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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things needed in Third yr Clinicals!

Salams there!

Flashing back to third yr,
which alhamdulillah have passed and shall move on to fourth yr this 30th september :))

lets c the stuff we will need in each posting!

one. medicine.
-the normal litman (tht dr house also has..ngehehe) is good enuf
-u dont need to get the specialist one..the cardio one..
-mdf/mdi is also cool...(sbb i lik the colors.. XDD)

-try to get the yellow light, sbb u don wan it to be too bright to the pupils of the eyes of patients..hehe

a watch
-err. for the pulses ;) u kinda need to count erm to a minute kan? hehe

tendon hammer.
-u need tht fr ur cns :))
-the basic 15bucks one is abit the hard..so u can buy the 50bucks one...but mimi n i bought the midpriced one..hehe..

cns kit.
-ok, this kit is extensive. lik seriously. so u kinda need ask r doctors...but kamal sells a 12bucks one..hehe..its good enuf..hehe

cos u kinda need to measure the JVP at the necks nanti ;)

measuring tape.
-to measure liver span..but ruler kan ade ;) hehe..

tu je kot. hehe..

two. surgery

-wajib la kan.

measurin tape

tu je.
yup. xbyk sgt in surgery

three. obgyn.

measuring tape wajib!!!
-duhhh..u wana c how big the tummy is! hehe

tendon hammer!
-imp in high bp patients ;)

ur hands
-hahaha...yeah..cos u kinda need to palpate stuff...feel things..hehe

four. paeds.

u need ur...
child kit!
heres a variety of stuff in there.
which u can order from the local guy..
a basic ABC book,
a bouncy ball..hehe..

then theres the measuring tape,
u kinda need to measure tht fellas head and length..

the tendon hammer.
hehe..reflexes again.

five. primary care

nothing much la.
the basic.

stets, tendon hammer and rulers

u need nothing.
just ur brains ;)
and the MSE..
(mental state exmination)

so basically.
for ur third yr.
sila la prep ur.

tendon hammer.
and pen torch ;)

lets prepare ourselves for a new year!
to my second yrs,
welcome to hospital life!
to my seniors, omg! seniors!
to my batchmates, lets lillahitaala!


just my insights at a glance!;)


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Threading likes and dislikes: Weddings

Salams midweek!

its BR wednesdays!

my bestie Mimi's fav day!
and for the past 2 rabus,
i have been having nonstop icecream!
thanks to MIMI la! hehe


moving on,
since im still having my holidays and doing a lot of a little,
amongst the lot of littles is a little of likes n donts.


i have been wanting to put out a list of things i like eating, places i like to hang, songs i like to hear and events that i like. (with commentary la ofcourse..hehe..my cotcet-cotcet hehe)

but after thinking,
i decided,
tht will be a lil too private,
and nanti,
kalau orang nak fish me nanti, senang sgt (nak jadi mysterious la konon..bahahah)
(macam la i ni ikan duyung la kan---bahaha), well u noe wht i mean, XDD

but there was one thing tht just kept replaying in my head nonstop.
which it shouldnt because its too much negativity.

so wat was it?

and yang serungkai.


as u wud noe,
if u were my peer,
the age of the 20s is a age where EVERYONE talks about kahwen. kahwen. anddd kahwen.

im very lucky.
very bersyukur indeed,
NONE of my family members ever ask me about tht topic.

kekadang my nieces joke around with me, but we're close enough to know tht when the time comes,
it WILL come.
and it WILL be accepted with happy smiles, warm hugs and beautiful doas.

see tht i did not mention the big halls of flowers, alleys of jewels nor the flowy dresses?
thts because i see weddings past all those decos of glitter and beauty.
i c the reality.

the reality tht
we get married to halalkan the relationship between a man and a woman,
but NOT just for the sake of being halal
to panjangkan and ramaikan umat Rasulullah.
to educate our own flesh and blood to be good khalifahs
to raise mankind yang berbakti to society
to nurture minds of the future
and of course, because it is prescribed to complete our deens with a marriage.

