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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

sum ideas fr my english class!!!

for these past few days,
i hv been hooked on mind ur language lik crazy!!!

i mean, i mmg suka tgk cerita ni dh lama pun.
thanx to my parents la..
and seriously my parents noe each episode...
as i quote,'we used to watch it all the time back in england dulu'
aka, pre-suria days. =.="

and even wen i was littler, and wen they played the series on tv, which wasnt much, they used to watch it.

and now, i have a n infection.
i keep laughin lik a hyena on a nightly basis.
and dari a mile away, my parents dah agak i was watching mind ur languege sbb there aint no other series tht can make u laugh tht much *yup,not even nanny*

parents: wat were u doing laughing?
me: ha? *bwat dono*
parents: we heard u frm downstairs
me: cuke teka
parents: mind ur own language la tu
me: nak tgk?
parents: xpe,weve watched it all, wat season are u in?
me: =.="

mentang2 mereka dh tgh semua.
saya maseh first season je =.="


xoxo,cik amp lik a hyena!

ps-the principle looks lik my class teacher back in 5alpha! mrs bradshaw! tho i wasnt really close to her..hehe..but she was a fair lady ;)

nak reach seribu la!

so after driving nearly 200 km tday.
i think this is gona b the week!

the week im gona score a thousand miles in a week limit!
on my last week of cuti!
uhmazing je la!

tghari td wen i was bored in the jam

esok i plan to explore klang with my parents..
jln2 n get sesat n c the roads...

xoxo,cik amp ther driver!

say goodbye

cos theres never a right time to say goodbye.

*on replay*

it was 5++ on wuyieo's watch..
i was more than 2 hours late fr my mak utehs..
but on my watch,
i felt lik i was a week late.

i missed my ank buahs!

and i wanted to kononnyer 'surprise' la kan,
as i parked my car n made sure i brought my stets... n my new toys..i waited fr my mom...


darwish: MAKCHU!!!!!!!!!!!!! *frm the gates*
me: la.....korangggg...
ainin (the youngest): makchu! ni dh pukul brape dah ni? tadi kate datang pukul 3!!
me: *not noe-in wht to say,* makchu kerje...
ainin: keje? makchu masuk la!
me: jap..tunggu nekchu...
ainin: xpe...esok makchu dtg tau!
me: esok makchu keje
ainin: tp esok sabtu! *muke puzzled*

they were so manja-in with me today...but i wasnt in the mood at all. not in the worst way, but in the saddest way, sbb mcm i cudnt meet them all this while..and how about lepas ni nnt?!

so i txtd mimi while i was at my makutehs,
me: sian my ankbuahs,they missed me, i cnt even pandang them!
mimi: dah la aft dz u lg bz....dorang mrajok ke?
me: HW M i gona HV KIDS N GO TO WORK nnt???

seriously. at tht moment *and the moments while i was at my makutehs* my heart sank so heavily, i felt tht it was goin to be impossible tht i cud work while having kids! so much for doin studies n hvg kids la kan. aigooooooooo...*mternal instincts kickin in????????? ish!*

and i dint even get to maen doctor doctor w them... :((

ana manja-in syahmi with darwish being camera shy at the back
and i neve said goodbye.
as they had to go to mengaji classes..

me: *walkin towards car*
them: makchuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! makchu nk balek ke? *all kids behind the gate*
me:*bwat muke sedeh!*
them: nak balek ek? *jumpin up n down*
ainin: nekchu mane?? 
me: takdela..makchu nk pergi..sbb xde org sayang makchuuuuuuuuuuu *hand to forehead walking towards car*
them: makchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! *hands all flailing luar gate yg terkunci*

mcm drama hindustan td kt tgh jln raya...

me: takdela =.="
syahmi: lepastu makchu nk g mane?
me: nk ambek baju..
ana: oh, baju mlm ek?
me: aah...
syahmi: nape?
me: makchu ngn nekchu nk tukar baju la...
syahmi: makchu tido sini ke??????????????
me: eh, takla...
ainin: la...... *muke sedeh*

as we walked in, as i had bundles of bags,
syahmi: nape makchu nk mandi? *obviously repeating an earlier question*
me: sbb dah mlm...dah busuk dah...
ainin: ibu kata, kite kene mandi nnt gatal..
me: yela gatal..nnt ade bende gigit... *muke naughty giler*
syahmi: APE gigit???
ainin: SEMUT la SYAHMI! *marah-in her brother*
me: aah...nnt kite jerit....
syahmi: nape jerit?
me: sbb mestie sakit klu kne gigit kan? *tanye selambe*
syahmi: aah! sakit..nnt kne masuk hospital lepastu kene inject! 8showiing the gesture kene inject w a horrid face!*


so yeah.

