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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

u and i. :)

hi there,
this my third consecutive blogpost for today,
*nampak brape banyak nyer i miss my blog??*


so as i schemed thru youtube after a longlonglonggggg tym not doin so,
im lik,
im ttly diggin the song below.

and i c myself slow dancing to this song...
with someone i used to love.
someone i used to care.
but as time had passed,
so has the feeling.
thank u.


i shud have bought u flowers....shud have gave me all ur hours....take me to all the parties all i wanted bcos i lived to dance.. although it hurts...

Bruno Mars: "When I Was Your Man" - The Voice

woke up a villain

not house chores.

cos i aint doin the latter.
i hated my past long weekend...as i stayed home and kicked back lazily as i had terribly been exhausted frm the stresses of clinicals tht demanded alot of me...
ok, it may not have sacrificed much of my sleep, as i preserved as much sleep as i can, but it took my energy driving up and down...
so i chilled.
not doin noting at all.
iv read one half books of my three books i got for my hols...
and i was one half books on sunday....
and today is rabu.
and today i think i did all my errands,
minus the printer,car roadtax and internet...so im happy.
im a good errand person.
house chorse tho.
my shelf of books,
mcm tsunami sesat kt desaria...hahahah!
thank god my study table is clear (since the mess had moved to the earlier mentioned shelf of books)

hence,lipat kaen-in, and kemas baju aka my house chores had continued as it was before and during my exams, but this time, the timbunan bahju seems abit the banyak!
i swear mcm bertimbunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!
*or is it bcos i malas time dah abes exm???*

moving on.
since i have ample time in the afternoon today,
walaupun the mcds near my moms place was full (n i was so darn bored of tht place)
i sanggup bayar tol ldp and parking kt ttdi ni, to let.....

my fingers tap lik mad for my blog!!!! yeayyy...
 as unfortunately i aint got no internet...as i lost my broadband =.=" and i c no future of gettin internet these few days...hahaha...
since im kinda broke (i have just enuf money to kua w my girlfriends,but other thn tht, im broke)---unless i overbudgetted and don spend..
hahahahah...(wic isnt really a shocker since i tend to jaga my budget with my frends)
but fret not, insyaAllah by weeken,my scholarship will masuk...
hehehe...tho im goin shoppin w my mom n eka for sum bahju kahwensssssss
beter save my card sumwhe,
as, just now,
i secara fugue nyer walked into watsons (yg tgh sale)
and walked out w 2 eyeliners

secara FUGUE ok?!?!
and klu ikot secara fugue-nyer, i wudnt b here either, i'd b at eka's chilling...but she is workaholic working *chokesEKAWORKAHOLICchokes*...so im at starbucks..hehe...
ps-fugue is a term iv started using since i started psych,
oh,did i tell u??!?!

IVE decided to BECOME A PSYCHIATRIST!!!!!!!!!


ok,maybe, not a real one..

but maybe a child psych...sbb my parens think being a real time psych is very consuming...and in msia, NOT very popular mah....very taboo-ed....very unadventured into...very stigmatised...very oooooooooooooooo-ed...
well, i agree,since i was one of those,


but after i talked to some the patients there, i felt ttly at home,
(weyh tht doesnt mean my home is the psych ward OK!) hahaha
tho theres this private joke by the lunchgang about the psychward and I....

LUNCHGANG is this awesome people i have lunch with daily...and we go nuts with each other..
we're lik the team u see under the nazi of greys anatomy...theres lik 7 of us plus a guy...
tht guy just happens to always be sesat in our group...sian jgk la dye...

but us 7, we go googoogaagaa talking about crushes,and mushes...and ofcos the serious, EXM!!!! STUDIES! and even more important....DOCTORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :))) *winkwinkwink*

but then again, tht was the psych lunchgang, im afraid maybe by the time we start MEDICINE posting, idk whe i'd go...
as in, how hectic it cud be...
it is after all MEDICINE kan?

i tell you, clinicals third year has been a roller coaster,but most fun had been in psych!!!

alhamdullilah :))
3 postings down, 3 more to go!

Cher Lloyd - Superhero (AOL Sessions)

its like I lenyaped

*walks into starbucks*

budak sekolah lagak cool: *pandang aku atas bawah*
me: *bwt dono*
them: *maen ipad*
me: *kuakan lapie burok tua*

one of them: ye Mok,*insert some lame name* ado koko pete ni...adek doh bale ke? *or sum sort of kechek or sumtin*
me: peghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....lagak cool kt kl la kan,....hahahahahah
me: *picks fon up* HI, im suria, id like to renew my car insurance pls
them: *look down*


omg i miss u!

yes u!
my readers *bunyi cengkerik* and u the guy hu dropped his fon into the toilet hole =.="

*yes,my bestie dropped his fon into the toilet sampai cedera dye cari dalam lobang tu! and takde fon lik a month now,finally has the time to go the cyber cafe to fb la kan cuti ni*


the above situation is just a selingan....amongst the many i had today...*ppl luukin 'down on me'

lik this morning, in uia...

