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Sunday, October 28, 2012

im an avid instagrammer

third year hell is alot to handle.
n i tot iw as the only one.
thank u to the above persona.
yang merangkap bestfrend ku.
im finally slowly learning to let go.

moving on.

raya haji this year was awesomely emo

emo in good ways
slamat hari raya haji frm cuzzies

hajjahs on the morning of raya

and sumtimes emo in unexpected ways..

but i hav been very 'inspired'
and 'creative'

especially dlm textgram

i must say,
i mite hv blogged best wen depressed..
but now,
i instagram even better wen sad/depressed/emo/.happy or any feelin in the world.

it is now my official new blog.
my new vent
my new release.


dah duapuluhdua tahu!

i m currently listening to this song..
its upbeat enuf to keep me all smiles n goin!

n to top it off,
it was released around my birthday time..
mcm presie saya pula...
ecehcehcehhhhh :P

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

write me up!

Photo: Reminder this clinicals!!!! http://instagr.am/p/RH951ts5ED/

clinicals have been one blow after the other!

and without a listening ear, i cud hav died majorly kesian!

but thank god! alhamdulilah, my ever bz mum finally made time for me,
and yday, i had the samurai burger w my mom while i laid down all my feelings, frustrations, stress n nta pape yg goin thru my buzzin brain!
at the end i was laughin,
and so was she!


with tht over,

datang balek uni,
i was a whole less lighter n relieved!
but bam!
case write up pressure pulak!
Photo: Cnt concentrate!!! Arrrr.come lemme eat u up!!! http://instagr.am/p/RE7qt6M5Df/
we had a FULL DAY 8 to 6 CLASS!!!

so here i m,
researching about my patient,
and kinda hiatus, sebab dah lama x type our an assignment!
we the indian stle of med school,
we do it old school...
TULIS tangan!


so tata,
as i handle asthma! :P

xoxo, suria afifah is wht sum of wht my classmates call me now :)))))

Sunday, October 14, 2012

im in love

i honestly hav gotta say, i have found my love.
and i am totally head over heels with the wards.
with the life in the hospital
with being in the hospital
with standing for hours
and with being with the patients.

ok, honestly, i may not hav gotten the total hang of the hospital
neither may i have witnessed many procedures or real time bed side teaching and wat not,
tapi i surely am still lookin forward to it.
obviously sungguh jealous dgn org2 yg dh many times really go thru the wards real time and all!
tapi as my bestie eka said,'jealousy will pass,'
bsides, as my mom keeps reassuring,'my turn will come,'
Embedded image permalink

i hope so,because im totally loving paediatrics...tho i havent really played with the kids.
bcos i havent been feelin all the best of colors either!!!

go awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
phlegm! stop!


but the adrenaline rush dalam diri Cik Amp mmg ketara la...
Photo: Gedikgedikgeeks Day one awesomness in paeds...
i hadnt felt a single drop of exhaustion the first few days of hospital!
right till thursday wen i had to send my mom outstation, aigoo, i really slept lik a baby,walhal ngntok pun tak,but the sakit was lik....'tidooooooooo you! tidoooooooo' as my whole body cried in pain...
exageration much?
well,sum sort anyways! hehe :P

but iv gotta say third year needed much support.
much motivation
and much MORE moral support especially.

ofcourse solat was the tiang agama tht kept me grounded, quran was ther fr me to cry out to.
but my mom saw wt i wenthru this first week. even if i neve said anything out, but i noe she knows. and altho she neve said anything,and dint really listen bcos she was so bz with her manymany workload...but i noe she is there...just lik how i woke up this morning to a nightmare, and my mom was there for me.

i am also very glad to have besties that have already ventured into medical clinical life already.
and honestly,idk how they coped with it before i entered.
eka was so sweet.
Embedded image permalink
*eka and her evil laugh*

kelakar betul makcik tu..

moving on, as eka said,

i am in dire craving for...................................
klu bukak my instagram!
mmg penuh la
cake cake
status cake!

even my watsapp status pun

*craving fr cake*

guess y lakan??