it is a cascade of responsibilities.
a bunch of new horizons

and tht whole new life people keep saying,
i don c it.

maybe because I c everyday a new day.
everyday a new life
and every step a new breathe.

and to add to this mix,
Eka and i had never been into all this.
and noeing tht the person u grew up with actly moulds u into place.
(especially during ur teen yrs)
we never talked about "palace of golden horses weddings"
neither did we design dresses for our wedding.
unlike all our classmates tht sat around us,
who mind u,
used to give us "invitation cards" to their weddings..


*flashback to assunta years*

there we were,
sittin in class lines,
one behind the other in the Sister Enda Hall,
tryin to listen to the morning assemblies.
and then comes a pat from the back,

and a card is being passed a long

"You are cordially invited to *insert one of classmates name* and *insert tht fella's crush* at the Palace of golden horses"
complete wit details lik place, dresscode n wat not..


I tell u, writing this post in pon, puts a smile on my face.
and the whole 1A2 line would start giggling...
even I and eka would too.
but we would brush it off.

i, sitting closely to the cookie gang hu used to distribute these cards used to even hear every single plan they had,
as my partner was always the chief of card making.

oh form 1!

but i never paid attention.

and me, being the youngest cousin of the batch,
most of my cousins were married by the time i was in high school,
there werent many weddings..

wen i entered UIA only i learnt tht people actly get married during studies.
n i was,
was still processing tht information.
*still am processing n analysing each situation differently n uniquely from one another*

as i finish my third yr,
more and more of my batch mates get married,
*since a majority of them already have a first degree and their spouses r already working*

but for some reason or other,
i am still comprehending these situations
and for some God noes reason,
i really do get busy around these weddings.
not busy sibuk-in at their weddings or gettin to be involved in them
tapi busy with my other hal of life
tht i kinda feel even more pushed away.
and wen all around me talk about the beauty of weddings,

i just c the figures,
30 thousand halls
120 dollar meals
5 thousand rented cars
17 thousand flower decorations.

and the institution of a family.
*which i obviously adore*
but i noe im not ready yet.
and the more one talks about weddings,
the more i feel far
and further away.

it just dragged meeee...

till i doa-ed.
i asked Allah.

then I realised,
there's nothing wrong with weddings,
i dont exactly hate them,
i just lik the idea of surprises.

i like the idea of having it spontaneously starting a day noeing ur completing someone's deen
and u will bear ur own line of blood
(not tht spontaneous lik hey, today kte tunang esok we kahwen =.=")

but spontaneous tht it overwhelms me
with joy n happiness.

as i was chatitng with my newly wed lecturer,
she said,
she had no feelings watsoever of love before marriage,
but how did she noe it was right?
it was because Allah made it easy
Allah telah permudahkan.

when i relayed this to my mom,
she coming from a love marriage cud not comprehend it well.

then i gave a long talk to my mom

giving my future expectation. insyaAllah :))

Islam is beautiful.
it definitely is.
It protects a woman from heartache.

and as we all noe,
when a person faces heartache,
there are all these negativity tht shrouds them with this cloud of negativity
pulling them away and away from life
draggin them to corners of earth of darkness
webbing knots of despair again and again
and at last, sickness
as they feel devastated that guy left her, that a guy doesnt lik her "that" way, tht a guy doesnt appreciate her "that" way, and that guy has moved on.
as an instagram quote went,
"wat wud have happened if u would have lowered ur gaze (aka never had a double take---tht means tgk sekali, jangan pusing tgk lagi sekali---of the opposite sex)?"

I never understood why we cant listen to music.
I never understood why we cant watch movies.
I never understood why my dad never allowed me to watch dramas.

Now ive come to a realisation.

