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Sunday, January 17, 2016

sususafifi sweet 16

it has been nearly a yr since I have blogged,
I am not very sure if much has changed, But much has happened,
the much awaited Professional 3,
the licensing,
the getting a real job,
the real office,
and the separation.

i did it all.
i went thru it all.

And as my clinical hipnotisician said,
Our mind has its own firewall, and it walls up things you dont like. SO If my juniors were to ask me about my exams, how I felt? How i went thru it?
I'd reply, dekatkan diri to Allah.

All my passes were from Allah.
I dont take any credit.

and If you think tht ur gona get this I kinda license, ur wrong,
ur Houseman license is this huge A4 paper..hahaha..
so spoil!

my imagination: *mcm polis keluarkan badge* HERE's My License!
real life: *bukak lipat2 kertas besar, mcm scroll*


for now,
t-5 days to graduation evryone!