhal iv been hvg the same fon lik for nearly two years dah pun!


saya kene ke msu,
theres sum revision class.
and honestly?
i aint got the mood,
it got my heart racing EVEN FASTER!
n guess wht?
even naz's feeling the same!
torn between goin n not goin!huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
n thinking of goin pun dah buat hati ku berdegup.

as i once quoted,

'id rather b stupid than be idiotic'

is the fact tht a person dint study and mmg tak tahu pape...

is the fact tht a person suposedly did study, but still isnt up to the standards.

and for me?
i steadfast to m own quote above.

i cant bear feelin idiotic.
itd crush all my studies.
it wud.


being a medical student isnt lik being any other student.
bcos i hv once been a biomed student.
i hv once been tht form five kid hu just wanted to b a researcher
but now,
finally being a medical student.

the crashing of the oceans are tamer than my heart.
my heart beats as it sinks
as it near shatters.

if only they cud heal me.
if only they cud pacify me.
if only they cud drown me.

and away will i go,
with the tides of hardships.

hardships and fear that i once will look back onto,
as a juvenille play,
a cynicism,
a task, one of the many many.

 oh how will my third pro exams wud be.
because facing this second one.
its just NERVE WRECKING!!!

xoxo,cik amp yang tidakla amp sgt!


looking how far iv come..

Monday, July 9, 2012

najwa latif?

so today was a rather~~~mmmm...studious? takla study sgt..since fundamentals is quite boring...

so on the way sending ina back home---
this song below plays..


and then it seems one of our lecturers in msu is the cousin to his girllll...
and the story went  on...
and ruper-rupernyer this lady is our deputy prime ministers daughter!
did u noe tht!

well i dint...

so we continued listening to the song...and suddenly i blurted,

me: no la ina....shes najwa latif kan? *then my head made this BINGBINGBING sound*
ina: *looks at me funnily*

then we gelaked hilariously!

how cud i say najwa latif?
wn clearly i love najwa latifs songs..and clearly she doesn sing english songs!

klaka i was...

sunset to end thy temporary merdeka

ten years and still counting...
besties our way ;) 

the first thing i did after i habes exm was to txt my bestie...
to tell ya the truth, i txtd her between my exms....!

mcm xde keje laen while evryone was busy worryin...

but i just wanted to have fun! and i had been bored n tired of studying oready.
and i needed to recharge sum happiness
*not to say tht i was sad*

so i persuaded her withhhh
sum street cafe food !!!
and terus teringt bestie tyra hu really was in korea!

*thank god eka liked the food*
and we both dh muak makan korean food for once.
no more korean food for me thank u.

we dint watch any movies..
neither did we plan neting...

but we just walked and shopped randomly~~~
randomly banyak tht is!
i wont be able to take the pictures!
as i got 2 pairs of heels! yellow n black~~~
a new pair of sunshades...---as my old purple ones patah---
n a whole bunch of toiletries.
oh a ring for raya!
come to think of it,i shud keep my kasot for raya la---since my baju is also yellow..
my and eka got matching ipad/tab cases!
strikin pink!
and we got matching exofliates---

*personal i noe*
but wat the heck---ahahaha...

so anyhu,
the best thing about my besties are, they have an excellent relationship with my mom and are so sporting..
wht i mean is, they dont mind fetching my mom...
so after fetching my mom,
my mom;s like,
why dont we go c the paradigm mall?

*idk y my mom has this thing about paradigm mall~~~nak sgt pergi sana----aigoooo*

so by the time kami dah dinner,
shes lik,
'eka,y dont u stay ot our place!'

mcm cool kan?
my mom yang propose the stay over!
so we coool~~~

and we had an extra day of jalannnnnnn~~

bowling friday ;)

*saturday was working day*

followed by MORE shopping!!!
as my mom serbu-ed jalan tar for sum material for her kaen~~~
serbued was an exageration la actly~~~
sbb we were lik stuck in a jam!!!!
lik 2 hours jugak la!
an i told bestie mimi, xyah la dtg kl ni....ramaiii nyer org!
belom lagi bulan puasa!


and by sunday...
i recharged all my neurotransmitters!
i woke up late.
i dint do a single chore!

im lik!
tolong la!
i need my bed!
i dint have a single rest since i finished my exms on rabu!

but by lunch time..
semuaorg in my household laparrrrrrrrrr~~~

and ohgosh did we have a crap load of choices n undecisiveness did NOT helppp~~

but guess wht?
muke-muke  omg!
the smell of the sea is still on my hands!

mcm statue liberty my mom says!

well enuf said with the pictures..

pantai morib..
only 60km away from my home.

xoxo,cik amp.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

breaking point!

im watching streetdance!
and omg!
im all brtish accent!
thank u!

and my fave part is at 1:02!!!
its soo cool!
how the hero n heroin flirt with each other thru dance!!! lik omggg!!

sry idk their names...im too bz doin other stuff at the same time..ngehehe..

n m sry fr not updating thy blog! life has been so colourful!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

someting i found a longgg time ago!

this post is titled:
my bestie says

bcos my bstie was my inspiration.
wic bestie?
id have to say, they all meant the same ;)

once upon a time,
but its residue is always strong!


thank u besties


nve knew thered b a day sumone wud say THAT to MY face...

