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Thursday, August 30, 2012

blogger broadbandless

selamat hari raya all readers..

m very sry...but without my broadband..i m unabke to access to d internet...
so i miss bloggin eve so much.
but rayahas been keepin me bz...

hopefullly urs is too!,

xoxo,cik amp

Sunday, August 19, 2012

wil try this tmr!

since tmr ill b c-in all my anak buahs...(who r my age)
i plan to dare them to do this!
*the horse style dance*



eve of raya!

the countdown has been so tiring!

n stil  my house isnt ready.

and my dad n i just got bju raya td at pkns! lik finally!

so for now...
i shal get sum shut eye! s its gona b a ronda2 day tmr!
with alotlot of ppl balek kampong...d roads will b clear in kl
yippieeeeeeeeeeee! ;)
*except at the kubur in jln ampang =.="

selamat aidilfitri to all readers
n kususun sepluh jari meminta maaf
if i had written sumtin upsetting
or termisintepret situations
or exaggertaed alil too much!

insyaAllah balek raya i will revamp my page a lil... ;)

xoxo,cik amp gona b in pink n grey!

Monday, August 13, 2012

birthday of bestie nabilah yaqob

so shazna, is my moms bestfrends daughter. hu happens to b my age, and happens to b hilariously funny n a good friend of mine. her friends are also hilariously awesome, and i scrolled on facebook a video they released quite a while back (since i hvnt been online on the weekends)...their video was them wearing robes! n it was freaking hilarious! i mean, ther werent punchlines or jokes, it was just them, casually being them,
n dingdingding. i ttly reminded me of my friends n i (ecehcehceh...mcm awak tu sekelakar)
but not only her video made me reflect on the past videos iv made w my close frends, but just now, as i flicked thru the channels of our national tv, i saw tv3's show tht had scenes in msu, and dingdingding, it brought me back to the afternoon mimi n i sat randomly on the stage of usquare n vlogged our hearts out lik mad. thinking back, it was hilarious. the way mimi laughed, the way i talked, and the way we 'dealt w issues'...bluekhhhh...issues la sgt! *sniggers*

i shall now look for these random pics n vids of bi, mi and i!

oh boy, i miss the mifibi.

so here,
i now present to u.
part one bestie bi's birthday presie.
a special blogpost decicated to my college bestie, bi ;)

-the ghost of the past-

after scrolling pages and pages of pictures of my past cfs uia, i hav gota tell u one confession,
i wish i took more pictures.

theres neve enuf pictures.
the first picture i took with bi

i think the best thing we (the mifibi gang) had back in uia was the things we used to do together, which was, all the FIRSTs we had together.
first crush.
first 'sleepovers'
first study groups
our final outing bck in uia
first outing
first 'dilemmas'
first 'adventures'
first camwhores.
first real formal dinner

i was the first evr to call her short for 'bi'

and she was the first to call me 'fi'

without her, u wudnt noe fi,
and technically, she is the first person to start callng me by my second nme ;)

the first time we entered the 'forbidden' boys mahallah
she was the funniest! craziest n liveliest person i met!
how she used to 'bully' me...
steppin on my brand new shiny black shoes!!
*jealouse la tu!!*
bi was also the FIRST surprise bday 'party' we eve held for.

picture sebelom surprise bday party
as u can c the above, she was so horidified w her lab report ke apetah, bt i kept growling at her,
"bi, i lapar...."
and her being the baek-est, hurried thru her asgnment tu...

*seriously bi, tahun depan, idk wht dy to giv u, or to surprise u with!* huaaaaaa

*our youthful faces*


the most memorable were the library moments we had!
since i dint hv a room in uia as i stayed off campus, we always hung out in the library to do our work

or having fun eating oreos in the library!
but of course, mimi loved the library more thn anything bcos of the endless shelves (ok maybe only two long rows je pun) of story books. she used to knock herself out between our study/asgnment/work by reading books to chillout while bi will still b very much serious, while ill b on the internet or just busily chattin up bi..

n if we werent in the library,
i had always lepaked in bi's room
thank u bi very much!
*and thx to all her ruumies! always so kind to me!*

always acomodating me.
i used to reach her room way bfore 8am,
and sumtimes, shed b sprawled on the sejadah in her telekung still.
sorry bi!
walking back to bi's room for lunch

prepped to go to class during the inflenza out break
*she was as healthy as a horse bck then!*

*influenza pandemic*

evryone: *wearing masks n falling sick*
bi: my immune system very baek! good immune system! healthy je!


we had good times walking together,
to classes
to quizzes
to exms
bi nervous fr our quiz, while i was smiling the heck away (mane la sense of takot in me??)
 because mimi and us werent always in the same class u c.
in fact, there was this one sem, the last sem if im not mistaken, mimi wasnt in the same anything with us, except frm maths (which was damn right too serious to b considered fr anything) and tilwah (which was fun to go tgthr w tho) hehe..

the anak dara's sitting infront of kc
waiting fr bukak puasa one evening.