That music u listen,
is always
about "the loved one"
"the other half"
"that one guy"
when we play tht song and think about tht creation of our Beloved Creator,
we Forget the Creator for tht instant,
and we noe tht there are many levels of zina.
and nauzubillah,
tht is one of the zina.
the zina of the heart.

that movie tht u watch,
has this array of handsome young men,
this parade of beautiful women,
be it even with a beard lik sunnah of Rasullullah
or a hijabi or niqabi (purdah)
but doesn tht aluure u tokeep adoring these creations,
and there could many ways u can end up.
one. oh, i should beautify myself to be lik tht
two. my future wife/husband has to b tht kindof charater
three. y isnt my hubby/wifey not lik tht?
four. there is no such thing =.="
or wateve ur take,
but don u think its inappropriate?
isnt tht better
doa-in to Allah for the best partner u can ever get?
supplicating to Allah for the best life u can have
Zikir-ing to Allah for wat a beautiful life tht has been perfect for u so far.
or more realistic,
read the sirah of the Prophet Rasulullah s.a.w
noe His stories of life of marriage,
the marriage of Prophet Luth hu has a wife hu did not believe in Allah
or the marriage of Prophet of Ibrahim hu had a beautifylly obedient wife hu did no mind at all being left in the middle of the desert
or the challanges of the absolutely handsome Prophet Yusuf?

the stories of the Quran is one so many!
one tht wen we read,
we get pahala!
and guss wht?
malaikat (angels) akan turut turun hadir dgn kita!


so many things to read!
so many things we have no clue of!
(well i noe i dono..ngehehe..kne baca cuti ni!)


walaupun the quote,
"look for perfection in imperfection"
was coined by a westerner,
it is so true.

Allah has never been a better planner
Evrything that has happened and will happen,
has been written out,
but not tht we have not power over it,
thts wen the power of Doa is beyond awesome.

Failure to plan, is planning to fail!

hear id lik to remind myself,
there is nothing wrong appreciating the music and beat of the song,
but if th lyrics me-lagho-kan, then how?

the cinderella complex Dr Har used to say.


But hate towards the institution of wedding (not marriage) is also wrong.
walimatul urus is also important

it is a celebration.

Allahua Akhbar!

but with all other celebrations like ediul fitri n eidul adha,
it has to be managed berpada-pada, astaghfirullah :))
ber-moderation :))


I am now in the process of taming my heart to understand tht,
sometimes, it is some people's rezeki to have such huge n grand weddings,
and alhamdulillah
Muslims nowadays respect highly of weddings,
Honouring the Holoy matrimony of akad

Flipping the coin the other way,
I just doa people dont look up to these multi thousand coloured weddings as a benchmark of life.
and sadden tht the beautiful institution of marriage needs a high price for dowrys and weddings.



y doesnt Islam encourage high dowrys?

ofcourse it is sunnah.

but y?


at the end of the day,
as a future doctor i will be insyaAllah. or,
as a daughter of a millionaire a person might be or,
as a highly moral-ed girl or,
as a hafizah even,

we are all the servants of Allah.

we are nothing but just another creation,

we all have many highly amiable qualities,
qualities tht we feel not many have anymore,

because we taat
and we are aware that Allah is THE Creator,
THE owner is Allah subahanahu wa taala,

kita sebenarnya tidak berhak untuk apa-apa pun.
sebab semua nya Allah punya.
kita melangkah ke masjid, tidak akan berlaku jika Allah tidak memanggil,
kita tak akan soleh kepada ibubapa jika Allah tidak beri kekuasaan,
kita tidak akan pass exam jika bukan Allah yang beri kita minda yang sihat, dengan berbilion cell

Lahawlawala qu wata billah hil aliyyil azim.


This is not my 2 cents.
and not my peanuts.

But it is hakikat.

neither do i disagree nor disaprove men hu dont mind paying a large sum for weddings or big dulangs (presents)

because its nice to be appreciated
and whats more,

even before we are born,
our rezeki has already been written.
it has been prescribed
it has our name written all over it at the top


did not Allah promise to give us MORE if we bersyukur :))

i once heard Prof Muhaya relay a story of an ulama with a dozen kids.
he obviously lived a life only teaching religion, with a homemaking wife,
but his life was always enough.

