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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A meaningful birthday :))

salams dari seremban,

as i turned away from the surburbia of petaling jaya and flee away oncall as a daughter to my parents,
i get a weekend birthday away in the next door state of negeri sembilan.

two days after my official 23 years of life on this mother earth,
i am writing in how i have had a very meaningful day on the 18th october this yr.

it rendered me speechless many of a times.
i guess a talkative n bubbly person when too shocked or way pass their happy threshold,
they are thrown off the grid of words.
i turn one kind of giggly.

Well as an ustaz once said on ikim, the capacity of words from the mouth, is too scarce to describe the feelings of the heart.
the heart holds things too complex tht the mind cant digest into words.


i textd Bestie Mimi at the end of the day,
"I couldnt ask for more."

Since I was a little child,
as being the only child.
youngest cucu.
birthdays have always. always been a huge thing.
(well not as huge as ballroom dances and big posters plastered on walls--but big enuf for a lil girl like me)

but now,
i have finally learnt the essence of quality trumping over quantity
not saying tht i havent been aware of this before.
an not saying i am new to this concept either.

as my mom says,
"masa mama dulu xpernah ade cake"

added with eka's call,
"i noe how big birthdays are to u,unlik me,"
they understood how googoogaga i go over birthdays.
terima kaseh mama n eka :*

thank u Allah for waking me up in the middle of the night to pickup eka's call.
as i anticipated it all thru the day.
but wen i heard her sore throat,
i just got worried,
and doa she gets well really soon!

even tyra pun wasnt really well these past few days :((

there was another person tht was so eager to wish me these past few weeks,
but wen the tym came,
never did.

but I have finally felt the sweetness of bersyukur.

i noe there was a hikmah.
and u cant imagine how much happier i feel wen my birthday passed and i never got the wish :))

all those so called "fun" "crazy" tings tht i always dambakan (ohkayh,melayu bombastic)
i have finally come to peace tht those things arent necessary,
just lik my blogpost header.
*a gift is not necessary for ur survival*
so thank u for making me understand tht!

so all in all,
the Best gift of the day was,
Allah's gift.
gift of feeling kesyukuran.
Lahaw la wala quwatabillah hil aliyyilazim :))

i feel just so overjoyed,
even though the :"curse" of my birthday had befallen.

wat "curse" u ask?

it is a "curse" that on my birthday,
banyak CLASS! n confirm therell b a presentation.

its always a busy day.
i think i noe y.
because Allah noes tht i love being kept busy.
i kinda die of nothingness,
and RARELY get bored in nothingness, (as u wud noe,refering to lesser bloposts compared to my younger days)


thank u bestie tyra for being the first to ajak me out for my birthday treat. :))
and cant wait for bi's lunch treat too! hehe!
lunchgang and i!
thank u lunchgang for bringing me out proper for a lunch!
a lunch lik non other at my fav spot!!!
sushi :))
cos i noe some of  u guys rnt really a big fans of sushi.

thank u classmates for singing me as usual at a surprise.

okayh. the list of thank yous can go on and on.

lets just say,
my birthday just isnt quite over yet.
bcos everyday u are rebirth.
rejuvenated and sculptured into a better muslimah daily insyaAllah :)

besides im already off busy-in with a seminar tomoro.
work on my moms assignment.
and save my energy for this evenings drive back to pj. :)

thank u everyone.
even if u dint read ur name here,
u have to noe,
u r insyaAllah in my doas.
and tht is all i can give u all back in return for ur beautiful wishes and tots with me on the day 23 yrs ago, i was born.
the day i cried out loud to the world,
n i teared back again the end of the day,
23 yrs later.

#tears ofjoy

midnight collage with my beautfil doctortobe niece izreen!

nur marjani couldnt b any sweeter!

jazakallah khairan!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

twennietwoooo ooh oh!


on the last day of bein twennietwo,
id lik to say,
i had an awesome ride.
if they said, some of the best roller coasters was in the USA,
i'd say, mine was right here in malaysia.
right here where i was all around,
be it hospital klang, the shah alam area, plain ol pj, or anywhere i seem to step foot on.

but most definitely,
the times tht hav passed thought me a thing or two.
made me sad, made me happy.
made laugh and surely thought me the worth of tears.

life will never be the same again,
people around me, will never be looked at the same,
the experience i go through have now glow in a different light.
insyaAllah a more brighter and positive one.


i used to fear tht if im too happy today,
tomoro i will fall unhappy,
or as yingyang goes,
where there's happiness, there will b sadness,
well now,
i don c it tht way anymore ;))

i am happy because it is a gift tht has been bestowed on me by Allah.
it was my rezeki.
but because rezeki is not solely ours, then we should also then share.
so insyaAllah :) i plan on sharing.
because Allah loves those who gives.

