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Saturday, May 2, 2015


as u can see,
the last post,
was actually posted today,
and NOT on nana's bday.
well later and beyonddd her birthday.
considering its may oready. a well ripe 4 months post ina's 24th.

and thats how fast time flies.
i can hardly remember the last time i tapped my fingers on this laptop of mine,
an looking thru my instapictures the other day (refering to this random day back in the days of boredom, which is,.....err... a long time since surgery---n iv been in surgery for a week already now!!)

times flies.
and comparing my short years, to great scholars lik Bukhari, whom by 21 had already published 2 books, i feel so little.

Though leaning more and more to 25, i reflect back n ponder upon things that i have for years let it slip thru my fingers. so the renewal of niat every day has been a very pivotal change in my life. I have seen its effect on my life insyaAllah.

may we all achieve more and higher greatness than we are currently at, all for the sake of our hereafter as part of our responsibility of Khalifatullah-ard (The vicegerent of Allah). Reflecting back to the conference I attended last week on Game Changer by Light upon Light,
it is vital that we all do change for the betterment of ourselves and on whole, towards the betterment of the ummah.

a Dua one of the alim once recited was," Oh Allah, forgive my sins tht have impacted the ummah,"
this basing on the principle that the ummah is one body and we all impact each other, be it that we are close to each other or seperated by the pacific ocean.
Truly, the dua made by the Alim shows the conciousness of him to the ummah, beside the normal dua we make daily to forgive the sins and to help the ummah in dire need of help.

may all our lives be filled with barakah to be concious not only for our parents, family and friends, but for all mankind, as the ummah of Rasulullah is not only the Muslims but all mankind. A thing we kinda forget at times.

and the countdown continues to the big Pros of 122 days :)

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