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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


the time im supposed to finish m case presentation.
which i havent even scratched the surface.


u noe those days tht u just dont have the mood to do anything.
well today is tht day.

being an extrovert sucks to tht point cos we get affected by moods and emotions.
not to say introverts are senseless and insensitive, but they normally control their tots and feelings in order to survive.
we tho, follow the flow.

emergency medicine has been fine.
right until this point.
its still cool.
i still love standing and making myself busy to endless hope with stuff.
tht even when i told my mom tht i wud b early to fetch her from work, early was still late.
i get carried away in hospital.

sometimes things get awkward.
but if u loved each other.
tht awkwardnss would be chomel.

the clouds werent supposed to shroud my rays of sunshine,
but there are times,
i just feel human,
especially wen i lose my kryptonite.


i noe my kryptonite shud be with the Almighty,
and it is.
but at times,
there are kryptonites that have been thrown on earth tht i inhale as gas to keep me alive.
im gona b twenniefive, n im giving senseless superman metaphors when im not even half the woman of a superman.

but the fact is still the fact.

i still need to convince myself tht,
ego set aside,
i have my flaws.
and should be entirely grateful for those around me.
to stick around me with my bad tudung days,
flasher skirt days,
floppy shoe days
and whiny childish days.
on top of all tht,
im such an embarassment with my exudative loudness of a voice.

but hey.
God dint put me in ur life for no reason,
and vice versa!

live and let live.

"i am a destination, not a stop a long the way" said Blair.
needless for her to noe, we all eventually come to an end,
and how can a destination be so perfect if it were to have an end.
a person is more like a journey if u ask me.
with their ups and downs.and their screams and shouts.

ive gotta set my ego aside.
hug it out and maybe tear it up.

tho i have gotta say its not my ego so much at times.
its more of the time i have in my hands in this super busy posting. (yeah busy giler till i have blogged lik 5 times since. lol)

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