and then,
if let say, there r times i fall unhappy,
i deem less cheerful,
than, it is a moment for me to just step back and enjoy the sadness and perbetlkan lagi myself insyaAllah.
didnt Allah remind us, tht He will test us with hunger and other types of tests to prove tht we truly are believers in iman :))

subhanallah :))

As the takbir is being echoed throughout the masjids around the world.
i m very blessed tht i made it through another yr.
i am blessed,
tht this yr, my bday is a raya haji birthday.


especially i m a hajjah myself.
well,i indeed say this out because i long for gentle reminders day in and day out.
since, well, everything tht u do today will b accounted later,
so shudnt tht include ur friends and all those around u? ur actions and doings and niats?

i am so blessed to have the lunchgang as my daily mutual peers :))
habluminallah habluminnas.

i am also so blessed that Allah never burdened me more than i could.
Baqoroh: 186.

thank u Allah.

wen people repeatedly ask me why i join medicine, and what medicine is all about (well, i think all medical students get tht question alot, and sometimes u urself question ur ownself,..LOL)

my answer would definitely be,
I think medicine is the best field to train urself and to remind urself there is something called padang mahsyar.
bcos daily, ur on ur to feet with nothing but urself (n a whitecoat, tendon hammer n maybe a little notebook) facing ur specialists/doctors/medical officers who question u about ur patients, and tht tendon hammer how u used it, and wat u have as notes in tht little notebook of urs.
its perumpamaan,
or in english,
its analogue,
is just like how u r in the mahsyar later,
u will b there alone to face the king of ALL kings, Allah swt,
with just ur soul and body (which u don even own) and u will b questioned, wat did u do with ur jasad? and wat deeds do you have to claim to Allah?
even bigger of a magnitude,
even the "white coat" tht u wear will talk on ur behalf.
the floor u stepped on will testify ur footsteps.
the ear u listened to hear the heartbeat will come to witness.


so isnt medicine wonderful?

so through all and all,
third yr (aka twennitwo) was awesome. 
it thought me something called nikmat istidroj tht i had overseen all this time.
it thought me if you lose Allah. nothing. nothing at all can compensate.
but most important of all.
it thought me,
Allah is my saviour.
Allah is the Most Merciful and He loves all His creations.

nothing i am more grateful than being a Muslim.
and no one am i more terhutang budi than the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. hu has sacrificed everything for me to learn the religion today.
and to all those other muslims who cherished the word of islam.
apa sangat la contribution saya?

with that,
wabillah hi taufiq wal hidayah,

Friday, October 11, 2013

A week till!


A week till i can NO longer sing,


as i end ENT next week,
i will also end my 22nd yr of life and cross into twenniethree!

oh my, subhanallah.
it still feels alil awkward when people in the hospital ask me,"and ur a medical student? what yr?"
i refrain myself from saying "third yr" haha..

it even felt alil weird wearing whitecoats all the tym..hahah..

oh the lovely early morning rides to the beautifully lush green surroundings of Sg Buloh hospital.
I am so blessed that it is so near to my mom's college :))

honestly, i havent much to say :))
having trouble concentrating this friday!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Preparing for the BEST

SubhanAllah wa bi hamdihi.
All praises to Allah.

I write this piece with the utmost sense of pleasure, happiness and syukur to Allah for blessing me with the most beautiful holiday i could ever have.

Today might be the last day of my third year holidays, as i cross into the fourth yr tomoro when i step on to the grounds of Hospital Sg Buloh as a fourth yr student ready to be orientated and guided to the halls, corridors and wards of the newly built hospital.
As my seniors step into the last yr of medicine.
and my beloved juniors into the hospitals.

I feel so blessed that this day has come,
and officially,"its another couple more yrs" till i graduate.

a couple referring to TWO.

so fast time flies!


i had a ball of a time this holidays.

there may be afew more stuff tht im supposed to do.
but I did try my best to do my utmost.
everyday was filled with something or rather.


From the once u may have read in my blog, tht i said i dread looking forward to fourth yr. I might have worried how im gona go thru my fourth yr.

well guess wht?

"Failure to plan, is planning to fail,"

So i plan to have a barakollah year ahead insyaAllah.

to soar lik an eagle.
to see solutions and overcome problems,
to sharpen my skills,
to see the positivity in others,
and most important of all,
to husnu zohn to my Creator.

bcos at the end of the day.
it was My Creator tht did it all.
it My Creator tht created all.

for Allah is Malikinnas.

May fourth yr be always closer to Allah.
surrounded with angels and sahabah.

goddnyte all.
i may not be blogging for a long time from now.
with tht.

jazakallah khairan everyone!