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Friday, January 16, 2015


the glam of doctors is too overrated.
the white coats,
the oncalls,
the electives.

too overrated.

(seriously NOT complaining~~~hahahahaha. sebab im enjoying the time,-i come back home tired but laughin with my iospital stories to my parents)

one day, when i have kids,

im gona tell them,
if they ever wana enter medschool,
they have to pass 3 hurdles.
1. win multiple marathons
lik not just one 5 km marathon tau...and not really win first second place pun.
as long as s/he makes it through la.
get that finisher pun i happy.
hahaha. cos trust me, u need alot of stamina in medschool. there will be many times u wana back out,
n not wana hurdle tht puddle of mud and tht thunder of a storm.
well, its good for ur brains andddd to avoid hypocriticism, cos basically the advice we give to like ALL patients is "please have a good diet and exercise" =.="
i don wan my kid telling people tht, while s/he enjoys days of sleep till no end, on her/is bed with junkfood melimpah on the floor. lame. hahaha

2. does well gettin bossed around, and bold enough to stand out and still can think for themselves after hours of exhaustion
because hey, u are the rut of hopital in medschool,
tak kesah hw distinction u are. u are gona have gotta get used to being ignored, invisible, and underestimated (atau kadang-kadang memang low pon..huhuh)
but at the end of the day, u gota noe tht ur benchmark isnt wat others say of u, but how hard and ur own will to improve urself,
cos no one was naturally good, no one was born for something (okayh sum people are, but biarlaaa..itu rezeki dia...ni rezeki and jihad kita! allah is counting on us to improve ourselves)

3. a passion for stress.
a lie to say we like holidays. (tho alil poison never hrt noone)
but yes,
u can hear us moaning, keluh-ing, sighing and alwayssss asking for holidays.
though trust me, wen we get erm, we get bored to death.
holidays arent really our bestfriends, 
holidays are these popular kids that we all wana be friends with, tapi in reality,
we don really wana be with 24/7 pun. cos we get bored of their antics in real life with their 200 dollar scarfs and 500 dollar bangles.
too overrated i say.

trust me.
a stress free life is too overrated,
the 5 thousand holidays to phuket with a gopro stick?
overrated cannot get over the top.

we medstudents thrive on back to back oncalls, assignments and bedsideteachings.
(set aside the complains ahhh~~ hahaa)

cos we allll noe what happens to all these 'doctor-kids' they either become....duhh doctors OR duhh rebels!

yeah. medschool, is just lik harry potter,
there are those purebloods or the mudbloods.
and the rest?
memang pon muggles.
if ur not in medical line,
wen i say 8-5 in wards is no cubicle life weyh.
i really mean, no bloody DVT life weyh.
it is bloody sweaty oozy though.
not so literal there.
unless ur in HTAR. memang la icky la kannnn~~~~~~
but then again, not in emergency department, its sooo sedapppp~~ not yummy sedap..but breezy sedap. (no i still have never gone to the beach in klang yet-got beach meh? hahaha)
so my apologies to all the ED staff for tumpang-ing their surau cos the main surau is just way too far at the back and the clinic ones are way too cold.

so when we say we missed the 9 and 3/4 platform trains,
its not just another train.
its THE train,
even if the train has dementors that screen us,
cos hovering HODs and nagging MOs bossing u around like their "cooly"s is way too much fun for us medical students.
walhal next year memang dah the real deal
and no muggle would want that, and no, these 'dementors' dont just come on a weekly basis.

a strange sad to miss tht 9 3/4 train.

but sudenly,
im pulled back to 837 am 16th January 2015,
"the happiest souls are those that have found Allah enough for them,"

so here's a quickie,
what was the intention of joning those rounds,
learning chest compressions and running around the corridors of ED like ducks?
to  always be around with peers lik those little ducklings following their mummy?
or because one day, (soon) ur gona be a doctor, managing patients, and Allah will question, "dear slave of mine, wat have u done with this other slave of mine?"
that slip of concentration in the skill lab, and that needle wrongly named inserted,
Allah will ask u.
correct, then a good deed is encrypted on to ur long list of scroll,
wrong, a bad deed will then shatter ur scroll that u need to help u to land a spot into jannah.

im not undermining any other carriers,
not law, not masscom, not our simple receptionist.
imagine the stories lawyers face,
the stigma clouding masscomm-ers
and the directions receptionists guide us to.

but medical was the path i trutle.
in my:

ps-trois is three in french.

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