the ring of friendship
it is also with bi tht we first started buying things tht evryone had one of each. (thank god i cud fit) hahaha..
with the many many fairs they had bakc in amf hall (omg i still rmmber tht hall!) wtv things we used to lik, we used to make sure we wud get it in threes. (except tht purple bracelet u c, i dint buy tht, sbb i think mine wud break very soon after i wore it)

and tht ring,
i lost it soon after (im very su-wei with rings lorr)

honestly, we first met back in english level six class. and in uia, ur grouped by ur englih n arabic level. we were both in the same level fr both.
the best of english and basics for arabic.

but she was the first intake, while i was the second intakers, so we didnt exctly meet bck in sem one itself, except fr english (since there was only one freaking class fr lvl 6)

and frm tht cls, i rmmbered our taaruf,

*evryone took turns introducing themselves*
mimi: *i cnt rmmber wat she said, but she sat right infront (so did i fr english)
but bi,
she stood up, sitting right at the back in the library classroom,
"hi, im nabilah, from kelantan, but im not form kelantan, bcos i grew up in pj, but moved to kelantan,"

and i was lik,"oooooooooooooooooooooh"

but get this, tht wasnt THE most memorable tagline/hallmark of bi la.
it was the end of sem,
wen results were released,
i n my crush tied at second, 83 marks or was it 84 marks. which was an Aminus.
(obviously i wasnt satisfied! i was frm an english school, n noe-ing sumONE got A)
and guess hu la got the ONLY A!

i nve forgot her frm then!

oh bi!
u lucky deanslist sem ini ;)
*proud of u!*

eventho we are now all far away frm each other,
she in kelantan or kuantan,
she always makes the effort to come n visit us
first yr
msu new library

my hse raya 2010
 *tears in eyes*
and i think thts the most beautiful thing of all.
bi understands tht mimi n i are buzy ppl hu do not hv the comfort of leaving the house or family, instead she travels all the way.

i love it wen she comes ove. even my parents love it too.

cnt wait till she comes down again ;)

i miss her 'attention' in class
she was strictly business back in cls

i wonder if bi rmmbers wen i took this foto as i teman-ed her

she even has a melodious (not to mention a PERFECT tajwid) harmony reading the quran

*tilawah classes*
bi: *reads quran*
ustazah: mumtaz!
me: *reads quran in my accent*
ustazah: tolong belajar dr kawan awak sebelah tu!
me: *sengih*

and then there were times she n mimi were int heir own world

but bi wud always accomodate my kebudakan back in uia

straight frm the case!

another thing i miss about bi,
her ability to match evrything to anything!

its called imagination la..
*above is her attempt to match her KONTOT eraser to ALL my bajus*

she has one heck of an imagination.
with her ability to act
and her abbility to make so many voices.
oh darn if only id record them
bu nevertheless, i can honeslty vividly HEAR her voices.
in chinese.
in indian

our plates fr lunch
yeah, talk about creepy ke ape, but i used to evn take the picture of our lunch.
ade sebab.
kerana, we had the SAME thing nearly evryday. its lik, setiap kali we went to Ucafe, we'd take the above. sila lah gues which was bi's and wic was mine...*hint, i lik veges*
hahahah...she was the BEST motivation for a diet la babe. 

the unforgetable computer classes
bi was also the perfect study partner.
even til today.
i hav NEVE seen a SINGLE person to compensate learning with her.
we had chemistry together.
not the subject as per say,
(bcos wen we did hv chemistry tgthr inn the same clss, i nve knew her, insted, i rmmber her once sitting nxt to me as she came in late for cls in blck E with the garang madam (nme cant b spelled --sbb cant rmmber how)

wht i knew, she most prolly wud ask me about it,
and wht she hated  o wasnt sure, she'd ask me
*physics two clss end of sem*
mdm: nabilah, awak punya papers smua dh hilang
bi: *panics*
me: *dono wht to say*
mdm: xpela, awak dan suria sama je markah..

which was so utterly true!
we got the same quiz marks..
we got the same tutorial marks

lik seriously! meniru pun x...
ok, ttrial tu mmg la kmi bwt sama2...nama pun tutorial..hahah

and bi hated computer
 while, i, LOVED computer. it was an easy A fr me. mimi neednt take computer one as she was exmpted *terer la u mi* n tht was wen i n bi started to pair bond ;)

saying goodbye to uia pj

the jonas sisters
*our final presentaion together for understanding islam*

*funny faces with bi*

so guys, this is my bi, my bestie
me: *tudung SLALU tak betul*
bi: *looks* *looks away* then *looks back* *gerams* ISHhhhhhhh...mai la sini!

oh boy. sure do i miss bi btul-in my tudung. she never givs up does she.

even wen we went fr our first real dinner, i think she was the one hu made me up ;)
oh. the perfectionist.

so true.

signing off,
the marnaria
hu got closer by then calling ourselves,
the mifibi

xoxo,cik amp signing off at 4am, 13th ogos,
thesecond day my bestie celebrates her 
first annivesary of twentyone.

happy birthday, bestie.
and if it werent my bloody line/fon, i had always been gayutin on d fon w u ;(

love u loads.
miss u even more. :')