*i found this in my moms email!*

anyways,i xmintak pape pun this yr...

baek tak??
mitak cake je kot?
*yg ,mahal! ahahha*

tp tht lady oso nve reply me yet!
wel xpela..
bz pun ari khamis ni..

and friday we'll hv a potluck for my mentormentee session..

lik any luck ther! hahaha!


so thts a jist of my life atm, as i am currently working on my mom's assginemnt presentation nie!!!

dye dh tanyer tu!

xoxo,i prefer afifah, but suria is just too me ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

today,i will go for rounds :)

finally, the time has come for me to tag along the awesome terer doctors in paediatrics for their grand round..mimi,ina and i have planned to b there by 8 and atach ourselves before class.

ina and mimi  are in anthr subgroup (as theres many in one posting) so their subgroup decided they shud b amongst the first to clerk a patient..

i cant wait.

it seems exciting :)

my child assessment kit is nearly ready :)
alil more to go!

for now,
i gtg!

xoxo,i prefer afifah,but to kids, im just Shining Suria :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sunday je cuti

i have gotta say,
wek one clinicals was a roller coaster.
well,i wont say rolle coaster is the best word to b synonymed to it, sbb there wasnt any element of shock (bsides the fact tht we hav classes on saturday --but not evrysaturday-- and we hav on call evry week --but once a week)

there were more times of complete blonde moments ade la.
tapi i wudnt say blonde,
bcos blonde moments are those tht u (more o less) deliberately du somthing 'stupid' or 'dumb' OR u NOE but u act lik u dono...
and sincerely,
third yr briefin week was,'OMG SAYA MEMANG TAK TAHU'


and in the timetable,
lecturers say,'don go makan-makan, maen-mane during clinical work/ward time,'
and im lik,'WAT DO I DO DURING THT TIME???'

 so yeah,
i may not literally scream myself kt tgh2 lecture hall tu, but u get an idea, i was lik,'ok,note tht down, note this down, google this! read up tht!'

mcm MEMAMG as i had expected back bfore i started medicine,
whe i had always a brief idea how life was, and wen first n second yr came, im lik,'di manakah semua kesusahan? kepayahan? the ketidak-comfortable-an??'
---orite,not saying, first n second yr was a walk in the park or a glaze on the ice----ok,maybe it was sum wht rather---hehehe...
buttttt...third yr is MEMEANG the DEFINITION of medical school.
so i 'kinda panicked'
so i started txtin,watsapping all my close friends...(thnk god they are doin medicine too)...and they ALL REASSURED me, it was normal.

eka: OK,u dpt ape? *gettin straight to the point*
me: paeds! its so vast!
eka: OK, study dz,diz,diz,diz....
me: wildu!
eka: sham said look for dz..dz..dz...too!

*no more nk nanges*

eshie: hows clinicals?
me: mmmm...ok la kot...*tryin my best to b postive* u?
eshie: surviving fourth year

and when she said tht, i felt a big sign of relief.
bcos they both are my peers. we practically grew up tgthr. we practically hav the same iq scores (ntala,tibai je---since asyik class sama n ranking sama je) so i was sincerely relieved.

and tht was a jist of third yr.
i ahv gotta go.
teman my mom study in uia tday, since i hav sum readin up fr tmr's class and to complete eka's and sham's list :P

xoxo,i prefer Afifah
thank u.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

by the second day i cudnt open my eyes.

oh i hav got loads to blog talk n chat abt.

but for now.

sleep is too close.
closer than the keys on my lappie or the dings on my fon.

day two third yr!

xoxo,cik amp copin third yr!

Monday, October 1, 2012


come take a look into the timetable of a third year medical student!

sorry kinda blur...

but generally there are wat?
4 subjects je
not subjects
but departments
hence five posting we wud be sent this yr! hehe..
(sbb medicine has 2 parts..psych n primary care)

me: *rambling crazy* this yr is scary..bcos no more dummies, no more ur freends as ur subjects..no more u noe, play-play *lookin frantic at mom*
mom: yes,yes *nodding head vigorously showin she understands wat i just said* yes, no more dummies
me: what m i gona do??!? *muke worry jap*
me: im GONA DO THIS!
mom: *smiles*
me: I CAN DO THIS! *starts rambling* no more shoppin, no more new shoes, no more new clothes, toll dah naek, minyak guner byk, socialising mmg tada...blahblahblah
mom: *glaks*
me: *change topic*


but there was sum conflict tht arose frm my back to back class tht obviously ends at 6 pm!
not bcos the long hours, or nonstop classes*dah biasa class back to back*
but bcos my mom has her phd classes in uia on tuesdays n wednesdays..
but is all settled
with my bestie as my cheerleader,chaiyokin me all the wayyyyyyyy...

wt wud i du without her..hehe

three beauties first day third year

as my junior asked me how tday was,
i answered,
'selepas sebulan(dua) cuti,otot2 kaki kami lenguh berjalan around hospital klang'

xoxo,cik amp mata memang sepet, finishing this episode then switching off the lappie :P