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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

khomsah-usrah across borders

"Islam appreciates that everyone has their potentials and goodness,
we are supposed to use ours to the max. lik urs, u pandai socialize"

it has been awhile since i have gone to usrah in uni,
and to ask whether i missed it, i have to say, i miss it thoroughly.

yes, i have awesome moments with my belovd lunchgang and bestie,
but, the spirit of sitting down together, coming from all kinds of places to talk and share about the religion, is beautiful. to learn about things I sincerely, either forgotten or dint know, is a privilage.

I had been down for a couple of days now,
not that ud appreciate it (mayb bcos its just that time of the month but nonetheless,), because i had practically been running around the Emergency department tryin my best (which isnt the best enough) to be useful whenever possible. hehe.

so whenever I am low, i seek youtube for an instant cure.
I was previously in love with Syeikh Omar Suleimans' lectures. but i finished watching all the short ones (i dont normally watch the 1 hr ones, my max is abt 40 mins)
but now im rather intrigued by Nouman Ali Khan (NAK). I had always thought of him as this overrated ustaz.
but his tafseer. well subhanallah. has been awesome.
they have been accompanying me through the jams.

and today of all days,
i was stuck in a two hour jam.
i felt so bad that mimi had to wait for me (which made her late too =.=")
but yes, it was my fault.
i kinda underestimated time. i have been goin thru alot of that nowadays.

so i was sad, depressed and down.
thinking partially that Allah is just testing me.

but lol.
strange enough, i stumbled upon this NAK lecture that was all about "why do bad things happen"
NAK said in his khutbah,"you do not have a license to go around telling people (or urself) that hey look..u did this wrong..thts y Allah is punishing u"
spot on.
like it was in my face.
continuing to that, it is said that Allah actually tegurs the men of uhud that had made them lost at battle.
lik. err. double spot on.
hahahaahah.which means...things in life...cn go rong bcos of urself...
but the beauty of the relationship with Allah is that...He loves u nonetheless.

goin back home as i laid on my bed to sleep,
i scrolled tumblr, after not doin that for a long long time.
I found this equation, that it seems humans are lik metals.
and all the characteristics of metal were listed,
its durability, ductality and malleability. i then forwarded this to eka.
guess what? she was just discussing the same hadith to her usrahmates the weekend of last.

she then concluded for me the hadith.
and her last sentence was the bomb

'if Allah wants a goodness for a person, then He will give him understanding of the deen"

may we all always be surrounded by people with the understanding of the deen


If i had telepathy with my besties.
It surely is by Allah's will.
He surely planned it all the way it sure is.

and with that, I lay myself to peace and rest.

hopefully waking up well tomoro. and leaving home by 630 and not troubling anyone. 
so as much as i wana write more.
i need to zzz off. nytenyte world of emergency medicine. u sure are one ride for me.

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