So people asked this ulama, named Hatim,
"oh sir, how did u manage to lead life with sucha measely pay and a huge family to manage?"

He answered,
"I believe in three things,"
one. Yakin (confident) that no one can take my rezeki, nor can i take someone else's rezeki because Allah has set it.
two. Yakin (confident) that All good things to be done by me (written for me) should be done by me (hence, it will never be done by someone else) and takes it as a responsibility
three. Yakin (confident) that Allah Maha Melihat, sees everything, hence does not do any wrong.


in a nutshell,

and seangkatan dengan nya,

are nikmats that we have to tumpang gembira,
apa lagi bila kita satu ummah,
tapi biarlah berpada-pada!
Yakin lah Allah tidak mungkir janji about our rezeki!
Yakin lah the power of Doa!



wallahuAlam :))
checklist kenduri kahwin yang sunnah
from facebook

semoga kita semua dapat meraih sunnah

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ilahi, Kaulah yang aku tuju

"Kalau kita kejar Akhirat, Dunia akan datang berlari.":

If u listen to para ulama, ustaz and ustazah di ceramah, they all keep repeating the same thing.

And no doubtedly i agree.

BUt then after acouple of repeteation,
i started pondering,
what does it really mean?

Especially wen yesterday,
Dr Nik, the pengarah of IKIM mentioned that,
"The akhirah is nothing but the harvest of the dunya."

then thts wen it triggered me,
the meaning tht wen u chase ahkirah,
dunya comes running after is tht,

because u r aware,
the right step u take out of the house with iringan doa n ayatul kursi in the morning is a sunnah of the prophet Rasulullah,
u noe, u will be blessed w a reward the after life.

or when u look in the mirror,
u seek for pahala by reciting doa,"Oh Allah, how u have perfected my physique, perfect my akhlaq and morals too"
u subconciously perfect urself, ur looks, ur attire and ur aurah,
hence wen u walk away from the mirror into the society,
u look presentable and looked up upon insyaAllah.

wen u go visit ur uncles n aunts,
u do it as part of Allah's call to tighten silaturrahim...
at the same time,
they love ur company...

or best of all,
wen u r afraid in ur daily dwellings of the world,
u step back and ponder,
is this wat Allah likes,
for surely our Creator only likes things that is good.

And when Allah likes wat u like,
people will too.
but if people dont,
sad be u not.

bcos dont u want only the love of those hu love Allah?
and surely if they love Allah, should they not understand u then?

For rezeki,
be it,
in terms of money,
or health,
is the Rights of our Creator Allah swt,
who has tetapkan hu gets wat, wen n whe,
upto us to tweek it up a notch by our doas.

as i once heard a hadith,
A doa is stronger than the winds.



enjoy my new fav tanyalah ustazah episode!

Tanyalah Ustazah TV9 2013 E07 - Bahagia Dunia Bahagia Akhirat

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Buku Clinicals Third year! The MSU version ;)

Salams ilmuwan!

as my third year aka The FIRST clinicals/hospital year just went by,

i had used a few books to assist me in my studies alhamdulillah.

there are 6 postings (or in other words subjects) tht we had to encounter to pass the year :))

these subjects/postings were
1. Internal medicine
2. surgery
3. obstetrics and gynaecology
4. paediatrics
5. primary  care  (in uk they call it general practice)
6. psychiatry

--in each u will learn about the same things,but seen at differnt perspectives. normally ur first week is always THE ADJUSTMENT
----u will feel awkward, weird, scared, anxious n all sorts of random stuff, well guess wht, the first week is always the besst week to do random stuff, BCOS ur new, n fresh (n obviously ade alasan, "oopsz,xtaula,sbb baru" heheh)

each posting lasts about 2 months each (aka 7/8 weeks-whe the 8th week is basically ur exms,no syg, there r no study periods, --at max 1/2/3 days je btwn class n straight to the exms!)
so b prepared
tapi don worry la, insyaAllah if u consistently present at bed side teachings (BST) and pay attention at classes AND MOST importantn of all is UR CLERKING
n wen i say clerking,
i mean,
history and the most basic physical exmniation.