my boss asked me wat i was doin this cuti,
i said,
'jadi kindergarten teacher,'

she then asked wic kindergarten, sbb nrmally id work with her at her place..
'xdela,jaga my ank buahs je....'

ana: *look thru my tab fotos, found my LC pics* ni gambar kat mane ni?
me: tuition makchu...
ana: makchu dh besar pun pergi tuition?
me: eh,makchu la teacher...
ana: tula ana pun ingt mcmtu.......*pauses to think* makchu ajar ape...?? memasak ke?
me: memasak pun ade..tp semuala...menyanyi...menari...
the practiced sports with ana


so teacher suria this cuti..
to my beloved famly.
and this last week.
its as if,
saying goodbye was for real.
not real good tht feeling was.
as if id neve c the world again
*stupid gloomy fellin*

sbb i felt,
it was goodbye the normal uni life (since i masuk hospital----sounds so rong evrytim i say it)
it is the training ground to me being a real doctor with my own decisions
it is gona be the final revision of wat i had learnt in the last 2 yrs..
and ther had been so much expectation for third yr in my mind! ever since i knew medicine was my thanggggggg back after spm results, i had it all figured, and it kinda seem scary..
and fr sum reason,
my birthday's coming up. n evrytime it comes up, i get a lil giddy..hahahah...*especially w a randomly certain sumone in my mind*
*i was born to be a teacher8
*bestfrends w an engineer*
and most of all
*not be carried away by frivolous love*

and wen mimi watsapped me dz morning,
ari isnin nnt dtg awal skit la...
we bfast tgthr..
omg, mcm saying goodbye.

if this feelin suck, wat about a breakup?

but after bloggin erm out ni,
i kinda feel a little eased up.
time kaseh blog.

told u writing helps.

and guess wht?
mimi said she finally wants to open up her own blog.
*ni mestie sbb theres no use waiting fr me to write stories, sbb mine are way too freakin short tht let UR OWN imaginations go wild walhal a writer shud b puttin them black and white* hahaha
lets just say, im a jodi picoult sort of writer.
tp on the contrary.
i kinda am not into her genre.
sbb im the type of person tht reads half way, figure out the story and see the *mmg expected* ending.
thts y i hate chiclits too.

tyra on the other hand has opend up her own tumblr!
mrs froggy!

and as i opened my old berkepuk tumblr, i see my cuzin actly follow me on tumblr!
n im lik.
mmmmmmmmmmm...how the heck did she find me?
since i bet
even u guys wont b able to find it
*well not until now la,now a little senang la..since iv told u i HAVE a tumblr account kan?*


with tht.
xoxo, cik amp needs her sleep.
since tmr ill b driving

sunway-banting-kelana jaya-banting
ths week iv drive 740km and countin...(frm monday)

time kaseh.

Friday, September 28, 2012

dah seribu!

back in idk..form 4 or sumtin...
i had gotten my first lappie.

so i went nuts with ALL the social networking sites...
i think i signed fr nearly evrything...

but nve figured out how the heck to use twitter..and partially bcos my goodfrends werent on twitter...so it wasn priority..

but now.

look hu has just reached the 100 mark!

and wht better way for a loved one.

sying goodbye was the worst.
and if i have to this monday.
i swear id cry.

xoxo,cik amp can cry babeh!

ps-don wan drama?
go to my twitter

temaning me today. *besides my all tym bestie mimi---hu introduced me the name of the song--time kacehhh*
Far East Movement - Turn Up The Love ft. Cover Drive

as i have a heap of work frm my mom wic i hadnt started n its already 1130! huaaaaaaa!!

so semalam our feet itched.

amongst the first things mimi said wen i got to her place yday was,
'ish....kaki i gatal!'

*not,'omg! i missed u!' or, 'come here give me a hug!' or ok, i ran out of ideas,hehehe*

kata pepatah orang melayu, *well, an old saying anyways!*
jika kaki terasa gatal, it means ur gona go on a journey or a trip..

and they also said, if ur right palm itched, there's money coming fr u! yippie!
unfortunately, my left palm pulak yg itch smlm!
n just guess la wat tht freakin meant!

it meant, money will be needed for something!

lik ahmagawdddddddddd...

well, obviously la,
sbb, i had to go to Kamals with Bestie Mimi,
and u noe la wht happens wen tht certain bestie masuks my car...
it automatically plays, *lik literally pun ade*
'good time' by carly rae jepsen n owl city la kannnnnnn....
roadda trippa!