(via Tumblr on we heart it / visual bookmark #24376279) 


kne nanges it all out kot.

bcos yo itches!



but is it true:

(via Wall Photos on we heart it / visual bookmark #24635923) 
is it?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

xoxo,cik amp

joke betul!
bcos soooo untrue for me!

saya sudah habes exmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

goodbye semester dua!
goodbye year two!
good bye exams!

*bunyi disc scratch*

kalau i was an ordinary student
then the final sem exm wd evidently mean,
FINAL la kan!
n khalos *habes in arabic*

but noooooooo...nak jadi doctor,
banyak sungguh exm la kan!


but nevertheless,
im loving it.
not frettin it..
just goin with it...

and being a positive brat,
that gives me another 60% chance to go for it!

today started funny!

wuyieo and mimi's white horse got a chance to borak-borak...
siap flashligh flash light and horn horn lagi (u noe la sape yg horny sgt tu kan-----wuyieolaaa) as we parked infront of each other, and when iina txtd tht she left her house...a comotion happened!
i wanted to lock my car! but i cudnt find my car keys!!!


high and low aku mencari!
tgk2 it fell infront of my car...

not tht funny la come to think of it...
but mimi and i had our bonding moments la kat citu---considering tht she make me merajok kt exmhall! hahahaha~~~~

me: *outside lab*
mimi: *inside lab*

me: *puts hand on the glass--signs to her to put her hand on it too*
mimi: *shakes head*
me: *relentlessly point to the hand*
mimi: *shakes her hand*
me: fine
mimi: *puts hand for ina*
me: *merajokly walk off*

joke betullll

and then wen finally mimi manja ngn i,

me: nape tetibe ni?
mimi: i xmanja ngn u, u merajok, when i du *raises voice* u marah/tanyer...
--semua penuh dgn drama!--

i gelak terkiki je dlm lif tu~

klaka la bestie i sorg tu!

and then malam tadi baru i bukak fb betul2...
lik betul2 usha stuff...n ugess wht? evrything seemed so dull!
mcm bapak la!
lepas exm! and nothing seems ever more interesting thn ever!

but then i saw my bestie!

its lik

fbchatted with her la mlm td
(the above is suposed to b a pacman face--dono pacman? go google! hahaha)

so we were lala chatting la...then im lik,
me: biiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
bi: fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
me: omggggggggggggg
bi: wht????
me: i hav a new nickname!
bi: wht??
me: cik amp!
bi: ?
me: korg dh blaja drugs???
bi: pharmaco? tak sgt la...
me: well, theres this drug...name amphetamine...dye seangkatan dgn heroine, morphine and ecstasy semua la...u tahu kn?
bi: mmmm..xde la tahu sgt...i ni bkn drug addict...
me: hahahahah! yela2....but wtv it is, u have to google up wat amphetamine does to u! and all its side effects! cos guess wht??? i have all of it!
bi: fi...............u............... druggie ek?????????????

*ok the above converstaion may have been an exageration and a little editted for protection of our identities and moralities---ecehcehcehhhh...

but yeah, u get it,

so mimi read he slide during lunch..
and shes like
mimi: aah la! fi mcm amphetamine! 
*then she started recapping all the thing id du with each side effect*

decreased apetite? aah! fi slalu, 'i xlapar...'
me: bcos i suke minum jeeee
mimi: c!!!!!!!! *dgn muka-muka dye!*
increased activity! sgt hyper!
me: *senyum while i contnue kunyahing my nasi goreng usa*
(not stated in the above slide)
mimi: omg! u slalu sweat!

ina: fi! mane u dapat ni? u secretly makan ek?

me: *doubtful* whe the heck cud i accidentally ingest it la???

i tell u, im a walking drug!
a whole surge of positive neurotransmitters!

so tht is how i got my new nickname,
cik amp.
sekian terima kaseh.

but wtv it is...
always noe...
im the source of joy before the exms...
banging my head up n down

especially wen my heart pumping song plays----at this moment, it means, badgirl by idkhu..hahah

i mmg taksub dgn my hal wen i have my earphones and wen im doin my thang....
especially during exams, i tak tahu menahu pasal org pun. its just me and god je.
and thosse hum i bertentang mata and senyum to la...other than tht... nothin much la...

maybe i du prahsan sum stuff , but i ignore, sbb my brain only has tht limited capacity and baek concentrate on positive things...
wat negativity do i mean?

like cheating la!
jgn la cheat.
especially jika awak tu akan menjadi seorg medical doctor nanti!
it jut unethical!
and to me,
personally, its lik ur jeopardising the lives of ur future patients. as if u dont love them enuf.

so sad.
i just cnt look a cheater in their eyes.
its too saddening.
cheat now. but Allah noes.
ok, if u werent a muslim, then at least think about how unprofessional it is. even if u dint get the right answers (lagi la bazir kan? =.=")
it still, mencacatkan and memburukkan nama u je.

on a happy note

1. i m doin it currently. but i feel so disappointed in him owh smlm masa exm!
2.i still have some ppls numbers tht i dont think they noe i hv theirs..
3. i always love to aim n shoot baby! (kinda sounds rong! ewwww)
4.always google lyrics! and dah jadi the suposed 'master at tht'..thank u sgt la kan mimi.. -.-

i choose to be the future doctor of malaysia.
saving lives, one smile at a time, :)