i hope tht part is clear about clinicals :))

now, lets move on to books!

for ur history and physical examinations,
there are 2 most commonly found txtbooks.
1. Mcleods
2. Talleys

i prefer Mcleods.
but obviously, i freaking have both.
*was too nervous in third yr i bought it ALL baby!*
xyah beli both pls.

McLeods ni WAJIB ade!
its lik,
kalau TAK tahu technic masak air and masak nasi,
then, apa guna if ppl tell us how to masak lontong or rendang..hehe

another wajib book is
the Clinical Oxford Handbook.
its a yellow n green book.
its ttly handy
everyone has it
so just have it la

some pple tht i noe actly freakin but ALL the oxford handbook set (they have for each posting)

so ini buku mcleods
its lik 90 bucks xsilap,..

and this is the clinical handbook
it was priced at 80 sumtin wen i bought it ;)

ok moving on,

one. internal medicine

the fundamentals of medicine is obviously internal medicine,
all other postings are just a variation of this internal medicine,
internal medicine covers things in DEPTH. lik THEORATICALLY in depth.
and its lik the MOST BASIC stuff, but u just have to noe y,
and alhamdulillah, the lecturers we have in MSU are awesomely in depth.
amazing i tell u.

so in this posting,
PLS PLS PLS clerk alottttttt...with SPEED!
and learn up ur theory on the most imprtant cases.
these important cases u learn in third yr is lik freaking crucial. ;)

the book we used was davidson.
it is lik pelengkap McLeod's.

if mcleods was the buku asas recipe,
Davidson is the ingredients to tht recipe.
*nampak x berapa influence i m with TLC n AFC? thank u*

this is how it looks lik.
im not sure of the price, cos i refered to its ebook ;)
it has a miniture one.
i cant comment much, but its good nonetheless.

if u dont lik davidson's,
there's kumars n clarks
(but we in msu, the lecturers ALWAYS talk about davidson nnnnnnn davidson has MORE pictures..hehe)

kumars n clarks ni orang british lebeh suka. bcos more words! hehe
but i lik kumars n clarks too! hehe

its price is about davidsons as well
and it too has a baby one.
(i prefer baby davidson ;)

the baby is lik clinical oxford handbook tu..hehe

together along with kumar n clarks n davidson, also comes their QnA books
u can opt to buy tht if ur a fan of completing the set of books u own.
hehe ;)
but u can opt not to either.

there are other books, lik harrisons,
tapi tak guna sangat,
so i suggest u get the ebook cukup.
example of how hrrisons look lik

two. surgery.

surgery has a lot of OTs but don b fooled, yang sign ur logbooks r the anaesthesiologists so watchout..hehe
and basically,
its lesser cases.
lesser things
lesser patients!
so watch out!
don go stepping on ur friends terrtories
*yeah.sumtimes bdak medik have all these little territories "u can go here, i can go there"*
well, believe u go in with the best niat
and then doa di permudahkan.
insyaAllah angels will follow u around.
don b devastated if u don get to c as many cases, as many OTS or as many procedures as ur friends.
rezeki di tgn tuhan.
kalau ada OT tu, then ada la. then it will have ur name on it.
my advice,
share ur experience with ur friends.
tell them wat was done.
and don simply just say,"ala, dye potong and then stich back"
bcos pergh....simplenyer..g butcher lagi exciting...hahaha..