*but this tym no vlog due to reasons unspecified here bcos i was soooooooooooo aigoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooed!*

and haselnyer
a handbook tht was discounted frm 89.90 to 55!
*lik double ahmagawd*
mimi evn said,'boleh la beli dua! kalau satu rosak ade backup'


i obviously 'tegor-ed' her back, then she reminded me,
'sape yg doa stets dye hilang so tht dpt beli stet baru' *refering to the MDF stets yg warner PINK! yg MMG PINK habes!!!!*'
mdf stets

i was honestly lik a blonde smlm masuk Kamals...
mcm semua bende tgk...
semua color stets i tgk...
bukan sekadar tgk je..
siap maen pasang dgr..
try pakai..
even the stets fr kids pun i tgk...
n dah mahal!
dulu 80bucks je i rmmbered!
but now dh jd 90 bucks!

walhal aku dah ade dah stets of my own =.="
adjustable heads!
stets to check the kids!
*TSK*all this must b a sign! u noe...me....liking these kinda stets...heheh *TSK*

if u had looked at the photo of haselan shoppin d Kamal
*ps-Kamal is THE famous bookstore medical students/doctors/professors/nurses/or anyone in the medical field get their books n all...it was a simple shop..but now since i t has been renovated, it has aircond..so xla stuffy sgt lagi! hehehe*

then ud c tht there is this round thing above the yellow handbook, thts a HAMMER!
adjustable mind u!
mcm antenna radio gitu! :P

guy at kamal: *took out all these ugly boring hammers*
mimi: *not really sure if we shud buy it now*
me: *tak kesah ape2*
me: takde yg laen ke?
guy: *took out this silverish hammer*
us:*fell inlove*

and wen i got home,

mom: so wht did u get wit d rm200?
me: buku, torch light, hammer
mom: hammer? mcm org tukangan je
me: =.="


and funnily, i even tested the hammer on myself kt Kamals tu..
obviously it dint work! hello! u have to be relaxed!
ni i pergi angkat kaki and try knocking...!
*told u i was hvg a blonde moment*

but i got home n sat on the edge of my bed and kept knocking on my knee *well not literally the knee, but just below the knee*
and my feet kept jerking..
it was so fun..

last but not least,
to prove ke-crazi-an of me
so if u found me, *as in the handbook*
u can either call me maybe
atau instagram me!

i had a good breakfast to lepaskan my idaman to nasi lemak daging frm mimi's mom
and over bfast,
we had a full length discussion.

as if.
preparing fr the worst.
*heart sinks a mile *or even two**

as i always said to her.

i honestly, dono y, im ttly fearing third yr.
tho my mom says its bogus. *NOT BAGUS*
she said,'ur not the ONLY one hus entering third yr, ur whole batch is, and wen u do, u all will learn, as long as u wanto learn,'

which i obviously want la kan? =.="

since our bfast was kinda late, we had to skip over one of our plans of goin to msu,
as we rushed to kamals,
thank god tak ramai orang,
hence the blonde moments tak menentu by zemua la kan *0*


we then went to...
as i quote frm mimi,
'the place we went after we went to HKL the other day'

harrods klcc

we dint take much pics..
too busy letting our legs do the walking to take us whe eve it wants to take us..
but we practically covered the most important parts of klcc *except parkson n isetan n m&s*

lets camwhore they said!

and as we walked randomly,
i met my cousin n her children!
mcm random je! heheh!

so my anak buah said,'last week cuti kan???'

and i sighed...and laughed...hahaha..

this coming yr,*not 2013 yet,but this third yr* i have a new fonbook.
to guide me insyaAllah.
wic reminds me, i wana buy tht pink telekong to put in my bag.
wic also reminds me, need to buy tht cheap backpack at the uia pasar malam.
which leads me to the fact tht i wana find a sling bag to carry around the wards *since im very erm....u noe...careless with my things,*
which is all now. thank u ;)

xoxo,cik amp on the last friday sebelom third yr.
tpi sebenarnyer, next week orientation je pun! ade games i heard! heheh :P
*mcm kebudakan pula*

happy endings.