*postgrad office*

me: *holds form* assalammualaikum *softly*
lady: ye dik? *looks at me funny*
me: mmm.. nak dotdotdot
lady: ni bende ni, adik budak course ape?
me: PhD?
lady: *terdiam*


i swear, this cuti, its lik, i lenyaped from being the Suria bising2, as i stayed in the last weekend...starving sampai ke malam2...hahaha...and these few days as i ran for errands, iv been meetin all these kinds of people yg sgt la byk macam n ragam...

lik yesterday, in gombak's government office,

it was hilarious,
as i had my earphones in my ears all plugged up la kan,
and was sitting there waiting for my turn..
then there was this random bising busybody nenek sitting lik 2 chairs away chatting away with this nenek penoh emas....*lik seriously, she had lik THREE bloody thick emas chains with HUGEEEEEEEE pendants with BATU nta besar gajah hanging on those pendants with cincin emas kuning bapak besar on many fingers and MUJURLA ONLY ONE gelang emas (yg xla brape tebal~~~ecehhhh)*
n im like,ok, makcikmakcik kampong nine oclock...hahahah..

then ruper2nyer this makcik emas tebal isnt the byk mulut aunty's friend...so wen the byk emas makcik wen off, im lik

*terus maen instagram like crazy and puts book next to me on the chair*


the makcik after a few moments of silence

*angkats my book,and slouches towards me and my fon*

me: ERK!
makcik: org muda skrg mestie ade je fon macam ni...
me: *smiles*
makcik: makcik rimas touchscreen2 ni
me: *senyum lagi* ah....
makcik: ni ade facebook?
me: mmm,ada?
makcik: bukak sikit facebook
me: mmmmm....ah?
makcik: ye la, makcik nak tgk sikit
me: mmmmmmmmm.... *deliberates* *finally bukaks* *ttbe internet pun laju*
makcik: cube bukak *insert some random name*
me: wat?
makcik: *slowly spells*
me: *gettin really distracted*
*finally the page opens*
makcik: tgk gambar dye sikit

*the counter guy came*
me: *QUICKLY stands up,* salam, ni nak tanyer blahblahblhaaaa

makcik: *listens in*

*dah abes urusan*

makcik: oh,buat utk mak ye? ye la,mak mana tahu sapa telepon ek?

me: *senyums* mmmmmmmmmm *scuttles off*

hahahah...so tht was my encounter yday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


weyh im in my fourth month of clinicals la wei!
with 2 postings down!

like wowh!cepatnyer masa berlalu!

n boy energy bar mmg xsempat caj 50% dah mati setengah jln aku rasa!

tapi smlm as i started me new yr,
#eh my first post ek ni?#
i really freakin REENERGIZED mcm itu enrgizer bunny!

today started awesome la~~~
awesomely takot~

we were freakin ealy for ward work
terer tak???????/ hahaha..nampak tak how "excited" we were fr our such posting! hahahaha
u gota b kidding me la dei~! hahah...we were so freaked, we huddled up duduk depan psych ward anika klang! hahaha..

mimi: *avoidin the eye contact frm the people at the jendela*
ina: *tryin her best to stay calm n dono* korg, dye nyanyi lagu malaysia!
me: as long as dye xtgk sini
mimi: *xbrani tgk*
ina: EH! dye tgk kite la!
me: *intai tgk jendela* aah la!
mimi: *tryin her best not to laugh lookin at me*
me: *looks to the right* *eye contact terus look back at mimi* *tryin not to laugh*
ina: *lookin down*
me: MIMI *thru gritted teeth* he;s looking at us la the pakguard!

ok,u must b thinkin, ape kene la pakguard tgk  pun nk cuak,
the frekain thing is, he freaking lookin weird la!!!!1
lik serious,
with his slanted eyes, his round body and small head,
it was scary kahwen HILARIOUS?!?!?!?!?!

we waited fr our seniors to come then oni we had the ke-brave-an utk masuk! hahahaha...

and it was slow...we all huddled behind the counter and all at first....tapi slowlyslowly...lepas bukak file  (yg we cudn really make out wat was goin on or written) hahahah...we finally opened up...ok,maybe me...ina n mimi was still standning way back at the counter..i on the other hand was already seattin by the counters edge...

and wen the psych patient asked fr my hand, i willingly gave my hand.
my senior whispered,'jangan fifah jangan' shaking her head rigourously sumwht behind me...
i swear, my friends tot i was calm with them...wel tht was my aim,
but god noes wht wentru my head.
but then again,
it was lik a tide, kejap i ok je, kdg2 the tots wud come in my head,
:wht if they prounced on u?;
"wht if they stabbed u w the pen in ur hand?"
wht if they screamed out?

but there were plenty of MAs around..
and the MO was really sweet,
she was lik,'wud u lik me to assgin u patient to clerk? but don go alone la...hehe...and don wry, if netin,u just scream out!


we felt tht at 11ish,we had enuf of ketawa,drama n fear fr the day.
we stil din dare masuk the girls ward yet.
tho im lookin frward to it (KOT) hahahaha

we ended the day by studyin in PPAS after gruelling WHE to eat..hahahah...

and tmoro, ill b in htar clinic i bet...and eka's nnk will b op-in tmr...huhuh..
hence,ill get to c my bestie (mmmm ttbe rindu nk sebak) huhuh :(((((

especially wen mimim was chattin w me bfore i sent her just now,
i say man, i cud cry.
cume takde tears (alasan)

okla,its 7pm, i need to go home, and i freakin hav an exm in about 3 weeks...(LESS ACTLY)