wat books?
the most important is


it is lik the mcleods,
tapi surgery version.
a must have
if u prefer indian (aka MORE detailed) then u can go fr Das.
Das is awesome too.
but too detailed.
and as someone once commented "kalau nak appear pandai, baca la buku indian"
i replied,"bukan nak nampak pandai, cuma taknak nampak bodoh"
bcos since our lecturers are awesomely terer (no pun nor sarcasm intended)
they lik to keep diggin for answers from u.
which don really come out fr the exms,
but ttly rack ur brains for understanding.
i honestly think its awesome. ;)

the theoratical knowledge comes from

m not sure of the price,
bcos as i said, i hv the ebook..
the real book is seriously thick.
but seriously.
its a light reading kind of thing!
its easily understood compared to kumar n clarks punya standard :P

another theoratical surgery book is:
its good to refer to get the idea of the topics..
but content wise,
bukak baileys...
bcos we r after all internationally recognized.
manipal manual tu sgt intense w knowledge.
awesome la.
(well wic book isnt awesome? hehe)

three. obstetrics and gynaecology.

TEn teachers.

tu je.
baca la buku tu.
cover to cover.
mmg cukup.
tu je la yg akan being tested in the real exm.

the malaysian ob n gyn books are cool too!
they are 2 separate books.
white in color.
the obs has a pcture of a preggy belly
the gyn, has...mmm..xigt..

well they are written by a well known prof from manipal.
tht book.
but awesomely ringkas.
best kalau g tutorial kat class!

tenteachers look lik this
be aware.
they are two separate books
(ada jugak yang 2 dalam 1---tp most of the times habesss) ehehe

when my IMU bestie wento kamal and asked about ten teachers, the guy said, 55bucks.

so lalalala...i wento kamals bringing 55bucks to buy obs n gyn of ten teachers.
LUCKILY la ade atm di 7eleven yg bersebelahan.
its 55bucks a pop!
but seriously,
kne ada.
its an awesome book.

there is another indian book some lecturers refer to.
but this book is out dated.
its called dutta
tolong la JANGAN refer this in class!
not ur asgnment, NOT ur seminar not ur anything.
nanti kne tegurrrr!

in the words of Dr N
"oh this book,(refering to Dutta) how thick,very good"
us: good doctor?
Dr N: YEAH! good for SELF DEFENCE! a guy comes near u, u whack tht fellow!

i swear.
obgyn was the best posting ever,

NB: ob n gyn are lik 2 different fields okayh...theyre lik biochem n immuno....or...anat n embryo...
so kne la beli both the books...

four. kanak-kanak aka paediatrics

we had a THE book for paeds
wic was the handbook by the government
UNFORTUNATELY tht book is no more sold to us medical students.
but nonetheless can still b downloaded pdf ;)

its called the 


yeah u can download it from the above attached website ;)

then theres the sunflower book
important la
tp kalau compared to the imprtance of tenteachers. tenteachers lagi berbaloi.

there's a paediatric selfmade (by UM students) book
u can pinjam from ur friends n all
its cool.

tu je kot yg mos important ;)

five. primary care.


murtaghs tu mcm ur SOURCE!
kne tahu chief complaints okayh!

n u shud noe the most important chief complaints lik
abdominal pain
thyroid enlargement
n so on so forth.
those chief complaints NEED to be made in differential diagnosis.

some people ABSOLUTELY fear primary care or at other places lik the UK, called General Practice.

and others hate it wen they get as their first posting.

mosprolly sbb in certain unis,. they only have this subject for final year students.
and the exm is rather strange compared to other EOP(end of posting) exms.
sbb ur patient is NOT really a patient
he/she is actly a bloody certified, experienced primes doctor.
and darn it.
they are the best actors!

sometimes they look SO BIASA,
ur lik,
ok, makcik mana ni,
or pakcik mana ni?
RUPA2 nye a prof from our top IPTAs
mmg creme of awesome la..

and the second part of the EOP practical(aka OSCE)
is where u frekaing have to preach/teach/educate these "makcik/pakcik"
and boy i tell u
they REALLY do noe how to act wengweng 'stupid'

"ni ape ni? perfume?"