*reason y my stories leave tht way.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


"Sins have many side-effects. One of them is that they steal knowledge from you."

(Imam Ibn al-Qayyim Rahimahullah)

selamat pagi di bawah selimutan awan

sungai gombak as i parked over it the other day

gempak tak my headline?


well, literally, i am,
at the edges of the bukits in uia gombak area, i can c the clouds hover around the hills, as if lulling them to sleep this morning.

but i love it nonetheless.

i like it shiny
the slopes of nusaibah

and even gloomy.
but unfortunatly not hazy.

so i appreciate seein the clouds flyin low.

while i had supposedly met a new pet
say hello to speedy my pet snail! 

tho i kinda forgot to take him back frm my grandmas...
i bet u hes gone now.
ye la,
i heard pets noe when they are left or not wanted or forgotten, so they run away..... *sighhhhhhh*

but then again,
its a freakin snail *i can hear shazna shriekin* its not domesticated ...n neither has ppl taken it as a pet..

but guess wht?!?!?!?!

spongebob has gary!
gary is a snail!!!

thts unfair!

altho, i don even watch spongebob....ttbe je nk guner credits of him for my rebuttal point..aigooooooooo..haha

but seriously, i lik snails...i am very intrigued by them,. n idk why people step n crush their shells! thts so mean!!

back in england, during summer time, i used to go to my garden n pick up all the snails n put them in a bekas tau! and then after happily have my fun counting...
id just leave the bekas there..hahahaha..
talk about chilhood

xoxo,cik amp observing nature while i can.

ps-pictures courtesy of my new toy Xperia Mini Pro via instagram @fifilesunshine
so add me!
*tho i hav been MIA these few days sbb bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

souls sisters the story.

a short story for sleepy heads.

once upon a time, there lived these two girls in the forest..
they were the closest of friends...sisters by soul...
everyday they wento the pond to carry out their chores while they dreamed of a prince charmin,
well one did, the other dint believe in it, but always convinced other wise by the tall pretty one..
and one day,
as the storm came by in a summers midday sun, they were all scared n shocked
but the round shiny one always belileved in the best
n the soul sisters, continued their best to do chores n cheerin up other villagers,
and true was their vision,
as then, just as the storm got a whole lot worst
three mysteriously handsome youung men rode into their town seeking refuge.
only to find out, two of them wud become the knights in shinig armours fr the two souls sisters in the darkest hours as the other musketeer fell ill n cudnt b saved by the soul sisters..
the end

an original by suria afifah

the breakdown broken?

the breakdown was a short story i wrote a few weeks back tht was actly inspired to me while i was caught in a traffic jam.
since i was obviously in a jam, there wasnt exctly time to actly sit down n write, instead, a book i jotted down my mindamaps fr the exm *yup, it was exm time* bcame the place i spilt all my short ideas.

there is another story i created within the same setting, yet, never to be typed.
i am more of a writer *lik literally* rather than a typer *technically*

tho as i posted a video of 'b your anything'
whe it stresses out tht,'endings can change,'

i may even change mine,
with the help of loyal bestie mimi as my editor n imaginator *yeah,im not the imaginator tht much,tho u have to read wat i just fbchatted mimi about sons n daughters ~~personal joke sorry*

so hang in.

if only there wasnt tht much i had to do,
id b off 'authoring'..

cik amp the writer,doctor to be n best of all, teacher :)

raya? bts

i think every yr,
*well ever since iv been actively blogging*

iv always had a behind the scenes of the pretty gambars u c for my raya,., :P

so heres an array of erm...

*obviously randomly sorted*

unfortunately there werent many pics frm the first week of raya..
thx chatty pot zemua..
as i was so excited to meet my famly again...
n there just wasnt enuf tym to chat w evryone!


but with frends,
it was our time to shine ;)
with my sisters ;)
 *courtesy of tyra's awesome camera*

tyra was the savior of my little raya gathering.
wud hav died n crashed without her.
especially wen my fon oso decided to crash tgthr w my frust n tiredness. *aigooo*

this year i wore three freakin bajus!
bcos oh darn it was a panasssssssssssss day!
n i was anervous person fr god noes wht reason...
*the first bju as u c above ;) *

as wat kat says,
'su, evry yr u say, omg, im freakin out!, and evry yr, it turns out perfectly fine!'