amongst the topics tht can come out for teaching/education is lik,
how to use the inhaler
how to papsmear
what is diabetic diet
how to relax ur mind
coaching alzheimers patients.
simple je insyaAllah (amboih)

so yeah.
be confident when u speak
mcm u talking to ur makcik and pakcik..hehe
in english la
and these ppl arent stupid
and u actly get marks

how does murtaghs look lik?
generally its a classy TUG
u noe "tug"
tug as in GANGSTER.

sbb its BAPAK berat!

kalau dutta of obgyn leyh gune self defence,
ni boleyh gune hempap orang.
lik flattening a tyre


i love this book.
it gives my elbow crams.

belila back pack.
nanti handbag awak pecah punya.

theres another book kalau u nak,
actly ade byk lagi buku kat pasaran yg approaches melalui chief complain
pick ur book je la
or bette have them all
(lik me---sb gabra sgt)

all books hav their strengths n weaknesse
cuma, wic u wana focus on.
tapi i suggest u buy at least one other book.
yg kechik2 molek 

i have one,
its called,"differntial diagnosis"
kecik je mcm oxford handbook tu,
but grey n purple in color.
tu chomel.
its quite relevant too..

last but not least.
before i go psycho.

six. psychiatry.

one word.

go get the" the student handbook."(for clerking or something lik tht)
ur seniors ALL use tht book.

kalau rahjen sikit
the DM IV TR criteria book.
dye mcm buku perlembagaan malaysia
it has all these coding.
xyah beli.
pinjam je
or something.
some ppl think its important, i say... emmm..for ur asgnment yeah..

lagi rahjen
(actly rahjen banyak---the HOD of psych will praise u for tht book)
i lik kaplan
it gives me the "im a psychiatrist" feel
mimi n i lik tht ;)

this is the kaplan i n mimi lik

ni yg DM IV TR criteria tu
book for lawyers if u ask me

to important jugak coding tu :)

exm psych pon cun
u DON REALLY get psych patients.

obviously not.

they have changed the EOP style.
its now lik a viva kinda thingy
also means tht
u kne pandai cakap.

my advise,
learn la how to communicate

practice berceramah to ur family.
practice berprofessional with ur patients.

it takes 6 yrs to change one's style. -bidadari image consultant mdm mary-
now we noe y medicine is 5 years.
nak train kte pakai bju nerd.


all the best to my juniors goin up to third yr
(yeah, results xkua yet)

hope this piece helps u alil bit.
sorry la ranting je melebih.
tgh ngntok ni

but if u guys wan more stuff i can usahakan insyaAllah ;)

doakan me!
Fourth yr around the corner insyaAllah!
*SUBHANALLAH! my second last yr of medicine! huaaaa*


Friday, September 6, 2013

Training in session!

I went back to my foundation.
the foundation of my life.
the foundation of my education.

Centre of foundation Studies IIUM.

I may have been alone in physique,
but my spirits were high menjulang.
The usual smile on m face transformed,
from the just a curve at the corners to a huge grin plastered.
All the memories of innocence gushed back into my heart.
it felt a sense of peace.
a peace of longing back to the days i had been guarded.


As i walked thru the blocks of mahallah (college of residence) zainab, i felt the aura of lunch at 3.50, nasi setengah, ayam masak tomyam .
spagetthi 4.50 for brunch, for days to end,
roti sardin for breakfast waiting for bestie tyra to wake up, and making sure im not too early for her to receive me.
how sweet of her to receive me nearly everyday to her room with her other roomate as their tetamu.
may Allah repay them.

then i walk down to AMF hall,
the hall i first entered UIA.
the place i and tyra left on the first few days of arab exmination,
as we knew we had no clue of arabic at all,
and we went off to our taaruf session,
the place i learnt she was a city girl.

the place i see yana, icha, amal and of course my mifibi had our exams on a semesterly basis.
the crowd.
the ambience.
the last day of our foundation.
the course dinner we had.


that was,
mengukut kiraan Mimi, 3 years 4 months ago.
since we left uia.

the corridors seem so familiar,
tht wen the brohers n sisters had exhibitions there they greeted me,
"vote for MEDCY"
and i just nodded and continued walking,
hearing them say behind me
"weyh, is tht a student ke lecturer?"

the most beautiful thing i heard.

but then, there were too many beautiful things tht i heard on tht day.

so as i stepped up to the rooms of my lecturers,
i was disappointed wen my lecturer did not respond to the knock on the door i gave.


but after the third knock,
i heard,
echoing thru the quiet corridors,
my lecturer's laugh coming from my math lecturer's room.

i stood outside the room,
n there came miss shafiyyah.
a madam.

subhanallah :))

her words of wisdom n support just meant the world.

I asked Allah for strength,
He sent me an invite to the place where it all began.
He called me back to where I first met the most important people in my life.

and Bi.

It is true,
u r the religion of ur friends,
and im so blessed.
im so fortunate.
so lucky
to have the closest of friends from the land of UIA.

it was the best thing tht cud have happened.

I was supposed to go to UPM u noe? for pertanian (yeah.17 year old dreams, don ask...hahaha)
But Allah granted me a mother hu secured me a place in UIA, so close to my high school.

session after session of catching up with my many lecturers,
I cud have cried.
bcos they moved me.

just the suntikan i needed these holidays.

"Suria, nak jadi baik, u will be tested, again and again and again,"
Subhanallah, preserverence.

"Kita perlu berisitqomah, slow, slow tapi kena ke depan"
MasyaAllah, khilafnya aku

"Bila nak lakukan sesuatu tanya, Allah suka tak?"

So these last few days of my holidays will be my training ground to a better tomoro.
And my fourth year will be the most barakah of all.
To pave the way for my final year of medicine.

how far we've come.

Thank you Allah, Alhamdulliah.

Lahawlawa quwatabillah hil aliyilazim.
There is no strength but the strength of Allah.

"what ur seeking is actly seeking u" -rumi-


New York on Ramadan

Part of their dakwah!

us wearing the hijab and practising Islam in a Malaysia, a Muslim country, it doesnt really tests us to great lengths on our imaan n taqwa.
but those surviving in nonmuslim countries where there hardly are any muslims,
tht is a big challange for them,
and a majority of my instagram muslim friends who spread dakwah n words of allah on instagram come from european countries where islam is so strange to them.
So, i totally respect them,
and doa they are protected from oppression and presevere with Islam.


need some time alone.



Banyaknya kekurangan ku.
at times, i just wana live in a world of myself.
a world away from everyone so tht i don harm anyone,
after all,
We are the ones tht harm ourselves more than anyone out there harms us.

Sometimes u just wana get away.
Sometimes u just wana escape.

But at the end of the day,
which ever way,
it is Allah's will,
And His strength will guide us back,

I end today with tears,
of both happiness n sadness.

But I always have to remind myself, all is given is just a loan from Allah.
to be taken away at any time.
I appreciate Allah sent me such a set of people around me.
so miraculously lovely.

Leaders are lik eagles, 
They dont flock,
You find them one at a time.

I end this post with apologies to all the people around me.
I wish was as perfect as rasulullah. peace be upon him.

lets all selawat this friday!
*n cut my nails! yeayyeayyyy!*

Monday, September 2, 2013

September Syukur!

Alhamdulillah hi rabbil alamin

mata sudah terbuka pada bulan yang baru!


even if this is my last month of holidays! i amd very thankful my time has been at the utmost useful! hehe.
i have done so much of little things tht made my life so brightly big :) tht made my heart glow so happily. :) so tenang!

i doa my friends tht was also on a break had their fair share of goodness!

on this last month of holiday,
i wana train myself and ajak everyone to bersyukur for whts left of our time!

nanti start fourth yr, i would have like wat?
12! TWELVE postings! thts 12 subjects in one year!awesome!
*butterflies in stomach*

so lets train to be syukur with wtv we have and use it to the utmost~~~ hehe