sam, kat and tyra
coincidentally, my little elves, kat n tyra hu were sweethearts to my open house wore red ;P

assuntarians thank you
classmates for years!

me n bestie
wearing my third bju of the day oreadi...

my water saviour as she brought the air
my air never run out.
it normally berkepuks sbb terlalu ramai..
but this yr,
i ran short!
makanan pun cukup2 sahaja!
except fr the mee rebus tht i dint cook...
evryone wanted my food!


my beloved teachers ;)
i was so happy the whole LC gang came...
except fr teacher ayu...

i honestly love being a teacher.
one of my cuzins during raya asked me,
'suria, nape x ambek early education n become a teacher je?'

i was honestly, at that moment, unable to say anything except to smile n say, ntala...
but in my head,
it was ringing,'because medicine is wat i do best, and i like a challange, medicine challanges my mind, body n soul to do the best. and besides (actly the main reason) bukannyer i terok in medical studies to be lookin at other courses for back up! aishhhh...

n now, *actly mlm td, wen i was readin sunday's berita harian* i found my new ambition.
i have stuck it up on my wall.
so it shall b for me to noe.
for u to c in..................lemme c....
3 more years to grad frm medicine...
2 yrs housemanship...
one year MO (medical officer)
4 yrs to complete the desired ambition...

so hw many yrs is tht???

10 yrs!?!?

looks lik i have a ten yr plan oready! hehehe!

spot the assuntarians
take one
and take two.
dont we just love the camera!

my moms beloved garden
sweet n simple
*kirekan our garden okla, last minute tanam rumput, since our old rumput all kene makan ants....*
besides, we're nve home to tend to it..
so imagine how much work was needed to get it in order...huaaaa...
well mimi wud noe, she gets updated w wat i du n dont do ard the house...heheh..

as tyra said,'korg ni xleyh lengang ek?'

well, nope.

 the second week of raya,
we went raya-in at our frends houses...
all of us.
me, ina, mimi n tyra
oh ya, the tall guy tu naz...

he's a good friend of ours la. a classmate actly.
org gombak. tu la dye ikot jugaks..hehe

at ina;s garden ;P

the beauty and the blurs
kat just loves the above picture.
she said i look 'cute'....well don i?

too bad kawan baik ku yg lg dua tu mcm so 'allergic' to my cuteness ;P

now u shall c the shots tht never got to facebook. and the stories they hid..

eka: *baek aku senyum ready je.....xkesah la camera mana,asal senyum*
*bcos eka kept lookin at the rong camera je!*
me: *wt the heck, monkey face je la! bestfren aku je pon!*
tyra: *giving instructions how to use her awesom camera :P*

then i and eka and mimi had this crazy camwhoring session as i penat layan-ing..

me: mai saya jentik awak
mimi: hahahahhaa..macam dye dare kan eka?
eka: hahaha..aah...*gelakkan aku*
well hu else to gelakkan me if it isnt my besties..

take one
senyum semua org!
mimi & kat: borak
me: SENYUM la!

take two
 alamak,mata air aku la plak...

my dad busy borak w their old school friends
 yeah, very one malaysia.
thts wat i love about my famly,
sbb my moms malay, and my dads indian.
so im mixed.
and lucunyer, my moms bestfrends are from all walks of life.
coincidence plak tu.

the lady in pink is my moms junior in CBN (convent bukit nanas school) but they bcame good friends bcos tht aunty used to teach my mom sewing n they used to sleepover dulu2...
the other aunty is my moms twin.
obviously not LITERALLY.
but u shud read their form six school magazine,
'khamsiah n swee leng are seen evrywhe tgthr, nve without the other'

so i guess its genetic tht i lik to have a twin too,

mine is obviously mimi :)
the day we went to get our results
i mean, wen m i not seen without her on campus? hehe..

capturing the cuteness of bestie tyra at the end of the day :)

my mom and my besties :)
kinda tinggi jugak ye kami?

then after raya,
i and tyra had a roadda tripppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

i was NOT camwhoring!
i was trying to show u guys the AEROPLANES la!

tyra baru nk breakfast ;)

can u spot me?
doa-in at the KLIA masjid?


tryin to capture ourselves with the tallest twintowers ;)

our books in kinokuniya pun nxt to each other! mcm mereka tahu je kami besties :P

but the best part was rayaing at my mak utehs.
with all my anak buahs...

me, anis, darwish,syahmi and ainin

xoxo,cik amp running off to uia this last week of second yr cuti!